La Sportiva Akasha

La Sportiva Akasha is a mountain and trail running shoe with outstanding shock absorption, traction, and support. It performs amazingly during long runs, making it perfect for long distance trails, trail marathons and also during long training sessions. The shoes are designed to perform and make you perform the best during endurance competitions.

The Cushion Platform technology provides a footbed that absorbs shocks and provides comfort with the wide internal volume, the Dynamic ProTechTion technology provides enough protection and structure by adapting to the shape of the foot without constrictions. The dual mix FriXion XT outsole technology provides grip and traction when you need it the most, and, incorporating into that, the TrailRocker technology, the shoes will enhance the smoothness of the ride while you run, regardless the terrain. The soft, breathable and snug fitting upper make sure to provide the perfect overall fit. With the Sportiva Akasha you definitely get the best protection, comfort, and shock protection. Those characteristics put these shoe in the top shoes to wear for ultra-running competitions.

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Pros & Cons
  • TrailRocker tech promotes a rolling heel-to-toe motion
  • Lightweight flexible protection
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Very comfortable
  • Cons
    • A bit heavy
    • Sizing can be tricky
    • A bit pricey
    • Not the largest selection of color options.
    • Key Features
      The La Sportiva Akasha features the FriXion XT compound soles, that combine different densities to provide the best trio of traction, longevity, and padding underfoot. The Outsole also incorporated the TrailRocker system, one that favors a natural support of from external heel to the internal toe of the shoe during your run.

      The lugs are large and aggressive, bringing you enough traction over any kind of loose surface terrain, but also great while running over flat surfaces. The reverse direction lugs will assist you with breaking on downhills. The outsoles incorporate extra durable areas in the high-impact areas, extending the life of the shoe and providing you with protection from the terrain for longer and tougher conditions.

      The tread from the outsole is made from the FriXion XF rubber compound, one that excels on angled rocks and rocks with a film of wet or dry sand on them bringing extra protection from the road.
      La Sportiva Akasha comes with an injected EVA midsole that increases the durability and flexibility of the shoe while bringing protection and great control. The EVA midsole assists push off during the propulsion phase making them ideal for trail runs. The Cushion Platform maximizes shock absorption and excellent comfort, while the Ortholite insole keeps the feet ventilated, dry and protected thanks to the anti-microbial agents. The Ortholite insole is also extra durable, La Sportiva claims that the shoe's insole will not compress easily as time goes on.

      La Sportiva Akasha trail running shoes are truly designed and made to provide the breathability, fit and control you need when running on those off-trail difficult roads. The Air Mesh upper provides good breathability and an amazing fit to your foot. The Akasha also feature PU leather strips overlaying the mesh on the forefoot that provides a great fit and prevents the upper to collapse over the time.

      The heel cup of the shoe keeps the foot secure in the shoe, avoiding any hot areas due to friction. The tongue of the shoe is well padded as well. The combination of the upper, the midsole and the outsole make the Sportiva Akasha very comfortable, protective and supportive shoes. The soft Slip-on uppers fit great and the super breathability with slipper sock construction helps to avoid compression points and provide the maximum comfort.
      The La Sportiva Akasha men shoes weigh about 330 grams (11.3 oz), while the women's shoes weigh an average of 278 grams (9.8 oz). Having in mind the high amount of cushioning and protection of the shoe, the shoes are very light when compared to others. However, there are reviews that say that the Akasha feel heavy on the feet.
      With better ventilation often comes increased comfort. If you're a runner, you probably know that feet can warm up quite quickly when on the run. The better your shoe ventilates and wicks moisture, the more likely you won't suffer from painful blisters. Even when it's cold outside, your feet may warm up significantly. The La Sportiva Akasha has an upper composed of breathable mesh and inside the shoe, there's an Ortholite insole. The insert wicks away moisture and prevents bacteria from proliferating.
      The outsole, midsole, and upper of the La Sportiva Akasha provide exceptional comfort to the wearer. The FriXion XT technology brings the best shock absorption from rough terrains; the pliability and durability of the injected EVA midsole bring protection and flexibility in each step; the Ortholite insole provides amazing cushion and breathability to the entire shoe while keeping the microbes away; and the Air Mesh upper with the Slip-on technology bring the perfect fit to your feet.

      You will feel protected, clean, supported, light and fast while doing enduring training and runs. The excellent comfortability of the La Sportiva Akasha makes it one of the top choices for ultra runners. You can also get a pair of these shoes for training and trail running, great performance while feeling extra comfortable.
      While the selection of colors is not the largest one, the style and combination of colors in the shoes, makes the La Sportiva Akasha shoes really appealing to the look. They have a vibrant combination of colors for both men and women lines. However, the women’s line is not very large.
      Each component of the La Sportiva Akasha is built with quality in mind. This ensures the shoe is pliable but still durable. The outsole incorporates the FriXion XT technology that reinforces the high impact areas making them super durable. The injected EVA brings extra protection and high durability. The Ortholine insole is designed to be extra durable since it keeps cushioning even after miles of use. And the upper, reinforced with PU leather, bring extra durability to the shape and performance of the shoes.
      Everything used to make the La Sportiva Akasha ensures the shoe is nice and protective. The trail shoe provides protection from rough terrain that might be encountered on the trails. The shoe is great for running long even if you decide to hit the pavement. The midsole cushioning ensures excellent protection from impact. Each foot strike is well-padded and softened by the midsole materials. Inside the shoe, the Ortholite insole ensures the foot is comfortable and not too warm or wet. In the forefoot, toes have enough room to wiggle around.
      The La Sportiva Akasha trail running shoes are very responsive over any kind of terrain. The super durable and flexible injected EVA and the sock-like feeling that the mesh non-slip upper provides, make the shoes very light, flexible and durable. The FriXion XT compound outsoles, one that combines different densities to ensure the shoe can grip underfoot, cushion, and last a while. This makes the shoes very responsive in all kinds of terrain, and the TrailRocker technology will enhance the natural movement of the foot while you run.
      Make sure that before you purchase new shoes, you know whether you're an overpronator, supinator, or neutral runner. If you don't quite fall into any of these categories it may be a good idea to consult a podiatrist to ensure you don't run into any problems with injuries.

      The La Sportiva Akasha is a wide shoe intended for long distance training and races. The shoe offers up support with the FriXion XT outsole technology, the injected EVA foam, and the Ortholite insole. The supportive features made the La Sportiva Akasha an excellent option for endurance racing.
      The La Sportiva Akasha are made for trail running and can be used on a variety of terrain types, including steep inclines and downhills. The shoe is well-ventilated and can easily repel moisture thanks to the Ortholite insole. In addition, the outsole materials work well to grip even terrain with loose rocks.
      The La Sportiva Akasha shoe is priced in the range of $100 USD to $140 USD. The shoe price does not differ for the men and women's versions.
      The FriXion XT outsole on the La Sportiva Akasha comes outfitted with aggressive lugs that help to increase traction on and off-trail. Some runners did find the shoes performed less well on slicker, wet surfaces, though.
      The amazing injected EVA midsole of the La Sportiva Akasha is meant to protect runners from the impact forces of the sport and ensure overall durability in terms of cushioning. The La Sportiva Akasha trail running shoes are as flexible as they can get and as you need while running in off-trail surfaces. The shoes provide a much smoother transition puts them amongst the favorites for long distance off-road runners and even those trekkers who prefer a well cushioned, extremely comfortable and very flexible shoe.
      The injected EVA midsole as well as the sock-like fit of the shoe's upper, make the La Sportiva Akasha a nice and stable shoe. The shoe grips easily, except sometimes on wet surfaces, and keeps feet locked in even when the terrain is uneven. Great for training, these shoes stay stable even on the weirdest angles.
      The La Sportiva Akasha trail running shoes feature a 6 mm drop, which means they provide excellent ground feel.
      Key Features
      •Breathable non-slip Air Mesh upper

      •ProTechTion reinforcements

      •Rubber toe cap

      •FriXion XT outsole

      •TrailRocker technology

      •Injected EVA midsole

      •Ortholite insoles
      Bottom Line
      La Sportiva Akasha trail running shoes are well-suited for runners going long distances. They are just as good for those looking to run ultra-running races on challenging terrain. The shoes also work well for the rigors of daily training. The FriXion XT outsole and the injected EVA midsole provide a well-padded and protected ride for runners. In addition, the Ortholite insole enhances the overall comfort of the shoe tenfold. The TrailRocker system supports your natural walking style and the non-slip soles cope well with mud and other off-trail conditions. The upper ventilates quite well and water drains effectively from the shoe. These shoes are excellent for long runs on the off-trail terrain. If you are considering in participating in ultra competitions, the La Sportiva Akasha shoes are a great choice.
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      By Ryan Sabin
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