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If you've ever searched for a highly cushioned running shoe, you're probably well aware that a large percentage of them are pretty clunky and heavy. Thankfully, the clown shoes of yesteryear aren't as common anymore. More and more companies are finding ways to deliver cushioning without piling on extra weight. The On Cloud X is one of these advanced marvels. It's an extremely lightweight running shoe with a whole lot of cushioning. It's also appropriate for runners who participate in other activities. The company markets the shoe as an option for runners who aren't just runners. Although it's not technically suited for very long runs, it's a well-rounded and versatile sneaker option for runners who aren't content with piling on the miles.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Works for various non-running workouts
  • Good traction
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Wide forefoot construction
  • Flexible design 
  • Cons
    • Not great for long run efforts
    • Long laces 
    • Key Features
      The On Cloud X features a CloudTec outsole. It's a fancy way of describing the hollowed out pods on the bottom of the shoe. You might wonder if the pods result in a balancing act for wearers. No, that's not the case at all. The shoe is intelligently designed so that wearers get an incredibly stable platform. The grippy outsole material helps with this. The outsole is also incredibly flexible thanks to its pod design. In this version of the shoe, the pods are actually farther apart, which helps to reduce the chances of mud or debris getting stuck in the grooves. Another difference in the outsole is that it's thicker than other previously released On Cloud models. This adds more cushion to the bottom of the shoe and makes the outsole more durable.
      The shoe's midsole is composed of Zero Gravity foam. This material, combined with the springy CloudTec pods, ensures wearers get a comfortable but responsive ride. The ride is similar than with the previous version of the On brand shoe with perhaps a little extra touch of softness. Reviewers commented that the cushioning was both responsive and supportive but best of all, it made for a comfortable ride. There's plenty of cushioning packed into the midsole but not so much that stability is compromised.
      When it comes to the upper, the shoe features an Engineered Mesh construction that's lightweight, breathable, and made of sturdy materials. The upper also features an elastic lacing system, reflective components, and a padded heel collar. The mesh material used for the Cloud X is a new introduction. It's super breathable and provides an improved fit. Reviewers liked that the upper felt supportive. It also delivered incredible breathability and a comfortable wide toe box. A few reviewers noted that the midfoot feel was a bit snug but that it helped immensely with stability and support. The mesh upper is very flexible, too. One negative that reviewers pointed out, and a very small one at that, was that the laces felt too long.
      The On Cloud X weighs about 6.6 oz for women and 8 oz for men. It's a really lightweight shoe considering how well-cushioned it is. The pod-design allows for weight to be trimmed without sacrificing structural integrity. Overall, reviewers were incredibly impressed with the shoe's lightweight feel. Most users explained that they got a smooth ride out of the X and felt it was a great choice for faster run efforts. The weight of the shoe is impressed once you consider that it provides excellent impact protection and has an even thicker outsole than before.
      The On Cloud X features a breathable Engineered Mesh upper design. Reviewers had zero complaints about the shoe's ability to ventilate and appreciated that it was both lightweight and breathable. The construction of the upper is flexible and accommodating, so the shoe works even for those with wider feet. Some users did mention that the midfoot fit was a bit snugger than expected but it didn't reduce air circulation.
      Reviewers raved about how comfortable the shoe was. It has a lot to do with the midsole cushioning and pod-design. The Zero Gravity foam is lightweight and helps bring a highly cushioned ride to wearers without making the shoe feel overly heavy. Reviewers also appreciated the wider toe box design and the smooth ride produced by the X. They also loved the very breathable construction of the shoe. Few reviewers had anything negative to say about the comfort. The Cloud X really delivers on this aspect of the shoe. Users liked the padded heel collar and upper fit and had no qualms about the fit and feel of the shoe.
      The design of the On brand shoe is not overdone. It's stylish but still, clearly, a shoe made for athletic performance. The unique pod-design of the outsole stands out but doesn't appear goofy. The X is offered in a variety of bright colors. For men, there is a black version with orange accents and a grey option with neon accents. For women, there is a grey choice with teal accents and a red colorway with burnt orange trim. Reviewers liked the color options available and generally enjoyed the look of the shoe. It may take a bit of time to get used to the pod design, but it's a lot more subtle a look in person than it is in large high-res photos.
      Some updates to the On Cloud X have enhanced its durability significantly. Namely, the new outsole design. The thicker outsole has beefed up the bottom of the shoe so that it's much more resistant to wear. Reviewers were super impressed with how long the outsole lasted and commented on the shoe's overall high-quality design. With a thicker outsole, the shoe is more likely to last longer than the average running shoe. It's meant to be used by those who vary their workouts, which will also help to lengthen its lifespan.
      The Cloud X provides wearers with protection in various areas. The outsole, thicker than before, keeps the shoe from experiencing premature wear and tear. The thicker sole also helps to add cushioning and impact protection underfoot. The Engineered Mesh upper provides a mix of stability, support, protection from overheating, and visibility features. The midsole's Zero Gravity foam adds another layer of impact protection sandwiched between the newly designed upper and beefier outsole.
      While the look of the outsole pods may take some getting used to, they do serve a purpose. They provide a cushioning component and also help ensure the shoe is responsive. Reviewers greatly appreciated the smooth ride of the Cloud X. In fact, many found the transition from heel to toe felt much improved since the previous version. For running, the little pods underfoot provide great energy-return. When it comes time to use the shoes for lifting or other gym activities? The pods don't get in the way.
      The On Cloud X is a neutral running shoe but reviewers were still very pleased with its ability to provide support. The new Engineered Mesh upper features a snug midfoot fit that helps to anchor down the foot. The heel area, too, is more supportive than before thanks to a more substantial heel counter. Reviewers even commented that they felt the shoe provided plenty of lateral support, too. Many also felt the cushioning from the pods and Zero Gravity foam was comfortable but firm enough to provide a supportive base.
      The X is not intended for off-road use. A revised outsole design, with pods spaced farther apart, helps to decrease the chance of stuff getting stuck between the grooves in the sole. The shoe is intended to work for both road use and indoor gym use. A grippy and supportive outsole works well for outdoor training and indoor lifting scenarios.
      The On Cloud X has a bit of a high price tag but reviewers didn't seem to mind paying top dollar for the shoe. It is, after all, billed as an ultra-versatile option. It's not a top choice for long runs, but that's the end of its limitations. For the occasional weekend warrior runner, the shoe works well for a myriad of other types of workouts, whether it's an aerobic fitness class or lifting at the gym. Reviewers found the shoe was a great buy.
      The On Cloud X doesn't feature a special outsole design (if you forget about the pods for a sec) but it doesn't provide enough traction to ensure a stable base. Reviewers didn't seem to have any issues with grip and were impressed with the shoe's ability to go from a run to the gym without issue. The shoes are grippy enough to work as lifting shoes and many who used them for this purpose had nothing negative to say or point out.
      The Cloud X is a very flexible running shoe. It's Engineered Mesh upper is super flexible (but supportive!) and so is its outsole. Reviewers loved how flexible the shoe felt, without sacrificing support and stability. The result is a shoe that's stable but feels extremely smooth as you go from heel to toe.
      Marketed as a versatile trainer, the X definitely lives up to its description as such. The comfortable midsole cushion works great for high impact activities but it's not so squishy and soft that the shoe fails when it comes to lifting. On the contrary, the Cloud X provides great stability, according to reviewers, even from side to side. The outsole is grippy so that reviewers felt they got a good handle on the ground as they tried to hit PRs.
      The shoe features a drop of 6mm. This makes it a great option for quick efforts where a large chunky heel might otherwise get in the way. It's a good choice for forefoot runners, too. The lower drop also helps increase the shoe's overall stability making it suitable for lifting purposes.
      Key Features
      - 6mm drop
      - Lightweight (Men: 8 oz Women: 6.6 oz)
      - Engineered Mesh Upper
      - Zero Gravity foam midsole
      - CloudTec outsole pods for cushion and responsiveness
      - Stretchy laces
      - Reflective portions
      - Padded heel collar
      - NEW Thicker outsole
      - NEW Pods spaced farther apart to keep out debris
      - NEW Slightly softer ride
      - NEW More supportive heel counter
      Bottom Line
      Not just a runner? Enjoy other activities, too? Not interested in spending money on different shoes for different activities? The On Cloud X is for you. It was built to work for runners who also lift and cross-train regularly. It was built for weightlifters and crossfitters who run on occasion. The shoe provides good traction, which is great news for runners and lifters alike. The upper is incredibly breathable so it doesn't matter if it's mega-hot outside. The overall fit is comfortable and the cushioning is pretty generous, but not too soft so that support and stability are compromised. A flexible outsole and upper round out the shoe and help users get a super smooth ride.
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      By Steph Coelho
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