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The Nike Presto first came on the shoe scene in 2000. It was created to add a comfortable, functional, extremely lightweight shoe to the Nike line. The newest iteration of this innovative design combines the best from the original models along with an updated upper design and added technology. The outcome is an extremely comfortable shoe that has been engineered to fit like a slipper, act as a competitive athletic shoe, and look good with a wide variety of outfits and fashion choices. This shoe utilizes Nike’s patented Flywire cables and a durable, rubberized outsole to add support to this shoe. Runners love the style too. This shoe is a perfect example of Nike’s stellar ability to mix fashion and athletic form. This is a good shoe choice for someone who needs a comfortable, stylish shoe when they are walking far distances, running lightly, or performing cross-training activities. This is a more affordable option for folks who are looking for the performance and style of a high-quality Nike shoe but don’t want to break the bank in the process.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons



Lightweight and extra comfortable

Great for cross training



Not designed for long distance workouts

Not designed as a stability shoe

Key Features
The outsole of the Nike Presto Fly is designed to be both durable and flexible. Since the purpose of the shoe is to feel almost like a t-shirt, the engineers who created this shoe wanted to make sure that the outsole provided a protective base that didn’t get in the way of the flexible comfort of the design. The outsole design features a lightweight rubberized pod pattern along the underfoot. This adds durability and traction while keeping the weight low and the profile minimal. The reinforced duralon material is strong and lasts for an extended amount of time, but doesn’t add the bulk and rigidity that other outsoles can add. The outsole is also lined with flex grooves for even more flexibility.
Nike wanted to stay with the minimalist feel throughout this shoe, so they opted for a midsole that was cushioned and comfortable, but extremely lightweight and adaptive. The Airsole Midsole foam protects the runner by absorbing shock, making this a good choice for those who are standing or walking all day. Since the midsole foam is designed to adapt to the shape of each runners’ foot, runners reported that this midsole provides customizable support regardless of the height of your arches. Although this midsole foam does provide support, it is still extremely flexible and is designed to support the natural gait cycle of the runner.
The upper of this shoe is where runners can expect to see the most drastic changes. Nike is known as being a company that is driven by their customer’s needs and requests, and that can be seen in the changes from the original Presto. The key change is that Nike got rid of the TPU cage that surrounded the midfoot. By doing this, Nike was able to add even more flexibility and comfort.

The new mesh upper is stretchy and slides on easily. In fact, runners won’t need to worry about keeping these shoes tied at all because the design is based on a no tie lacing system. This lacing system utilizes Nike’s patented Flywire cables. This helps to keep the foot locked in place, eliminating unwanted movement that can lead to friction and blisters. The upper material is soft to the touch and feels like you are sliding into your favorite worn in t-shirt. Additionally, runners should expect to see a more stylish, sleeker design that looks great in the gym or as a part of a fashion-forward outfit.
This shoe is one of the most lightweight shoes in Nike’s collection. Runners love that this shoe is easy to wear and so comfortable that it can be worn on the days where they are walking far distances or standing for long periods of time. Nike made sure to include only the most lightweight materials in its construction to give this shoe a cushioned, yet minimalist feel.
Simply by looking at and holding the Presto Fly in your hand, it is easy to see and feel the high level of breathability in this shoe. For starters, the overall material used in the construction of the upper is so lightweight, that air flows freely into and around the foot. The entire upper is covered in an open mesh design. The only downside to this lightweight, breathable material is that it is not water resistant in any way, making it a poor choice for running in rainy conditions.
This shoe was designed for comfort, and many runners can attest to the overall comfort that this shoe provides. The entire upper of the shoe is constructed using a single paneled design. This means that the tongue of the shoe is actually connected to the upper material. It gives the shoe an authentic bootie-like fit and feel. The lacing system stays continuously laced and is connected to Nike’s patented Flywire cables. This design keeps the foot secure without adding unwanted bulk or weight. The physical material is soft to the touch and is similar to cozy socks. The Airsole midsole foam adapts to the shape of the foot, cradling the foot regardless of the arch height.
One of the key reasons why runners choose to purchase this shoe is for the fashion-forward design and aesthetic. The shoe is offered in a variety of colors, and Nike also provides the option to customize your shoe for an added cost. Without the customizing option, the colors that are offered are more muted like white, black, and oatmeal in order to go with all looks, athletic as well as casual. The upper of this shoe has shed the TPU cage that came standard with the original Presto and replaced it with the sleeker, more stylish Flywire Cables.
Runners were pleasantly surprised at how durable this shoe proved to be considering how lightweight and flexible it is. Although the upper material is thin and soft, it holds up well to extensive wear. Additionally, the Flywire Cables help to protect the majority of the upper from dirt and debris to keep it looking newer for longer. Although this shoe is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, it is also designed for those who are standing or walking for long periods of time, so the rubberized pod outsole construction is durable and long lasting.
Since this shoe is designed with more of a style and light use purpose in mind, Nike did not include too many protective elements. The protective elements that can be found center around comfort. The Airsole Midsole foam unit is designed to absorb the shock of each footfall and protect the runner from injury and pain. Likewise, the Flywire Cable lock down design of the upper protects the foot from unwanted movement that can lead to friction and blisters. In addition to this, the upper material is so lightweight and breathable that runners were protected from overheating even during the warmest weather conditions.
The Airsole Midsole foam has been described by runners as adaptive and highly responsive. This foam is designed to conform to the unique shape of each runner’s foot so that it can easily and efficiently respond to changes in pace and direction. Likewise, the outsole foam is protective and durable, but thin enough that runners can still feel the road below them, allowing them to respond quickly to any changes.
The main areas of support can be found in the upper and through the arch of the shoe. Although the newer model of the Presto has lost the TPU midfoot cage that was found on the original, Nike wanted to ensure that the support provided by the TPU cage was included in the Presto Fly. They exchanged the TPU midfoot cage for their patented Flywire Cables. These cables attach to the lacing system to create a dynamic lock down mechanism. This ensures that the foot is held in place and avoids the risk of friction. The other supportive element found on these shoes is the extra arch support provided to runners. The Airsole Midsole foam adapts to the shape of the foot and rises up to cradle the arch, regardless of the shape or height of the runner’s arch.
This shoe should be reserved for urban workouts and adventures. Runners love this shoe for cross training and weight training, making it a great choice for the gym or for various aerobic classes. The rubberized pod outsole design provides added traction, making this a good choice for track workouts or even for running bleachers. It is also a great choice for pavement and makes a great all-day walking companion. However, this shoe lacks the proper traction or lug system to safely carry you across off-road trails.
This shoe provides runners the chance to own a stylish, functional Nike without breaking the bank. There are much more expensive Nike’s on the market, but the Presto Fly comes in slightly under the average price for a high-quality athletic leisure shoe on today’s market. In addition to this, runners noted that since this shoe can be used for athletic pursuits as well as a fashionable accessory for all of their casual outfits, it is really like getting two shoes in one, which increases the overall value of the shoe. Runners should note, however, that the lower price tag comes with the classic color options. If runners want to create a customized look, the price will increase.
Nike added in additional traction features to the outsole of this shoe. Runners can expect to find a rubberized Pod feature along the underfoot that creates a grippy feel. Runners reported that this shoe is good for uneven surfaces, and helps them feel safe while performing activities like running bleachers or participating in group fitness classes.
This is a great shoe for runners who are looking for a flexible fit and an all-day comfort. The reinforced Duralon outsole provides runners with a flexible heel to toe gait cycle. Flex grooves line the underfoot too, adding even more flexibility. The upper of the shoe slides on and stretches to conform to the unique shape of the foot. The tongue is attached to the upper, allowing the entire shoe to stretch and move with the natural movement of the foot.
This is not a shoe that is designed for runners who are looking for assistance with over or under pronation issues. This shoe is not designed to improve or change your gait cycle, and instead, works with the natural movement of the gait cycle without interfering with cumbersome stability features. This shoe is more of a minimalist shoe than a stability shoe, and while there are great stability options on the market, this is not one of them.
The Nike Presto Fly has a low profile and a lower than average heel drop. This shoe provides runners with a good level of cushioning and comfort, but the overall heel to toe drop is slightly lower than the average running shoe on today’s market. This does not mean that runners should look to this shoe if they are looking for a zero drop shoe. It is only slightly lower than the average running shoe and will only require a small amount of time to adapt.
Key Features
- T-shirt feeling material
- Durable Rubberized Pod outsole design
- Lightweight
- Flywire cables attached to the lacing system for added support
- Airsole midsole foam adapts to the shape of the foot
- Reinforced duration outsole
- Flex grooves
- Stretch fit, bootie construction
- Multiple color options
Bottom Line
The Nike Presto Fly is Nike’s latest iteration of their iconic Presto. Nike worked to update the look and design of the shoe while keeping the features that their customers loved. The shoe is still extremely comfortable and lightweight, but the upper has been updated, namely, the TPU midfoot cage has been replaced with Nike’s patented Flywire Cables. This enables the shoe to keep its supportive fit while also providing a stylish aesthetic. Runners can choose from a wide range of colors and for an extra price, custom designs their own look. This shoe has a bootie-like fit and feels that is great for walking or being on your feet all day. It’s a good option for cross training and light running, but not suggested for long or aggressive running workouts.
Where to Buy
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