On Cloudsurfer 6

The On Cloudsufer 6 provides an energetic, smooth, and lightning-fast ride that is perfect for 5ks all the way up to marathon-level daily training.

You can also tuck them away as your secret weapon come race day.

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Pros & Cons
Weighs in at just over 7 ounces
Stiff heel counter boosts lockdown
Speedboard built into midsole naturally propels your forward
Zero-Gravity foam in heel counter for cushioned landings
Roomy toe box
Ideal for short or long-distance runs as well as speedy agility work
Offers a bright and energetic ride that is kind to your joints
Runs narrow
Some runners feel this shoe is just too stiff
Key Features
Key Features

The design of the midsole on the Cloudsufer 6 is simple yet very effective. This design uses a thinner layer of foam throughout the shoe to cut down on weight, and higher concentrations of foam where you need it most.

The heel counter of this design has On’s Zero-Gravity foam blend that is ultra-lightweight yet supportive. More foam in the heel translates to comfortable landings and snappy toe-offs.

This midsole also contains something called a Speedboard that is very similar to a carbon plate found in other speedy running shoes. This Speedboard cradles your foot in place and helps to naturally propel your forward to reach high speeds.

On creates a special Speedboard for every individual shoe in their lineup, and the design for the Cloudsurfer is geared more toward speed and forward propulsion.

It’s important to note that while this shoe may be fast, it’s not the most cushioned and comfortable midsole in the On lineup.

Overall, runners found that this midsole felt a little hard and rigid, especially on those first initial runs. It’s packed with a good deal of energy return, but it doesn’t exactly feel plush and luxurious.


It’s hard not to be drawn in by the unique design of this outsole. It is composed of On’s proprietary Rebound rubber that provides a bright and energetic ride while still offering an incredibly durable design.

The built of this outsole offers small springboards that feel like you are running on clouds. While this outsole has a unique built that is only found from On, it doesn’t suffer from limited durability. This outsole may look gimmicky, but it is built to last for hundreds of miles before it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

For an added boost of speed and agility, this outsole boasts exposed EVA foam that splits the outsole down the middle. By sectioning the outsole into vertical chambers, it cuts down on the overall weight of the shoe while boosting your speed and agility.

With the cloud pod construction of the outsole, this exposed EVA foam will never come in contact with the ground, which adds to this shoe’s overall durability.

It’s hard to describe just what it feels like running on this unique outsole. It’s something that you just have to experience for yourself!


For a speedy shoe, I was expecting a very minimalistic upper, but that’s just not the case with the On Cloudsufter 6. This upper is composed of modest padding in key areas of the foot, and it is made from stiff mesh materials.

It provides runners with vented panels on key areas of the foot while aiding in breathability, but even with the vented panels this shoe still runs a little bit hot. For those cooler mornings or winter running, the stiff style of this upper will work much better than when running in hot weather.

A stiff heel collar and reinforced toe box do a really great job at keeping your feet protected as well as aiding in lockdown so the shoe doesn’t shift around on your feet.

I found that the construction of the tongue was something new and unique. Instead of utilizing a classic gusseted tongue, the Cloudsufter 6 hosts a wrap-around upper that hugs your foot the same way you wear a bathrobe.

This unique tongue contours to your foot like a glove, and the seamless construction limits irritation and hot spots along the top of your foot.

A solid construction tongue also means you won’t need to worry about constantly adjusting your tongue on your daily runs.


The On Cloudsufer 6 is designed for runners that want to go fast. The high-performing outsole with its responsive midsole keeps your gait cycle nice and bright. Many runners found that simply lacing up these shoes sent a lightning bolt of energy up through their bodies and begged them to pick up the pace.

If you want to shave a few seconds or even minutes off of your time, the Cloudsurfer 6 is a great tool to help you achieve your goals.

With a speedy and responsive design, many runners tuck these shoes away for race day. While that’s certainly an option, this style of shoe is the type that only gets better the more that your break them in. The high durability of these shoes makes them the perfect daily training and race day shoes all in one compact package.

The only downside to this shoe is that many runners felt that it was incredibly stiff in the upper as well as the midsole. If you love squishy and soft midsoles, this shoe may fall a little flat when you take it out for a ride.


Overall, the Cloudsufer 6 tends to run a little small. It boasts a narrow midfoot and a surprisingly narrow heel counter.

The narrow design helps to boost lockdown to keep these shoes firmly in place on your feet and makes them ideal for speedy agility work.

However, if your foot is slightly wider than average, it may be in your best interest to opt for a half size larger than you would normally wear.

What I love about On Running shoes is that they provide a very detailed sizing chart to ensure that you get the right size for your feet to spare yourself the hassle of making a return. There are two ways to ensure that you get the right size.

First, you can take measurements of your feet and compare them to On’s sizing chart. They can also make a suggestion based upon the size, brand, and style of your previous running shoes.


There’s no real surprise when it comes to the price tag of this shoe. It’s not the most affordable running shoe out there on the market, but it’s fairly competitive with other high-end brands such as Hoka or Brooks. It’s not exactly considered to be a budget-friendly trainer, but the high-end durability of this shoe makes it an incredible value.

Many runners were able to clock in well over 500 miles before the outsole started to wear down. Sure, you could save a few bucks by choosing something that is more affordable, but budget-friendly shoes aren’t quite as durable.

If you have the cash to spend on these shoes, they are an investment worth making.

Comparisons to Previous Versions
There have been some pretty big changes made to the construction of the Cloudsurfer 6 that are worth checking out. While the overall performance of this shoe remains the same, On tinkered with the construction of the upper to provide a more unique and hassle-free fit.

Previous versions of this shoe run pretty much the same and are just as responsive and durable. The changes made to the newest style on the Cloudsufer lineup make offer a more comfortable ride.

The biggest change made to this design is the construction of the tongue. Previous designs hosted a very traditional tongue that was made from very thin and breathable materials. While this traditional tongue was breathable, it didn’t offer much in terms of support.

The wrap-around tongue design of this latest version will not shift around while you run. This means that you won’t have to constantly need to stop to readjust your drifting togue.
The On Cloudsurfer is a running shoe that is in a class of its own. The unique springboard design of the outsole makes you feel like you are running on a cloud and provides a lively and energetic ride while protecting your joints.

If you mainly run on hard surfaces such as sidewalks, this shoe does an excellent job of transforming joint-pounding concrete into light and fluffy clouds.

It’s an ideal shoe to wear on nice and easy tempo runs, yet provides more than enough support for those long-distance runs as well. The lightweight frame and stiff heel counter also make it an ideal trainer for quick agility work such as HIIT or CrossFit.

This shoe is speedy and durable, but it suffers a bit when it comes to plush comfort. While it has a few reinforced comfort areas in the midsole, many runners feel that this shoe is a tad on the rigid side.

For runners that prefer to trade off a bit of speed for cushioning, you may want to check out the Cloudstratus instead.
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