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Nike's mantras of "Just Do It" and you're never finished even after you win has materialized in their newest iteration of the Nike Flyknit Air Max. Nike has taken a shoe model with a loyal following, from comfortable casual shoe enthusiast to runners, and has fused it's aesthetically pleasing and popular flyknit material to a shoe that has already won the hearts of many fans. The iconic swoosh brand pushes to be the pinnacle of performance in a very competitive market, often letting the quality of the products speak for themselves. Nike is no stranger to innovation, and when it comes to taking something that is already good, the brand strived to take things to the next level of making them great, but is the Nike Flyknit Air Max a great shoe? RunnerClick has the facts you need to make a decision whether these shoes are the right fit for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Nike's Flywire incorporated throughout the shoe allows for a fit that seems like the shoe was tailored specifically for your foot.
  • Impact absorption was superior due to full toe to heel cushioning inside the inner sole.
  • The rate of return on the overall value of the shoe.
  • The shoe is built to take a beating.
  • Cons
    • Weight, with a shoe being built to withstand outdoor elements the aggregated materials used give the shoe a somewhat weighted feel.
    • The outsole, although rubberized, was a bit slippery.
    • The shoe received complaints for being clunky.
    • Key Features
      The outsole is the bottom outer sole or the sole underneath the shoe. Depending on what type of terrain and surfaces you plan on majorly running, will define whether you want your shoes to be more "grippy" or not. The outsole of the Nike Flyknit Air Max comes in a pattern reminiscent of a waffle. Definitely, a pattern with a purpose because the intention of this pattern was to evenly distribute the weight displacement of the user as well as provide improved grip and traction during use. The grooves and indentations on the outsole allow the runner to possess a wide spectrum flexible movement.
      The midsole on any Nike Air Max has always been its claim to fame, and in lieu of the Air Max technology only being on half of the shoe's midsole as we've grown accustomed to, the entire midsole is a cushion. The midsole is where this shoe really shines, giving it that extra "spring" in each step and battling impact every time your foot plants back down. Although arguments have been made challenging the durability of a tubular bubbled midsole, the midsole has proven to keep itself on track and last the test of time and endurance.
      The upper of this shoe is draped in a fine Flyknit material and will give the shoe extra character on your outings. Aesthetics aside the upper part of the shoe composes a classic silhouette that is unmistakably Nike and alludes to a solid running shoe. The upper region of a running shoe is meant to secure the foot place without inherently becoming an intrusion. The upper on this shoe manages to lock your foot in place and allow flexibility all while providing the crucial circulation needed to avoid any overheating.
      This shoe model leans a bit more towards the heavier side when it comes to running shoes. With the men's version tipping the scale at almost 12 oz and the female's version at just a little over 9 oz, these weren't meant for the track. Typically anyone unfamiliar with running would believe the simple equation that a lighter shoe means less weight, and less weight means faster movement. Although this statement is rooted in truth, there are variables that are left out like the elements that these shoes will have to endure as you put miles on them running daily. The shoe's weight can be compared to "muscle weight", in reference to the materials being used having functionality and purpose. Every ounce added to the overall of this shoe is working for your benefit. Every shoe has its purpose and although this shoe "puts on pounds" in the weight department, it makes up for that in other benefits, such as durability.
      The Flyknit Technology makes breathing easy for your feet. Ventilation and cooling are critical when it comes to running and the woven Flyknit is everything you need to succeed when making sure your feet don't overheat. This shoe was designed as a daily runner and proper perforation placement throughout the Flyknit upper makes things a breeze. Sweaty sock syndrome is a runner's nightmare and should be avoided by assuring your shoes have the proper amount of ventilation available throughout the entirety of the shoe.
      This shoe was built with comfort in mind. Everything from the Air Max midsole to inner cushioning was designed to combat the pavement and fight back against aches after running. The material inside of the shoe is lined with a non-irritating fabric as well. Nike has invested time and effort into making sure their shoes feel as good to the foot during use as they should. Currently, the company offers a plethora of soles that provide the needed comfort and necessary stability to maximize your personal performance during your run.
      With style being as subjective as it is, and everyone having their own personal preference, this shoe's overall style points tally pretty high on the totem pole against the competition. The incorporation of the multiple colors and Flyknit gives the shoe a bespoke, almost jacquard look. It's safe to say you will accumulate many compliments whenever you're out on a run with these shoes. Before Flyknit, shoe manufacturers only had a limited amount of fabrics available to incorporate into a shoe, the most popular being leather. Leather wasn't bad with perforated adjustments, but Flyknit overlaid on top of Flywire gave birth to strength, flexibility, breathability, and style all in the same breath.
      With the shoe being designed for outdoor surfaces, durability was a key priority during the crafting of this model. A common complaint echoed about the shoe tends to be about its "clunkiness", but what some users would consider "clunkiness" is easily forgivable when you realize how well these shoes hold up. These shoes will support you in the long run, giving you that extra peace of mind as you go that extra mile.
      The Nike Air Max 2016 will provide suitable protection for your feet. Flyknit tends to be very lightweight, which would naturally draw a few concerns regarding the protection factor of the shoe, but rest assured, your foot will have nothing to fear once slipped inside these shoes.
      "Springy" is a term often associated with this shoe. You're able to hit the pavement without the pavement hitting you back. The response from these shoes allows you to be in complete control of your movement. The last thing any runner needs is dead weight on their feet, completely ruining what would potentially be a good run. These shoes will "converse" with you and willingly oblige to any and all demands of movement you may have.
      The mixture of inner cushioning and flexibility of the upper gives your feet great support. Keep in mind this shoe is a low cut shoe, and it excels well for what it is.
      The terrain where you will get the most value from this shoe is the pavement, and this is due to the shoe's design being fit for outdoor runnable terrain. Pavement, road and other similar surfaces are where this shoe will shine. Not exactly a trail shoe, but very close. Tackling concrete and other common urban obstacles, this shoe will make you forget the rough terrain and surfaces that your outsole grows more familiar with each step.
      The Nike Air Max 2016 is by no means a bargain bin running shoe, but the benefit that comes with a higher price tag is the amount of value the shoe returns right out of the box. The price tag is honestly justifiable with knowing what the shoe gives back.
      Traction can be very subjective depending on which surface, as well as the conditions associated with your run while wearing these shoes. The outsole gives the appearance of being overly grippy but proves to be not an apex performer when it comes to traction.
      Flywire and Flyknit create the perfect storm of flexibility when it comes to this shoe. Flexibility is often overlooked when it comes to a shoe as durable as the Nike Flyknit Air Max, but the materials used to create this shoe have set the bar for a running shoe to be durable without the sacrifice of flexibility. Shoes crafted out of other materials often tend to stick to the shape of their mold, restricting the often eccentric movement associated with running. Flywire being the backbone and strong skeleton to the shoe allows the Flyknit overlay to dance and behave in a fashion of flexibility as free as your imagination.
      Since the entire midsole is engulfed in Air Max technology this shoe proves to be very stable. There's no need to worry about your foot sliding around inside during a run. There virtually isn't anything that can ruin a run quicker than a shoe that refuses to provide stability during your run session.
      The drop is a solid 12mm, which is just 2mm over the 10mm average for running shoes, certainly not a deal-breaker by any means.
      Key Features of the Nike Flyknit Air Max
      • Flywire

      • Flyknit material

      • Air max midsole comfort cushioning

      • "Waffle" patterned outsole.

      Bottom line
      These shoes are perfect for the beginner to the intermediate level casual daily runner. This model of shoe has proven itself to be an evolving staple in Nike's performance running product offerings. If you enjoy being able to select a running shoe without a steep learning curve and a shoe that has the ability to perform right out of the box, then this is the shoe for you. This shoe is inherently durable albeit it includes more substantial materials overall to possess the attribute of lasting many miles. The shoe keeps you focused on your run, and not the terrain with amazing technology featured throughout the entire shoe. This shoe is exactly what many runners are looking solely based off of the versatility that this shoe possesses. With the 2016 year behind us, it seems Nike, just like their slogan, only has room to improve after given the feedback from users of the Nike Air Max 2016 model.
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