New Balance 1080v5

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New Balance has been helping runners achieve their goals for more than a century. The New Balance 1080 running shoe, belonging to the neutral category, is one of the best products produced by this brand, providing great comfort, high stability, good support as well as many other benefits. This article summarizes all of the pros and cons, based on reviews from the internet as well as users. So, let’s check out some of the features.


There aren’t many complaints about the comfort, as they have excellent cushioning. The 1080v5 follows the V2, V3 and the v4 in this series, all performing well with good overall marks on comfort. The multilayered midsole is a combination of moderately soft and super soft foam, allowing for a soft and reliably smooth heel to toe transition without feeling mushy. In spite of the lightweight, they do have a lot of padding. They even provide the appropriate amount of cushion for large body frames while running. This shoe can be worn for long periods of time, for a wide range of activities without resulting in soreness, hotspots or blisters.


New Balance is my brand of choice when it comes to footwear, so I expected them to fit perfectly. This newest version of 1080 has a good overall fit throughout the shoe. Their sizes also accommodate wide feet pretty well; there is a lot of room in toe box while the heel maintains a perfect grip. This shoe is also suitable for the use of stiff arch support orthotics, as there is plenty of room to insert them without causing excessive pressure on the upper foot from the lacing. In order to have a perfect fit, it is recommended that you order your normal shoe size. Many people are leery of ordering shoes online because of sizing, However, with decent shipping and free return services, presents an ideal and safe option for purchasing online.


These are considered by most to be a running shoe with good stability. It does not only have the deluxe fit of their FantomFit upper but it also has the optimum torsional stability provided by the T-Beam. With their suitable height and width, they are safe for many different runners, even for fast paces.


The outer soles of this shoe are made with the “N2 ABZORB” design that greatly absorbs heel shock, especially during downhill runs. My foot doctor told me he likes New Balance the best for their superior support and foot box. And, although this is a very light shoe, the support is good enough for long distance running.


1080 has exceptional response performance thanks to the premium cushioning of the N2 Burst in the forefoot and N2 in the heel. they really perform well, especially on a hard surface.


In the terms of stability, cushion, and flexibility, New Balance products have remained at the head of the class. offering ideal flexibility to keep you moving forward, They are also fairly low profile with moderate stack heights.


The upper mesh is thick but well ventilated. My favorite part is no more sweaty feet! New Balance is also a common choice for all-day wear by many users because of it’s their exceptional breathability. Therefore, you won’t find any issues here.

Quality/ durability

I found the ASICS Gel Nimbus to be very comfortable in the store, but after 3 long runs, they were completely destroyed, with the inner sole becoming paper thin, the rear and front both losing their shock absorption and the side walls collapsing. These New Balance shoes are definitely better in the longevity department. The New Balance 1080 is really a fine quality running shoe, which is to be expected from this brand. The shoe is obviously built well, with an outer sole made of a carbon rubber material which increases the durability. In my opinion, this is a suitable shoe for someone who wears them often and runs about 10 miles a week. If you don’t mind buying a replacement insole, the shoes remain very good shape. The only concern would be the possibility that the outward appearance might deteriorate quickly if they were used daily.



These are a somewhat minimalistic styled runner. They are a very light shoe which seems to be the trend today. The color choices of the v4 generation seemed to be a little better than the v5. The colors seem to be a little more intense than how they appear in the photo. It’s also much “flashier” in its design ascetics.

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This is an excellent lightweight running shoe that is very supportive. It is noticeably lighter than New Balance Men’s 990V3. The weight of the men’s version is 301 grams and for women, it is 244 grams.

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These do seem to come with a fairly expensive price tag attached. Therefore, although they bring a lot of benefits to the wearer, some runners still may struggle a bit to pay the extra amount for these shoes.

Suitable Terrain

According to many different reviews, the shoe works well on uneven surfaces, providing a stable and comfortable ride. In addition, the blown rubber outsole offers excellent traction, even off-road. And, New Balance’s ABZORB foam offers a soft underfoot feeling, especially when encountering rougher terrain. In short, the track, gravel, and paved roads are the most suitable terrains for this model.


These shoes seem to work very well for outdoor/track/street/side walk-running. This shoe is often used by runners who are neutral pronators. If you put a lot of pressure on your feet when you’re running (for example, someone who is overweight), the New Balance is a better choice due to its excellent cushioning. Furthermore, if you want to boost your performance, these running shoes are a good choice for that as well.

In conclusion, the 1080 line seems to be one of the best that New Balance has put out. This is definitely an excellent choice for neutral runners.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extreme comfort
  • High durability and stability
  • Good cushion
  • Light weight
  • Expensive price
  • A high heel-to-toe drop
  • Not very durable