Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2

The Wave Catalyst 2 is the second version of this Mizuno line,  and runners can expect some welcome changes to the new version. For starters, runners love the new affordable price tag of the shoes. They still maintain the same stability and cushioning qualities, but they are more lightweight than their first iteration. Although the midsole does offer cushioning and stability details, it is quite thin which allows the shoe to have great responsiveness. The outsole is durable and grippy. This shoe is definitely a road running shoe, but the added traction of the outsole helped runners feel safe and secure on steep inclines, downhills, and even wet roads. Runners loved that this shoe offered them the unique combination of being a stability shoe that they could log long runs in, but still be lightweight and responsive enough to run fast and take this shoe in shorter races.

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Pros & Cons
-Carbon Rubber ups the durability
-More affordable than the earlier version
- Unique color and style choices
-Tons of cutting edge technology
-Lightweight for a stability shoe
- Outsole may not be thick enough for some
- Shoe runs small
Key Features
The outsole of this shoe has not made many changes since the first version because runners responded so positively to it that Mizuno decided to continue with what was working well for their athletes. The outsole of the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 is called the X10. It is made from a durable carbon rubber which is the same material used in race car tire. The added durability provides great traction due to the added treads on the underfoot. Runners reported that the traction on these shoes is dependable.
One of the key features of the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 is the Wave technology. This is the element of the shoe that provides superior stability while still affording comfort to the runner. It keeps the foot in place and eliminates unwanted side to side movement. It works hard to absorb shock and protect the runner from injury. This shoe uses Mizuno's patented U4ic midsole material. The U4ic midsole is sturdy but is much lighter than other Mizuno midsole foams. It provides the runner with soft cushioning that is still responsive and pliable. Since this midsole runs the length of the shoe, it provides added support it the most important areas like the midfoot and heel. This shoe's midsole also features the Smoothride technology. It improves the gait of the runner and it is gender- specific so it fits the unique dimensions of men and women's feet. Finally, the shoe comes with a build in Ortholite sock liner. This not only adds cushioning to the run, but it also helps reduce odor and bacteria. The lightweight midsole is a great addition because it provides the runner with a fast shoe that is also a stability and support shoe.
There is nothing wrong with the upper of this shoe, but many runners were uninspired by its lack of flare and technological advances. It is highly ventilated and comfortable, and one of the key reasons for this is the Airmesh Upper material. It is breathable, soft, flexible and doesn't inhibit the natural movement of the foot. Runners reported that their feet never felt overheated and they dried quickly due to the maximum airflow. Mizuno uses what they call Dynamotion Fit, which is a very stretchy material that adds structure to the upper of the foot and provides the runner with a secure fit without feeling stifling.
At 9.9 ounces, this is a lighter shoe considering all of its support and stability elements. This isn't going to make it to the best lightweight running shoes, but runners did report that they liked that this is one of the lighter stability shoes they have tried. This makes this a good choice for racing, speed work, and long runs too.
The upper of this shoe uses AirMax mesh which is lightweight, breathable and soft. Runners loved the feel of this material. They reported that the upper kept their feet cool and dry even on long, hot runs, and although it was lightweight, it still felt very secure. Runners reported that because the fit of the shoe and the airiness of the shoe were so well constructed, they did not receive blisters or hot spots while running in the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2.
Runners raves about the comfort that this shoe afforded them. The upper is soft and breathable due to the AirMesh material. The midsole is cushioned yet stable, and the addition of the Ortho sock liner adds another element of cushioning for the runner. The fit is snug, but not restrictive or suffocating. Although the overall fit of the shoe has more a narrow fit through the midfoot, the toe box is wider and provides the runner with ample room for a natural toe splay.
Runners love the bright colors and patterns of the Mizuno line, and in particular, the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2. The shoe comes in a few different color options. Blue and Clownfish, Green Gecko, Clownfish and Black, and Chinese Red and black are just a few of the vibrant color combinations offered in these shoes. Additionally, runners liked the slim look of the shoe and reported that they liked the way these shoes looked with non-athletic clothing like jeans.
The outsole of the shoe is made using two types of durable rubber. The first is a carbon rubber that is the same material used on racing car tires and the second is Mizuno's own X10. Both of these rubbers protect the rest of the shoe from a premature break down. The U4ic midsole foam is also very durable. Although it is not as heavy of some other midsole foams used by Mizuno, runners reported that it held its shape even after excessive miles. Runners reported that these shoes did not break down as easily as other similar styles and designs.
Runners with weaker ankles and knees loved the protection that these shoes offered them. This can be attributed to a few different design elements. For one, the Wave Plate of the shoe provides more springy support. It ensures that the foot lands properly and helps keep the ankle from rolling in unnatural, painful ways. In addition to this, the midsole foam is made using Mizuno's patented Eu4ic material. This material is supportive, but not too thick or heavy. It provides superior shock absorption to keep impact off of the joints. The heel of the shoe is more rigid and provides the runner with a cradle for the heel to keep it secure.
This is a stability shoe that offers extra support to the runner, but the U4ic midsole is still light and springy enough to provide excellent responsiveness on the road. In addition, the X10 outsole has a powerful grip that responds quickly and effectively to changes in the road and the runner's change in direction and/or speed.
The Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 offers great support to the runner. For starters, it provides great arch support and helps the runner who is struggling with overpronation. It includes a wave plate to keep the foot secure and supported through long runs. In addition to the wave plate, the heel cradle of the shoe offers wonderful support to the runner by keeping the heels for making unwanted movement on the run. This can also help to reduce the risk of friction which leads to blisters.
This is a shoe that is certainly made for the roads. While there are great shoes that can be used on the trail, and many that can go from trail to road easily, this shoe should be reserved for road running. Because of the extra traction provided through the outsole, many runners commented that these were great shoes for the treadmill too.
The price on the second iteration of the Mizuno Wave Catalyst is more affordable than the first version. For many runners, this is still considered a pricey shoe, but the durability of the shoe makes it more of an investment.
The outsole of this shoe offers a higher level of traction than some of its similar counterparts. This can be attributed to the dual rubber outsole which uses the X10 and carbon rubber material. This durable outsole has a great amount of grip and runners reported liking this shoe for running in wet conditions because of its grip on slippery roads. Runners also hailed this shoe has a great companion for their hill training because they felt safe on steep inclines and declines because of the added grips on the underfoot.
Even though this is a stability shoe, it does offer the runner superior flexibility. The upper uses AirMesh material, which is very breathable. It also utilizes the Dynamofit which is a secure fit through the entire upper, but it still promotes natural movement. Runners reported that the upper never felt stiff or suffocating, but instead it felt flexible and secure. The midsole of the shoe uses the U4ic midsole material which provides cushioning without extra weight. This is a stability midsole, especially because of the use of the Wave technology, but it is still flexible and not too rigid feeling.
Due to the added technologies of the midsole, the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 is a good choice for the runner who has mild pronation needs. The U4ic midsole foam is cushioned yet firmer and lighter than some of its predecessors. It also includes the Fan Wave technology that provides protection to the runner against overpronation. The midsole runs the entire length of the foot and provides stability features where runners need it most, in the midfoot and the arches of the foot. This reduces unwanted side to side movement in the foot. The Dynamotion fit of the upper wraps the foot to create a secure, yet breathable fit.
This shoe certainly has a more traditional feel due to the 10 mm heel drop. For the runners who are looking for a minimalist or zero drop shoe, this is not going to be a good option. However, even though the shoe has a higher heel drop, a thinner midsole and outsole allow the shoe to remain responsive to the road below it. Runners appreciated this high level of responsiveness combined with a higher heel drop.
Key Features
- Carbon Rubber outsole for maximum durability
- Smoothride technology improves the runner's gait
- Wave technology adds stability and reduces unwanted side to side movement
- Ortholite sockliner adds comfort and reduces odor
- DynamoFit for secure fit throughout the upper
- AirMesh upper gives the shoe a breathable, soft feel
Bottom Line
This shoe has a higher heel drop, lower weight, stylish look, and great comfort and support details. The midsole is constructed using the lightweight U4ic midsole material. This provides stability and cushioning without adding too much extra weight. Runners responded positively to the changes that Mizuno made from the first version, and they loved that this shoe is supportive enough for their long runs and also light enough for their races. Runners love the color options of this shoe and the more affordable price tag than the original Mizuno Wave Catalyst.
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By Stacey O'Connor
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