NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Boots/Recovery System

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you are training for a big race, or you just really put your feet and legs through the wringers throughout the course of a day, a good recovery system is never a bad idea.

The Normatec boots recovery system may come in at a pretty steep price point, but it is well worth every penny for athletes looking for a little relief at the end of the day. In fact, these boots are so effective that they are even used by Lebron James!

These compression boots work by squeezing the affected muscle groups and boosting circulation to help your muscles heal quickly. Using them for only 10-30 minutes can really help cut down on muscle fatigue, help ease soreness so you can get back out there the following day, and can even enhance your full range of motion.

This design is super easy to use, offers quite a few settings for modest to serious recovery, and allows you to target very specific muscle groups.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Normatec boots a must-have in your training arsenal!
Editor's Pros & Cons

Used by professional athletes

Utilizes NormaTecs patented pulse technology

Users can target specific muscle groups

Offers up to 7 levels of intensity

Battery lasts up to 2 hours

Small and compact

Runs very quietly



The battery takes 6 hours to charge

No carrying case included

Key Features

Key Features


If you have ever pushed your body to its limits, you are quite familiar with sore muscles. It’s tight, it’s uncomfortable, and it makes lacing your shoes up the following day incredibly hard. Training on sore muscles is doable, but it is not ideal.

To help build strength safely and effectively, it’s important that you let your muscles heal before putting them through the wringer again. If you have a strict training schedule and just don’t have time for healing, that’s where the NormaTec compression boots come in.

Sore muscles occur when lactic acid builds in the fiber when you tear your muscle down. By popping on a pair of compression boots, you can help to flush your muscle of lactic acid and help boost circulation.

What I love most about these boots is that they help to cut down on soreness, improve circulation, and actually boost flexibility and performance. After a brief session with these compression boots, you will be more than ready to lace up those sneakers and get back to training!


One of the things that users love most about this design is that it allows you to target specific muscle groups for a boost of relief. By using the easy-to-use handheld console, you can select an area on your legs that needs a little extra TLC. If you have been standing on your feet all day, you can simply use this device for targeted relief on your feet and lower legs.

This design also allows you to easily adjust the intensity of compression offered. The range of compression has 7 different settings, and many users found that setting 7 is just a little too intense.

The console tells you how many minutes you have been using your device, details the specific muscle groups being worked, and allows you to make quick changes to the muscle groups being worked.


This design comes in three different sizing options that accommodate a wide variety of users. If you measure to be under 5’3’’, the short option is your best bet. For users that are between 5’3’’ and 6’3’’, the standard size will be the best choice for your legs.

Due to the fact that this design is used by professional athletes (such as basketball players), it is also offered in a tall size that is great for users that measure to be over 6’4’’ tall.

I also appreciate that the handheld console is small and compact. While it doesn’t come with a carrying case, users are able to store this small and compact device easily in a suitcase or toss it into their gym bag for quick transport.


NormaTec has done its research! They have a patented style of compression that has been proven to help reduce pain and cut down on soreness.

Their Pulse system pulses one chamber on your legs and then holds compression as it pulses up in another chamber. This pulse system has been proven to be more effective and improves circulation and flushing out waste, which makes this compression system worth checking out.

This system provides users with up to 7 levels of compression control, which allows you to work up to more compression as you become more comfortable with this device. Compression therapy can be a little intense at first, so I suggest starting off at the lowest setting to test your tolerance. As you become more comfortable with the device, you can increase your intensity setting.

The compression offered by this device is quite impressive, and even skilled athletes that put their body through the wringer don’t even use the highest and most intense setting!


This device is fairly small and compact, which means it’ll be a cinch to pack it into your suitcase or gym bag when you need to take your recovery game with you on the go.

One of the downsides that I found to this system, however, is that it doesn’t come with a carrying case. Many similar designs out there on the market include a compact carrying case for your battery, changers, and boots themselves. This option, surprisingly, does not include a carrying case.

One thing that I did like about this design is that all of the components are surprisingly small and lightweight. The control panel is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but reading the numbers on the controls is very easy at a glance.

While this device is super small, an extra carrying case would give it an A+ in my book. It’s a little bit of a missed opportunity.


There are some pros and cons about the power source on these boots, and it boils down to a matter of personal preference.

This device is completely battery-powered, which means that you won’t have to be tethered to a power outlet while you use these boots. While it’s great for people on the go or recovering in the gym after a workout, it does have a few disadvantages.

Overall, users found that they could get about 2 hours of consistent pressure, and the power doesn’t fade as the battery depletes. Your usage out of this battery also depends on the power settings. If you use it at a low setting, it will last a little bit longer.

The downside to this battery is that it takes a full 6 hours to change completely. If you forgot to charge your battery (like I do all the time), it means that you will likely have to wait quite a while for the battery to change, which can be frustrating if you are on the hunt for a little leg relief.

The good news is that NormaTec also provides an AC adapter that will tether you to a power outlet, but will ensure that you can fit in a good compression session if you forget to charge your battery!


The price of these boots is quite expensive, but they are worth every penny if you feel you are booking an appointment for a massage on the regular!

Normatec boots are regarded as the best of the best out there on the market and are used by a number of professional athletes (such as LeBron James).

More affordable options do exist, but they don’t quite offer the same level of relief and compression as this option. If you are looking for an effective pair of compression boots, you will need to pay the higher price point to ensure that you select something that is effective and will withstand years of continued use.



Compression therapy is super important for athletes that don’t quite have time to let their muscles heal on their own. While many runners often train on sore muscles, this can be a recipe for injuries, and can actually stall your progress in the long run.

The NormaTec Boot system provides complex compression relief to help boost circulation, remove waste from sore muscles, and help you get out on the road sooner. This design may cost quite a bit, but it is well worth every penny!

What makes this design stand out from other options out there on the market is NormaTecs patented Pulse therapy style of compression. The pulsing sensation helps to massage muscles and move lactic acid away from your muscles so that they heal quickly.

If you are in the market for a great pair of compression boots that are small and compact, easy to use, and incredibly effective, the NormaTech compression boot is by far your best option if you can swing the steep price point.