10 Best Energy Chews For Runners Tested


Remember that moment, either in competition or practice, when you felt the fatigue coming and you wished you had something that would give you an extra boost? Fortunately, there are energy chews to help you push through. Energy chews are typically sweet, candy-like food that is easy to consume so that, if need be, you can eat them during competition with no fuss. These chews can provide a quick source of caffeine, protein, glucose, and some even are GMO-free.

Depending on the type of endurance exercise you are doing, whether it is long distance or a sprint race, these chews can be beneficial. Although they typically come in a pack, the chews can be easily carried during a long race so they can be consumed as needed. Since energy chews are designed for the common athlete, they also provide other sources of nutritional value, while excluding some of the negative ingredients that can accompany high sugar and caffeine products. For example, Further Fuel- Energy Boosting Soft Gels not only provide a great source of energy that can be easily digested but also helps to reduce cortisol levels, which is associated with stress.

Last Updated: April 24, 2018
By Brian Price:

After doing a little more research, we've made a few changes to our list. Take a look at the new additions, which includes chews fro GU and Gatorade.

  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Contains 50mg of caffeine
  • Price: See Here
GU Energy Chews
  • GU Energy Chews
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Contains amino acids and electrolytes
  • Price: See Here
Gatorade Endurance
  • Gatorade Endurance
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Price: See Here

Running is a very dynamic sport that requires a balanced level of glucose and energy. When the time comes that the glucose storage in your body needs a refill, these energy chews will not only help to reduce fatigue but also help to ensure a successful outcome.

10 Best Energy Chews



Just like your favorite chewy candy, CLIF BLOKS come in an enjoyable and easy to consume form. All you have to do is pop one in your mouth for that extra little boost needed to push on a bit further. Offering the necessary burst of carbs and caffeine, let's take a closer look at why this is the most popular choice.
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CLIF's BLOKS energy chews are available in many different flavors like black cherry, tropical punch, strawberry, orange, and even margarita and cran-razz. And even better, the ingredients are organic.

Each chew contains:
33 calories
Up to 50mg of caffeine (depending on particular flavors)
  • These chews affect blood sugar slower, since they are semi-solid
  • Many flavors to choose from
  • Up to 50mg of caffeine
  • Organic ingredients
  • If you want caffeine, make sure you choose a flavor that has enough

Gatorade Endurance Carb Energy Chews

These chews are made for eating before or during a race, very good for using for challenging competative running, long distances, carry these chews and reach your peak for performance, you get electrolytes, reliable energy from carbohydrates, calories all at a higher level than many other choices. 

Get the endurance and energy when you require it, we know the expression to go that bit futher but with these chews you go much further.
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An impressive line -up of essential energy creating ingedients, sugar, vitamin B6, viatmin B5, Vitamin B3, niacinamide, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, dextrose, salt, ciric acid, carregeenan, water, isomaltulose and corn syrup.

The best time to use these chews is up to you in tactical teerms, you can consume when the race starts or use them during the race when you feel the need for a reliable boost of endurance and needed energy.


The chews sit at a moderate price for a good energy boosting investment.

A nice blend of natural energy ingredients

Good for before or during a race

More energy to go further than other brands


No caffeine, natural ingredients

Honey Stinger

You may already be familiar with Honey Stinger's honey based energy gels. But, what about their energy chews? Let's take a look at what these are all about, and see what kind of benefits these offer.
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These are made with organic ingredients, which for many of us if a big deal. And actually, Honey Stinger's energy gel ingredients are pretty unique. They are made protein and fiber derived from tapioca syrup and, of course, honey. The customer feedback is really good for this product. Many like the fact that these seem to be much softer and easier to chew than some other brands. This is great natural option for some extra energy before and during your run.
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Plenty of flavor options to choose from
  • Also has natural vitamin C from the honey based recipe
  • Some found them to be too sweet


We know that GU puts out quality products, when it comes to energy gels. But what about their energy chews? This company consistently produces products that are well received and liked by many runners, as well as other athletes. Let's take a look at the GU energy chews, and see what it is that makes these so highly rated.
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Each package comes in a single serving, making it a smart move to purchase by the case. Each 90 calorie chew contains 20mg Caffeine,40mg Potassium, and 50mg Sodium. They also have amino acids, which are helpful in preventing fatigue and muscle damage. Another plus that this offer is replenishment of much-needed electrolytes.

It is recommended that one chew is consumed about 5 minutes before your run, then another every 45 minutes or so during, if participating in a long event.

They are available in many different flavors such as watermelon, blueberry pomegranate, strawberry, orange and even salted caramel apple.

Aids in replacing electrolytes
Contains amino acids to help with muscle fatigue
Each chew 20mg of caffeine for a needed boost
Also contains 40 mg of potassium


Some people are not happy that quantities in the package have been reduced

PROBAR - BOLT Organic Energy Chews

Next product on our list are PROBAR - BOLT Organic Energy Chews provide fast fuel to your body and may be a marathon necessity for you. This is the product with no GMO sources.
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These chews have USDA organic certificate and are gluten-free. When it comes to nutrition facts, it’s 90 calories per serving. This product has vitamins such as B12, C, B6 and there’s no cholesterol in it.
Big advantage of this product are Electrolytes. They have many important functions in our bodies such as regulating the heartbeat but also they help the muscles to contract and that’s why they’re so important for runners. They won’t also make you feel sick even though they’re very sweat.

Available in many tastes

Quick and easy to chew

They don’t melt or stick together easily

They are easy to eat during running


Some buyers didn’t like that these tasted like candies

Gatorade Prime

Just about everyone is familiar with Gatorade. We see the drinks almost everywhere. They actually cover the spectrum when it comes to hydration and energy replenishment, so of course they offer energy chews as well.
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The packaging comes in sleeves of 6 chews and are available in flavors like strawberry, green apple, fruit punch, and of course that Gatorade cool blue.
These are supposed to be consumed prior to starting your run, for a decent supply of energy. And actually, these even provide some extra vitamin B that help turn the contained carbohydrates into fuel for muscles. The flavors our pretty popular, and the majority of customers are pleased with the overall performance. However, for those who want a more noticeable jolt of energy, it may be better to go with a product with caffeine. With that being said, we don't see those customer reviews that complain about caffeine headaches with this one.
  • contains carbohydrates and vitamin B to help turn it into fuel
  • Flavors seem to be well liked by many
  • Packaged in easy to carry sleeves of six chews
  • Not enough boost for some

Skratch Labs Fruit Drops

Here is a gluten and dairy free option from Skratch Labs. Their Fruit Drops energy chews are available in apples & cinnamon, orange, raspberry, lemon & lime, green tea & lemon, caddy orange, caddy raspberry and pineapple. See below for some more details.
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The flavor for each comes only from real fruit and some other simple ingredients, eliminating the waxy shell that some other chews seem to have when you bite into them. Each pouch contains 10 drops that total 160 calories, which is really two 80 calorie servings. They work really well for prolonged activities.
  • Made with real fruit and simple ingredients
  • Does not have the waxy texture that some similar products may have.
  • Each packet contains 2 servings
  • Quite a few flavors to choose from
  • Some didn't like the packaging when on a run

Glukos Energy Gummies

Glukos is the new brand on the market but already very awarded. These gummies have 12 g of sugar. Their main ingredient is glucose as the company wants to produce more natural products. They’re excellent not only for runners but also for athletes and diabetics.
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They taste really delicious, you won’t taste any chemical aftertaste that a lot of energy chews have. There is no gluten in this product and it’s also for vegan. Glucose is a perfect fuel for people, better than sucrose and fructose and the glucose is faster in giving an energy. These chews are easily digested. When it comes to consistency, it’s not gel, it’s very liquid.

There aren’t artificial sweeteners

The colours and flavours are made from natural fruit punch

Very good price


There isn’t high-fructose corn syrup


They are quiet large and may be difficult to carry

Jelly Belly Extreme Assorted Sport Beans

If you’re tired of buying energy drinks, we’ve got a product for you. A great fuel for your run with 50 mg of caffeine per portion which is a real kick.
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These Jelly Belly beans Electrolytes which is very useful during hot days. There are also Carbohydrates which give energy to your body. Let’s not forget about vitamins such as B1, B2, B3- they let you burn the calories faster. There are real fruit juices so you don’t need to worry about excess of artificial flavours.
We recommend to it them 30 minutes prior to your run and you will definitely feel the difference.

They are said to be delicious

They’re lightweight

They don’t bother your stomach

There’s vitamin C which protects your muscle while running


They may be difficult to get out of the bag while running

PowerBar Performance Energy Blasts

If you need a blast of power, you really need to get these powerbars. Each chew has a shell with gel. Combined with the water, it will let you to really boost your running performance.
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These chews contain both glucose and fructose in proportion 2:1. They aren’t heavy on the stomach. They don’t lose their consistency even when the pack has been already opened. There are many excellents flavours. They deliver 45 g of carbohydrates to increase the level of energy and it is advisable to take them with water. There is also vitamin C in them.

There are Cola flavored gummies which are really delicious

They don’t stick to your teeth

Praised for texture which make your mouth more hydrated

They don’t lose flavor or harden


You must be careful if you are sensitive to caffeine

Further Fuel- Energy Boosting Soft Chews

If you really want to boost your energy, this is what you came here for. Suitable not only fot athletes or runners but also for people looking for more energy. This product isn’t full of sugar.
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Actually, there is only 3 grams of sugar per serving so it’s low sugar. This product is also gluten-free and dairy-free. The company uses KSM-66 Ashwagandha- this is an ingredient scientifically proved to increase energy level. There is natural caffeine made from green tea which is also good for boosting metabolism. B12 will help you to improve endurance.

They are delicious and easy for your stomach to digest

You don’t get stressed to much as they help to reduce cortisol

There’s no Carrrageenan in it

It’s only 20 calories per serving

Small packages make it easier to run with them


Children shouldn’t eat them

Although here we mainly focus on running, Energy chews work well for many different endurance activities that may require an extra boost. As we have seen in the products above, there are chews that contain different ingredients, some natural or organic, and some that aren’t. Some contain more caffeine, and some contain less. there are even chews that have none.

The Criteria We Looked For When Searching For The Best Energy Chews For Runners

We spend hours to chooses the best products. We make sure our readers read only true information and we help them to make their choice. Here are the factors that every reader should consider before choosing the product.

Boost of energy

This is the most important factor as this is why energy chews were made for. It must help with tiredness but also with muscles fatigue and should give them the power to work. Some products also tend to help to replace the electrolytes, some have amino acids to help muscles work better.


Let’s be clear, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on energy chews. Remember that sometimes, it’s better to invest in a more expensive product but price doesn’t always come with quality. If you know, you’re going to use energy chews regularly you’d better invest in a bigger package. It’s also very easy to find this kind of products on sale so be patient.

Taste and ingredients

Let’s be clear if you don’t like the taste of something, why would you be supposed to eat it? Companies offer many flavors from fruity to more sweet one. Now, here comes the question – how these flavors were made. Are there any artificial sweeteners? Or maybe they contain additional vitamins that may help you to boost your performance. Searching for best ingredients is especially important for runners who suffer from lactose intolerance. Runners that are vegans or vegetarians should also check if the product wasn’t tested on animals. You should also consider if the product should contain Caffeine or not. The best option is to search for the products which flavors were naturally made from fruits.


Other important factors to consider before purchasing

Here are two less but also still very important factors while searching for the product

Calorific value

You may think they if you’re a runner, you don’t need to count calories and you will always keep your body slim. However, you should consider the calorific value because some tablets are very high-calorie. It’s especially important if you had ever problems with obesity. Eating calorific energy chews day by day may cause health problems, people with slow metabolism should also look for low calorific products.

Portion sizes

As you usually use your energy chews during running, you don’t want to take a big package of energy chews with you. Always search for products who are packed in smaller quantities. There are many companies that offer a big box of energy chews with small packets containing two pills in it. That’s perfect solution as you can put it into your own pocket.



In order to help you find the option that will work best for you,  we have put together some frequently asked questions which we hope will take some of the work out of your search.

Q:  Sometimes products with higher volumes of caffeine give me a headache, and sometimes make me nauseous. Will I have that problem with energy chews?

A:  Each product is made differently, with different ingredients. It is important to check the details of consumable products for this and other things like allergens, or ingredients that you may knowingly have a reaction to.

Q:  Will energy chews affect my blood sugar?

A:  It is a good idea to know the facts about sugar content and other affecting factors before making your purchase. Since chews are in a semi-solid form, they will in many cases affect most people slower than liquid energy shots will. However, if blood sugar is something that you are concerned about, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients.

Q:  Can energy chews be a good alternative to candy, for snacking?

A:  Well, the fact is that many of these are specifically intended to provide extra energy. Most contain caffeine, added sugars, carbohydrates, calories, and even some essential vitamins for turning those things into fuel. So, if you aren’t performing the activities to burn and use that fuel and energy, they may the effect that you want towards your fitness goals. They are not intended as candy.

Q:  Are the most expensive products the best choices to go with?

A:  Not always. Like many other things, the choice that works best is often relative to the personal needs and likes of each different runner. The best advice that we can offer is to pay attention to Amazon reviews, looking for anything that is relevant to you.

Q:  Are there a lot of different brands and options for other energy chews than what is listed in this guide?

A:  Of course. There are many companies that produce chews and other energy products. The options that we have reviewed on this page are the products which have the highest rating and positive feedback from customers and are readily available online as well as in stores.

It may seem strange to some that we would take the time to try and help with something as small as an energy chew. However, This is something that you are going to put into your body with the hopes that it will help to improve your performance. So for that reason, we think it is important enough to talk about

There you have it. We hope that this was helpful in your search for chews that provide that extra boost to get you through your long run, race, or other events.


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