Saucony Guide 14

The Saucony Guide 14 looks like a race car and rides like a Cadillac. This stability running shoe provides plush cushioning, hidden stability features to keep your gait cycle nice and even, and just enough flex to keep your runs nice and snappy.

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Pros & Cons
High 33 mm stack high offers plenty of cushioning
PWRRUN midsole is soft yet durable
FormFit upper wraps your foot in 360 degrees of comfort
Very durable outsole
Medial TPU guidance frame provides excellent stability
Available in wide sizing options
Upper is not very breathable
Weak heel to toe transitions
Key Features
Key Features

The midsole of this design uses a newer formulation of Saucony’s PWRRUN material. This material is made from a blend of both EVA foam and TPU. The EVA foam provides a nice and energetic ride that feels soft yet supportive, and the TPU helps boost the shoe’s overall durability.

More often than not, runners reaching for stability shoes can be pretty hard on their running shoes, which means that they need an outsole as well as a midsole that is built tough.

The inclusion of TPU into the blended midsole ensures that this soft midsole won’t squish down into a pancake after the 100-mile mark.

What I also love about this design of this midsole is that it also provides runners with a medial TPU guidance frame. These posts are built into the medial side of the foot and prevent your feet from bowing inwards.

When you overpronate, your feet often place too much weight on the inside of your foot which can lead to strain on your knees and lower back. By naturally guiding your foot into an even gait cycle, it reduced the strain on your joints.

It’s important to note that many runners found this midsole to be a little stiff on the backside of the foot. The medial posts and limited flexibility on the backside of the foot are supportive but feel like scaffolding built around your feet. It’s great for stability and cushioning, but not so great for speed and flexibility.


The outsole of this shoe offers runners high-end rubber traction with exposed EVA foam to cut down on weight and boost flexibility.

The rubber on this outsole is incredibly durable and will last up to 500 miles before the materials on the outsole start to break down and the midsole loses the initial magic. The heel on this outsole of nice and chunky and offers excellent stability which is perfect for heel strikers.

Even with a heavy gait cycle, this tough heel holds up quite well. While the heel is built tough, many runners found that it is incredibly stiff.

The forefoot of the outsole boasts a zig-zag pattern built into the rubber to boost the shoe’s overall flexibility in the forefoot.

While the medial posts and the heavy-duty rubber in the heel don’t offer much flex in the back of your foot, the unique pattern in the forefoot helps to slightly boost your overall agility.

The outsole provides modest traction when running on sidewalks or treadmills, but the lugs don’t quite provide enough grip to take them on unpaved surfaces.

If you take these shoes on the trails, the running police won’t come and arrest you, but you will lose much of the stability and overall traction offered by this stability running shoe.


I absolutely love the construction of the upper of the Saucony Guide 14. This shoe is one of Saucony’s most popular running shoes, and I think that its popularity is partially due to this innately comfortable upper.

From the heel collar to the tongue to the laces wraps your feet in 360 degrees of plush comfort. It utilizes Saucony’s FORMFIT upper construction that contours to the shape of your foot, but never pinches or rubs against your foot. It has a nice and roomy toe box and a gusseted tongue that locks in place.

While the upper is insanely comfortable, it is able to achieve a high level of comfort without a lot of extra bulk.

When you slip your feet inside of this shoe, the cushioning offered in the upper feels incredibly soft without limiting your full range of motion. Overall, it hits that sweet spot between plush cushioning and movement.

It’s important to note that while the upper of this shoe is soft and agile, some runners feel that it can get a little hot. The materials used on this upper wrap your feet in comfort, but don’t allow much extra foot to allow how air to escape to keep your feet cool and dry.


Overall, I would recommend the Saucony Guide 14 for runners that overpronate or that have a heavy gait cycle. The subtle TPU guidance posts work to naturally guide your foot into a nice and even gait cycle, but they don’t feel overly aggressive.

The stiff heel counter offers excellent stability and lockdown, and a super thick 33 mm stack high provides more than enough cushioning for runners that feel like there is no such thing as too much padding in the midsole.

Due to the slightly stiff nature of this shoe, I feel that it works best for runners that like to go on nice and easy tempo runs.

When running for long distances, the slightly heavy frame may not work best when racking up more than 10 miles. It’s also a little bit stiff in the heel, which may make it a little difficult to wear for quick agility work.

If you are a newer runner, this is shoe is a great place to start. It provides ample protection and cushioning, and modest stability features to keep your gait cycle nice and even.

If you like to go on nice and easy meditative runs to clear your head and you aren’t exactly looking for top speeds or long distances, this shoe really shines out on the road or on a treadmill.


I combed through quite a few user reviews and found that this shoe runs true to size. There are no big surprises when it comes to the overall fit of this shoe.

If you are a size 10 in other Saucony running shoes, the same can be said for Guide 14. If you are new to Saucony, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to their detailed sizing chart.

The FORMFIT upper is designed to contour to the shape of your foot over time. This is a type of shoe that only gets better the more you wear them! It boasts a nice and roomy toe box that allows your toes to naturally splay for added stability, and the super stiff heel counter really locks your feet in place.

What I also love about this shoe is that if your feet are wider than average, they are also offered in wide sizes as well.


The price of the Saucony Guide 14 runs par for the course. It’s not the most expensive running shoe out there on the market but is it’s exactly considered budget-friendly.

Often, when shopping around for stability trainers, many come in at a pretty steep price point due to a lot of extra bells and whistles to keep your feet protected.

The price tag of this shoe is one of the more affordable stability trainers out there on the market, and it doesn’t skimp on quality!

If you are on the hunt for an affordable and effective stability trainer, this shoe is worth checking out.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
Saucony listened to runners and made some pretty big changes to the construction of Guide 13. Compared to previous iterations of the Guide series, the Guide 13 had a long list of improvements to the fit, cushion, and construction that made it one of the most popular stability trainers at its release. When Guide 14 rolled out, Saucony decided not to mess with perfection too much.

Overall, many of the performance features between Guide 13 and 14 remain largely the same. Both shoes boast a FORMFIT upper, PWRRUN midsole, and retain the flexible zig-zag pattern on the outsole.

Saucony tweaked the midsole a bit to provide more overall cushioning and responsiveness, and also dropped a few of the synthetic overlays on the upper to make it more breathable as well.

The Guide 14 also underwent a purely cosmetic makeover. This newer design boasts a more modern look and comes in a ton of unique color options that are sure to please runners that like neutral color palates as well as those that love bright and happy shades.
For runners in the market for a sleek, stylish, and high-performing stability running shoe, the Saucony Guide 14 is worth checking out.

The Guide series is one of Saucony’s most popular running shoes because it offers a nice and cushioned ride with hidden stability features to keep your gait cycle nice and even. When compared to similar stability trainers out there on the market, this design is slightly lighter without sacrificing durability.

It’s lightweight, agile, insanely comfortable, and comes in a ton of color options that you are sure to love. If you love comfy stability trainers but hate all of that extra bulk, this shoe is worth a look!
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