Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX

The Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX is a pair of shoes designed for use in rugged trails and mountainous climates. Runners interested in lightweight minimalist shoes will not like what these shoes have to offer, but individuals that enjoy nature, hiking, or running through inclement weather, these are an excellent fit. A design that incorporates heavy amounts of cushion, support and traction ensure a terrific experience that both newcomers to trail running and experienced off-roaders alike can enjoy.

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Pros & Cons
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Cons
    • Narrow build causes discomfort for wider feet
    • Large sizing
    • Significantly heavier than other running shoes.
    • Not the most aesthetically pleasing pair of shoes.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of these Adidas track shoes uses Traxion rubber, a material well-known for its great traction among hikers and trail running enthusiasts. Aggressive treading serves to provide excellent traction and great support, placed in a such a way that the accumulation of gravel and dirt is difficult if not impossible. Additionally, a ridge placed near the heel provides some much-needed flexibility. All these features work to provide a quality trail running experience over a long period of time thanks to the potent combination of clever design and durable materials.
      The midsole of the Terrex Fast R GTX contains adiPRENE+, a proprietary Adidas midsole material. The reason for its inclusion is to absorb shock and provide comfort to the heel and forefoot while minimizing the impact on weight. That said, this still ends up being a weighty component of a heavy shoe, since more emphasis has been placed on the cushion. Adidas has expressed a great deal of pride with this form of the midsole, stating that enhanced motion control and downhill comfort are guaranteed with its use. These claims are backed up with excellent construction and a fantastic design, particularly emphasizing common trouble areas such as the forefoot.
      The quick-lacing system found on the upper portion of these Adidas trail shoes are very helpful for individuals looking to save time and effort that would otherwise be spent tying shoes. Those used to lacing up shin-high hiking boots will certainly appreciate the significant amount of time saved with this new system. The GTX in the name of these shoes stands for Gore-Tex, which is the lining that provides the impressive waterproof breathability in this article of footwear. An ortholite sole is also included, carrying the benefit of sensational support for individuals with sensitive arches or predispositions toward pronation issues.
      When compared to other running shoes, the Terrex Fast R GTX is significantly heavier. Even when comparing these shoes to other popular trail shoes, this product still ends up on the heavier side at a whopping 14 ½ ounces. However, these are on the lighter end of the spectrum when compared with heavy-duty hiking boots. Fortunately, this higher weight doesn’t cause these Adidas trail runners to feel cumbersome or awkward; however, their rugged bulkiness is obvious when wearing them. Without offering the full lower leg coverage found in a pair of hiking boots, this higher weight may serve as a turnoff to many potential customers. However, this weight is justified by the incredibly strong support and protection offered with these shoes, making them literally worth the weight.
      Surprisingly, these shoes are very breathable. What makes this so shocking is the fact that they can provide such an impressive amount of airflow despite weighing so much and being waterproof. Thanks to the terrific airflow afforded by an exceptionally well-designed upper, 100°F temperatures are no sweat for these shoes, literally! This isn’t something you would expect when first observing these shoes, as their visual style comes across as bulky and stifling. However, the fact remains that trail runners and mountain hikers can undergo long physical training sessions in hotter climates without fear of trench foot or foot odor as a result of the Terrex Fast R GTX’s clever design.
      Unlike the severely inhospitable environments these shoes are intended to be used on, the Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX is remarkably comfortable. In order to meet the needs of trail runners and hikers, these shoes were built for the purpose of providing adequate comfort to be worn all day. They provide a snug fit without feeling excessively tight, with the exception of some tightness around the toes. They are also on the heavier side but are balanced enough that a runner’s foot won’t feel weighed down. Perhaps the most baffling and impressive aspect of the comfort present in these trail shoes is the fact that they manage to be waterproof while highly breathable. In short, these are a hiker’s dream shoe.
      The Adidas Fast R GTX comes in a wide variety of bright and stylish color schemes. Despite this, chances are that you probably won’t want to wear these shoes to a funeral or a prom. However, you certainly won’t be embarrassed wearing these shoes on a hike or trail run. Despite having a design focus on function over fashion, these Adidas trail runners are definitely on the stylish side when compared to other trail shoes. This should come as no surprise with individuals familiar with Adidas, makers of iconic athletic apparel that defined an era of athleisure.
      These are very durable trail shoes; users have logged thousands of miles in them without any loss of comfort or functionality. This impressive feat is possible due to the combination of an excellent design and high-quality manufacturing material. For example, the outsole of the Terrex Fast-R GTX is designed with some degree of flexibility in order to prolong its structural integrity during heavy-duty running sessions. However, this design would have been wasted on a shoe that used rubber of a lighter weight for the construction. This is why Adidas chose to Traxion rubber for this important part of the shoe. Thanks to these important factors, these shoes will last runners for years to come, even when hiking on a very rough terrain.
      The thick Traxion rubber outsole on the Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX provides the protection needed to handle the road less trodden with ease. In addition, an upper with water and heat resistant properties protect runners’ feet from sweating, pruning, and bacterial infection. With these two features alone, no amount of rain, snow, or mud will get in the way of a runner and their trail when wearing these shoes. This isn’t to say that other features don’t provide additional protection; for example, the midsole offers protection to the joints through excellent shock absorption. Additionally, speed lacing protects runners from tangling or tripping on long shoelaces.
      While many features implemented in each facet of the design of these shoes provide responsiveness, the most interesting and effective part can be found in the midsole. The adiPRENE+ material placed in the midsole of the Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX provides enough energy efficiency to both absorb shock from impacts and instantly rebound it into the next step. It does this job exceptionally well, which is made apparent every step of the way. Aside from the midsole, other aspects of this shoe’s design that contributes to its responsiveness include the large lugs on its outsole and a snug fit from the upper portion.
      Since these Adidas trail shoes are intended to be comfortably worn all day, considerable effort was made into ensuring that they are very comfortable. In particular, the Ortholite sockliner provides extra support through a snug yet comfortable grip. Further support is provided by a midsole with decent heel elevation, ensuring that runners’ heels are protected from striking the ground. They also have great arch support, which can aid in poor posture correction. Because of these design choices, customers have confirmed that the support in the Terrex Fast R GTX is truly spectacular.
      Upon observing these shoes, there is no denying that they were designed to handle the rough terrain associated with trail and mountain running. Whether it’s a well-trod hiking path or an untamed mountain, the Terrex Fast R GTX can handle every step without issue. Even harsh weather conditions such as snow and rain can be handled in stride, thanks to the waterproofing features of the upper portion. This feature, in conjunction with the highly treaded outsoles, serves as the key features that provide all-terrain competency in these Adidas trail runners.
      When compared to ordinary walking or running shoes, these are a great deal more expensive. Even when compared to other trail shoes and hiking boots, the cost of the Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX is noticeably higher than most. Online retailers such as Amazon list these shoes for a discounted rate, but even this still ends up being a pricey offering. However, when considering the impressive lifespan of these shoes, this seems like more of a sound investment than at first glance. When accounting for how many miles you can get out of these incredibly durable and comfortable shoes, the cost is much more reasonable.
      The traction of these shoes is the feature you will hear the most about from the mouths of customers. It’s truly impressive just how much traction is provided by these trail shoes, even in incredibly precarious situations such as crumbling rocks. Because of this, runners can stand and run with confidence while wearing the Terrex Fast R GTX.
      These trail shoes are fairly flexible, but not to the same degree as standard running shoes or road shoes. When compared to other trail shoes, however, these are some of the most flexible models available. This is mainly due to the ridge placed on the heel of the outsole which provides some bendability without detracting from the firmness of the material. Adidas understands that too much flexibility on a trail could lead to severe injuries, so this small amenity provides the perfect amount to prevent that from happening.
      In addition to a sturdy midsole and heavily treaded outsole, the snug fit from the upper helps to ensure a highly stable ride. This is accomplished with the aid of the Speed Lacing system and Ortholite sockliner, providing a tight and secure fit without sacrificing comfort or circulation. Even though it results in a lack of significant flexibility, the rigidity offered by the Terrex Fast R GTX doesn’t result in any severe discomfort. That said, some flexibility has been implemented into this shoe’s design, so even that isn’t a very pressing issue.
      The heel-to-toe drop for these trail shoes is 8mm. This is a higher than the average heel elevation you would find in most trail shoes, as they usually follow a more neutral design. This design departure is closer in style to that of standard running shoes, as it provides additional cushion to the heel and favors heel striking as a result. This helps with stability for some runners that are accustomed to these kinds of shoes, but experienced trail runners may need some extra time to adjust as a result.
      Key Features

      • adiPRENE+ midsole material provides forefoot propulsion and efficiency

      • Upper features Quick Lacing with a simple pull system

      • Large lugs for great traction control

      • Gore-Tex waterproof lining provides waterproofing and ventilation

      • Ortholite sockliner provides comfort and stability

      • Formotion unit provides enhanced motion control for inclines and outdoor environments

      Bottom Line
      These shoes are a great fit for any individual who wants to explore the great outdoors. In fact, the best runner for these shoes is those who have a great deal of experience with track and road running but want to try something different. Trail running can bring back some of the joy and fun of running if it has started to grow stale, and these shoes serve as the perfect transition from casual running into hardcore off-roading. The Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX provides durability, breathability, water protection, comfort, stability, and awesome traction. They do cost a great deal more than many other running shoes, and they feel a bit more rigid than others, but the fact remains that these are a terrific addition to any runner’s footwear collection.
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      By Harry Bennett
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