10 Best Hydration Belts Reviewed & Tested


Searching for Hydration Belts? Checkout the best Running Belts for Hydration, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store.

The average American walks around every day with deficiency of the the most important substance there is for us humans, water. Whether or not this under, or dehydration it is a big problem is hard to say, and more complicated than our pay grade allows tackling. Through normal daily actions it can be relatively easy to get away with an inappropriate water intake. When it comes to running this isn’t the case, and any athlete who has experienced real dehydration can attest to this fact.

Our Top 3 Picks
Nathan Trail Mix
  • Nathan Trail Mix
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • SpeedFit Holsters
  • Price: See Here
  • Fitletic
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dura-Comfort Technology
  • Price: See Here
  • CamdenGear
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap
  • Price: See Here

Below we’ve compiled a thorough and detailed list of the best running water belts currently available. All the hard work has been done for you, so if you’re so inclined skim through and see if any of our highlights meet your needs. Enjoy!

10 Best Hydration Belts


1. Nathan Trail Mix

Users liked how easily these slip in and out, they can be grabbed one handed without breaking stride.This belt was built to race and has prefabricated clips to make attaching race numbers simple and easy. This is a hydration solution that will stand the test of time, and one that we can recommendation without reservation.
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The material is of course quite light, and like essentially everything Nathan makes it wicks away sweat like a charm. It's 15-Percent lighter weight than its previous iteration.

There is a small pocket to help you leave no trace, or to stash whatever it is that you need stashed. It has an external pocket and zippered pocket to keep your phone, keys, food and any other valuables safe and secure. It also features two shock cords with an easy-pull tension lock for jacket or gloves.

Its monofilament 20-Percent stretch belt stretches around your body for the perfect bounce-free ride. It fits waist sizes 26"-42" waists, and some think it should hug the hip better as it tends to slide a bit while you run.

Bottle Capacity
The Trail Mix allows extreme ease of access to water with holster style holders for two 10 oz water bottles. Its ergonomic, tension-molded holsters complete the ensemble, keeping the bottles in place and easy to access.

This is quite durable and made with quality materials, there haven't been any reports of wear and tear that we could locate.

Just enough stretch for a bounce free run

Zippered pouch has external pocket for smaller items

Has elastic cords on each side for carrying items such a light jacket

Adjustable fit

SpeedFit Holsters provide easy, one-handed access

Reflective trims


Some thought that the bottle holsters could be a bit more secure

Careful not to pinch your lip when closing the water bottle

2. Fitletic

The Fitletic offers a 12oz and 16oz version, for this review we focussed on the 12 oz bottles. It's definitely time to get fit with the Fitletic since it has raving reviews of comfort.
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It weighs in at 7 ounces. They've added a pouch and a bottle and you don't seem to notice a weight difference from the previous version.

The storage has an upgraded enlarged pouch that now fits iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, & other large phones. It also has an interior pocket that provides storage.

The Dura-Comfort Technology ensures that it won't be bouncing, riding up, or chafing while you run. Its ultra soft dual-adjustable waist belt. It has silicone grippers that help prevent bounce. It comes in the following sizes: S/M (24 – 34 inches/61 – 91 cm), L/XL (35 – 42 inches/73 cm – 102 cm). It has two exterior energy gel loops for on-the-fly access.

Bottle Capacity
It is equipped with two quick draw bottle holsters as well as two flasks (each 6oz) that have quick flow race caps. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe, but be aware that carbonated liquids may cause leakage.

It is extremely durable and we couldn't find any complaints about the where and tear of the fabric.

Upgraded enlarged pouch

Dura-Comfort Technology ensures no bouncing, riding up, or chafing

Adjustable, soft waistbelt

Two quick draw bottle holsters

Silicone grippers prevent bounce

Integrated race bib toggles

Reflective accents

Interior Pocket provides storage

Adjustable band

Loops specifically hold energy gels


Some suggest bottles last longer if you hand wash them

Bottles may leak when full

3. CamdenGear

Gear up to score the belt that has space for your short to mid-length runs. These fit perfectly on your hip while you run with maximum comfort.
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It weighs in at 5.6 ounces, and is snug & lightweight.

Its pouch is large enough to fit most cell phones, but it might be a bit snug for those that have big cases for protecting your phone. The belt also has 4 elastic straps which are great for hanging and storing things such as gloves, and keys.

It fits waist sizes up to 43". It has velcro straps that let you adjust the fit so it will fit nicely without bouncing.

Bottle Capacity
Its a good sized volume at 6oz per bottle. It's best for short to medium length runs.

Most users stated it lasted a good amount of time and is made with quality materials.

Velcro strap is adjustable

Large pouch for storage

Very Comfortable

4 elastic straps great for hanging storage

Lightweight & snug

Two 6oz Bottles


Not best for thin waisted persons

Some found the excess strap bothersome

4. Adalid Gear

This lightweight pack is perfect for your run with its storage areas, adjustable fit and leak proof bottles.
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I'm not sure the exact weight, but it is in the lightweight category and ergonomically designed.

It has a large zippered pouch that can fit your phone, music or other accessories within the dimensions of 6.7" x 3.5", and it comes complete with separate inner pockets for storing smaller items.

The fit is soft, lightweight and adjustable. It fits snug without moving around too much or causing discomfort.

Bottle Capacity
It comes complete with Two 10oz Water Bottles to fuel your run.

It is water resistant, and can withstand light rain, but not recommended for down pours. There haven't been any complaints of wear and tear and this item should be quite durable lasting a long time.

Soft &  lightweight

Will not bounce, ride up, nor chafe


Leak proof bottles

Reflectors so others can see you easily

Removeable race bib toggles

Large zippered pouch with separate inner pockets


Hand wash only

Difficult to find replacement parts

5. Fuelbelt R30 Revenge

If you’re partial to gear that looks like it was designed for a space station then you’ll love the R30 Revenge hydration belt. Beyond looks it also excels in terms of functionality. Endorsed by the likes of endurance greats such as, Terenzo Bozzone and Chrissie Wellington this is a premium grade hydration solution.
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It's a lightweight belt that will get you through your run easily.

It comes with a fully adjustable waistband with a velcro locking mechanism that's easy to cinch up. You can use a one-handed draw and replace the water bottle quickly. It has a front pocket with a zipper for storage. It has bottle lock cords that assist in keeping the bottles secure while you run.

Its molded holsters provide a quick and easy in out motion. Although new, the Revenge will fit any preexisting Fuelbelt products. The size and capacity options are generous here as well, so you can get it in effectively a customized size. It's extremely comfortable, and has a reduced-bounce featuring custom holsters and grips.

Bottle Capacity
It comes with three 7oz bottles with other options also available.

It was manufactured to fit past, present and future FuelBelt bottles, and it holds up well.

Reduced-bounce fit

Designed to carry all types of FuelBelt bottles

Patented cord securely locks the bottle in place

Reflective accents for safety

Adjustable elastic waist

Removable race pocket with zipper

Highly Breathable & keeps sweat away

Leak proof & Dishwasher safe

Has race bib clips


The three bottles all in one place on the belt can wear unevenly

Somewhat difficult to replace bottles

Belt is narrow for some users

6. CamelBak Arc 2 Run

Camelbak is such a well recognized brand that its name has become synonymous with different forms of hydration gear. Mention Camelbak and someone will probably instantly know what you mean. It’s unsurprising then that they’ve created a belt worthy of mention on our list.
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It is very lightweight, weighing in at just 0.56 pounds.

It has a pouch to store your phone in and additional smaller items. Some wished that the pouch was larger in size.

It fits really well, not sliding around or adding much bounce while you run.

Bottle Capacity
The design of the bottles is quite remarkable. The bottles are mounted in quick-access cages, and easy to slip in and out. They are self-sealing, have Jet valve technology, they’re leak-proof, lightweight, easy to apply pressure to, and BPA-free. They come complete with a simple two step flex-and-twist release system. Two 10 ounce Podium Arc water bottles included.

Highly comfortable and durable this is sure to last you a long time as it's made with quality materials.

Two 10 oz Podium Arc water bottles included

Quick-access cages

Self-sealing Jet valve on bottles

Leak-proof bottles

Easy to squeeze bottles


Flex-and-twist bottle release system

Storage area for phone & keys


Some felt the weight was distributed unevenly when carrying full bottles

Some users wanted a bigger pocket 

7. Salomon Hydro 45 Iron

Running will be a breeze while carrying just 7 ounces of Salomon at your waist. It's super lightweight and highly durable.
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It is very lightweight weighing in at just 0.35 pounds.

It has a small external zipper for storage.

Most users found it quite comfortable, not too big or too small, but a few users did find the narrow belt a bit uncomfortable.

Bottle Capacity
It comes complete with a 3D 20oz bottle & 4D bottle holder. It is stable and versatile.

This highly durable Salomon product has an Airvent system that protects you from moisture while you run. It also resists rippage, and is waterproof. It's mesh material allows for good breathability.

Adjustable belt

1 zipped external pocket for storage

3D 20oz bottle & 4D bottle holder

Very Comfortable

Form Fitted

Works great in cold weather

Stable & Versatile

 Airvent system protects you from moisture

Mini ripstop, & waterproof

Mesh allows for good breathability


Some did not like the narrow belt

Difficult to put bottle back in at the 45 degree angle

8. Salomon Sensibelt

Some folks have minimalist sensibilities and for those runners we have the Sensibelt Pack from Salomon. The beauty of the Sensibelt comes in its simplicity. Side angle, single holster, and extremely lightweight this belt is meant to feel like it’s not there at all.
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It is extremely lightweight, you might actually forget it's there. It weighs in at just 0.62 pounds.

There isn’t much storage room in this particular belt, but for shorter distance workouts and races it’s pretty hard to top. It has an external zippered pouch and an internal pocket as well to keep smaller items.

Most find the fit quite comfortable, its adjustable waist allows you to easily customize the fit that's right for you. Its reflective details help make you more visible in the dark.

Bottle Capacity
The 16 oz side angle bottle is perfectly cradled for both convenience and stability.

Made with double ripstop finished material it holds up strong in the area of durability.

Ripstop material provides durability

Includes 16oz bottle

Customizable to fit just about any body type

Stretchy materials provide comfort

Airvent prevents moisture from gathering

Mesh material provides good ventilation

Reflective components so others can see you easily


Zippered pocket may not fit all smartphone models

Velcro part may need to be trimmed

9. Fuelbelt H20 Helium

Check out those bright and fun colors of the Fuelbelt H20 helium. Extremely comfortable, with a bit of storage, and its unique Hex Foam padding provides good comfort.
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It's very lightweight making it easy to run while carrying the fluids that you need.

It has a neat side pouch for storage with the dimensions of 5"x3"x1.5". Most found the storage to be adequate, but some wished it was a bit larger for larger phones. Also it zips from back to front instead of front to back which can be an inconvenience for some.

So many users found it quite comfortable. They experienced little to no bounce while running, and it was easy to adjust for the perfect fit. The Hex Foam padding provides comfort as well.

It comes with two 7 oz bottles to keep you hydrated.

No durability issues have been spotted or reported so you can rest assured that this one is made with quality materials that will last you a long time.

Two 7 oz bottles

Extremely breathable

Very Lightweight

Removable storage pocket with zipper

Adjustable waistband with Velcro closure

Silicone push-pull bottle caps for easy access

Hex Foam padding provides comfort

Bright & Fun colors


Zipper on the side pouch unzips back to front

Pouch too small for some phones

10. Outdoorsman Lab

Super soft and cozy is the way you want to run when your bringing water bottles with you. It's got an ample amount of storage, is easily adjustable and highly durable too.
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This lightweight belt will be sure to make running easy for you.

It comes complete with a large pouch that easily stores phones, even the larger ones. It also has an inner pocket to store smaller items such as keys, energy gels etc.

It's super soft and easily adjustable. It won't slip, bounce or chafe your skin while you run and you'll be assured comfort.

It comes equipped with Two 10 oz water bottles. Several users found the tops of the bottles difficult to open, and the holsters themselves also difficult to place the bottles back in, but the water didn't taste weird like plastic so that was a plus.

It's highly durable, especially the pouch, most would rather have different bottles though.

No slip, bounce, rubbing, or chafing 

Super soft &  lightweight

Easily adjustable

Big Pouch with separate inner pocket 

Leak-proof water bottles

Accessible headphone port

Reflectors so others can see you easily

Two 10 oz water bottles


Some had difficulty opening the bottles

Placing bottles back into holster can be difficult


Water can be a bit of a pain though, if you’re not close to an easy source you have to haul it around with you. If you’d like to head out on a trail run you need a way to transport your fluids. Going for a longer distance? You’ll probably need to have a reserve on hand so you don’t run dry. There are a number of different strategies one could employ. One of the simplest and easiest to is find a good Hydration belt.

If the thought of strapping a water bottle your two to a belt around your waist seems like a funny thing to do, you’d be surprised the number of runners who do it. The designs of these belts have improved tremendously in recent years, and clever engineering allows a good amount of water to rest easy on a belt. One real perk of a hydration belts is that they are close to your center of gravity and hips (structural power points of the body). This minimizes sloshing and torque the weight of water might put on your body.

The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of the Best Hydration Belts for Runners:

We’re not going to make you guess how we predicted or came up with these amazing top 10. We’ve gone through the features that most runners want to know about and compared thousands of reviews of running websites and users to give you the most accurate information. Below is the criteria we used in completing our evaluation:


No one wants to be weighed down when they run, but keeping hydrated is important. So finding that belt that is lightweight with all the right features is essential. We’ve got through and found the ones that are as light as a feather so you can run comfortably.


The best ones are adjustable. We are trying to avoid ones that are too big or too small in size. We want to focus on ones that will be comfortable as well. We’ve research and found the one’s that won’t slip or chafe while you run.

Bottle Capacity

How much water you need to intake is quite important. Will you need enough for a small, moderate, or a lengthy run? We will let you know how much fluid these bottles can hold.


Nobody wants one that’s not going to hold up that’s for sure! Some have pretty amazing features such as no-rip material which makes for great durability.

Extra Storage

This is one that is quite preferential, but nonetheless important. Do you need a huge pouch to store a huge phone and other running essentials or are you okay with a small one to just tuck your keys and ID in?

Bounce Factor

Bouncing of bottles can be quite annoying and irritating so we’ve checked these bottles and the reviews to find out which ones have a lower bounce factor than others.

Other Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Right One For you:

Choosing the Best Belt

Flickr Photo Credit: rose buen

The challenge of picking a phenomenal belt that will be comfortable on your run can be simplified with just a few tips. You’ll want to check how many bottles, and how many ounces are held in each one, the way they fit and how comfortable they are, and how much storage they provide. Below we review each of these topics:

Bottle Types

How many bottles each belt allows you to carry is quite important. Every runner is different in how much water intake they’ll need for a run so knowing this information will become quite useful in choosing a phenomenal belt.

Water Consumption

How much does each bottle hold? Are you a person that typically drinks more water than other runners? These are things to consider when making your purchase.

Fit & Comfort

No one wants one that’s uncomfortable. That’s not helpful at all. You want to look at the waist measurements of them. You want to look for comfortable, breathable fabric. You’ll want them to be lightweight so you don’t actually feel as though you are carry items. Finally, you’ll want it to be easily adjustable so that you can get it to fit snug without sliding or chafing as you run. This will also reduce the bounce amount that you could get.


This definitely comes down to personal preference. You’ll need to think of the items you wish to store while you are running. Making a list of the things you normally run with is not a bad idea at all. Some people carry their phones, keys, ID, energy gels, ipod’s and more, while others just need a small compartment to stash their cash. You’ll also want to check to see how adequately the bottles themselves are held in place while you run.

How much Water should I drink?

Knowing how much to drink is an essential part of running. Let’s talk about the different intake amounts of before, after and during your run.

Before you Run

It’s so important to make sure you are getting enough fluids into your body to avoid dehydration. Consider increasing your water intake 3 days prior to your run. You can check your urine to ensure you’re getting enough into your system. It should be a pale color, if it’s not then you’re not getting enough. Avoid alcohol in the days prior to your race as well.

It’s running day!  About an hour before your run, drink 16 ounces of water. You’ll want to wait till about 20 minutes before you run to consume another 4-8 ounces if you are worried about becoming dehydrated.

After you Run

When your run is complete you’ll want to rehydrate with 20-24 fl oz of water or sports drinks.

During your Run

You should take in 4 – 6 ounces of fluid every 20 minutes during your run. If you are a fast runner that can run faster than 8-minute miles you should consume 6 to 8 ounces every 20 minutes.

Sweat Test

You want to know exactly how much water you’ll need on your run? Take a sweat test. This will determine how much sweat is loss during your workout and how much water you need to take in.  First, weigh yourself prior to your timed run, without any clothes.  Then, when you are finished with your workout, remove your clothes and weigh yourself again.  One pound of weight loss equals 1 pint of water loss (1 pound loss = 1 pint of water loss). You can make adjustments if the weather conditions are hotter, or colder or take another test to determine what it is in that type of weather as well.

For example: If you determine that on average you lose 2 pounds an hour while you run, then that would equal 2 pints or 32 ounces. This means you’ll need to consume 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes on your run.


Q. How much hydration do you need while you’re running?

A. Check out our information above about taking a sweat test to determine an accurate amount of water consumption.

Q. Is it okay to drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages prior to my run?

A. It is not recommended at all. It could cause serious dehydration.

Q. Are there other ways I can improve my hydration?

A. Yes. there are hydration pills and other sources of hydration that you could look at as well.

Q. Is it better to invest in a running belt or to simple just hold your water bottle while you run?

A. If you plan on running long distance, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to invest in a belt.

Q. Should I drink when I’m thirsty?

A. Absolutely! There’s no question if you are thirsty your body is trying to tell you its time to hydrate.

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