Nike Air Max 270

For their 27th anniversary, Nike gives a nod to its original predecessor, the 1991 Air Max 180, celebrating with sneakers that offer a unique middle-ground. The Nike Air Max 270 shoes have a breathable upper, slip-on design and an exaggerated heel.

Unlike the many Air Max models that came between the 180 and the 270, this shoe is not engineered to be a performance sneaker. This updated Air Max boasts the largest volume Max Air unit in the sneaker’s history and provides a great amount of responsive cushioning. The shoe has a neoprene stretch bootie construction which allows for a snug fit while its 3-piece midsole and engineered mesh upper offers durability.

This article will take a closer look at what consumers are saying about them in order to find out how the shoe actually stacks up.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Extremely responsive ride with its large air unit at the heel
  • Flexible reinforced rubber and rubber outsole 
  • Neoprene booty fits the sneaker snugly to your foot
  • Mesh overlay makes these shoes very breathable and lightweight
  • Comes in an excellent array of fun colorways
  • Designed to be comfortable with a lightweight upper, dual-foam midsole, and responsive heel
  • Cons
    • Expensive in terms of a lifestyle shoe
    • Tends to run narrow
    • Some colorways sell out quickly or are hard to find
    • Key Features
      This sneaker’s outsole features a solid rubber at the forefoot and transparent reinforced rubber around the air unit at the heel. Because this Air Max boasts Nike’s largest air unit in this sneaker’s history, the company wanted to be certain this technology was protected - hence the reinforced rubber around it. One look at the bottom of the shoe, and you’ll be able to see not only where this rubber is at the back of the shoe, but you’ll also be able to see where the two different midsole foam materials are used which are indicated by the matte and glossy rubber. The outsole also features the updated Air Max logo stamped into the middle, giving it a snazzy look. Right around that, the reinforced rubber on the heel and the rubber on the forefoot trace the outline of the shoe and provide traction and stability. The center of the forefoot features a ribbed pattern which allows for traction and flexibility.

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      The midsole of the Air Max 270 is what really makes this sneaker shine. Nike revolutionized the shoe world when it introduced the original Air Max with its air unit supporting the heel way back when, but with the 270, they broke the mold yet again. At 35mm thick, the 270 boasts Nike’s largest air unit ever. Although it looks like it extends across the width of the heel, it actually wraps around the heel and cups it in cushiony comfort. The sneaker’s midsole also features dual-density foam to deliver more plush cushioning and adds to the everyday comfort of this shoe. One thing you will know for sure with the Air Max 270, you will most certainly have a cushiony ride.
      The Air Max 270 boasts a soft mesh knit upper on the outside of the shoe with some wider opening in the knit. Underneath this, is a neoprene booty which is made up of a tighter knit resulting in a snug, lockdown fit. The padded tongue of the shoe is part of its upper, making it a one-piece design. This means you won’t have to worry about the tongue slipping down into the shoe during wear. The oval laces weave in an asymmetrical pattern through nylon bands that are attached to the mesh which also give this shoe a secure fit. A heel pull tab can also be found at the back of the sneaker which aids in easy on and off. Around the tip of the toe and at the arch of the foot, you will find a fused flexible overlay for added durability. At the back of the sneaker, the star performer of this shoe, the large air unit, is seamlessly molded into the upper with smooth glossy rubber.
      The engineering of the Air Max 270 makes this shoes very lightweight. Being that the upper is made up of both lightweight mesh and neoprene materials and that the heel is filled with air, they feel lightweight on your feet. In addition, the dual-foam midsole offers lightweight cushioning and comfort as well.
      Although this sneaker fits snugly to the foot with its neoprene booty, it is surprisingly breathable. Over the neoprene lies a mesh overlay, allowing your foot to breath. Most of the sneaker is made up of these breathable materials, giving it lots of points in the breathable department.
      The Air Max 270 is made to be a comfortable sneaker. With the flexible neoprene and mesh upper, the dual mesh midsole, and the super-responsive Air Max outsole, your feet will feel cushioned and supported. The asymmetrical lacing system also helps the shoe fit securely to your feet so you won’t need to worry about them slipping and thus creating blisters. Another great thing about these sneakers is that they don’t require a ton of break-in time so not only are they comfortable, but they also don’t take a long time to feel that way. One thing that should be noted, however, is that they tend to run a little narrow so if you have wide feet, these might not be the most comfortable sneakers for you.
      Nike has always been at the forefront of stylish sneakers and these are no disappointment. As stated earlier, the Air Max 270 was designed to be a lifestyle sneaker, more so than a performance shoe. That means they were made to be stylish. The sleek silhouette and exaggerated tongue give it a little bit of a vintage feel while its exciting colorways and glossy air unit make these sneakers modern and eye-catching. They can be worn in or out of the gym and will help anyone look up-to-speed in terms of style.
      Many Air Max 270 users have made remarks attesting to the durability of these shoes saying that they hold up well after lots of use. The large air unit may intimidate some in terms of how durable this sneaker may be, but because the outsole adds an excellent amount of protection to it, they should hold up nicely barring any sharp objects nearing the sides of the shoe. The outsole is made up of reinforced rubber while the upper has accents of fused overly, adding to the sneaker’s durability.
      Whether you are strapping the Air Max 270 on your feet for a casual stroll or for a quick pick-up game with your buds, these sneakers will protect your feet from underground debris. The reinforced rubber outsole, dual-foam midsole, and hefty air unit at the heel will keep you from feeling a whole lot of anything that might be underfoot. Due to the fact that the upper is made from mesh and neoprene, however, they won’t keep your feet dry if you get caught in wet conditions.
      The 35mm air unit featured on this sneaker provides a positively outstanding response to each step. Because the air unit cradles the heel and doesn’t fill the entire heel area, your heel is allowed to bounce and respond to each heel strike effectively. This sneaker also features a dual-density foam midsole which adds cushioning and response as well. These qualities, along with the rubber outsole, will definitely add spring to your step.
      The engineering of this shoe gives it a great amount of support for your feet. Although it isn’t technically a stability sneaker, it does provide a good amount of support through its snug-fitting neoprene booty in the upper and its supportive heel cup in the back. With that said, the Air Max 270 is not designed to be a performance sneaker so it is not recommended to do any serious training in them.
      The Nike Air Max 270 is made to be a casual lifestyle sneaker so it isn’t necessarily built to take you hiking across any imaginable terrain. The outsole is equipped with reinforced rubber and boasts a flexible waffle and ribbed design, but there aren’t a lot of lugs that would keep you safe on the trail. This shoe is really designed to be used on smooth surfaces like the sidewalk, asphalt, or even the treadmill.
      Being that this shoe isn’t meant to provide a lot in terms of performance, the price tag might throw you a little. The Air Max 270 prices out pretty similar to many running shoes while not offering a lot in terms of performance. With that said, these are extremely comfortable, offer a record amount of air-cushioned design and are very pleasing to the eye. That means, if you are okay paying for a stylish lifestyle sneaker, the price for these is pretty doable.
      The bottom of this sneaker features a three-part design on its outsole. From the toe of the foot and around to the middle is a line of rubber waffle-like minimalistic lugs while the middle of the forefoot is made up of a flexible ribbed rubber flush with the bottom of the shoe. The heel features reinforced rubber with a similar, yet smoother, waffle-like design. These three parts combined do not offer a whole lot in terms of traction, but they will perform well with regular everyday use.
      These sneakers offer a decent amount of flexibility thanks to the dual-foam midsole and the flexible mesh and neoprene upper. The bottom of the sneaker features minimal lugs and a flexible ridged pattern in the center of the forefoot, lending to a more flexible nature. The upper, midsole and outsole combine to provide a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible sneaker.
      Although it is not engineered to be a stability sneaker, the Air Max 270 will give you great stability for everyday wear. Despite the large air unit at the heel, the heel cup within the sneaker is stiff, allowing your foot to stay stable within the lightweight shoe. Also, because the neoprene booty and lacing system keeps the shoe snug to your foot, you will feel comfortable and stable with each step.
      The Air Max 270 is a pretty neutral shoe in general because it isn’t meant to provide a lot in terms of performance. However, because it has a 35mm air unit at its heel, it does have a larger drop than your typical lifestyle sneaker.
      Key Features
      - Largest air unit in Nike history - amazingly springy and responsive ride
      - Asymmetrical lacing system and snug fit
      - Neoprene booty helps shoe mold to almost any foot
      - Dual-density foam in midsole provides extra cushioning, comfort, and response
      - Lightweight upper and extreme comfort
      - Very stylish design gives a nod to its original predecessor, the Nike Air Max 180
      Bottom Line
      In the end, this exceptionally responsive shoe is fun to look at and super-comfortable to wear. By adding a 35mm air unit to the heel, which is the largest in Nike history, the sneaker company has made the Air Max 270 a shoe coveted by collectors and Nike-lovers alike. Due to the fact that it was not engineered to be a performance sneaker, it may not be the best choice if you are looking to do regular training runs or if you want to improve your splits. However, it does provide enough cushioning, comfort and response that it can be used to participate in occasional sporting activities without hurting your feet. The sneaker comes in a great array of exciting colorways so if you are looking to add to your sneaker collection and don’t care if your sneaker will help you run better, then you could purchase the extremely comfortable and stylish Air Max 270 in more than one color. Many users have said that this shoe holds up extremely well so you can plan on owning it for some time, as long as you use it as intended. It is also important to note that, like many Nikes, this shoe tends to run a little narrow so if you have wide feet, you may just have to pass on this one. All in all, the Nike Air Max 270 is a fun, stylish, vintage-inspired update that would make a great addition to your sneaker collection.
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