New Balance Rubix

The New Balance Rubix is a running shoe that's designed for pronators who enjoy long distance running. Its most notable feature is its segmented midsole, made from the brand's Acteva Ultralite technology. Aside from being lightweight, and highly durable, its design also permits an easy and flexible wear. Guidance Ramps are placed along the top edge of this unit in order to correct overpronation and smooth out the runner's movements. While engineered double jacquard mesh gives support and breathability, TPU Fine Mold overlays keep the foot locked into place. For many runners, this results in a running shoe that's as corrective and supportive as it is fashionable. However, others still feel that this shoe either does not do enough for them or actually causes them more pain.

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Pros & Cons

-Provides a smooth gait cycle

-Eye-catching design

-Sturdy cushioning unit

-Lightweight and breathable

-Flexible wear


-Lacks overall stability

-Not enough support for some

-Does not fit true to size

-Expensive price tag

Key Features
New Balance uses a simple, white rubber compound to cover the Rubix’s underfoot area, giving extra protection to high-wear areas. Aside from increasing durability, this is also meant to give the runner a higher level of traction. Its tread pattern features a series of short and shallow diagonal lines, along with a herringbone pattern along the lateral side of the foot. Furthermore, the midsole’s segmented design also creates deep flex grooves that allow a much more flexible wear.
The brand's Acteva Ultralite technology is specially engineered to be 32% lighter than standard midsole materials. It has also been enhanced with DuPont™ Elvaloy®, a terpolymer compound, to increase its level of durability. The end result is highly responsive cushioning that doesn't lose its shape or weigh the runner down. What makes the Rubix's midsole unit so unique is that it's divided into six segments, each lined up one after the other, in order to provide a more flexible wear. Guidance Ramps are placed along the top part of this unit to correct overpronation, giving the runner less pain and discomfort by the end of the day.
An engineered double jacquard mesh is used to construct the Rubix's upper unit. This woven fabric completely wraps around the foot for a supportive sock-like fit that adapts to its every move. It also features a large number of ventilation pores along the forefoot and rear for increased breathability. To maintain its shape, a set of TPU Fine Mold overlays wraps around the midfoot and heel as they integrate with the lacing system for greater security. A padded collar and tongue are included for added support and stability.
The Rubix seems to have an average weight for a running shoe and is just a tiny bit lighter than many other stability shoes. Men's sizes weigh in at just under 10 oz., while women's sizes average out at just under 9 oz. It's not unusual for stability shoes to have a little extra mass on them, due to their added corrective features. But the Rubix's features are so minimal, and carefully engineered, that they don't add anything to the shoe's scaled weight. With that said, some reviewers have said that this shoe feels clunky and cumbersome underfoot.
Though a number of reviewers have issues with the Rubix's level of comfort, they do agree that it has an incredibly breathable wear. Its engineered jacquard mesh upper features a number of ventilation holes along the forefoot and rear, and a few within the midfoot area, in order to better target hotspots where they happen most often. This keeps the interior more comfortable throughout the day, and also makes the shoe especially useful during warmer weather.
Reviews seem to be extremely mixed when it comes to the Rubix's level of comfort. Several buyers do seem genuinely happy with the shoe's level of cushioning and stabilizing features, and most agree that it's highly breathable. However, some feel that its corrective features are too minimal for their liking. Others state that it has too much arch support for a shoe that's meant for overpronators, which makes for an incredibly uncomfortable wear. And all online platforms have described its fit as being very narrow, despite the fact that it's also available in wider sizes. Its midsole's clunky design and strange tongue shape don't help matters at all.
Despite the fact that many reviewers are disappointed with the Rubix's levels for comfort and stability, they do agree that it's an incredibly fashionable model. Aside from allowing greater flexibility, its midsole's segmented design also gives it a very unique and eye-catching appearance. And buyers seem to really appreciate the upper's combined textures of jacquard mesh and swirled TPU overlays, which add to its overall sporty look. Though it may have been nice if New Balance had offered this particular model in more colors, the fact that it's offered in black and grey for both men and women allows it to be paired with a much wider range of looks.
Reviewers don't seem to comment much on the Rubix's level of durability. If anything, they're so put off by its uncomfortable wear that they don't even bother to use it for very long. However, its Acteva Ultralite midsole features the DuPont™ Elvaloy® compound to make it even sturdier than standard foam materials. And though the shoe's engineered mesh already lasts longer than regular mash, the use of a TPU Fine Mold overlay allows the upper to better maintain its shape for longer. If this shoe's features were better designed for more comfort, more people would actually find that this could be a long lasting running shoe.
The Rubix is designed with the intention of keeping the runner safeguarded against both everyday hazards and the effects of overpronation. Its Acteva Ultralite midsole is dense enough to safeguard against jagged, uneven surfaces and provides a responsive wear that can stave off fatigue. The white rubber compound that covers its underfoot area shields the rest of the shoe against potential damage. Its upper's supportive fit pairs with the TPU Fine Mold overlays, traditional lacing system, and padded collar to support the foot and keep it from slipping out. Those with mild overpronation say that its Guidance Ramps do a sufficient job at correcting their gaits and preventing injuries or long-term pain. However, some reviewers have said that none of these features prove sufficient enough for them, as they still feel a great deal of pain either by the end of the day or after only a couple of hours.
New Balance's Acteva Ultralite midsole technology has many advantages over traditional foam materials. Aside from being 32 percent lighter, it's also much more durable and is better able to bounce back into place. This, in turn, results in a much more responsive wear that can even carry the runner through long distances. This promise of an easy and durable wear is exactly why the brand uses it for their Rubix model. Although its segmented design might dull its effects to some extent, runners still say that they're provided with plenty of shock absorption and energy transfer as they wear this shoe.
On the right foot shape, the Rubix could easily provide supportive comfort. Its lightweight yet durable Acteva Ultralight midsole allows for substantial cushioning and is properly curved to give the runner adequate arch support. Even its segmented design gives special attention to high-impact areas. The use of engineered jacquard mesh is designed for a close, sock-like fit that adapts to the runner's every move, and the TPU Fine Mold overlays form a midfoot cage that integrates with the lacing system in order to make this fit more supportive and customizable. However, some overpronators have stated that it provides too much arch support for their liking, resulting in a very uncomfortable wear.
Since it is marketed as a road running shoe, the Rubix is meant to be used on nearly all types of everyday surfaces. As expected, it works best for runs and walks on concrete and cement. The design of its midsole allows for an easy enough wear that makes it fit for most casual settings, and its engineered mesh upper makes it especially comfortable to wear in warmer weather. There's no clear indication of how well this model performs on wet surfaces, and it goes without saying that it's not designed for more rugged outdoor activities.
Even though a lot of New Balance shoes are more affordable than those sold by their competitors, this isn't the case with their Rubix model. Across all online retailers, including Zappos and Running Wearhouse, this particular running shoe goes for $165. This is significantly higher than the average price range of $120 to $130 and is already too much for some buyers. When they really consider the shoe's inconsistent sizing and overall lack of comfort, consumers definitely don't feel that it's worth the high cost.
Reviews don't give any clear indication of how good or bad the Rubix's traction is. Its tread pattern is segmented, just like the midsole, and features a number of short and shallow diagonal lines as well as a herringbone pattern along the lateral side of the shoe. Models with similar tread patterns are known to provide an excellent grip on most everyday surfaces, especially when it comes to roads and sidewalks. It's safe to assume that this shoe performs just as well on these same surfaces, although there's nothing online that can detail how well it performs on wet surfaces.
The Rubix's Acteva Ultralite midsole's segmented design isn't just for looks. Divided into six sections that go across the width of the foot, it also enables the runner to move their foot in a much more natural manner. This particular design pays special attention to the multiple joints in the forefoot area, where most of the bending and stretching take place. The upper's use of engineered jacquard mesh adds to this feeling, as it completely supports the foot while still being able to adapt to its every single movement.
As with its comfort, reviewers also seem to be very mixed over how stable the Rubix's wear is. Those with mild or moderate overpronation feel that it's ample enough, and neutral runners also claim that it works fine for them. The Guidance Ramps located on the top of its midsole unit are its only corrective features, put in place to prevent the foot from turning inward during the gait cycle. However, some with more severe overpronation have said that this alone is not enough. Others have noted that it offers too much arch support for those with this condition, who normally have flat feet as a result.
A lot of stability shoes on the market have a lower heel-to-toe drop height than the average of 10mm, as this gives the runner a greater sense of balance and better posture as they move. The Rubix definitely follows this design trend with a drop height of 8mm. Not only does this still provide ample heel cushioning, but it also permits a slightly more natural gait cycle. But it does mean that those who prefer a lower drop height, or even a zero drop platform, should look elsewhere.
Key Features
-Protective white rubber outsole
-Multi-sectioned Acteva Ultralight midsole
-Guidance Ramps to correct pronation
-Double Jacquard Mesh upper
-TPU Fine Mold overlays
-Limited color options
-6mm heel-to-toe drop height
-Expensive $165 price tag
Bottom Line
It seems as if New Balance's Rubix running shoe has received generally mixed reviews across the board. On one hand, there are people who enjoy its flexible wear and feel that its stabilizing features truly make them feel more comfortable. On the other hand, a number of buyers are very disappointed by its narrow fit and clunky design. They also claim that its corrective features don't do enough for them or actually make their feet and joints feel even worse. This is especially disappointed for them, as they really wanted to like this model because of its stylish design. There is hope, however, that New Balance is listening to these complaints and will come out with a more improved version the next time around.
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