Nike LunarStelos

The Nike LunarStelos is a solid running shoe option for the average runner and offers a superior design that is perfect for all types of terrain.

The shoe is durable and comfortable and is a great option for training and long-distance running. They are a comfortable, flexible entry-level shoe that offers superior arch support due to the dual-density foam underfoot. They have enhanced ventilation and breathability for increased comfort. Additionally, the LunarStelos offer a sleek silhouette and appealing aesthetic design. Overall, this shoe is an excellent choice whether you are an occasional runner or you train on a daily basis.

The price is a bit hefty, but it is worth every penny due to the fact that the design manages to offer a superior level of comfort and cushioning while managing to not compromise on flexibility and weight.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Increased ventilation and breathability
  • Hot-knife cuts offer added flexibility
  • Dual-density midsole offers increased comfort
  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetic design
  • Cons
    • Upper durability is less than desirable
    • Runs a bit heavier on the scale of lightweight shoes.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of a shoe is the bottom portion of a running shoe, usually fabricated by some form of rubber (typically carbon or blown). A good outsole is absolutely essential in order to ensure comfortability, especially during long-distance training sessions. The outsoles of the Nike Lunar Stelos offer “hot-knife” cuts for added flexibility as well as heel molding for structure and support. The shoes offer durability in high-wear areas and an additional rubber crash rail on the lateral outsole for enhanced flexibility and comfort.
      True to its name, the midsole is located between the upper and outsole of a shoe. The midsole in the LunarStelos is primarily made out of out of a closed cell foam coined “EVA” or ethyl vinyl acetate. This is where the majority of the cushioning and stability are embedded in and for this reason the midsole is one of, if not the single most important portion of the shoe in terms of comfortability and cushioning. The LunarStelos features a dual-density comfortable midsole that offers superior cushion and support for long-distance runs.
      Selecting the right material is absolutely imperative for individuals and varies greatly depending on need. The upper of the Nike LunarStelos is fabricated out of mesh and synthetic and is designed for greater ventilation and breathability. Overall, reviews for this were mediocre with a handful of individuals complaining that the material was less than desirable.
      The Nike LunarStelos come in at 9.3oz for men and 7.7oz for women, which is far from the lightest option available on the market. However, the weight is good enough for the everyday runner looking to up the ante on their running game and take it to the next level.
      The Nike LunarStelos shoe was designed to provide the runner with optimum breathability and ventilation. It has a mesh and synthetic upper for this very purpose and features perforations on the midfoot for additional ventilation. Consumers can rest assured that they are purchasing a product that has put in place several mechanisms in order to ensure they have the most optimum degree of ventilation and breathability possible.
      Comfort is a significant factor to take into consideration when selecting the right running shoe for your needs. The Nike LunarStelos offers several mechanisms and factors including its dual-density midsole, added flexibility, and ventilation for increased breathability that makes the shoe rate high in terms of comfort.
      Style is definitely a factor that everyone takes into consideration when selecting a good running shoe. The Nike LunarStelos offers a sleek, lightweight design and modern silhouette with an overall clean aesthetic. It additionally comes in seven different vibrant color options to fit the preference of each buyer.
      The Nike LunarStelos offers increased durability and received excellent ratings in terms of wear and tear.

      These shoes rank well in terms of protection due to the fact that they are on the heavier side of the lightweight spectrum. They feature a durable upper, solid midsole and solid outsole that are great for running on all forms of terrain. As a result, whether you are hitting the trails, the beach, or the sidewalk, you can rest assured that the Nike LunarStelos offers a solid level of protection based on design and material.
      Responsiveness is the ability for a material or running shoe to return energy. A shoe with a high level of responsiveness is flexible and comfortable and allows the runner to spring faster after contact. The Nike LunarStelos offers a great level of responsiveness for its design due to the dual-density midsole and soft core which offer smooth transitions and are fabricated with the intent to maintain a lightweight design and feel.
      The Nike LunarStellos offers a solid level of support due to the added comfort and cushioning of the midsole and outsoles. As a result, they are a solid option to take into consideration when support is a key factor.
      These shoes perform well on any terrain due to the fact that they feature additional cushioning and stability. Whether running on a track, trail, sidewalk or uneven pavement, buyers can rest assured that these shoes offer the durability to handle whatever is coming their way.
      The Nike LunarStelos retails for $85.00 and individuals can rest assure that they are purchasing a comfortable and durable high-end product that won’t leave them regretting.
      The Nike LunarStelos offers great traction and grip for various surfaces due to the rubber outsole that features a waffle cut design and hot-knife cuts. Buyers can rest assured that they will not have to worry about skidding or sliding, which can throw off the pace and be especially costly to those who frequently race.
      The Nike LunarStelos hits the mark with just the right amount of flexibility without compromising cushioning and comfort.

      Stability deals with how well a shoe supports a runner’s foot and is important to take into consideration in order to prevent injuries, sprains, and cramping. The dual-density midsole and firm and durable outsole, as well as the 10mm heel drop, offer increased stability for the everyday runner, so buyers can rest assured that they are making a solid choice.
      The drop of a shoe refers to the measurement of the heel from the ground. The drop of the NikeLunarStellos comes in at 10mm, this is about twice the average of around 5mm and relatively large and most likely due to the added cushioning and increased level of comfort in the midsole and outsole.
      Key Features
      • Dual-density midsole
      • Super-soft underfoot core for a pleasant transition
      • Articulated hot-knife cuts
      • Rubber waffle outsole for traction
      • Midfoot Perforations for enhanced airflow
      • Rubber crash rail offers flexibility and cushioning
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Lunar Stellos is a well-rounded shoe that offers excellent marks in terms of performance, comfort, design and aesthetic. It ranked extremely high in terms of comfortability due to the various mechanisms in place such as the dual-density foam underfoot and added cushioning in the midsole. Additionally, the shoe offers superior support, helping to effectively prevent unnecessary injuries such as sprains and cramping. The material is fabricated to provide the runner with increased breathability and ventilation which serves well in preventing sweating and blistering and the hot-knife cut features and waffle cuts on the outsole offer added traction and protection.

      Overall, this is a solid entry-level shoe that manages to meet the needs of flexibility without compromising comfort and cushioning. It has received excellent reviews overall with the only recurring complaint being that the upper offers a less than desirable feel due to the mesh and synthetic design. A handful of buyers commented on the durability, but overall it ranked very highly in both. Its aesthetic design and vibrant color palette options are sure to make customization easy and fun for any buyer and individuals can rest assured that their money is being well-spent on a premium shoe that will be worth every penny.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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