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The Nike Air Max sneaker has been one of the most copied styles in running shoe history. Since its introduction way back in 1987, each subsequent year has brought with it a new design in the running shoe. For the past few years, the airbag outsole and midsole have been the same which means Nike has only redesigned the upper in the past few models, including the Air Max 2019. Nike’s popular Flywires, available on many of their sneakers, have been dropped in the Air Max 2019 and replaced with a single piece engineered molded mesh upper. This molded mesh gives the new model an updated look and extends from the midfoot to the rear of the sneaker. Nike’s familiar swoosh was removed from the forefoot, where it was located on the 2016 model, and placed on either side of the midfoot. Both of these larger logos are reflective, which is a bonus feature if you are running at night. The 2019 model also boasts a full sleeve within the shoe, rather than a partial sleeve with the tongue attached to the upper only halfway. This ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

With all of the upgrades to the Air Max 2019, it is not only sure to please aesthetically, but it is also sure to stand up to the well-known Nike performance standard. As mentioned earlier, the shoe is designed to be comfortable and to stay snug on the runner’s foot through its full-length inner sleeve and heel grip on the very back of the shoe. With a shallow forefoot and toe box adding to the snug fitting midsole and gripping heel support, this running shoe will most definitely stay in place throughout the duration of any run. Its outsole is completely made up of solid rubber, which makes it able to withstand long-term use. The 13mm heel to toe drop increased heel padding, and airbag running the length of the shoe gives it the ability to cushion and protect a runner on both smooth to relatively rough terrain. The blown full-length airbag in the Air Max offers a bouncy responsiveness for impact absorption as well. The grip on the bottom of the shoe isn’t really meant for trail running but is well-suited for track, treadmill, or road running.