Puma Jamming Reviewed & Rated

The Puma Jamming running shoe is designed to work just as well in both casual environments and indoor sports. This is thanks to the brand's trademarked NRGY beads within its midsole, giving the runner plenty of cushioning and responsiveness. A clear TPU casing is used to hold these beads for a more appealing and stabilizing design. The brand's evoKNIT material is used to create its breathable, sock-like upper for truly comfortable wear. While many reviewers state that it looks a lot like other running shoes on the market, those who are loyal to the brand still consider it an excellent addition to their running shoe collection.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Very comfortable

-Fits true to size

-Highly breathable

-Secure, sock-like fit

-Versatile wear


-Expensive price tag

-Limited colorways available

-Looks similar to other models

Key Features
The majority of the Puma Jamming outsole unit is made of a TPU foot casing that houses the midsole’s NRGY beads. It features a blocky tread pattern that, according to some reviews, holds up quite well to constant use on everyday surfaces. Textured rubber pods are placed at the toes and heel, where the impact would happen most, to provide greater traction and durability. Flex grooves can also be found along the forefoot and down the length of the shoe, giving it much more pliable wear.
There’s no doubt that the most stand-out feature of the Puma Jamming is its midsole unit. Thousands of NRGY beads are packed inside a clear TPU casing for greater cushioning and shock absorption. It’s these beads that give the shoe its name, as they “jam together” and move with the runner’s every step and stride. The result is wear that's responsive, flexible, and even stabilizing. Many reviewers do point out that it looks a lot like Adidas' Boost midsole technology, although theirs does not include a protective casing. An anatomical-shaped sock-liner, which can easily be removed and replaced with a custom insert, is also added for better cushioning and support.
Puma has used its trademarked evoKNIT material for the Puma Jamming upper, giving the runner a great deal of breathable, sock-like comfort that’s also seamless to prevent irritations. Minimal overlays are added to provide additional structure without taking away from the overall look. The tongue has been attached to the rest of the shoe, and pull tabs are featured on the front and back to make insertion easier. Added stability is offered via a 3D heel clip at the back, keeping the foot in place and preventing accidental slips. And along with its stretchy collar, a traditional lacing system is also included for greater security.
Reviews and listings don’t describe how much one Jamming running shoe actually weighs, and consumers seem to be mixed when it comes to this model’s wear. On one hand, some buyers have stated that these feel very lightweight. This could be thanks to the responsive NRGY bead midsole and evoKNIT upper that give the runner an incredible bounce with each lift-off and unrestricted movement. On the other hand, there are some reviewers who have indicated that their particular pair of Puma Jamming was a bit heavier than expected.
One of the greatest benefits of the Puma Jamming evoKNIT upper is its highly breathable wear. This feature's sock-like comfort allows unrestricted airflow to all areas of the foot, particularly the forefoot and sides, ensuring complete elimination of hotspots and keeping the foot completely cool and dry throughout the day. This also means that foot odor, infections, and blisters are kept at bay for even greater comfort.
Those who purchase the Puma Jamming with the hopes of having a very comfortable running shoe will definitely not be disappointed. The use of NRGY beads already ensures a great deal of cushioning and responsiveness, meaning the runner will feel less pain by the end of the day. However, an anatomical sock liner is inserted for even greater comfort and support. Runners can even swap it out for their own custom insert if needed. And the seamless construction of its evoKNIT upper means smoother, sock-like wear with less irritations and complete breathability for easier wear. Some reviewers have even stated that they enjoy wearing the Puma Jamming without socks.
When the Puma Jamming was first released, a number of buyers couldn't help but noticed that it looked very similar to a number of shoes within the Adidas Ultra Boost line. They weren't entirely wrong, as Puma's NRGY beads are a lot like Boost midsole technology. And the evoKNIT upper has much of the same design characteristics as Primeknit. Even the dual pull tabs and attached tongue can be found on several Ultra Boost models. However, there are a number of notable differences, as Adidas doesn't rely on a TPU casing for their trademarked midsole. And though they seem nearly identical, evoKNIT does not rely on heat fusion and is knitted just a bit tighter in high-wear areas. One thing that does stand out about the Jamming is its very limited color range. Forest night/Puma black is its most popular colorway. It can also be found in grey, off-white, and even red at very few retail outlets.
Depending on how this model is used, the Jamming could last the runner a surprisingly long time. Its TPU casing holds up well to consistent wear, with rubber pods at the toe and heel ensuring that it lasts even longer. The NRGY beads are able to adapt to each movement and to different amounts of pressure in order to withstand potential damage. While it's not the most durable material, the evoKNIT upper is knitted to be thicker in areas that experience the most wear and tear. The inclusion of thin overlays also ensures that it retains its overall shape for longer. With all that said, it's still important to take proper care of these shoes and not bring them out for heavy outdoor sports.
Buyers would be correct to assume that the Jamming is not a very protective running shoe. However, it still provides just enough to keep the runner going through everyday environments. The TPU casing efficiently safeguards the NRGY beads within the midsole as rubber pods on the outsole allow it to last longer. The midsole unit's highly responsive nature protects the runner against potential pain and injuries caused by heavy impact, aided further by the anatomical sock liner. While the breathable evoKNIT upper eliminates odor and irritations caused by excessive sweating, the stretchy collar, 3D heel clip, and lacing system all work together to ensure that the foot stays in place throughout the day.
Much like Adidas' Boost technology, the thousand's of NRGY beads within the Jamming's midsole are packed together to form a highly responsive wear. As they move around with every step, they provide the ideal amount of shock absorption where it's most needed and transfer the impact into a greater spring with each lift-off. This also means that the runner is allowed more natural movement while wearing this shoe. In addition, its evoKNIT upper wraps entirely around the foot like a sock and bends and stretches along with its every movement.
The entire midsole unit of Puma Jamming, with its NRGY beads and clear TPU casing, makes an incredibly supportive base for the underfoot as it provides cushioning and shock absorption. The beads move around during the gait cycle in order to keep offering support wherever it's most needed. Adding to this is an anatomical sock liner, which is contoured to better mold to the foot's natural shape. And the evoKNIT upper provides sock-like wear that wraps around the foot to keep it supported as it adapts to its every movement. Thin overlays and a snug, stretchy collar enhance this shoe's supportive wear even further.
The overall design of the Jamming running shoe indicates that it's meant entirely for road running and everyday surfaces. Its level of comfort and breathability make it an excellent fit for long walks during warm weather, and the NRGY beads within its midsole mean it would fit in perfectly well on the basketball court. While its tread pattern can easily hold up to concrete and cement, it's clear that it's not intended for more rugged terrains. And its evoKNIT upper would quickly get destroyed if this shoe were used for trail running.
Despite its appealing design and comfortable, responsive wear, some buyers may still be put off by the Jamming's $160 price tag. Considering that most of Puma's running shoes are priced much lower, this is especially alarming to several of the brand's loyal followers. Yet when they consider how versatile its wear could be, and how durable it is with proper care and storage, they soon realize that it's definitely worth the money spent. As with most expensive running shoes, lower prices can still be found via a number of reputable online listings.
Reviews for the Jamming don't seem to focus much, if at all, on its level of traction. However, the blocky tread pattern formed on its outsole does give it a pretty decent grasp on cement and concrete. And the use of rubber pods on its toe and heel areas allow even greater friction on floors, gym equipment, and even basketball courts. It goes without saying, however, that this design is not meant for rugged environments. And there's no real indication of how well it would perform on wet surfaces.
Aside from giving the shoe an exceptional amount of cushioning and responsiveness, the NRGY beads also allow the Jamming to be very flexible. Because they move around consistently during the gait cycle, they aren't able to clump together and stiffen up the shoe's overall wear. The TPU casing adds to this by moving along completely with the runner. Of course, its wear wouldn't be nearly as flexible if it wasn't for the evoKNIT upper, which follows each of the runner's movements and it wraps the foot in sock-like comfort.
While the Puma Jamming doesn't look like a very stabilizing running shoe, it still has enough features in place to keep the runner moving along securely. The cushioning, responsiveness, and flexibility provided by the NRGY beads, aided by the clear TPU casing, all ensure a natural yet corrected stride that safely powers the runner forward. The contoured shape of its anatomical sock liner cushions the foot while keeping it from wobbling around. Though the evoKNIT upper isn't very stabilizing on its own, minimal overlays are present along the sides for much-needed structure. Finally, while the snug collar wraps around the runner's ankle, a 3D heel clip and traditional lacing system ensure that the foot never slips out by accident.
Product listings and reviews don't seem to list the Jamming's exact heel-to-toe drop height. On most running shoes on the market, this feature typically measures 10mm. This is high enough to provide an ample amount of heel cushioning while still permitting a natural gait cycle. Based on product photos and comparisons to similar models, it's safe to estimate that this shoe's drop height is between 8 and 10mm.
Key Features
-Rubber pods for better traction
-Cushioning NRGY beads
-Attractive clear TPU casing
-Sock-like evoKNIT upper
-3D heel clip and lacing system
-Attached tongue for easy insertion
-Limited colorways available
-Expensive $160 price tag
Bottom Line
As stated before, reviewers aren't wrong when they point out how similar the Puma Jamming looks to other popular running shoes on the market. Still, those who are loyal fans of the brand see this as a stylish yet functional piece of footwear for both indoor athletics and everyday life. Its midsole unit is as eye-catching as it is cushioned and responsive, and the seamless construction of it's upper gives comfortable to wear that's complete with unrestricted airflow. There are some notable downsides, such as its lack of color options and heavier wear of the Puma Jamming. But should they listen to their fans' critiques and decide to make some small-yet-noticeable adjustments to its design, Puma could definitely have another very popular line of running shoes on their hands.
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