Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit

Comfort and flexibility were at the forefront of engineering in the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit running shoes.  Additional cushioning protects your foot while the breathable mesh Flyknit upper creates a lightweight feel that is sure to deliver. The specially engineered material provides ultimate comfortability while sustaining top-of-the-line breathable qualities.  The mid-cut collar that extends over your ankle provides a sock-like fit without any irritation.  Vibrant color choices paired with the sleek two-toned design are sure to turn some heads during your workout.  Performance, comfort, and style are exactly what you are going to get from the second you lace up these shoes.

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Our Conclusion
I'm not a fan of the elevated neck, but it does hold practical value. It will aid in preventing external objects from entering the shoe. Overall it's a good performing shoe that doesn't have any major flaws, although doesn't offer anything special that can't be obtained elsewhere. We all know Nike produces quality shoes. These are made of flyknit, so they are lightweight and have great breathability. Although the Flyknit is spectacular, there are much better performing Flyknit Models out, so these get a good 8.3 from me. The performance is great, although it's just too similar to other Flyknits, other than the high neck and other minor additions. If you do decide to buy, you will get what you need from them.
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Secure sock-like fit
  • Promotes explosive toe-off motion
  • Excellent durability and traction
  • Great all around cushioning
  • Cons
    • Some runners feel the rear and middle portions of the shoe were a bit narrow and uncomfortable.
    • This shoe is a bit expensive.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit shoes provide an ample amount of traction and durability. Nike implemented their BRS 1000 durable rubber to prevent abrasions in high wear and tear areas. Although they are road terrain shoes, the outsole delivers quality traction on many types of surfaces. The waffle construction brings added support and cushioning while providing a visually appealing heel design to the shoe. Additionally, specialized flex grooves help runners workout in a more natural motion. The distinct flex point in the cushion foam under the sock liner is translucent from heel to toe. At the very front are conventional rubber lugs for added traction and explosive toe offs when training.
      The Full-Length Zoom Air midsole creates a low-profile look which also contains pressurized air pockets. Once the athlete starts running, these pockets flex according to each step delivering an energized and spring-like stride. This creates a more explosive running motion, especially during toe-off movements. A lightweight and responsive foam provides maximum comfort and cushions the foot thoroughly throughout the shoe.
      The upper of the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit really gives this shoe their comfortable characteristic. It is made out of Nike's Flyknit technology which imitates the feeling of wearing socks. The upper is very supportive and breathable and prevents any unwanted irritation that can come about from running. The mid-cut collar keeps the foot feeling secure and locked down and works against road debris. The Dynamic Flywire System adjusts to each athlete's foot for a secure laced fit. Additionally, Flywire cables are integrated for a true fit that pairs well with the width of the shoe for a snug fit. Nike also improved the Flyknit by joining the two sides of the material at the heel. This has eliminated any possibility of irritation that can be caused after running for longer periods of time.
      The Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit weigh in on the scale at 8.7 ounces for men and 8 ounces for women. Though they might not be the lightest weight shoes on the market the weight is very fair and their exceptional comfortability adds to the benefit. Furthermore, these shoes create explosive strides while protecting your foot from rash and debris. It is highly unlikely that these shoes will ever make you feel like your being dragged down.

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      The upper creates a flexible, supportive and most importantly breathable feel. Nike prides itself on its proprietary Flyknit technology that is engineered to perform. This shoe really does have a snug feel to it but is not compromised with lack of air flow. The Flyknit upper still delivers breathability throughout a variety of runs. Rest assured, you will not get hot feet when running on asphalt during warmer days.
      If there is one thing to take away from these shoes, it is their superb quality of comfort. Nike's Flyknit inspired kicks are usually always some of the most comfortable shoes on the market and these shoes aren't any different. The mid-cuff collar is really the icing on the cake that provides that extra layer of support and sock-like comfort. Nike's website itself explains that the Air Zoom All Out Flyknit shoes feel like a second skin when you put them on. How cool is that?
      Nike really came through with these shoes in a lot of different aspects, especially in the style department. They will look great with tights, leggings, shorts, sweats and a varietal length of socks. They offer the shoe in seven different lively colors which are offset well with the black colored heel. The pliable cables that are part of the lacing system, match the durable rubber outsole to visually bring the shoe together. The classic Nike logo features in a large white print on both sides of the shoe to signify only the best in athletic gear.
      The translucent waffle rubber outsole offers all the durability that any runner could wish for. These shoes are really built to last and will fend off any abrasions in high wear and tear areas. Its Flyknit upper also provides durable features which will aid in the protection of the top of your foot and ankle. The Dynamic Flywire System that works with the lacing system has durable cables that will keep your feet snug and secure inside the shoe itself.
      That extra layer of cushioning from the waffle designed outsole provides versatility to this shoe. It aids in the protection of shock impact but also doubles as an accessory that promotes explosive running techniques. The mid-cut collar is a great addition to the shoe that helps prevent small rocks and dirt from entering your shoe during workouts. To sum it up, the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknits are very protective.
      The Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit midsole provides a great amount of responsiveness for a variety of runs. The high-quality foam is lightweight and cushions the foot well while providing feedback with every step. Its pressurized air pockets create a flexing motion when the foot hits the ground which then springs back to its original shape after the weight is removed. This effect gives the athlete a response like no other for runners looking to get explosive strides out of their workouts. The firm feel of cushioning provides minimal shock transmission during road runs. The effective cushion system provides rapid energy responses while deadening any excess vibration.
      Throughout the midfoot, athletes will feel a solid amount of support thanks to Nike's Dynamic Flywire System. This system intertwines with the shoe's lacing and creates a comfortable yet supportive feel. The Flyknit technology used on the entirety of the upper adds to the sock-like fit that creates the feeling of flexibility and support. Additionally, the waffled constructed outsole made of BRS 1000 carbon rubber gives this shoe the extra layer of support that all runners can appreciate.
      The outsole of the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit creates reliable traction over various types of terrains. If you are looking to take on a bit rougher of terrains, your foot will be protected well from the mid-cut collar on the upper which prevents road debris from entering the shoe. These are a great pair of running shoes if you are an athlete looking to step up your game with quicker and more purposeful strides. That being said, they are ideal for road terrains such as track and asphalt surfaces.
      The Nike Zoom All Out Flyknit running shoes are going to be a little bit more on the expensive side for athletic gear. But it is safe to say that you are definitely going to get what you pay for. These shoes deliver top-of-the-line performance features that are paired with high-quality materials which bring comfortability, flexibility, and style to your workouts. Nike offers seven different styles, so you won't be stuck with a color you don't like. They are meant to last so if you have the budget, these shoes will be a great buy.
      The traction of the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit derives from the flex grooves located on the forefoot of the outsole. They are specially designed to create a more responsive toe-off motion, especially through the gait cycle. The waffled construction of the outsole also provides a tacky feel for an exceptional grip when tackling different types of surfaces. The large imprinted Nike logo on the bottom of the shoe will have you running with style and more importantly, a solid grip.
      The Flyknit upper on these Nike's is able to provide the top of your feet with a great amount of flexibility. With each varying exercise, the specialized material stretches and adjusts to your foot accordingly for a more comfortable and flexible workout. The flex grooves on the forefoot create a responsive and versatile motion without leaving your foot feeling like it is constructed. This shoe also has a single flex point that provides a dynamic spring back for responsive and shock free rides.
      Because the upper has a lightweight sock-like feel, many could assume that these shoes might not be as supportive as expected. The carbon rubber outsole and lacing system technology work very well together to provide a stable support system. Your foot will enjoy state-of-the-art comfort while being held snugly in place. Each stride you take will offer stability and protection, so you can run with confidence.
      The heel measures at 31 millimeters while the toe comes in at 21 millimeters for a double-digit drop for both men's and women's sneakers. Nike offers their standard size D widths for both genders which provides neutral arch support for general users.
      Key Features of The Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit
      • Flyknit upper fits snug and feels like a second skin
      • Flywire cables for support
      • Carbon rubber for durability and traction
      • Mid-cut collar for protection and locked-down fit
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit running shoes combine performance and comfortability like no other product on the market. Nike has engineered this line with high-quality materials to maximize flexibility and support while taking on any type of workout. The specially engineered material provides ultimate comfortability while sustaining top-of-the-line breathable qualities. The proprietary Flyknit material will have you feeling like you are literally wearing socks for your run. The specially constructed outsole is sure to give you a responsive ride that will aid in explosive strides for better training. The consistent underfoot provides a responsive ride from heel to toe. Although it may feel slightly firm at times the shoe is able to absorb shock and vibration at a very high level. The energy return of this shoe is incredibly efficient. Nike has masterfully crafted the vertical support system with specialized channels that compress then precisely release energy with each step. All around, Nike did a phenomenal job combining the essentials in this line of their running shoes.
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