Mizuno Wave Paradox

Mizuno is a Japanese company that specializes in sports equipment. The brand originated in Japan in 1906 and since then has become a global brand for a variety of sports, including golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, rugby, skiing, cycling, and, of course, running.

Mizuno paradox offers a wide variety of road running shoes for every stride type and the Mizuno Wave Paradox is a great shoe for runners looking for a lightweight yet supportive shoe. It’s funky style and interesting design is great for runners looking for something fun, fast and supportive. It’s a flashy looking shoe that will work wonders for runners with a tendency to overpronate. The Paradox name is derived from the fact that the shoe is designed to be both amazingly lightweight and amazingly stable, which is not usually accomplished in running shoes.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Highly stable, especially for pronators
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Comfortable, sock-like fit
  • Smooth Ride Engineering
  • Stylish
  • Cons
    • Relatively inflexible when compared to other shoes without the Wave plate
    • Neutral runners will find this shoe to be too supportive
    • Key Features
      The outsole pattern on the Mizuno Wave Paradox is designed to work with the midsole material to incorporate SmoothRide Engineering. This is a highly durable outsole, ideal for road running. It has Flex Grooves that allow the shoe to bend in natural places. It also creates a rocking chair like the transition from heel to toe, great for getting runners quickly through their stride, off their heel and on to their forefoot for a strong toe-off. This is an outsole that will not only last for many miles but can actually improve your stride. There is a gap in the middle part of the heel to make the shoe even more lightweight. The flex grooves also work well for improved impact protection. X10 is the carbon rubber which makes up the majority of the outsole, and it is built for durability and traction on road surfaces.
      Mizuno incorporated lots of lightweight midsole technologies into this shoe to give the runner support and motion control while also dissipating impact and enhancing the comfort of the ride. The Mizuno wave plate is a plastic plate that runs the length of the midsole and absorbs impact and disperses it throughout the length of the plate, similar to a shock absorber. This plate also enhances the stability of the shoe by cradling the foot and the stride. This shoe also features EU4IC EVA midsole material, also known as Mizuno’s own style of cushioning. It is a fast and responsive cushion and is meant to give the runner ground feeling while also protecting them from the impact. With cushioning like this, runners won’t feel like they are sinking in or running on clouds. It is meant to have a snappy feeling, increasing the quickness of the stride.

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      This shoe has a great fit, mostly thanks to the upper. The Dynamotion design of the upper wraps around the midfoot while being flexible enough to move and stretch with the foot. This is great for long runs where your feet swell over time. This is also great for creating a dynamic feeling shoe that changes with the needs of your foot and your stride. This snug-fitting upper makes for a secure fit, really locking your foot in. This shoe also features a wide toe box which is great for runners with wider feet or if they prefer a little more space to splay their toes to create a more stable feeling. The mesh that encompasses the upper is also highly breathable, yet it appears to be made of solid construction thanks to the interesting design pattern. The overlays that give the shoe structure are welded, rather than stitched, which reduces the weight of the shoe. This shoe uses a traditional lacing system to really lock in the foot and create a customizable feeling.
      At 10.6 oz, this is not an incredibly lightweight shoe, but in combination with the motion control and stability features, this is one of the lightest weight shoes in its category. Runners with flat feet or overpronation issues who are usually confined to heavier, traditionally designed running shoes will find this to be a breath of fresh air.
      Despite the sleek look of the shoe, it is highly breathable. The one-piece mesh upper has a synthetic inner structure with the breathable mesh as the external layer. The 3D technology used to make this upper has incorporated a highly breathable design. As the shoe wraps tightly around the foot, the upper rests close to the foot, allowing air to easily pass through the membrane while protecting the foot from debris.
      This is a very comfortable shoe, thanks to the exceptional fit. It features a snug heel that wraps around the foot and there is a nice wide toe box, great for runners with wider or flat feet. The fit and feel of this shoe are exceptional. The cushion is built to be more responsive than cloud-like, so for runners who are used to plush cushion, they might find this to be too firm. However, this feature it is great for adding speed to the shoe.
      This is a very unique looking shoe, with a funky, fast looking design. The outer lines on the upper appear to be curved, but the design is in fact made up of straight lines and like the name, is also a sort of paradox. The design has a very Japanese style to it.

      In the midsole, the wave plate is visible and colored to add extra flair to the design of the shoe. Although this is a support, motion control shoe, it doesn’t appear to be bulky like most shoes in its category. It has a nice, low to the ground fast look.
      The outsole is made of durable, lightweight carbon rubber which gives nice traction on road like surfaces. The midsole is made up of firm responsive cushion which doesn’t break down after extended use. The wave plate in the midsole also continues to give great shock absorption mile after mile. The overlays are welded so that there are no weaknesses where the stitching can come undone. The upper has a flexible, 3D printed design that moves with the foot and keeps fitting well, run after run.
      This is a motion control or stability shoe, built for runners who are plagued with overprontation or other overuse issues. With this in mind, there is a nice shock attenuation built into the shoe to prevent running injuries related to shock or impact. The upper is also designed to fit as a solid unit and is highly breathable, great for keeping feet blister free and comfortable on long runs.
      Despite the good amount of cushioning and shock absorbing qualities this shoe has, it is also very responsive. The EU4IC style cushioning is designed to offer impact protection, but designers also wanted to make the shoe have a fast, snappy, responsive feeling. This is in contrast to the cloud like feeling most designers go to when designing a support shoe. This responsive feeling is great for getting runners on their toes for a quick turn over, resulting in a much faster feeling shoe.
      There is a ton of support in this shoe. The Wave plate in the midsole helps to control and guide the stride, while the firm EU4IC EVA material supports the foot. The Smooth Ride Engineering is designed to support the entirety of the stride, from heel to toe, creating a rocking chair like feeling. This encourages runners to get up on to their toes in proper form for a strong toe-off.
      This is a road shoe, designed for hard, road like surfaces. The shock absorbing qualities of its design are great for impact protection on long runs and hard surfaces. The Smooth Ride Engineering works best on flat surfaces, encouraging a smooth heel to toe transition and a quick turnover and the carbon rubber is great at standing up to extended use on the pavement while providing good traction.
      This shoe is now available on Amazon at discounted prices depending on the size you require. This shoe has since been updated with the Paradox 2 and 3 which means that you can still get the original, with most of the same great technology for a really good price. This is a highly durable shoe that is great at giving you the support you need to ward off injuries. At this price point, if you are a runner that requires that extra support, this is a shoe that deserves a place in your running rotation.
      The carbon rubber outsole is built to provide traction on road like surfaces. It is highly durable and the Flex Grooves found throughout the outsole are great at flexing around hard surfaces and providing a little extra traction. The Smooth Ride Engineering that pushes the runner forward also works well for traction and a strong toe-off.
      This shoe does have some Flex Grooves in the outsole of the shoe to maintain some flexibility in the shoe, but because of Wave plate that runs the majority of the length of the shoe, it is quite a stiff shoe. There is some nice flexibility in the forefoot area, where it is most effective at moving with the foot. Luckily this shoe is great at supporting and moving with the foot naturally throughout the stride so the lack of flexibility is not an issue.
      There are lots of great stability features in this shoe and coupled with the wide base of the shoe and great lacing system, this is a very stable shoe. The Wave plate, Eu4IC EVA cushion and Smooth Ride Engineering all work great to provide stability at all times throughout the stride. The shoe is also designed to get runner quickly off their heels and on to their toes in a nice smooth transition, good for impact protection and overall stability.
      The heel to toe drop is 11mm which is typical for a motion control, stability shoe like this one. This drop is also great for adding a little extra cushioning in the heel and works well with the Smooth Ride Engineering to help roll your foot through the heel to toe transition, great for a strong toe-off.
      Key Features
      • SmoothRide Engineering
      • UE4IC midsole
      • Wave plate
      • Dynamotion fit
      • Carbon rubber outsole
      • 3D printed upper
      Bottom Line
      This is a stability and motion control shoe that was built like none other. It’s funky, fast, lightweight design is a game changer for runners with overpronation issues who are you usually confined to clunky shoes reserved for this running category. The Mizuno Wave Paradox is a breath of fresh air for runners who need a little more support are looking for something different than anything else on the market. Besides its good looks, this is a comfortable shoe with an exceptional fit and feel that is durable enough to go the distance.
      Where to Buy
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