Best Volleyball Socks Reviewed & Rated for Quality


If you are an athlete, you probably know the importance of having reliable socks to help you accomplish your training goals. Socks are important in providing the comfort and protection needed to help athletes focus more on performance. There are various types of socks on the market, and different manufacturers make different types of socks for various sports. From individual sport to team sport, having reliable socks to wear and play can make all the difference. The most important thing is identifying what you intend to use the socks to help you choose the best socks for the job. As a professional athlete or elite volleyball player, you should be able to identify socks that would provide the best protection to your feet and heel, with ankle and arch support to match.

adidas Copa
  • adidas Copa
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Toe-Cooling
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NIKE Performance
  • NIKE Performance
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Dri-Fit
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  • BABIBEAN Athletic
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Player Number
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Ensure that you do your research to identify the best socks to help you perform better while providing protection to your toes. When it comes to volleyball socks, you should be able to know whether you will use them to play along with the beach or to compete in an upcoming indoor competition. This would help you identify the right type of socks to use for that particular event. For most athletes, the performance of the socks is a top priority. The pair should be able to lock the moisture out while keeping the feet cool and dry. You cannot perform better if you are worried about your feet getting wet or the irritation caused by sweaty feet. The sweat can also be a deal breaker if you are expected to focus on the game but the moisture between your toes keeps distracting you. Below is a list of the best volleyball socks reviewed for quality.


10 Best Volleyball Socks


1. adidas Copa

If you are an elite soccer player, you probably know the importance of having a good pair of soccer socks. These socks are ideal for all levels of volleyball or soccer play. Their lightweight construction ensures a close fit to keep you in close contact with your favorite sock. They are also designed to wick moisture, with added ventilation from the toe-cooling channel.
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Toe-Cooling Channel

The sock design features a toe-cooling channel to ensure your feet and toes remain ventilated throughout the sport. They are also designed to wick moisture and leave your toes looking dry.

Targeted Cushioning on Foot-bed

These sock’s foot-bet features targeted cushioning for shock absorption. Whether you are running in the football pitch or along the beach, you can rely on the targeted footbed cushioning to offer your feet protection.

Cost and Value

For a reliable pair of socks to offer protection to your feet while allowing airflow to your toes, get a pair of these shocks. They are great for any team sport and are affordable too.

Climalite moisture-wicking yarns for cool and dry feet

Targeted cushioning on footbed for dependable shock absorption

Ankle and arch support engineered for added stability

A cooling toe channel boosts ventilation


May have sizing issues

May become stretchy over time

2. NIKE Performance

This product features sweat-wicking technology to ensure athletes remain cool and dry even when performing high-intensity activities. Designed with arch compression, the socks provide a perfect fit and ensure the athlete remain comfortable during the game. The unisex pair will provide support during competitions, regardless of gender. In addition, they come in three pairs to ensure convenience of use whenever there is a need.
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Dri-FIT Technology

The socks feature Dri-FIT Technology to help keep athlete’s feet dry and comfortable. If you want to keep off the moisture that could cause smelly feet, they a pair of these socks could help.

Reinforced Heel

The pair comes with reinforcement at the heel and toe area to ensure they remain durable to serve the athlete for longer. All high-wear areas are reinforced to withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with daily use.

Cost and Value

These are comfortable socks that help to keep your feet dry when playing your favorite sport. With reinforced high-wear areas, you can be sure that your pair will last longer than most other brands on the market.

70% cotton

Reinforced high-wear areas

Keeps the feet dry

Provides a snug and comfortable fit


Can be a bit small for some athletes

May shrink after washing a couple of times

3. Mizuno

3. Mizuno
With a gripper top to ensure your pair remains up where they are placed, this pair represents high-performance socks. They are great to wear under the volleyball gear. They are designed to suit any team sport, including volleyball, football, soccer and even football. The polyester-acrylic-nylon blend ensures durability and reliability. They also feature heel support.
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Gripper Top

The sock is designed to provide a powerful grip at the top. The gripper top design ensures the sock remains attached to the leg no matter the movement.


The sock also features Y-Heel to help lock it in place while the athlete is on the move. You will get the best heel protection while wearing this sock.

Cost and Value

With excellent heel and arch support, this sock provides the right support needed to help the athlete perform any team sport. For a few dollars, you can add this pair to your collection of reliable sports socks.

Offers the best heel, ankle and arch support

Padded footbed for comfort and extra protection

Features a reliable gripper top so that the sock remains up

Great for any team sport


Can be very thin at the top

May leave painful marks on the skin

4. ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team

4. ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team
These performance socks allow you to wear your player number and boast about it. You will feel proud when representing your player number in every way; all you have to do is choose the relevant digit. Not only will they look great on your feet but will also feel comfy to wear and play. These represent an everyday athletic sock for the team sport lover and player.
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Customized Player Number

If you like representing your player number with pride, then you will certainly find these socks useful. They come with customized player number to motivate you to perform and give your best.

Every day, Athletic Sock

The sturdy construction makes the sock ideal for everyday athletic use. You can wear them to a jogging session, a gym workout session, a sporting event or just about anything else.

Cost and Value

If high-tech function and comfort is your style, and like wearing your player number and feel proud about it, then you should get a pair. They are super comfy to wear and highly affordable.

Everyday athletic sock

Custom player number to wear with pride

High-performance pair of socks

Very comfortable to wear


May have sizing issues

May develop holes over time

5. MadSportsStuff

5. MadSportsStuff
These are high-performance athletic socks. The elite crew sock also features a volleyball logo. The pair comes in a variety of sizes for youth, women, men, as well as extra-large sizes for both men and women. They also come in various colors to complement your team colors, with crew length that hits mid-calf. They are guaranteed to impressed young girls and even teenagers.
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Accurate Sizing

These socks have been designed to accurately fit all sizes, from teens and youth to men and women of varying foot- and leg-size. Whether you need large, medium or extra-large, there is something for everyone.

Performance Controls

Some of its performance features include moisture control to keep away the moisture and odor control to ensure your foot does not smell when you take the sock off. You will also be impressed by the blister control and antimicrobial features.

Cost and Value

The sock features breathable mesh, odor control, and moisture control to prevent smelly feet. Whether you want medium, large or extra-large size, you will find whatever you are looking for at an affordable price.

Accurate sizing to suit children, youth and both genders

Durable polypropylene and Spandex material

Antimicrobial and odor control

A wide variety of colors


May not be suitable for heavy-duty use

Some users may find it shorter or longer than expected

6. BABIBEAN Athletic

These mid-calf socks are custom-made for the crew team. They are great for virtually any team sport, including basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball. These are high-performance socks designed for the elite athlete. The fabric is soft yet strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It dries faster that cotton, allowing perspiration to move away from the athlete’s skin.
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Perfect Player Number Socks

Represent your player number with great pride by wearing these custom-made high-performance socks. Your team will look incredible and you will feel more inspired to perform and deliver. They are also very comfortable to wear when playing.

High-Quality Sports Socks

If you want socks you could use on a daily basis while withstanding the wear and tear, then you might want to try this pair. They are high-performance socks you can always count on to deliver. You can use them for virtually any sport.

Cost and Value

To get good value for your money, it is important to invest in good high-performance socks to provide comfort and keep the moisture away. For a few bucks, you can get this reliable pair of socks in readiness for your next training or competition.

Custom sport number to wear with pride

Moisture-wicking technology to help keep the feet dry

High-quality socks for everyday use

Suitable for all team sports


Can be a bit too tight for the for right size

Actual product color may differ from picture color on the Internet

7. TCK Sports Baseline

7. TCK Sports Baseline
These multisport elite performance socks are designed for the whole crew. They have special features that make them unique, including blister control, odor control to minimize smelly feet, moisture control to prevent sweat from causing wreaking havoc, antimicrobial to keep bacteria in check, and they are high performance too. They come in a variety of sizes to provide the perfect fit.
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Ergonomic Cushioning

When wearing these socks, you will feel the comfy cushioning that this pair provides to help protect your feet and toes from the environment’s harsh elements. They also have blister control features to ensure blisters do not become a problem.

Breathable Mesh

The socks’ breathable mesh allows free airflow to aid moisture control and odor control that could cause smelly feet and socks. Your feet won’t be sweating much while inside the socks.

Cost and Value

If you are a volleyball enthusiast looking to invest in some good socks that will offer protection to your feet and toes, then you might want to try these. They are quite affordable too.

Blister control feature

Odor and moisture control to prevent smelly feet

Sturdy toe and heel construction

Comes in various sizes


Some users may find the socks too short to cover the shin

May lose elasticity over time

8. Nordic Essentials

8. Nordic Essentials
Nordic Beach Socks are specially designed to offer the feet protection from scorching-hot sand as well as rugged rocks. The premium quality Lycra Body and reinforced stitching ensure protection and durability. The resistant Neoprene sole provides comfort and an extra layer of protection while the ergonomic design provides the perfect fit and extra comfort to ensure the athlete has all the comfort needed to focus more on performance and less on the sock.
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Beach Socks

These socks are designed for the beach, to wear in the hot, scorching sand when playing volleyball with friends. Whether you are enjoying a soccer game in the evening or want to show your volleyball skills to your friends, these socks will match both occasions.

Best Protection

They have been specially designed to offer the best protection to the athlete’s feet to ensure peace of mind when enjoying any ball game along the beach. The hot sand and corals won’t bother you again.

Cost and Value

The socks offer protection to the feet of volleyball and soccer lovers while playing on the beach. They offer the best protection to the feet at an affordable price of a few dollars.

Designed for the entire family, from men and women to children and youth

Beach socks for playing soccer and volleyball

Offer the best protection to feet and sole

Great for both cold and warm weather


Can be a bit wide in width

The material can be too thin

9. David & D Athletic

9. David & D Athletic
These over-the-calf compression crew socks are designed with the male user in mind. Whether you want to play soccer, basketball or volleyball, they can be great for any team sport. They can be used for hiking too if you frequently go hiking with friends and family. The compression design will remain over the calf no matter the sport.
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Arch Compression

The compression design is meant to provide a perfect fit to offer protection to your arch, heel, and toes. They will remain up the feet no matter how you move.

Over the Calf

These socks are made with the football or volleyball player in mind. They go past the knee and stay up there no matter the intensity of activity. You can run, jump or squat without them dropping.

Cost and Value

For better protection, the socks feature a reinforced heel and sole. They are also long enough to go over the calf, with compression design to keep them up there. They are affordable as well.

Long enough to go over the calf

Reinforced sole and heel for an added layer of protection

High-performance compression socks

Designed for team sports


Some users may find the compression minimal

Can be too long

10. Red Lion

10. Red Lion
The cushioned foot and toe design provide ultimate protection to your feet and toes. The socks will also ensure your heel is adequately protected. With volleyballs all over the socks, you can be sure that they are meant for playing volleyball. Whether you are a child, youth, lady, man or woman, you will find your perfect size in readiness for the next volleyball game.
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Cushioned Acrylic Foot

Your feet, heel and even toes will enjoy ultimate protection from these socks. The intense shock associated with playing volleyball along the beach can put pressure on the feet, heel, and toes, but this pair can help protect them from all of that.

Heel and Toe Construction

The heel and toe areas of this sock have been designed and created to offer utmost protection to the heel and toe. You will never have to worry about injury caused by sand while playing on the beach.

Cost and Value

As an athlete or volleyball player, you want socks that would protect your feet and toes from hot sand and harsh elements of the environment while playing. These socks are designed to protect the heel as well, and they are very affordable.

71% Acrylic for durability

Cushions the feet

Sturdy heel and toe construction

Knit using modern-technology machines


The size may not fit perfectly for everyone

Heavy-duty use can cause wear and tear

For the typical athlete, performance is everything. Being able to perform during the competition is what differentiates champions from the other average athletes. However, performing well requires the right gear and equipment to provide the support needed. Apparently, having good socks is part of having the right gear. For instance, socks with moisture control allow the athlete to focus less on the sweat and more on winning the game. Wet feet are not good for team sports, as slipping in the shoes due to moisture can be a bad experience. In contrast, socks that keep the feet dry also help to prevent blisters that may negatively affect performance. Similarly, comfort is a very important aspect to consider when shopping for volleyball socks. The more comfortable they are the longer you can wear them.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Volleyball Socks


Comfortable socks will definitely be your favorite for sports because of the way they hug your feet to provide the comfort and warmth needed to pamper your feet. If the socks have additional padding, they are going to make the shoes feel comfortable as well. Currently, there are many players in the industry making and selling sports socks. With this high number and products on the market, the athlete often becomes overwhelmed when faced with the decision to choose the right socks for use. The choice of socks largely depends on the intended purpose. In this case, the volleyball player has to select the best socks that would support his or her athletic ambitions and goals. The socks must have good features such as comfort fit and durability. Here are the criteria for evaluating the best volleyball socks.


This is perhaps the most important feature when selecting the best socks for the sport. Remember that you are going to be running around, jumping, squatting, accelerating and braking. The socks should be able to perform under all these conditions. Important aspects of performance include moisture control, which typically entails controlling moisture inside the socks. The most common form of moisture when running or performing sports activities is sweat. Your feet and toes sweat inside your socks and shoes, and without a mechanism to provide ventilation, they could cause your feet to start smelling or developing blisters. Therefore, socks with airflow channels could help enhance ventilation for your feet. It could also help to wear socks with breathable mesh that allow free airflow to and from your feet, that way you can wear the socks for longer without developing blisters. Apparently, this is why most athletes look for socks with blister control.

If you are going to invest in volleyball socks, ensure they are high performance and will deliver to your expectations. Socks with no moisture control/ blister control could cause blisters frequently and prevent you from performing as an athlete. High-performance socks should also have odor control or antimicrobial feature. Since the feet are restricted to a limited space in the shoes with no fee airflow, they are prone to sweating and could create a conducive environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. They should be designed to prevent bacteria from growing inside the socks. Many manufacturers are constantly enhancing their sportswear in a manner that promotes aeration to avoid promoting the growth of bacteria.

You might also want to consider the length of the socks, as some are mid-calf while others go over the calf. Depending on the sport you intend to play, you can choose between short and long socks. For instance, playing soccer may require longer socks that go over the calf so you don’t bruise your knee when you fall down. If you would like to protect your knees from the sand along the beaches while playing volleyball, you could choose over the calf socks.


This is another crucial factor to consider when shopping for your favorite volleyball socks. When it comes to sports performance, nothing beats comfort. If you are feeling comfortable you can be able to concentrate on the task at hand or winning the game. Comfortable socks will hug your feet and provide the comfort-fit needed to pamper your toes, heel, and feet and give you ample time to deliver. For added comfort, some manufacturers add a layer of padding in the footbed area for the much-needed shock absorption when running around in the field. Others also provide reinforced heel and toe area for extra cushioning. Therefore, if comfort is very important to you, then take your time and establish which socks contain the right amount of cushioning required to give ultimate protection to your feet, toes, and heel. With many players currently selling different products on the market, it is important to take your time when shopping for your ideal socks. Comfort should be given a high priority and the athlete should compare different products and brands that are of interest to him.


If you are investing your hard-earned money in a pair of volleyball socks, you expect them to serve you long enough to give you value for money. Sports socks need to be durable, as sports and games are high-intensity activities that require durable equipment and gear to help serve the purpose for which they were designed. It is very common to hear athletes complaining about a pair of socks developing holes after a few days of use. It can be very frustrating to buy pairs of volleyball socks only for them to develop holes after just a few days. This makes it important to examine the material used to make the product.

Socks made of cotton can be very durable, but they are not commonly found on the market. Similarly, socks made of Spandex material are generally more durable than most other materials. Regardless, you should factor in durability into virtually every purchasing decision you make about sportswear. Most importantly, take your time to examine the high-wear areas like the heel and footbed, as they are often the first areas to develop holes when you buy low-quality socks. The heel and footbed areas should feature reinforced material to boost the product’s durability. You can use your socks for sporting activities that require jumping and running but they will be able to withstand such activities because of reinforced high-wear areas. Other aspects of durability may include the thickness of the socks, as thicker socks are generally more durable than thin ones.

Fashion/ Style

While this might seem like the least important factor of all because it does not affect performance, it is still worth considering. Indeed, fashion and style do not have an impact on the performance of the socks, but it could greatly determine your motivation to wear them. It makes little sense buying a pair of socks you do not intend to wear. Many people have bought socks that ended up accumulating dust in the basement or garage after being thrown there with other least used items. With many manufacturers coming up, it is common to find very awkward-looking volleyball socks with owners claiming to have been designed for fashion. However, it is only a matter of time before they find themselves in the trash can. You can wow the crowd and supporters with your unity by getting your entire team to wear the same color socks. This uniformity is a great sign of unity and allows you as team members to easily identify each other during the game, which makes it easy to pass the ball to each other.

On the other hand, you can have a pair of socks that stand out from the rest and help you make a fashion statement. For instance, you can choose fashionable colors for your team to make it easy to blend with the team uniform. You can also make an individual fashion statement by investing in pairs of socks that represent your personal style and preference. There is no better way to tell people that you are fashionable than wearing fashionable clothes and accessories, and socks are no exception. Regardless, whether you want to make a fashion statement or not, the pair of volleyball socks you choose should be able to serve all of your needs as far as performance is concerned. Depending on individual style and preference, you may or may not give fashion and style much consideration. However, if you want to be motivated to wear your socks to the beach or pitch to play team sports, then you should highly consider this factor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are volleyball socks?

A: These are socks you can wear to a sporting event, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and football. They are often worn by athletes while playing volleyball with other players. Some people wear them to protect their feet from the hot sand while playing volleyball along the beach. While they are referred to as volleyball, they can be used for other team sports.

Q: Do I need volleyball socks to play volleyball?

A: No. You can play the sport with or without socks. However, to protect your feet and toes from the harsh elements of the environment, you should add volleyball socks to your sports gear. They are designed to provide the utmost protection to the feet, heel, and ankle while playing volleyball or any other team sport.

Q: Can I use volleyball socks if I am a soccer player?

A: Yes, of course. These socks are designed to cushion the feet and toes by absorbing the shock that might be caused by the impact force. In fact, you can use these socks for basketball and soccer. You can also use them as regular everyday socks you can wear to virtually any event with no restricted dress code.

Q: What is the best volleyball sock?

A: Good volleyball socks should have the high performance expected of any sports gear. They should cushion the feet, ankle, and toes by absorbing shock from impact force. They should also be comfortable to wear so that you can have them on for as long as you want. Blister and moisture control socks help to keep the feet dry and prevent them from getting blisters. If you are going to invest in good volleyball socks, make sure they are padded in the footbed area to provide the extra protection needed to keep your feet safe. Breathable mesh also allows sufficient ventilation so that your feet do not sweat and cause blisters or produce an unpleasant odor. Some manufacturers make socks that feature antimicrobial design for odor control.

Q: Where can I find the best volleyball socks?

A: Many retail stores across the country sell high-quality sportswear. You can visit any store near you to select your ideal pair. You can also find them in sports apparel stores near you. However, the ubiquitous nature of the Internet has made it convenient to shop for sportswear online because it saves time and you can have your volleyball socks delivered to your doorstep. Just log onto your desktop or tablet PC and visit any of the top e-commerce platforms for a wide range of durable sportswear. However, just ensure that you take your time to compare the product features before selecting your ideal pair. Most of the information about the volleyball sock can be found on the product description page. Going through the list can also save you a lot of time by avoiding unnecessary returns of wrong products ordered.

Q: How much does a good pair of volleyball socks cost?

A: The cost may vary depending on the designer or manufacturer. Some of the factors that might affect cost include the material used to make the product, as some are more expensive than others; the cushioning around the heel, footbed, and toes; and fashion or style, as fashionable products are generally more expensive than old-fashioned ones. However, with the rising number of manufacturers making several different socks and footwear products, the prices of volleyball socks have dropped dramatically and have become very affordable. With a few dollars, you can get high-quality socks.


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