Nike Lunarglide 9

Overpronation can be a curse for runners. Those who overpronate suffer from the outer edge of their heel hitting the ground first, with your foot rolling inward into the arch, leading to overly flattening your foot with each step. Overpronation can lead to suffering from ankle sprains, shin splints, and heel spurs. It’s often recommended that runners who suffer from overpronation obtain a running shoe designed to combat and correct overpronation through cushioning and a construction that provides stability.

The Nike Lunarglide 9 is a lightweight trainer that aims to provide a combination of stability and cushioning to combat overpronation. For runners with mid to high arches and are seeking a smooth ride, the Lunarglide 9 features great cushioning, a secure upper, and a flexible and shallow toe box. The newly engineered mesh upper and Lunarlon foam midsole delivers a responsive transition through the gait cycle while keeping the foot secure and comfortable in the foot chamber.  

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However, the Lunarglide 9 is not just for those who overpronate. It’s also a neutral shoe that runners with regular pronation, and even those who tend to supinate, will find just as comfortable. This lightweight, supportive, and well-cushioned trainer is made for any type of distance, long or short, is versatile and offers excellent comfort and breathability. The updated Lunarlon foam midsole delivers a smooth ride and articulated laser cuts on its outsole dampen impact. Perhaps the strongest aspect of the Lunarglide 9 is that it’s a stability shoe that doesn’t carry a hefty price tag. Nike has created another winner in the Lunarglide 9, producing a lightweight, breathable, well-cushioned stability shoe that won’t break the bank and aims to help correct the problem of overpronation. Enjoy a great run in a stability shoe that has style and a great design with the Nike Lunarglide 9.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Plush inner sleeve 

  • Very light for a stability shoe

  • The Lunarglide 9 can be used for both short and long rides

    • Excellent breathability to keep the foot cool and dry

    • Competitively priced for a stability shoe

      • Some runners have found the fit somewhat tight

      • Lack of responsiveness has been noted in some reviews

      • Some have complained the outsole catches too many rocks
      • Key Features
        The Lunarglide 9’s laser-cut outsole provides excellent cushioning and slightly compresses upon impact. Made of soft rubber for a well-cushioned ride, the outsole is also flexible thanks to its laser cuts. The outsole has four pods under the midfoot and forefoot and one at the heel, all laser-sliced in concentric circles that look like a fingerprint. This sort of cut can be found in tires and is called siping, which allows the shoe to flex better and generate heat, which greatly aids in grip. There are numerous flex grooves both vertically and horizontally in the outsole, and the laser-cut grooves are what create the deep pods used in traction. However, these deep grooves, while they aid in flexibility and traction, also tend to collect rocks on a run, which is a complaint some reviewers have noted.
        The Lunarglide 8’s midsole is the Lunarlon foam midsole, which is cut by lasers designed to provide great cushioning and responsiveness. In addition, the standard Nike Dynamic Support system is in place, which includes a stiff wedge of foam in the heel to the midfoot, with the Lunarlon foam running along the lateral side. This provides support for those with mild to moderate overpronation need without adding too much weight to the overall weight of the shoe. Neutral runners will also enjoy the support and stability that the Lunarglide 9’s midsole provides.
        The upper of the Nike Lunarglide 9 is an (almost) one-piece made of newly engineered mesh, which is a jacquard style mesh--that is, a fabric created on a loom that creates an intricate irregular pattern--that provides great breathability and support during a run. Thick Flywire cords are used as the drawstrings, which provide an enhanced midfoot hold. Meanwhile, a plush inner sleeve prevents the thick cords from causing pressure to the top of the foot. The tongue and collar have good cushioning that feels soft and smooth against the skin. With a traditional lace-up closure, the upper of the Lunarglide 9 is both comfortable and supportive.
        Weighing in at 9.30 ounces/264 grams, the Lunarglide 9 is a surprisingly lightweight stability shoe that both those that suffer from overpronation and regular pronating runners will find a comfortable and easy shoe in which to run.

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        Due to the newly engineered jacquard upper, the Lunarglide 9 is a highly breathable trainer, one that is both flexible and comfortable to the touch. Runners can be guaranteed a cool, dry run each time out, whether on a long or short run, in this pair.
        Crafted to provide extra support to those who overpronate, the midsole of the Lunarglide 9 is exceedingly comfortable. But its laser-cut outsole and smartly designed pods are also constructed from a soft rubber that aids in cushioning with each impact. Its upper’s soft mesh material is also plush and comfortable against the skin. In addition, the Lunarglide 9 are also lightweight, so runners will find wearing a pair effortless and easy on their feet on long runs.
        The low-cut design of the Lunarglide 9 looks sleek and smooth, with the large Nike swoosh logo emblazoned on its side. Coming in 10 different color combinations (most of the muted colors on the palette) this is not a flashy shoe, which can be a good thing. Not every running shoe needs to be bright and kaleidoscopic, after all, and the Lunarglide 9 instead favors an understated look over the (sometimes too) flashy aesthetic.
        With its synthetic mesh upper and Lunarlon foam midsole, the Lunarglide 9 is a relatively durable shoe. Its upper will certainly retain its integrity even after many miles on the road. Some reviewers have complained that the soft rubber outsole deteriorates quickly, but this may vary from runner to runner.
        If you’re looking for a trainer that will traverse the sidewalks and roads of your town, or glide effortlessly over track surfaces, the Nike Lunarglide 9 will keep your feet safe. Its midsole is designed to provide supreme support and stability, while its soft rubber outsole compresses and cushions with each impact. However, it isn’t going to provide much in the way of protection in inclement weather or on tougher terrain.
        While the Lunarglide 9 is a supportive, comfortable, and well-cushioned trainer, some reviewers have criticized its lack of responsiveness. Although the outsole certainly offers a good amount of traction, perhaps its complex padded midsole takes a little away from its overall responsiveness.
        The Lunarlon foam midsole and Nike Dynamic Support system offers excellent support, particularly for those who suffer from overpronation. With a stiff wedge that runs from the heel to the midfoot and the Lunarlon foam that runs on the lateral side, the support that the Lunarglide 9 offers will be appreciated by overpronators and those with regular pronation alike.
        Made for regular running surfaces--asphalt, pavement, concrete, tracks--the Lunarglide 9 is best on these common paths. Not for trail running (although runners may be able to take on light trails), and certainly not for more extreme outdoor adventures, runners will be best to stick to the regular running surfaces that most runners will tread.
        One of the best aspects of the Nike Lunarglide 9 is its price point. Stability shoes can get quite pricey, but this shoe manages to keep the price down without taking away any of its strengths. Overpronators will find its great price a relief, and thanks to its solid performance runners will not have to sacrifice support, breathability, and performance for the price.
        With a laser-cut outsole featuring five large pods--four in the midfoot and forefoot and one at the hell--the Lunarglide 9 provides excellent traction on the road. Laser-cut grooves in a concentric circle which replicate the cut found on tires, called siping, that allows the shoe more flexibility and helps generate heat, aiding in grip.
        The synthetic mesh upper is highly flexible and wraps around the foot after lace-up while the outsole has a great amount of flexibility as well. Although the midsole is somewhat firm because of its complex construction, overall the Lunarglide 9 is an overall flexible shoe.
        The Lunarglide 9 is a stability shoe through-and-through. As such, it offers a great about of stability throughout. With the Nike Dynamic Support system that includes a stiff foam wedge from heel to midfoot and Nike’s Lunarlon foam that runs along the lateral side, runners--particularly those who overpronate--provides support for those who suffer from mild to moderate overpronators. However, neutral runners will also enjoy the support and stability that the Lunarglide 9 provides.
        Stability is the key selling point of the Lunarglide 9, but instead of going minimalist or zero drop, Nike has kept the drop standard. With a 10mm drop, runners will find no surprises in the drop of the Lunarglide 9, which is both a standard and average drop. This may come as a relief to some runners who would rather not transition to a zero drop or even a lower drop than they are used to.
        Key Features
        - Lunarlon midsole on the lateral side to combat overpronation
        - Newly engineered mesh upper for excellent breathability
        - Nike Support System midsole for comfort and stability
        - Subtle and fashionable without being too flashy
        - Great traction with laser-cut grooves on the outsole
        - A stability shoe that neutral runners will find comfortable
        - Comfortable and snug fit after lace-up
        Bottom Line
        The 9th iteration of Nike’s Lunarglide line, small tweaks have improved upon an already solid overall stability shoe. The sole unit pattern has been upgraded to provide smooth contours and laser-cut grooves to provide more comfort and traction, while the soft rubber it is made from cushions the impact with each footfall. The unique pattern on the pods, which is made of concentric circles, a technique known as siping. Normally used in tires, this pattern allows for more flexibility and also generates heat, which helps with grip. Grooves around these pods also help with traction and flexibility, which unfortunately tend to collect rocks on a run.

        Comfortable on all runs, short and long, the Lunarglide 9 is a lightweight stability shoe that provides a soft, comfortable ride. Its upper’s new engineered mesh, a jacquard material, is durable and breathable, which is lightweight and keeps the foot cool and dry throughout a ride. The Flywire cords that are encased in a sock-like liner in the upper aids in midfoot hold and support and a stiff heel counter is integrated with the overall design that also looks sleek and aids in heel security.

        Overpronators, rejoice! The Nike Lunarglide 9 is here to help your sufferings. If you’re a runner that finds their heel hitting the ground and your foot rolling inward during a run and subsequently suffer from ankle sprains, heel spurs, and shin splints, the Lunarglide 9 is a stylish, affordable, and comfortable stability shoe that doesn’t look like one. Mild to moderate overpronators will find the Lunarglide 9 a great comfort to what ails them, while neutral runners looking for a little more support and stability will also enjoy what this shoe has to offer. A lightweight trainer that offers stability and cushioning for runners with mid- to high arches that overpronate and are in the market for a smooth ride during their run will find the Nike Lunarglide 9 a smooth, comfortable, and affordable solution to their problems.
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