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The feet are very important parts of the body because without the feet the entire body would not function normally. The feet provide ground support to the upper segments of the body and the most vital assets to a runner. Even with the important role the feet play, in ascertaining to the proper functioning of the body, most athletes take their feet for granted. A majority of people fail to care for their feet in the required manner. On numerous occasions, people return home after a long days work to take their dinner and rest while forgetting that it is equally important to give the feet a tender loving care. If you are an athlete, you have to take good care of your feet at all times.

Kendal All in One
  • Kendal All in One
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • High-frequency vibration
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  • Ivation
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Relaxing water jets
  • Price: See Here
  • Brookstone
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Simple to operate
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It is about time people got rid of the presumption that foot spa machines are meant for the rich and privileged members of the society because that is not the truth. These products exist in different designs and prices making them attainable by any person with the will to buy one. As a runner, you no longer have to rely on the traditional techniques that were used in pampering the feet that involved the use of hot water mixed with bath salts and pumice stones for scrubbing the heels because this machine would do everything for you. The machine would pamper your feet and provide you with the kind treatment you would desire in the comfort of your home. This review would guide you on some of the factors that you would be expected to consider when shopping for the most suitable device for you. In our hunt for the best machines, we came across a list of ten suitable pieces of equipment that would serve the best interests of athletes to increase their productivity by retaining good health.


10 Best Foot Spas


1. Kendal All in One

This product guarantees you as a consumer a proper heating treatment, and a high-frequency vibration massage that would be possible because of the bubbles generated by the machine. Any athlete who desires to stay refreshed after long day training would vouch for this product and get one from the stores.
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Improves Health

Once you start using the equipment you are assured of an enhanced blood circulation, improved metabolism, a smooth meridian and most of all relief from a long day training session.

Heating Mechanism

This gadget is fitted with a quality-heating semiconductor that would heat water at a very fast rate. The insulation protection system on this device would help retain the temperature of the water once it is heated.

Cost and Value

This device has a mechanism that protects it against overheating. The rollers massage the foot bones to relieve you of fatigue. At its price, this product would last you for years. It has a high-quality design and it is easy to operate.

It has a remote control that makes it easy to adjust the settings of the equipment if need be

It has an inbuilt heating mechanism the boils water to the right temperature. The device retains the temperature of the water once it is heated up

It has removable wheels that make it easy to move the device around even when it is full of water

It emits minimal noise thus making it best to use at home


It has a short length power cord

Rollers incorporated to massage the feet are less comfortable

The water jets are not strong enough to provide quality massage

2. Ivation

This device would help you to work on your tired feet and help relieve soreness. The equipment would also help massage your feet making it an ideal tool for athletes as well as individuals who carry out activities on their feet every day.
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Intense Vibrating Massage

The refreshing vibrating effect of the bubbles soothes weary feet and it improves blood circulation in the body. The motorized rollers relieve the tension and exhaustion on the feet.

Oxygenating Bubble Action

The water jets integrated as part of this equipment’s design create bubbles that would calm your feet to help relieve you of pain and pressure. Further, you could add essential oil to the water to improve your therapeutic experience.

Cost and Value

This reasonably priced product would give you the kind of healing you would desire every day. You could control the temperature of the water to what suits you for an improved experience and relaxation. It has a timer that helps you keep check of your treatment session and additional accessories such as a brush that would enable you to scrape out the dead cells on your feet thus improving the healing process.

It would provide you with a heat of up to 122oF

It has an LCD display that has a timer as well as a heat and massage control

Comes with additional accessories such as a brush, and a pumice stone that would enable the consumer to enjoy a full pedicure treatment

Easy to use and comes with an instruction manual


It has a weak bubbles section

The rollers at the bottom are not well-rounded something that would be very irritating for the consumer

3. Brookstone

Before you buy this product, it is important that you know that it is designed with a bulky or heavy material that would make it difficult to move around and clean. However, in terms of the controls on the device, they are integrated in a way that makes them simple to understand and operate. Further, this product is acquired with a carrying handle that helps minimize the effort you would use to lift the device. If you desire comfort then there is no better product to buy than this brand. Individuals with bigger feet can comfortably use this gadget, as it can support up to size 14. The water jets rotate at intervals to help soothe your tired and sore feet. The massage rollers at the bottom add to the comfort enjoyed by the consumer.
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Heat Function

This device has an inbuilt heating mechanism that would boil your water to an estimated 115oF. Once the water has heated up the equipment would retain the heat of the water. It has an on and off switch that makes it easy to operate regardless of your level of experience with such gadgets.

Massage Quality

This device is designed with water jets that would play the important role of refreshing or revitalizing the feet. It has rollers fitted at the bottom part to create a rubbing effect on the feet as a way of massaging the feet after a long training day. This equipment would not only help massage your feet, it would also cleanse your feet.

Cost and Value

One thing that makes this product worth buying is the fact that it has a one-year warranty. The warranty assures consumers of the good quality of the device they acquire from the market. Further, in case of any damages before the warranty period elapses you would have the option of returning this item for a quick replacement because the product may even be damaged during shipment.

It has massage rollers that add comfort

It can accommodate consumers with bigger feet sizes up to size 14.

It has an inbuilt heating mechanism

It is easy to use

It has a one-year warranty


You cannot use this equipment with essential oils and bath salts, as they would clog the device

You cannot adjust the heat since it only has an on and off switch

4. ArtNaturals

4. ArtNaturals
With this gadget, all you would have to do is sit back and relax to enjoy the treatment of a lifetime. Once it is activated, the machine does everything for you by relieving you of exhaustion and pain to help you loosen up. This is ideal equipment for runners and athletes.
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Massage Rollers

The rollers massage the sore parts of the feet to relieve you of fatigue and keep you refreshed.


The spa machines can be used with other products such as foot salts and essential oils without interfering with its performance.

Cost and Value

This very affordable product has a digital display that makes it easy to use. It has temperature controls that enable you to set the water to your desired temperature.

The rollers help heal sore spots

It has a built-in temperature control system to help attain your desired temperature

It can be used with foot salts and essential oils

It relaxes the feet by relieving pain and soreness


Rollers do not rotate on their own

5. Gideon Luxury

5. Gideon Luxury
After a tired day training, it would be convenient to find something that would help ease your pain and exhaustion. The Gideon Heated Foot Spa is just what you would require for your achy and tired feet. This device has a bubbling sensation that would help soothe your body and enables you to attain a sense of relaxation. It has rollers at the bottom that would effectively massage beneath your feet. At the end of it all, this gadget would help relieve you of a foot ache, foot soreness as well as the exhaustion that you would experience on the feet especially after a hard run or workout routine. This equipment would enable you to enjoy a massage treatment from home.
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Relaxing Water Jets

This equipment has four water jets that would cover every part of your leg with oxygen-rich bubbles including the heels, ankles, toes and the entire foot. The water jets provide a soothing and relaxing feeling when the warm water is exposed to the feet. The force with which the water jets encounter your feet creates a massaging experience. The device is large enough to fit individuals with foot size 16 or larger. The LED lights enhance the degree of relaxation for the consumer when this gadget is used.

Controlled Heating

It has a digitally designed temperature control system that would enable the consumer to comfortably adjust the temperature of the water in the device to what is suitable on different occasions. Once the desired temperature is attained, the device would retain the heat of the water to enable the consumer to enjoy every bit of massage and soothing experience.
Cost and Value
This product would definitely give you value for your money. It has a precise digital control system that would enable you to customize your gadget based on your needs. For instance, you would be able to set the duration you intend to take part in the spa session. You can conveniently power on or off the bubbling jets as well as the rollers using the controls. This device has a water-draining outlet that you could use to empty the water you already used for a fresh start.

It has a built-in water drainage system for letting out used water

It has precise digital controls that would enable you to manipulate the things you would like your device to do for you

It is fitted with relaxing water jets that improve massage and relaxation

The rollers at the bottom help massage the bottom of the feet for an enhanced experience


Some consumers complain of being sold used tubs.

6. Natsukage

6. Natsukage
This is a very comfortable equipment to use. It would fit for consumers who have a foot size of 16 or larger. It is easy to lift and move because of the convenient handle fitted as part of its structure. It has a beautiful design. Therefore, it would be a perfect gift idea for a relative or friend.
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This product assures the consumer of a bubble massage, rolling massage, red light therapy as well as heating therapy for a good healing process.

Deep Tank

The deep tank makes it easy for you to treat your feet and calf to boost metabolism and blood circulation.

Cost and Value

The air bubbles emerge with good pressure to provide the feet with a good massage experience. It is designed with high-quality materials that would help retain the temperature of the water and prevent the equipment from aging. Besides, you would be able to acquire this product from the market for just a few bucks.

It is affordable as compared to other brands

It is durable as it is made of tough material

It has a good heat retention system

It has a deep tank that would enable you to massage your foot and calf.


The motor stops working after a few uses

7. Reluen

7. Reluen
This device would provide you with a relaxed sensation and improved feet massage. The bubbles generated by the device would relieve your feet of increased tension. The red light helps with cell regeneration and it enhances blood circulation.
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This product is small and lightweight making it easy to move about. From a tried day’s training, you would definitely require a stress-free moment in the house something that is guaranteed by this product due to its ease of use. After the treatment process of completed, you would be full of energy for subsequent days training.


This equipment has a control system that allows the consumer to easily adjust the temperature of the water contained in the tub. The temperature of the water can be regulated between 35o-48o using the remote controller acquired with the device.

Cost and Value

This machine is lightweight, collapsible and with a handle that makes it easy to carry and store. You would purchase this product with great confidence given the fact that the manufacturers believe in the quality of this product to an extent that they have ascribed it a 30-day money back policy in case the consumer is not pleased with the item bought.

30-day money back guarantee

It is portable

It has a remote control that can be used to regulate the temperature of the water

Guarantees the consumer a gentle massage


It has a short power cord

Very little vibration with fewer bubbles

8. Goplus

8. Goplus
This product guarantees consumers at least two benefits. You would be able to retain your beauty while at the same time keeping a good health. This is because every treatment session with this machine leaves you feeling good about yourself with improved metabolism, relieved fatigue, and good blood circulation to improve your running experience, especially for track professionals.
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This product heats fast and retains the temperature of the water once it is heated to improve your experience.

All in One

This device has everything you would wish for in your feet treatment gear. It generates oxygen bubbles that would effectively massage your feet. The equipment has an inbuilt heating system that would warm your water to help relax your feet. The hot water helps sterilize your feet. Furthermore, the four rollers found at the bottom of the device improve the quality of massage you enjoy on your feet to provide you with a full treatment package.

Cost and Value

This affordable treatment gadget enables consumers to adjust the temperature of the water in the tub to three levels ranging 95oF, 110oF, 118oF depending on the temperature that would best serve the needs of the user. The red light improves blood circulation while helping an athlete to relieve exhaustion.

It has a red light that helps relieve fatigue while improving blood circulation

It heats fast and retains heat

The rollers are good massaging additions to the equipment effectiveness

This product would help you maintain a good health and retain your beauty


It does not generate enough bubbles for an improved massage experience

The rollers are painful on the feet and do not relieve the feet of fatigue and soreness

9. PowMax

9. PowMax
As a runner who requires the best feet relaxation gear, the PowMax is an automatic infrared insulation and heating system. In as much as this equipment would only provide a temperature of up to 50oF, it is designed with a mechanism that would help protect the equipment from overheating during use. The insulation property of this device helps retain the temperature of the heated water to provide the consumer with the best treatment experience.
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Four-roller Massage

The rollers assist in massaging your feet for an enhanced blood circulation. In line with this, the action of the rollers on the feet relieves fatigue, and it helps improve the rate of metabolism. At the end of the treatment session, the action of the rollers on the feet would smooth your feet.

Smart and Easy

This gadget has been constructed with non-slip mats and a sealed cover that boosts consumers’ treatment experiences. It is very easy to operate with only one key that would be used to start the device.

Cost and Value

Compared to other brands you would find on the market this particular one is considerably priced given its value. It is well designed with an attractive outlook. The equipment is fitted with a handle that makes it easy to carry. The universal caster also makes this gadget easy to move around and use. This product is made of durable materials that would help maintain the temperature of the water and prevent the equipment from aging.

It is portable with a convenient carrying handle

It is designed with quality materials that are temperature resistant and anti-aging.

It has four rollers that improve the massage experience

It is fitted with an automatic heating and insulation system that makes it safe to use


Some consumers may consider this product slightly overpriced

10. Guisee Luxury

10. Guisee Luxury
This equipment has everything that you would desire as part of your foot spa including bubble jets, heater, medicine box, massage roller and the infrared light. This product emits very little noise and it is fitted with a self-drainage system that would enable you to easily empty used water.
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Automatic Motorized Rollers

The rollers massage the feet to improve blood circulation and enhance metabolism for an improved health of the consumer.

Infrared Controlled Heating

The temperature of this device can be regulated between 95oF and 118oF. The heat of the water reduces the swelling on the feet, redness of the feet as well as throbbing feet. The red light sterilizes the feet.

Cost and Value

At its price, this is a very reasonable product to buy. This is an ideal product for the athletes and individuals who carry out most tasks of the day on their feet. It would provide you with an outstanding foot massage to leave you relaxed and ready for the subsequent tasks of the day.

The rollers improve blood circulation and metabolism, which help squeeze out toxins from the body

It emits minimal noise and has a self-drainage system

Convenient and can support body relaxation additives

It has everything you would yearn for in spa equipment including water jets, rollers, a heater and a medicine box.


It is costly as compared to other brands

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Foot Spa

An average equipment would only focus on the feet. The costly designs would treat your feet as well as your legs and calves. Depending on the type of equipment that you buy from the market, you may end up with a massage device that would only retain the temperature of the water added to it or secure a device that would be able to heat water up to a certain temperature degree. For the proper purification of the feet, it is advisable to add bath salts to the machine. However, not all types of this product would allow the consumer to add bath salt without negatively affecting its performance of durability. Therefore, you have to be very careful in making your selection despite how urgent buying this product may seem. Some machines would provide the consumer with an underfoot massage while others operate with the water jet surfing system, air bubbles. Other designs operate with a combination of the waterfall system and air bubbles to enhance the massage rate and cleansing properties of the water. A good feet cleansing and massage would be good for you as an athlete at the end of every practice session. A good device helps relieve the sores on the feet, and it enhances blood circulation. This product would also help improve the rate of metabolism in the body among numerous other benefits that you would soon know once you buy and try out such a machine.

Heat Function

The only way you would be able to tell the difference between the highly functional machines and the average ones is by looking at this equipment’s heat function. The cheap products would only help in retaining the temperature of the water placed on the equipment. Nevertheless, the best equipment is one with a built-in heat element that would heat your water to the desired temperature when in use.


Before you buy this particular product from the stores or online, ensure that the item you intend to buy has at least a one-year warranty. This is the only way that you would be protected and assured of the fact that the product would function properly within the specified warranty duration without eliciting any flaws. Nevertheless, in the case of a malfunction, it would be easy for you to get a replacement in due time without incurring additional costs. The warranty is a clear indication of the manufacturer’s dedication to the quality of the product they sell to their target consumers.

Massage Quality

Often, these machines are considered water or wet foot massagers. This is because these machines usually carry out the function of massaging and washing the feet. Therefore, the best quality machine is one that would enable the consumer to soak the feet and divergent techniques to use in massaging the feet, at the same time.

Ease of Use

Despite how effective this tool may be the consumer would only be able to enjoy the full benefits of this device if he or she understands how to operate it. Consequently, the best ones for you would be one whose controls can be easily accessed and designed with its handiness to the final consumers in mind. The equipment has to be designed with very sensitive controls to make it easy even for the elderly people to use them at their own convenience.


A good foot spa would bring to mind the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Ensure that the gadget that you would buy from the market is of the right size for your feet to fit perfectly. This is because your overall experience would be largely determined by the level of comfort you would experience when you use the equipment.


The best one is an equipment that you would acquire with a remote. This is because a remote control would spare you the stress of leaning forward to make adjustments on your device more so if you were busy doing something else such as watching your favorite program while bathing your feet. You would comfortably regulate the massage intensity of the equipment, regulate the heat level, and adjust the bubbles generate by the machine by just a press of the remote buttons. You no longer have to sacrifice your comfort in the name of adjusting your device to the level that suits you best.

Compatibility with Salts

While certain types of devices would allow the consumer to use salts and essential oils as they please, other designs would not allow the use of such soluble materials as they may damage the device. Therefore, before you purchase such equipment ensure that you look at the manufacturer’s instructions to see if the gadget allows for the use of such elements. If so, then such equipment would be a valuable asset to have. In case the equipment works well with salt and other soluble elements added to ensure that, you use the gear in line with the instructions provided by the manufacturer if you want it to last.

Pedicure Attachment

A good foot spar would come with an additional pedicure device such as a pumice stone that you could use to scrape off the dead skin on your feet. Such a component helps in improving consumers’ experience by enhancing the quality of the skin.


If you are the type of consumer who is never irritated by the bubble feature of this equipment you should ensure that you buy a machine that would enable you to regulate the bubbles produced from time to time. This would help improve your level of experience with this particular device.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a foot spa?

A: These gadgets have existed for quite some time in the past even before the invention of the actual machines that have currently flooded the market. Individuals have soaked their feet in hot water over the past years with the aim of caring for the feet. Other than the hot water, people have used elements such as peppermint oil and bath salt to help add comfort, relieve any forms of swellings on the legs and detoxify the feet. In certain cultures across the globe, the process of cleansing and massaging the feet has been categorized as part of the cultural heritage.

Q: Is it possible to add Epsom salt to a foot spa?

A: Epsom salt would do just fine when used in the machine. However, depending on the equipment that you have in your possession, you may not be able to add the salt. This is because not all designs of this product allow consumers to add salt to their footbath or other essential oils. However, if the device that you have allows it then you should not hesitate to enjoy the full benefits of your spar equipment by adding Epsom salt. If you do not use your device in the right way, you may end up clogging the openings that let out air bubbles on the machine with the salt thus interfering with the functionality of the gadget.

Q: Where can I purchase this device?

A: Just like any other product that you use you would get this equipment being sold in the local stores and online. There is also the option of ordering this product directly from the manufacturers in which case it would be sold to you at a retail price. Whichever platform you choose to buy your device, make sure that you pay money for a product that would serve your needs.

Q: Why should I buy one?

A: This equipment would improve the appearance of your feet by scrapping out the dead cells found on these parts of the body. Once the dead skin is out of the picture, the feet easily absorb essential oils added to the spa. The cleansing process and massage experienced with this particular device help relieve individuals of insomnia, arthritis, headache, restless leg syndrome, stress and in other occasions plantar fasciitis. The process also helps in eliminating toxins from the body in order to retain the pH balance of the body and boost metabolism for an improved performance.


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