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The ON Cloudace is a stability running shoe for runners that hate clunky stability trainers. With Helion Superfoam heel clouds, responsive midsole cushioning, and a build-in Speedboard, this shoe is the perfect blend between stability and speed.

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Pros & Cons
Helion Superfoam heel clouds for cushioned landings
Wide Speedboard helps to naturally propel you forward
Great for long-distance running
Excellent lockdown
Memory foam/EVA foam sock liner
Rebound Rubber Clouds on the forefoot provide snappy toe-offs
Very expensive
Key Features
Key Features

Many runners feel that for a shoe to be cushioned and responsive, it needs a boatload of foam cushioning. ON, however, proves that less is sometimes more. This midsole is composed of a thin layer of Helion Superfoam that cushions your landings to protect your joints.

While the forefoot is super stiff, the heel counter boasts plush cushioning to protect your landings and offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

What I also love about the construction of this midsole is that it also boasts ON’s Speedboard. This Speedboard acts similarly to a carbon plate and is positioned between the outsole and the upper. It is composed of thermoplastic polymer that has been liquid-injected for snappy toe-offs.

The addition of this plate makes the shoe feel very stiff, but once you start to pick up the pace it helps to naturally propel your feet forward for a nice and even gait cycle.


It’s hard not to be captivated by the incredibly unique design of ON’s outsole. This outsole is composed of ON’s Rebound Rubber Clouds. The open pod design helps to create a good deal of distance between your feet and the hard and unforgiving ground.

Overall, runners found that running on these cloud pods feels like running on tiny trampolines. As you pick up the pace, these pods inject even more energy into your gait cycle.

What I also love about the construction of the ON Cloudface’s outsole is that it is split right down the middle to reduce horizontal transfers of energy, and is perfect for overpronators.

This split right down the middle of the outsole is also slightly wider than previous versions of ON Running shoes, which limits the instances of loose rocks getting jammed in the outsole of your running shoe.

I also love the versatility of this running shoe. I would classify the outsole of this running shoe as more of a hybrid design. It performs incredibly well when running on hard, flat surfaces such as treadmills and sidewalks.

While it doesn’t necessarily boast deep lugs, the unique cloud-like design of the outsole grips modestly technical terrains for a superior grip. Whether you are running on the treadmill or trails, this shoe delivers superior grip no matter where your daily runs take you.


If I could describe the upper of this shoe in one word, it would be ‘stiff’. A stiff upper isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to stability shoes.

The fit of this upper works to really hold your feet securely in place to prevent heel slippage and boost your overall lockdown. The stiff nature of this shoe isn’t great for cross-training, but really shines on the trails or sidewalks!

What I also love about this fit of this snug upper is that it boasts incredibly comfortable padding and cushioning where you need it most. The heel counter on this shoe is very stiff but it is punctuated with pockets of EVA foam to wrap your feet in 360 degrees of plush padding.

To boost overall comfort, the sock liner is also composed of os a dense blend of memory foam and EVA foam. Runners found that the foam in this sock liner amped up the overall comfort and impact absorption, and also provides a good deal of arch support as well.


A heated debate rages within the running world in regards to the stability classification of this shoe. Classic stability shoes boast features such as guide rails and reinforced walls to prevent your feet from overpronating.

When you place too much pressure on one area of your foot, your knees and joints pay the price. While the CloudAce is classified as a stability shoe, it lacks any discernible features to make it a stability shoe.

Instead of guiding your feet into an even gait cycle, the ON Cloudace works with your gait cycle. If you place a lot of weight on the inside of your foot, the cushioning on this shoe prevents undue stress on your knees and joints. Instead of pushing your foot into an even gait cycle, it provides more support where you need it most.

It feels more natural and comfortable but doesn’t provide high-end support like other stability trainers out there on the market.

Some runners feel like that method of responding to overpronation isn’t technically a stability shoe. However, I feel that by allowing your feet to move naturally, this shoe really sings!

Overall, I would recommend this shoe for runners that like to clock in long distances on their daily runs. When you pick up the pace, the responsive midsole and outsole add an extra pep to your step, but the heavier weight of this shoe will hold you back a bit.

With this shoe, I suggest sticking to nice and easy tempo runs, or for running long distances. The very stiff nature of this shoe isn’t ideal for agility work, so you may have to swap these shoes out for a cross-training shoe when hitting the gym.


The ON CloudAce fit a little snugly by design. The stiff nature of this shoe is made to securely hold your foot in place as you run. While it may fit a little too snugly for some, the added cushioning in the sock liner and heel counter helps to wrap your feet in 360 degrees of plush padding.

Overall, runners found that this shoe runs true to size. Be sure to take good measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to ON’s sizing chart. It’s important to note that ON running shoes feel very different when compared to other trainers out there on the market, and they are not for everyone.

If you have the option, I highly suggest heading down to your local shoe store and taking them on a test run before you make the investment.

If you can’t make it to a shoe store, ON offers a 30 day free home trial that allows you to try out your shoes before your buy them.

This trial allows you to wear them around your house for 30 days to test them out to see how you like them. If you decide that they are not for you, simply ship them back within the 30-day window for a full refund.


There is a lot to love about the ON Cloudace, but it’s hard to love that price tag. This shoe is one of the most expensive running shoes out there on the market.

While this shoe boasts a ton of unique and supportive features, the built of this shoe isn’t for everyone. That’s why I highly suggest taking them for a test spin before you slam your credit card down on the counter.

While this shoe boasts a very durable outsole and unique and modern features to help shape you into a better runner, that price tag is a pretty big obstacle to overcome.

The ON CloudAce is a great mid-tempo stability trainer that provides an energetic yet supportive ride that will get you excited to lace up your running shoes.

It’s important to note that if you need high-end stability features to help with overpronation or plantar fasciitis, this shoe falls a little short. The build of the upper, midsole, and outsole provide modest support for most runners but doesn’t boast any classic stability features to guide your feet into a nice and even gait cycle.

It’s also important to note that this running shoe is one of the most expensive options currently out there on the market, and it’s a shoe that isn’t perfect for everyone.

Some runners couldn’t quite get used to the unique fit of this shoe, while others felt that the fit of that shoe helped to energize their runs and perform much better than any other training shoe out there on the market.

Before you make your final decision on whether this shoe is right for you, I highly recommend taking them out for a test spin first. While ON doesn’t offer a classic money-back guarantee (you can try them on as long as you don’t wear them outside), it’s worth a try.

Overall, I would recommend this daily training shoe for runners that need just a little bit of extra support without the use of excessively bulky materials. It’s great for long-distance running at a snappy pace, but the overall weight of this shoe isn’t ideal for dedicated speed work.
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