Best Foot Warmers Reviewed & Rated for Quality


Depending on the type of runner you may be, you may have an exciting or relaxing moment or not. Some athletes would prefer spending their winter vacation on ice or on the mountains hiking, snowboarding, skating or skiing. Other people like spending a good proportion of their time during winter in the backyard with friends and family members doing all sorts of entertaining tasks such as building snowmen, bobsledding and on certain occasions engaging in snowball fights with the children without worrying about the electricity bill that is bound to skyrocket by the end of the month. Whatever activity you decide to be the most suitable for you during winter, even after running in the cold, one thing that every person would require during this period is a high-quality foot warmer that would help protect you from the cold all through your undertakings.

  • Sunbeam
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cozy and comfortable
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Heat Holders
  • Heat Holders
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Insulation and breathability
  • Price: See Here
  • HeatMax
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Prolonged natural heat
  • Price: See Here

Individuals would often disregard the significance of keeping their feet warm during the cold times of the year. On numerous occasions, you would find individuals dressed in very thick snow jackets as well as several layers of pants that would help keep them warm while giving very little attention to the need to protect the feet adequately. Some people would only wear some flimsy boots and a single layer of socks. You may just get cold feet in the short term. However, after a prolonged period of subjecting yourself to the cold, you may end up suffering from other major health risks that you may not expect to happen. If you fail to protect your feet from the cold you may end up experiencing cold injuries, a frostnip and a frostbite all defects that you could avoid with the proper gear on you. All these unintended occurrences can be avoided with a proper foot warmer to see you through the day during the cold times of the year.


10 Best Foot Warmers


1. Sunbeam

Keeping your feet warm has never been so much simpler. The Sunbeam device would help keep your feet warm and comfortable while in bed. The gadget would fit perfectly right under the sheet and it is made in such a way that heat is directed straight to your feet while you sleep. This is a very convenient tool to have if you desire to stay warm in the night during the cold season perhaps in readiness for the training or competition that is to take place the following day.
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Three Heat Settings

For the highest level of comfort, this equipment can be adjusted to three heat levels. This feature would provide the consumer with the liberty to select the degree of warmth that he or she would wish for. It has an auto-off feature that would enable you to have a peace of mind when you sleep because it would automatically switch off after three hours.

ThermoFine Technology

The consumer is promised a consistent and comfortable heat throughout the night. The heat emitted by this particular type of equipment would adjust automatically throughout the night based on numerous factors such as the body temperature of the consumer as well as the surrounding temperature of the room so that you are not subjected to unnecessary heat.

Cost and Value

This considerably priced warmer is made with a machine washable material. The pure polyester material used in designing this product makes it safe when placed in the dryer. It is soft and very cozy qualities that would allow you a good night sleep. The manufacturers provide a three-year warranty period a clear indication to the beyond reach quality of this product.

3-year warranty

Cozy and comfortable

It automatically adjusts heat based on the temperature of the surrounding and the temperature of the feet.

Has three heat setting


It is expensive

2. Heat Holders

Heat Holders are specially designed with good insulation properties that would help keep you safe from extremely cold temperatures. It has a good thermal quality and it is made with a breathable material that would help keep away excess moisture in case you sweat too much. The socks hold in warm air to keep the feet warm even in extreme chilly weather. Its soft design guarantees the consumer the greatest degree of comfort all day long.
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Exceptional Heat Design

This product is made of a heavy duty, bulk fabric material that has outstanding thermal qualities that would guarantee you warmth all day long. It has a lengthy cushioning that is a clear indication of the fact that your feet would remain comfortable and protected for an entire day unless you decide to take them off. The socks can be conveniently worn with the winter boots to provide you with more warmth and comfort thus allowing you to engage in outdoor activities.

Inner Lining

The inside part of these socks has been sufficiently brushed to make them feel soft and comfortable. This also allows warm air to be trapped close to the skin to enable you to stay warmer for the longest period during the cold season.

Cost and Value

They are very convenient pieces of warm gear that would not cost you much to acquire or maintain after your purchase. The product provides the consumer with a natural heat source, unlike other creations that would require you to have a power source in order to provide you with the much-needed heat and comfort. Once you purchase this item, you would not have to worry about paying additional electricity bill at the end of the month or striving to ensure that you replace the batteries on the feet warmer once it is exhausted. This merchandise is quite easy to maintain.

It is easy to maintain, as it requires no power supply to help keep you warm

It offers the natural warmth that would not pose any harm to the body (It is a safe product to use)

It is durable

It is acquired in two pairs

It is very comfortable on the feet

It is easy to use

It is designed with the highest quality material


It is bulky

It can be loose fitting for some consumers

Some consumers protest that they may not be as warm as anyone would desire

3. HeatMax

This particular brand offers the consumer safe, natural and prolonged heat during cold days. It is odorless making it much more comfortable to use. If you want a product that would keep you warm and safe at the same time, this is the product to buy.
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Easy Setup

All you would be required to do to start using this particular product is to shake it after you remove it from the package. However, it takes 15-30 minutes to properly heat this device. If the heat reduces, ensure that you expose it to the air and shake it.

Environmentally Friendly

The materials used in designing this product would not harm the environment even if it were disposed of with regular garbage.

Cost and Value

At its affordable price, this merchandise would work well for you in different kinds of occasions. They are the best product that would help keep your body warm in extreme cold temperature regions. This item is available in different designs to help suit the different needs of the demanding consumers.

It is ready to use

It is odorless

Offers the consumer safe, natural heat

The heat provided is long lasting

It is air activated

It has a shelf life of roughly 3 to 4 years

It has been tested and approved as a suitable item to use


Good quality but they run small

4. Serta Ultra

4. Serta Ultra
This electric tool reassures you the greatest comfort during use. It is designed with a high-quality soft fabric material that enhances comfort. The good thing about this item is that it would keep your feet warm for as long as the device would stay plugged into the power socket. It would provide you with a soothing kind of warmth for maximum comfort.
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Soothe Muscles and Reduce Stress

The heat that is generated with this equipment is sufficient to relieve you of the soreness and the pain that you may experience after a long days training or competition in the cold season. This device would help calm your nerves, reduce stress and enable you to relax while ensuring that your legs are warm enough.

Saves Money

This apparatus uses minimal electricity to keep your body warm. Therefore, regardless of how many times you would use the device you do not have to worry about the electricity bill you would be required to pay at the end of the month because it would be dismal compared to the amount of electricity consumed by other electric gadgets found in your house.

Cost and Value

For any foot warming gadget, it is important for it to not only be functional and provide a runner with the desirable feature, but it also should use minimal power to function. This brand provides both and this property adds value to its price making it one of the top products.

It soothes muscles and relieves stress

It uses minimal electricity

Stays warm for as long as the device is plugged in

It is made of a soft fabric material for an improved comfort


The electric component of the accessory would stop working after a few uses. To some consumers, it does not work as required.

5. Gideon Quilted

5. Gideon Quilted
The brand guarantee warmth with its quilted cover design that provides a form of pocket for your feet as you enjoy extra features it has in massage and therapy. its multiple functions make it a perfect warmer for the runner who is constantly working out or training because it easily offers a relaxing feel, leaving you refreshed for the next sessions.
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Massaging Nodes

The product comes with 8 nodes that aid in the massage process letting you feel as if you have been in a parlor. When the feature is turned on, it guarantees maximum relaxation, reduces stress and strain, and even swelling that may come as a result of intense training.

Hand Control

This is an excellent feature, especially for elderly users who may have trouble bending to activate the gadget. The hand control remote helps to power it on/off for convenience and regulation of the required temperature.

Cost and Value

This brand is preferred because it is also therapeutic in nature with improved extra features to provide relief for the feet and warm them at the same time. The extra features can be remote controlled, and operating this machine is easy to help any user through a cold spell. This improves its value and you can never regret owning one.

It has dual purpose features

Soft fabric that provides easy breathability

It is convenient

Massaging nodules to provide actual masseuse feel

Easy to operate


Some customers complained that it is more of a feet massaging device than a heating one

6. Cozy Products

6. Cozy Products
The Cozy Products uses up very little energy compared to numerous other varieties that are available on the market today. This is because this device directs heat to the feet instead of directing heat to unwanted parts that would only result in a hike in electricity bills. You would be able to minimize energy and money wastage. The thermostat can conveniently be adjusted to what suits the consumer thus allowing more savings on energy used.
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Attractive Modern Design

Its construction makes this creation a suitable tool to have at home and in the office. The gadget occupies minimal space and it would help keep you comfortable while relieving you of the cold feeling on your feet to do away with the pain experienced on this part of the body.

Reduced Safety Risk

This gadget was developed with the safety of the final consumer in mind. Its 90-watt capacity makes this equipment safer to use even in places whereby a majority of space heaters would not be considered suitable appliances to use.

Cost and Value

This item has an ergonomic design and the heat generated by the device promotes maximum comfort for the consumer. This product enhances blood circulation, and it reduces fatigue on the legs. This device would enhance your level of productivity in any activity that you would be taking part in as it eliminates the distraction that might be caused by cold and uncomfortable feet. For its price, this is something worth buying.

Uses minimal energy

It is safe to use

It has a decent less bulky design

It can easily be adjusted to allow the consumer to easily stand or sit when necessary

The heat can be adjusted for maximum comfort and control


The top part of the device is made of a poor quality plastic material that would wear out after a few uses

7. Hot Feet

7. Hot Feet
Hot Feet socks would help keep your feet warm and dry during the cold winter period. Warmer feet would only mean that you would be more comfortable to carry out the activities of the day at such times of the year. This pair of socks would help you not to postpone your favorite activities of the day during the cold times of the year. Outdoor activities have never been so much excitement during winter. However, you have to be equipped with the right type of gear to use on different occasions.
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This brand is made of 1% Spandex material, 6% polyester element and 93% acrylic material to give it the warm quality that it has. The material also adds to the comfort of this product.

Design Quality

This product has been designed with the needs of the final consumer in mind. A single order comes with two pairs of socks. Its quality assures the consumer great warmth and comfort you never thought possible. These items are very comfortable which makes them ideal for the cold weather.

Cost and Value

Buying this product would definitely give you value for your money. It not only guarantees you warmth but it would also provide you with the kind of comfort you would need when you are outdoors or indoors.

It is cozy


It is machine-washed

Good quality that would give you value for your money


It will not be a perfect fit for individuals with very large feet sizes

8. Ultra Soft

8. Ultra Soft
The Ultra Soft design is just as the name suggests. It is made of very soft fabric material that provides comfort and warmth for the consumer when it is used. It is reasonably priced compared to countless other warmers that are available on the market today.
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Natural Warmth

This product requires no external power source like most brands that you would find in the stores. The material used to construct this item is sufficient to provide you with the kind of warmth you would wish for during the cold season.

Curative Value

Besides the warmth enjoyed by using this merchandise, you would also be able to relieve your feet of the exhaustion of the day. Stress is also reduced if you warm your feet and develop comfort in the process during the chilly times of the day.

Cost and Value

With this item, you would no longer have to worry about any other additional costs incurred like the case of warmers that use electricity or batteries. It provides the user with natural warmth and it can conveniently be used even when you sleep. It would keep both your legs and feet warm. You no longer have to worry about developing cold and stiff feet in chilly climates.

They are machine washable

Made of very soft and comfortable material

Keeps the leg and feet warm

It provides natural warmth

It has a medicinal value to sore and tired feet


It has slippery soles that can make it less comfortable to wear


This warmer is great for every person and can be used in different kinds of situations and sporting activities carried out in the cold times of the year. These designs are thin and long enough to be of assistance in keeping your entire feet warm.
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This suitable gear would help keep you warm during the chilly times of the year. The cold would no longer deter you from taking part in your most favorite sporting activity during the cold season. The product would help relieve you of minor arthritis, control beriberi and prevent frostbite all year round. Most of all, this particular product would enhance your blood circulation more so when you often experience cold feet.

Easy Usage

All you would be needed to do is open the package. You would not have to externally heat the product and neither would you be required to stick this product for it to work. In case the product fails to work as expected ensure that you shake or knead it more than a few times. Doing so would enable the product to sufficiently react with surrounding air to start working. The maximum temperature that can be attained with this merchandise is an estimated 63 degrees Celsius. It allows the consumer to stay warm all through unless it is removed.

Cost and Value

This invention is reasonably priced and it would provide you with a clean and natural heat. It sufficiently reacts with air to provide you with the kind of heat you would desire on a chilly day. You would be able to stay warm for as long as 8 hours with this item in your possession.

It would keep you warm for up to 8 hours

It reacts adequately with air to provide the heat you opt for

It offers clean and natural heat

It is long enough to keep your entire feet warm


It is advertised to have adhesive properties though most consumers do not seem to be able to figure out how to stick them to their boots.


You are probably tired of having stiff and cold feet during the cold times of the year. The heating pad would help keep your feet warm for the longest duration during winter. One thing that you should know is that the cold feeling usually starts from the feet to spread to other parts of the body after some time. You need this type of equipment to ward off the cold that may have you freezing in no time. This product could also be used to heat your entire body.
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It is made of a soft fabric material that increases the level of comfort enjoyed by consumers. It is easy to care for since it is machine washable. The warmth provided by the accessory also adds to the comfort you would enjoy using this gadget.

Fast Heating Technology

The technology used in constructing this product would provide you with the warmth you desire in the shortest time possible. The product would not only help relieve your body of the cold, it would also relieve you of the pain experienced on your feet and help improve blood circulation in the body.

Cost and Value

Despite the price at which you would acquire this gadget, it is worth spending your money on. Other than using it as a foot warmer, this device can be used in treating back and shoulder pains. It would keep you warm and boost your blood circulation. This product is large enough to make it easy to share with someone else and it is made of a soft fabric to increase comfort for the consumer.

The fabric is soft and comfortable

It is large enough to accommodate two users

It can be used in different ways on the feet, the back and shoulders depending on the part of the body you experience pain and fatigue

Boosts blood circulation


It is costly

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Foot Warmers

During the cold times of the year, it is important that you protect yourself from the cold by putting on the proper gear. Excessive cold would be dangerous to your health. If you are a sports person who takes part in events such as hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, you have to be well prepared for the less conducive climatic conditions if you wish to stay safe from the dangers of adverse climate in which case extreme cold. Given the fact that there are varieties of foot warmers that are available on the market, you have to be very careful in making your selection if you desire quality from the item you would buy. Listed below are some of the criteria that you could use in your efforts to find the most suitable item for you. Take your time to select what works for you best.


If you go shopping for this particular product, you would come across a variety of foot warmers that would be ideal to help keep your feet and toes warm. In as much as every type of this item might just do the work of aiding to keep you warm it is highly vital that you find the best quality out of the countless options available in stores. Before making your selection you have to determine whether you intend to use the device indoors or outdoors. Secondly, you would also have to evaluate the duration for which you want the product to help keep you warm. Your selection would also be influenced by whether you would desire merchandise that would only be suitable for a single purpose or one that can be used for assorted tasks. Some people are very sensitive about the types of attire they wear. Therefore for such a group of people how comfortable they would be in this kind of gear would be a very important factor to consider.

Environmental Issues

The type of foot warmer you choose may be powered by a single use power source or a power source that would serve your needs for several years down the line. If you care about the safety of the environment then you would be concerned about whether or not the good you purchase would be safe for the environment. If you are using a device that is powered by a battery source always ensure that you dispose of the used up battery cells in the proper manner to help conserve the environment. Whatever the case, always make sure that you unplug your device when it is not in use. Doing so would go a long way in assisting you to protect the environment while at the same time enabling you to lower the amount of electricity you consume at the end of every month to save a good proportion of your money.


The other important factor that you would be required to consider as a consumer is the safety of the equipment that you intend to buy at any given point in time. Whichever type of equipment you would use be it the battery operated design or the air activated type, you would have to consider a few safety precautions. This is so that you could avoid the undesirable side effects of the gadget you would buy. Unless instructed by the manufacturers you should never allow any of these items to come into contact with your skin or other valuable items that you may have in your possession such as your cell phone. Some of these products generate intense heat that when put in contact with your skin would lead to a burn. If you experience more heat than necessary, ensure that you disconnect the gadget immediately or at least take your feet off the heated surface to be safe.

If you have a medical condition that would not subject you to harm if your body gains too much heat ensure that you buy a foot warmer that would provide you with just the amount of heat that would be suitable to help keep you warm. Nevertheless, it is important that before using such products if you have a medical condition such as venous disease consult with your doctor to find out if it would be sensible to use such devices. If you have fungal or bacterial infections and experience sweat on your feet, it may not be advisable to use these types of gadgets, as they would only aggravate the situation if your feet were subjected to excessive heat. Whatever the case, ensure that you check with your doctor to see if it would be safe for you to use such kinds of inventions to stay warm during the cold times of the year.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to re-use an air activated heat pack?

A: Not all types of air-activated heat packs that you would find available on the market are reusable. Nevertheless, the designs that can preserve heat for later use make it possible for the consumer to use it a later time to stay warm. Therefore, the ease with which you would be able to reuse these kinds of equipment would all depend on the device’s heat retention capability.

Q: Can the hand warmer still work as a foot warmer?

A: Yes, the hand warmer could equally be used on the feet to keep you warm. This is because both the hand as well as the feet design operates with the same mechanism to keep the body warm and they are designed with more or else the same materials. The only difference between the two items is that the hand type is not designed in such a manner that it would fit well inside the shoes. These types of products are bulkier and they do not have any adhesive element to help fix them in place, unlike the feet warmers. Therefore, they would be very uncomfortable on the feet something that may ruin the exciting moments during your activities of the day including hiking and ski trips. Hence, instead of relying on these types of gadget as a presumed substitute make sure that you use the right gear all the time. If a particular gear is to be used on the feet, make sure you use it on the part of the body you are required to use the gadget on if you wish to gain the full benefits of your product.

Q: How long do these devices stay warm?

A: An average air-activated heat pack would help keep you warm for as long as 5-10 hours. You would also come across advanced designs that would keep you warm for more than ten hours. However, the designs that use electricity would stay warm for as long as they would remain plugged into the power source.

Q: Would it be best for me to use a very thick pair of socks instead of the heat generating gadgets?

A: The choice between the feet warmers and the thick socks would all depend on the preferences of the consumer. Particular consumers would naturally have cold feet and therefore using a thick pair of warm socks would not make much of a difference in such a case. Whatever the case, you would need a good pair of feet warmers to help you survive the cold times of the year more so during winter. A good pair might just save the day. Subsequently, it is important that you try out different designs of this product in order to arrive at the best quality for you.


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