Oakley Holbrook XL Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley Holbrook XL sunglasses are the perfect blend of style, performance, and durability. They offer high-end polarized lenses with Oakey’s special HDO optics that shield your eyes from the sun while keeping your surroundings crystal clear.

With an impact-absorbing frame and a comfortable fit, they are likely the last running sunglasses you will ever need to buy!

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Pros & Cons
HDO lenses craft a sharp image with limited eye strain
Lightweight frames
Offered in may lens and frame color combination
Retro design
Slightly expensive
Some users found they fog up easily
Key Features
Key Features

While these frames may look like a stylish pair of casual frames, they are built for high-endurance outdoor activities such as running, biking, or climbing. Runners often need shades that are incredibly durable, stay in place, and properly block their eyes from the sun. These frames check off of those boxes, and they do it in style.

One of the most impressive performance features of these frames is that they will not slip down your face as you start to sweat. They are composed of proprietary nylon thermoplastic that grips your face even as you start to sweat.

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Runners found that even in super-sweaty conditions that these frames held firmly in place and didn’t slip down the bridge of their nose as they started to sweat.

They’re stylish, durable, and perfect for all of your outdoor adventures!


The lenses on the Oakley Holbrook XL are built to do much more than just shield your eyes from the sun. Cheap sunglasses that you pick up from a department store will shade your eyes from the sun and often offer modest UV protection, but their benefits end there.

These lenses from Oakley are built to shield your eyes from the sun, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and enhance the scenery around you.

These lenses are polarized, which means that they are treated with a chemical that blocks out horizontal light than can cause glare, especially on water. If you ever found that the sun seems to be ten times brighter when on a boat or swimming, it’s because the sun is reflecting off of the water.

These polarized lenses block out the blinding glare so you can see more clearly. Think of it as a pair of invisible miniblinds for your eyes!

What also makes these lenses stand out from the pack is that they also utilize HDO technology. HDO lenses produce an incredibly sharp image by the way that it reorganizes light before it reaches your eyes.

They work by concentrating light into one central spot so that your eye doesn’t need to work quite as hard as it filters in light. The end result is a sharp image that reduces the instance of eye strain in sunny conditions.


These frames aren’t just made from your run-of-the-mill plastic. Instead, they utilize something called O Matter, which is Oakley’s patented plastic blend. This blended material of composed of a nylon composite that keeps these frames lightweight and insanely durable.

They are able to bend and flex more easily (as well as take a few punches when dropped on concrete) without even flinching.

It’s important to note that this Nylon composite is thermoplastic, which means that it reacts differently to different weather conditions. When worn in hot weather conditions, the frames bend and flex more easily without breaking.

However, as the temperatures start to plummet, this plastic seizes up a bit and becomes slightly more brittle.


I find it a little odd that most sunglasses out there on the market are one-size-fits-all. Not all heads are the same shape and size, which means that many sunglasses just won’t fit right, especially if you have a larger noggin.

What makes the Holbrook design unique is that it is offered in XL sizing options. Not only is the frame slightly larger than the standard size, but the lenses are also larger as well.

By offering these sunglasses in an XL option, it translates to a more comfortable fit for those that have larger heads (a proper place to house your larger brain!). A wider frame has arms that won’t dig into the sides of your face, and the slightly larger lenses provide more protection against the sun’s harmful rays.


Sunglasses and the ground have an intimate love affair. No matter how careful you are, it’s a fact of life that you will accidentally drop them on the ground at some point. Or, if you are like me, you may accidentally sit on them.

The good news is that Oakley knows that your sunglasses will take a bit of a beating, and they designed frames that can take a few punches.

While they are made from plastic, the geometry of the frames is what makes them more resistant to being dropped. The unique geometry of these frames is strong enough to withstand even a high-velocity impact.

Plus, the lightweight design of these sunglasses also helps to reduce the weight of the impact they will inevitably make with the ground.

If you need a pair of tough shades that won’t shatter into pieces the moment they make an impact with the ground, this design is an excellent choice.


If comfort is one of your most important features when shopping around for new frames, Oakley Holbrook XL has you covered. First of all, these frames are insanely lightweight.

They are composed of 100 percent plastic materials that feel impossibly lightweight and many users even forget that they are wearing them over time. Plus, the bridge of the nose won’t dig deep craters into your face or put undue pressure on your nose.

While the frames are incredibly lightweight, they also boast three-point fit technology with their patented frame design. Three-point fit is exactly as it sounds - it means that it only touches your face in three places. It touches your face on the bridge of the nose and on your temples that won’t dig into your skin.

Unlike other brands, the arms of these frames don’t wrap around your ears so it crafts a lightweight and an easy fit that fits snugs in place.


Sure, performance is important, but you still want to look good! The Oakley Holbrook LX proves that high-performing frames can also boast sleek style.

The look of these frames was inspired by 1940s-1960s action heroes that saved the day in style. Personally, I absolutely love the look of these frames. They scream classic James Bond with a touch of modern design accents.

What I also love about the style of these frames is that they are offered in a wide variety of color options. Not only can you select between different colors of frames (I personally love the polished clear design), but you can also select from different colors of lenses as well.

The only downside is that you cannot mix and match between different frame and lens color options.


One of the only downsides to these sunglasses is that they don’t come cheap! However, if you are on the hunt for a good quality pair of shades that are built to last, you will need to spend a little bit of extra cash. Budget-friendly frames are fine, but they often don’t provide the same high-end performance features as frames such as the Oakley Holbrook XL.

These frames are not only built for all sizes and shapes of heads but they are also built to last. Oakley uses proprietary technology not only in the construction of their lenses but also in the build of the frames.

With superior sun protection, crystal-clear vision, and a comfortable fit, these shades are well worth every penny!
At the end of the day, you will need to spend a little bit extra to ensure that you select sunglasses that are built to last. These sunglasses are built to hold up to decades of continued use, and the timeless style of the frames is something that won’t go out of style any time soon.

Users love these sunglasses because they are insanely lightweight and comfortable, will hold up to whatever you throw at them, and provide high-end lenses that block out the sun while keeping your vision crystal-clear.

It’s important to note that while the frames are built to last, the lenses are a different story. Over time, these lenses may become scuffed up or scratched, which is perfectly normal for most shades.

The good news is that Oakley offered replacement lenses at an affordable price point to swap out quickly and easily. Plus, it allows you to change up the color of your lenses when it’s time for a bit of a change.

Overall, I would suggest the Oakley Holbrook XL for those that are on the hunt for shades that fit their head like a glove, stay firmly in place when engaging in high-intensity workouts outdoors, and want to look good on all of their sweaty outdoor adventures!
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