Osprey Tempest 9

In the creation of their Tempest 9, Osprey made sure to include a slew of their patented technologies to provide women with the most comfortable, advanced, versatile pack to date. This pack is perfect for the day hiker or for someone looking for a smart way to lug their things around either on campus on to the market. It comes in two sizes and four stylish colors. This pack has a wide variety of pockets and compartments to hold all of your items as well as an external hydration sleeve. The Osprey Tempest 9 comes equipped with locations to store your hiking poles, your helmet, and all of your hiking and day to day necessities. Lightweight and sporting an aerodynamic design, this pack was built for speed. The makers of this pack were sure to consider how to maximize comfort for their athletes and this is shown through their engineering from the aluminum peripheral frame to their patented BioStrech built in hip strap. All of these elements are designed to keep the runner comfortable and protected from injury. Hikers, walkers, bikers, and runners all commented on the comfort and accessibility of this pack. While it might be slightly higher in price than some runners feel comfortable, it is important to keep in mind that this is a pack that will last.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Four vivid colors
  • Uniquely designed to fit a women’s body
  • Multiple pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • Not large enough for overnight adventures
    • Key Features
      This pack is designed to be used as a daily companion for hikers, runners, walkers, or anyone looking for a lightweight way to carry their daily items around. This pack is large enough to accommodate all of the necessities for a daytime hike or run but is still small enough to be fast and lightweight. This pack comes with a wide variety of pockets including a harness pocket, a side stretch pocket, a zippered hip belt, a large main compartment and adjustable back panel bungee cords to hold a jacket or rain coat in place. The Tempest 9 also comes equipped with an external hydration pack. Runners appreciated that this pack has stations to hold your hiking poles and helmet in place when you are not using them. Osprey’s patented Stow on the Go trekking pole carrying system is an accessible way to store your hiking poles when you don’t need them and their patented LidLock Helmet carry is the perfect way to connect your helmet to your pack when you stop for a snack or coffee. This pack comes in 2 sizes and specifically designed to fit the unique shape of a woman to provide maximum comfort and support. At a mere 1.24 pounds empty, this pack is lightweight and versatile enough for a variety of activities.
      While the majority of this pack is made using a nylon material, Osprey made sure to add in maximum breathability where it matters the most. They use their patented AirSpace Back Panel along the back of this pack to ensure that runners stay cool and comfortable during their runs an outing. Runners commented positively that these additional elements did a great job of wicking away sweat and keeping runners comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions. The BioStretch Harness and continuous wrap belt found around the hip also employs a very breathable material to keep runners comfortable.
      One of the biggest complaints about backpacks is that they put too much pressure on the back and can only be carried for short amounts of time before causing pain and injury. The Osprey Tempest 9 designed their pack to reduce pressure from these areas and included a slew of different design elements to provide the runner with additional lumbar support. Thier patented lumbar to hip belt wrap takes pressure off of the back and places it in the hips where it is less likely to cause pain and injury. The unique design of the aluminum peripheral frame transfers pressure from the back to the hips. Another element of this pack that is designed to provide added comfort is the back through Osprey's patented Airspace Back Panel. This element is designed to wick away sweat and provide maximum ventilation to reduce discomfort and chaffing in the back area regardless of the weather conditions.
      This back pack is designed for the unique shape of a woman. It comes in two different sizing options, extra small/small and small/medium. In both sizing options, runners should be aware that the pack is designed to stay snuggly against the body and can be adjusted with the shoulder straps and the adjustable, lumbar to hip belt wrap. This pack weighs less than 1.5 pounds empty, and while it is a smaller pack, it contains enough pockets and carrying compartments to hold all of your essential items on a day hike or run.
      The majority of this pack is made from a tear proof nylon. Runners who used this pack almost exclusively for day hiking and trail racing found the pack to be exceptionally durable in its design. They reported that they never needed to worry about rips or tears and that the Osprey Tempest 9 stood up against some of the toughest conditions. Likewise, runners were pleased that all of the zippered pockets and bungee units stayed intact even after excessive use. Although the price tag is slightly higher on this product, many reviewers commented that because of the impressive durability, this product is worth the price.
      This backpack doesn’t come with any tangible accessories. Instead, the pack offers additional elements to help keep the runner safe, protected and comfortable throughout their run. For starters, they offer a unique place to hold you trekking pole while you are not using them as well as a place to clip your helmet to when you are not wearing it. Additionally, this pack comes wrapped in reflective detail to keep the runner safe on all of their excursions in low light areas.
      While there are lots of good backpacks out there, runners reported that this one not only provides superior function, but it also gives runners a very stylish pack as well. For starters, the Osprey Tempest 9 comes in 4 different colors: Iris blue, mystic magenta, black and lucent green. Each color is unique and stylish in their own way. Likewise, the pack is small enough that it creates a streamlined silhouette that isn’t bulky or cumbersome to wear. Runners loved this pack for its ability and versatility on the trails or road but they also loved it for its stylish, fashionable look that was perfect for a college campus.
      This pack is not for the runner on a tight budget. It comes in higher than the average price of a day hiking back pack. However, even though the price is slightly higher, runners commented again and again on the long life span on the Tempest 9. From campus to the trails, this pack last and lasts even after extensive use which makes it a smart investment and a valuable purchase in the long run.

      Key Features
      - AirSpace Back Panel
      - Women’s specific style and sizing
      - Biostretch harness and continuous wrap belt
      - Added suspension system
      - Lidlock Helmut carry
      - Stow on the Go trekking pole system for carrying
      - Zippered hip belt
      - Back panel adjustable bungees
      - Side stretch pockets
      - Lumbar to hip belt wrap
      Bottom Line
      Reviewers after reviewers agree that this is a high quality, multi-use backpack. The pack is lightweight and small enough to be used for speed but large enough to comfortably hold all of your essential items for a day hike or race. The pack comes in a variety of vibrant, stylish colors and runners love that even though the pack is slightly higher in price than some others on the market, this is a product that can hold up to the test of time. The overall durability of this product was especially attractive to hikers who found the nylon material of the pack to be virtually tear proof. This pack is aerodynamically designed to fit the unique shape of a woman and works hard to remove unwanted pressure from the back. Runners who are prone to back pain and injury found this pack to be a great choice due to the Lumbar hip to belt wrap design that takes pressure off of the back and redistributes it to the hips.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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