New Balance 1400 V3 Fully Reviewed

Competitors, feast your eyes on what reviewers are calling a true racing shoe. The New Balance 1400 V3 is built with comfort and speed in mind, giving you that extra edge on race day when seconds matter. The company set out to design a lightweight, speedy racing shoe, without stripping it down so much that it lacked all comfort, and marathon runners are thrilled with the result. One triathlete reported he filled his closet to capacity with 15 pairs!  But not all the rabid fans of this shoe are pressing toward a finish line.

Athletes are calling the New Balance 1400 V3 a mix between a cross trainer and a competitive racing shoe.  The lightweight and moderate drop also make weightlifters tempted to give them a go for Olympic lifts.  Reviewers give these shoes a thumbs up with or without socks since the company made some changes to the upper in this generation that make that extra layer optional.  One of the most positive reviews of this shoe came from a runner who said when he wore these for his training runs, he forgot they were even there.  They just disappeared on his feet.  It’s that kind of magic that has created a healthy fan base for New Balance, and for these shoes in particular.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Heel cushion
  • Sockless option
  • Great for speed drills
  • Cons
    • Narrow toe box
    • Availability
    • Key Features
      New Balance is confident that this shoe can go the distance without breaking down, and here’s why. The outsole consists of mainly blown rubber, with the addition of NDurance carbon rubber in the high-impact areas. The blown rubber is lighter, but the carbon is more durable, protecting the places where runners strike and toe off, to keep the integrity of the shoe for a higher number of miles.
      In the company’s challenge to create a comfortable shoe without adding extra weight, this is where they found their solution. It’s called Revlite, and it’s significantly lighter than the standard foam New Balance typically uses in its running shoes. Reviewers say it provides just enough cushion for the athlete who is primarily interested in speed. It allows for quick contact with the ground, with enough protection from the impact to keep the runner smoothly engaged. It also allows for a faster toe off when the athlete is picking up speed.
      The struggle when reissuing a popular shoe is that you might take out something your consumers love, and add something else they hate, but New Balance was careful when tweaking the V2, and none of that happened here. The company removed an overlay issue that runners were critical of on the V2 and went seamless instead.

      The New Balance 1400 V3 has no irritating seams, giving runners the options to run without socks if that’s their preference. The new upper also allows the foot to spread out a little more while keeping the same support. The laces on the V3 are flat with good texture that helps them stay put for your entire run.
      One of the main selling points for the New Balance 1400 V3 is the fact that it’s lightweight. The men’s version weighs 6.3 ounces and the women’s version weighs a bit less at 5.3 ounces. Of course, the manufacturing isn’t exactly in every product, so each shoe might differ a little either way. But the overall light weight of this shoe makes them a popular choice at the starting line, but even just a little bit of weight can make a big difference.

      Runners who have pushed through a longer race with a more traditionally-weighted shoe can attest to that. Reviewers also enjoyed speed drills and interval training in their New Balance 1400 V3s. One reviewer also noted that when he’s packing a suitcase, and weight is a deciding factor, these shoes might make the trip when another pair would not. If you are considering a road trip for a race but don’t know where to go, check out some of this fun 5k options.
      This shoe does well on breathability, but not so great on odor. In short, reviewers said these shoes stink! If you live in a hot climate or are especially prone to sweaty feet, you’ll need to take a little extra care after each run to make sure you keep the odor under control.

      To clean your 1400 V3, New Balance recommends using a light brush, like a toothbrush, and a light detergent. After they’re clean, let the shoe air dry for 24 hours. That means if you’re a fan of these and an everyday runner, you’ll want a backup pair or two to make sure your shoes are ready for the pavement when you are.
      For a racing shoe, the New Balance 1400 V3 got good marks for comfort. These aren’t a plush option, so if you haven’t worn racing flats before, it would be a good idea to get a feel for them at a store before purchasing online.

      Reviewers who understood the objective of this competition shoe were surprised at how much comfort the company was able to inject into the midsole. A few reviewers who said they usually added insoles, didn’t need to with these shoes.

      And as we mentioned in the notes on the upper, you don’t need to wear socks with this version if that’s how you usually run. The new seamless upper rids itself of any irritation zones that may have been present in the earlier generations.

      A few athletes noted the toe box was a little narrow for their liking, and their toes were uncomfortable. As for sizing, most customers said they bought a half size up from what they usually wear in a casual shoe.
      New Balance claims this shoe looks as fast as it feels. Not for the shy, these shoes come in what one reviewer called “wild” colors, and they are on the flashy side. However, some reviewers said they found the color options on the V3 less gaudy than the ones on the V2. No matter how you feel about the color scheme, you’re not going to miss the branding. These shoes have the signature “N” brightly displayed on the side.

      Here are your color options. For the men, V3 come in red with black and “toxic” and red with blue. For the women, the company offers a bright purple and orange, or a more subdued grey and white. If you’re an athlete who loves to match your accessories to your shoes, check out some other bright nail polish options here.
      One reviewer reported she put 45 miles a week on these shoes with no problem. New Balance claims their shoes should last between 300 and 500 miles, but a competitive shoe like this one isn’t likely to make it to the far end of the range. The best way to tell if you need new shoes is to keep a log and study that in conjunction with the sole of your shoes.

      If the rubber is worn down to being smooth in some areas, you’ll need to replace your shoes, even if you haven't yet hit 500 miles. Shoes that have been worn past their durability can lead to a host of joint issues since the runner is no longer given the same cushion and support.
      If you are putting on that many miles on your shoes, you might be in the market for a good playlist. Check out our ideas for music that will help those miles fly by here.
      The New Balance 1400 V3 aims to keep the runner protected, while it allows him or her to tick off long miles at record speed. The cushioning in the heel provides protection for the runner toward the end of a long run, when the athlete may begin to heel strike. Some runners said they preferred this shoe for races where the course had a lot of down runs, for the same reason.

      When it comes to protection for night runs, these shoes don’t glow in the dark, but they do contain reflective material. If you are going for runs after dark, protection shouldn’t begin and end at your feet. There are headlamps, gloves, belts, and tights - all in reflective options to help drivers see you when you’re
      Another key element of the 1400s is responsiveness. Athletes need to feel that reaction from the ground giving back to them on each strike. One runner called these shoes “surprisingly springy” for a racing flat, and another credits the responsiveness of this shoe for making him feel like he's floating. On a whole, reviewers agree this show allowed them to feel the ground in a way that kept their runs, and their time, on track.
      By Robyn Keeney
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