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A list of the Best Polarized Sunglasses Buying Guide
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Best Polarized Sunglasses For Runners Reviewed
Glare from reflected light can be annoying, and even worse, may cause pain and damage over time. Normal sunglasses don’t block this reflected light, but polarized sunglasses do the job expertly. A pair of polarized lenses does give advantages over glasses which have not be polarized.  The advantage ...
A list of the Best Under Armour Sunglasses Buying Guide
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10 Best Under Armour Sunglasses Tested
Under Armour has come a long way from the time Ken Plank (UA owner) used to sell T-Shirts from his grandmother’s basement. Today, this brand is an established competitor in the athletic apparel market—Under Armour is now also well known for their bags, fashionable accessories and sunglasses. Thoug...
The best sunglasses for running from Tifossi Buying Guide
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10 Best Tifosi Sunglasses Reviewed
Tifosi which in Italian means a fan or an enthusiast, check this brand out and see why the translation is so right on target. Just before taking a run I set out the gear I need and I take a look out of the window at the weather, if its bright and sunny I include a good pair of running sunglasses, if...
The top rated running visors to keep the sun out of your eyes Buying Guide
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10 Best Running Visors Compared
When you hear the word visor, it’s usually connected with tennis players. This clothes item seems to be less popular when it comes to running. Actually, the visors can be very useful for runners and they can be much better than normal caps. There are many reasons why you should love the visors. First...
A list of the best sunglasses for runners Buying Guide
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10 Best Running Sunglasses Reviewed in 2018
Now that it’s summer, it’s hotter than ever out there—which means it is important to take all necessary precautions to shield ourselves from sun damage. The best running sunglasses adequately shield us from the sun during our runs and allow us to enjoy our runs without having to squint. So, if you ar...
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