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Editor’s Conclusion
The On Cloudventure is Swiss engineering at its very finest. What I love most about this trail runner is the cloud pods found on the outsole of this shoe. These pods put a good deal of distance between your feet and the trails, while also offering a springy and energetic ride. The upper of this design is also built to tackle just about any weather condition.

It has multiple layers of mesh and synthetic materials that work to keep mud, rocks, and debris away from your feet while the mesh in key areas works to keep your feet cool and dry. Overall, these shoes are pretty stiff, so you won’t get the same level of agility and movement compared to some other trail runners out there on the market. However, what you lack in flexibility you well make up for in protection and responsiveness.

Below, I wanted to dive into all of the features that make the On Cloudventure a really great trail running companion.
On Running Cloudventure Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Cloud pods are great on difficult terrain

Responsive midsole

Waterproof internal membrane

Rubber outsole with 4 levels of grip

Sleek design


Slightly expensive

Deep lugs trap loose rocks and gravel

Very thin laces

Key Features

Key Features


While there are many stiff features to this shoe, the midsole isn’t one of them. The EVA foam sits on top of the Cloudtec pods and offers a nice and plush step-in feel. This midsole material can also be found in the construction of the pods. These pods have a hollow center (that feels like you are running on tiny clouds), and then they are surrounded by a layer of midsole foam and topped off with a layer of durable rubber. These pods create a nice and bouncy ride while also offering a heightened layer of protection.

While these pods put a good deal of distance between you and the rocky road ahead to keep your feet protected, there are also additional features in the midsole that protect your feet as well. The midsole is built with a rock plate that prevents rocks and other jagged debris on the trails from penetrating through the pods and stabbing the underside of your foot. If you want protection from difficult trails, it doesn’t get much better than this midsole.


The upper of this design is fairly stiff, but for a very good reason. It is constructed with dual layers of mesh material as well as synthetic overlays. The mesh works to wick hot air up and away from your feet, as well as provide ample drainage when running through streams and puddles. The inside of the upper hoasts a waterproof membrane to ensure that you are never running with soggy socks.

It also boasts synthetic overlays in key areas to provide a little extra stability, as well as wick away mud and debris. The lacing system does a good job at locking your feet in place for a secure fit, but many runners feel that the laces are a little too thin and stiff. These laces make it a little more challenging to fit that perfect fit, but with a little experimenting with them, it can be done.


The outsole is this shoe is specifically designed for the trails and the trail alone. It boasts super deep lugs that serve to really grip the pathway under your feet to give you an added boost of confidence to your stride. These lugs are a little more tightly spaced than the previous models of the On Cloudventure, which gives you added protection, but they do pick up loose rocks easily. You may find yourself coming to a stop to fish out rocks that get stuck in the lugs. It’s a little annoying, but not a dealbreaker.

What I also love about the build of this outsole is that it is composed of Micro-engineered Grip-Rubber that really sticks to the trails under your feet. This rubber has a slightly tacky finish to it, making it perfect for powering through slick leaves for wet and rainy weather conditions.


I would recommend this shoe for runners that love to tackle even some of the most difficult trails. One issue that runners have with this shoe is the weight, as well as the distribution of weight. For a lightly cushioned trail runner, these shoes are surprisingly heavy. Since the bulk of the weight of this shoe lies in the Cloudpods, these shoes create a heavy and slow gait cycle. While it may be great for long distances, these shoes are not made for speed.

If you want something that provides a good deal of protection and are willing to give up some agility and flex for running long distances on difficult trails, this is a great option that will fit your needs perfectly. If you are looking for high speeds, the overall weight of this shoe may prove to slow you down.


If you have the option, I highly suggest heading to your local shoe store to try these shoes on before you buy them. For most, the slightly shallow and narrow fit in the forefoot isn’t much of an issue. It may take some experimenting with the laces at first to find that perfect fit, but it’s possible. Many users found the On’s sizing chart is a little unclear, so to save yourself a trip to the returns counter, be sure that you try them on first before you buy them.

Overall, most users were pleased with the overall fit of this shoe. It boasts a wide toe box that allows your toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe for maximum stability and overall comfort on those long runs. It’s important to note that the weather-proof upper isn’t as stretchy as many would come to expect, so it won’t give you the same level of lockdown as other shoes that utilize stretchy knit uppers.


These shoes are bound to draw some attention. The style of the Cloud pods on the outsole not only boosts performance and protection, but they just look cool and unique. This shoe boasts a low profile that looks sleek and sporty and comes in a few unique color options. Whether you like more neutral shades or want something that can be seen from outer space, there are color options that will fit your personal style.

Unlike other modestly cushioned trail runners, this shoe is surprisingly slim and sleek. To me, it is the perfect blend of style and performance.


One of the downsides to this shoe is the overall price tag. When compared to other trail runners from other popular brands, the On Cloudventure is a little more expensive than most. It isn’t the most expensive design out there on the market, but it will set you back a considerable chunk of change. The higher price point is due to the smart Swiss engineering found in the cloud pods that are unlike anything else out there on the market.

Plus, the strong and resilient materials used in this design are made to withstand hundreds and hundreds of miles together, making it a fairly good value at the end of the day. If you can swing it, these shoes are well worth it in the long run!
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Unlike other shoe brands, the newest model of the Cloudventure doesn’t just slap a number on the end to indicate it is the newest model. This makes it a little difficult to distinguish between the newest models and previous models. From what I gathered when comparing this design to previous years, many of the performance features, as well as the style, of this shoe remained the same.

One of the biggest differences that I noticed, however, was the contraction of the cloud pods. In previous versions, the pods were spaced a little further apart. While this lowers the overall weight, you lose a lot in terms of performance and protection. To me, On really got it right with this newest design of the On Cloudventure.


If your trail runs are long and messy, the On Cloudventure is the perfect companion to take out. The real star of the show here is the Cloud pods, which are found on all On running shoes. What makes these pods great for trail runs is that they boast super deep lugs that are coated in a layer of durable rubber that has a slightly tacky finish so that you can really grip the trails. These shoes are perfect for cold weather, rain, slush, slick leaves, or running on jagged and uneven trails.

Overall, I would suggest this shoe for long-distance runners. The stiff nature of the upper and outsole cause you to lose a little bit of agility in exchange for protection, which may cause you to slow down a bit. For long-distance runners that need protection, stability, and weather-proof features, you can’t go wrong with the On Cloudventure.