Nathan Summit Polarized Running Sunglasses

Running sunglasses have to hit three very specific marks. They need to successfully block my eyes from the sun, they need to keep my vision clear, and they must look good while doing it.

I had the chance to take Nathan sunglasses for a test spin and can successfully report that they check all of my boxes!

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Pros & Cons
Polarized lenses
Microfiber drawstring tote also serves as a cleaning cloth
Very lightweight and comfortable
Rubber grips prevent frames from sliding when sweating
Stylish color options
Incredibly lightweight and comfortable
Very durable and flexible TR90 frames
I couldn’t find anything wrong with these shades!
Key Features
Tara Summerville, RunnerClick Reviewer

Dark shades may look cool, but they won’t keep you in tune with the world around you. If you’re going to be in a music video, dark shades are the way to go. If you’re going running or engaging in any outdoor activity, you’ll want to reach for polarized lenses.

The good news is that these sunglasses from Nathan boast polarized lenses, and my vision while wearing them on a bright and sunny day was sharp!

The method of polarizing lenses allows more light to come in without the need to squint. Polarized glasses are treated with a special chemical in a horizontal pattern that reorganizes light to reduce glare and improve your overall vision when outdoors without the need to rock super dark shades.

The best way to describe how polarized lenses work is to think of them as vertical blinds for your eyes. When you leave vertical blinds open, it slightly limits the sunshine that comes through the window. You can still see outside, but the room isn’t flooded with blinding light. Polarized lenses work much in the same way.

When taking these shades out for a test spin, I almost immediately forgot that I was even wearing sunglasses. The world wasn’t cast into darkness like darker unpolarized lenses, and I was able to see quite clearly.

Whether you are running on a bring summer day, snowboarding in the winter, or heading out onto the water, these lenses help reduce glare and keep the world crisp and clear.


It’s also important to note that these sunglasses provide 100 percent protection from UV rays. It’s just as important to protect your eyes from the sun as it is to protect your skin. Whether you are running along the beach this summer or running on a cloudy and overcast day in the winter, UV protection is always important.

Consistently exposing your eyes to UV light can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and even skin cancer around the eyelids.

By wearing a pair of protective sunglasses like Nathan’s, you can effectively protect your eyes from the sun. Plus, the sleek style isn’t just something that you’ll only wear while running. I found that whether I was going for a run, or simply running errands, I opted to wear my Nathan sunglasses over my casual sunglasses.


I am historically hard on my gear, and my sunglasses are no exception. After a week of tossing these glasses into my bag, dropping them on the ground, and wearing them on every single high-intensity and sweat run- these glasses still look as good as new.

What makes these sunglasses so durable is that they are composed of TR90 frames. TR90 is a thermoplastic material that is designed to easily bend and flex which makes them incredibly durable.

These frames are so lightweight that they barely make a sound when you drop them on the ground. I would know because I dropped them a few times. Even after dropping them, they did not bat an eye.


One of my absolute favorite features of these sunglasses is that they are one of the most comfortable frames that I have ever worn. They are insanely lightweight and stretch over my face for a really secure grip.

I absolutely hate sunglasses that leave that not-so-flattering red mark across the bridge of my nose, and these sunglasses left no trace after I took them off!

These frames are so incredibly lightweight that I forgot that I was even wearing them after a long run. I came inside, took off my running shoes, and only noticed that I was still wearing them when I walked past a mirror. If sunglasses make you forget that you are wearing them, they have successfully done their job!


I am not one of those people that gently glisten when working out. Once my heart rate amps up with one trip around the track, I’m suddenly pouring sweat all over my body. A sweat face and sunglasses don’t often mix well, but my Nathan sunglasses were prepared to accommodate a little bit (or a lot in my case!) of sweat.

These sunglasses come equipped with rubberized grips on the bridge of the nose and on the sides of the arms to hold them in place even as you sweat. Even after my face started pouring with sweat, these sunglasses stayed firmly in place.

Plus, these grips feel super soft and don’t dig into my skin in the slightest. They also provide a little bit of extra soft comfort that won’t leave dents in my skin after I take them off.

I really appreciated the fine attention to detail in regards to the placement of the rubber grips. Instead of tacking on an additional layer of rubber on top of the glasses, the plastics frames are built with spaces to place the rubber grips so that they sit flush with the frames.


After wearing these sunglasses for a few weeks, it’s only natural they will get a little dirty. It’s super important that you take care to properly clean your lenses to reduce the chance of damaging the chemical they are treated with to make them polarized.

To ensure that you do not damage the lenses, never ever wipe them down with course material. It may be tempting to wipe them with your t-shirt, but the fibers in your clothing may scratch the lenses. When they need to be cleaned, be sure to use a soft microfiber cloth.

Don’t have a microfiber cloth on hand? No worries! Your sunglasses are shipped in a stylish drawstring tote pouch that is made from a microfiber cloth that you can use to clean your lenses!

Often, sunglasses include an extra microfiber cloth that I immediately use. I cleaned out a kitchen drawer over the weekend and unearthed about 4 microfiber cloths that I shoved in a drawer and immediately forgot about.

I think it’s a really nice touch to include a handy (and super stylish) drawstring glasses pouch that also works as a lens cleaner!


Before my Nathan sunglasses arrived, I had two different sets of frames. One I used for running, and the other pair were my casual frames. My cheap running frames were a little too dark, and their favorite hobby was sliding down my face as I started to sweat.

My casual frames looked cool but were terribly uncomfortable (anything for fashion, right?) After my Nathan frame arrived, they quickly took the place of my running frames as well as my casual frame.

While this style is incredibly slick, they are also very functional. Often, running sunglasses have a curved design that hugs your face. I never had much luck with these frames because when I wear a scarf when running, they always fog up.

These frames are large enough to keep the wind from my face but open enough that they won’t fog up when I wear a scarf or a mask.


These glasses are slightly more expensive than many budget-friendly frames out there on the market, but I feel they are worth every penny.

These versatile and stylish frames fit the profile of high-performing running sunglasses and super comfortable casual frames as well.

The polarized lenses contour to the shape of your face for a surefire grip, and the incredibly durable design make these sunglasses an overall excellent value.
In one short week, my clear frame and blue polarized Nathan sunglasses quickly became the glasses I reach for in most outdoor instances.

Whether I was going for a run around the neighborhood, heading to the grocery store, or hanging out on a friend’s patio, these sunglasses became my very favorite.

I was honestly hard-pressed to find anything wrong with these sunglasses. When compared to other sunglasses I have owned over the years, they outshined every single pair. They are more grippy on my face and a lot more durable than my RayBans (which I accidentally dropped one day and the lenses popped out like confetti).

Plus, the grippy rubber pads almost stick to my face and will not budge no matter what, even when my face is dripping with sweat.

I highly recommend these sunglasses for runners that need something durable, grippy, and insanely lightweight to take out on their long runs. And it doesn’t hurt that they look incredibly cool!

Plus, if you are accident-prone like me, these insanely durable frames will be able to tackle whatever you can throw at them!
Asa Lopatin, Runner
Go Anywhere, Do Anything Sunglasses

The Nathan Summit Polarized Running Sunglasses are truly perfect for running... and for everything else. They are incredibly light, and thanks to the rubberized nose and temple pads, do not bounce at all no matter how bumpy the trail gets.

Not that they are ever going to fall off, but if they did, the frames are super flexible and sturdy, so they should be able to handle most tumbles.

The polarized lenses also provide just the right tint to allow you to keep them on even in variable light environments like running in the woods or driving on a crisp fall afternoon when the trees have started shedding leaves for the winter and the sun basically turns into a strobe light.

They are also more than enough to handle a bright, unobstructed sunny day running on the road. All in all, it's easy to forget that you're wearing the Summits.

These shades are also stylish enough that you don't need to switch them out for your "causal" sunglasses post-run. They are bold without being gaudy, and the clear frames with blue lenses seem to go with just about everything.

The matte finish also hides the salt that can build up on running gear, so no one needs to know that your cool new sunglasses just spent the morning running hill repeats.

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