Osprey Duro 6

The Osprey Duro 6 Hydration Vest is a men’s hydration vest that comes in two different sizes and two different colors. This vest is not for the runner looking for a minimalist, lightweight vest for speedy runs and hikes, rather for the adventurous hiker that is looking for a pack that can comfortably hold all gear. Even though this vest holds 1.5 liters of water and comes with 7 external pockets to carry all of your gear, runners and hikers were pleased to report that this vest is virtually bounce free. While it easy to get a lightweight vest that doesn’t bounce, many runners to struggle to find a heavier, more robust pack that can give them the same sleek fit. The Osprey Duro 6 delivers and provides runners with a comfortable, breathable pack. The extensive pockets on this pack are placed in perfect locations to make them easy to access. Their stretch, compression materials help keep all of your gear tightly and securely in place and right at your fingertips so you don’t have to worry about the annoyance of taking your pack on and off. This vest comes with Osprey’s patented Hydraulics 1.5 liter hydration reservoir and gives the runners options to purchase extra hydration packs as well.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Hold 1.5 liters of water
  • Comes with a hydration reservoir
  • Larger size
  • No bounce design
  • Cons
    • Only two color options
    • Heavier than other vests on the market
    • Key Features
      This vest is best for the runner and hiker who is looking to spend more time on the trails or roads. This pack is not a lightweight running vest that is designed to hold only the race day essentials. In fact, many reviewers commented that the pack was large and secure enough to hold their camera and all of their needed items for an all-day hike. Even though this vest is larger than some of the others on the market today, it still maintains a bounce-free fit. It has 7 external pockets that can comfortably fit all of your gear, but the use of stretch and compression materials ensure that all of your gear is strapped in tightly and won’t cause discomfort.
      One of the key reasons to choose a vest over a full backpack is that it allows for additional airflow to reach the body because it has a much more open design. The Osprey Duro 6 follows this design aesthetic. It has an open design along the sides and the material that is used is lightweight and breathable and keeps the runner cool and dry even during hot hikes and runs. Additionally, the back panel of this vest utilizes a honeycomb design that does a great job of quickly and effectively wicking away sweat to keep the runner dry.
      Runners raved about the overall comfort that this vest provides. While the vest weighs 1.3 pounds empty, which is much heavier than some other options, because of the multiple adjustment points, runners can create a customizable fit that takes the weight off of the back and makes the vest feel much lighter than it actually is. Additionally, the vest is made using a combination of stretch and compression materials that keep everything tightly and securely in place. Runners reported a virtually bounce free running and hiking experience which eliminates any chaffing or discomfort that can be common in other vests.
      Osprey Duro 6 is hydration vest that is designed for men. They do offer a vest for women which is called the Dyna 6. For men, the vest is offered in a S/M and a M/L sizing option. In addition to the two different sizing options, Osprey makes it easy to adjust the pack to fit the unique shape of each runner due to their multiple adjustment points that can be found across the vest.
      Runners reported that this pack will not break down easily. Runners commented that this vest did a great job of holding up against the elements. It is a modestly priced pack, and for the price, runner commented it is more than worth the money because it will last and last.
      One of the common issues with hydration vests of backpacks is that they often don’t come with the hydration reservoirs and they need to be purchased separately. This vest comes with a 1.5 liters hydration reservoir. This reservoir is made using Osprey’s patent hydraulics technology. It also features their patented QuickConnect system that attaches securely to the vest using a sternum magnet. This keeps the tube securely in place and your hydration supply available when you need it. Additionally, the multiple pockets that come with the Osprey Duro 6 are designed to that they can be easily accessed from both sides of the vest.
      This vest is larger than some others and does not provide the same sleek, minimalistic look of other, lighter weight vests on the market. With that being said, runners found this vest to have a nice, athletic look. It is offered in two different color options, electric black and silver squall.
      This vest is more than affordable considering other similar vests on the market today. It is a great deal because it holds twice the items and can carry a ton of water. It is also a very well made vest that will last for an extremely long time so when you consider dollar per mile, this vest is more than worth its relatively low price tag. Additionally, it comes equipped with a hydration reservoir so runners won’t need to put out extra money to purchase one separately.
      Key Features
      - Dual color options
      - 1.5-liter Hydraulics hydration reservoir included
      - Dual zippered reservoir sleeve
      - Seven external pockets
      - 1 pd 3 ounces
      - 2 sizing options
      - Frameless
      Bottom Line
      The Osprey Duro 6 Hydration Vest is a vest designed for the runner or hiker who is looking for a larger pack to carry all of the items for longer runs or hikes. This men’s vest (the women’s version is called the Dyna 9) comes in 2 different size options and features a 1.5 liter hydration reservoir and 7 external pockets. This vest is designed so that runners can easily access their items and their hydration without the need to take the vest off and interrupt or slow down their workout. This vest received very high ratings in the categories of durability and comfort from the athletes who purchased it. While it is not as lightweight or sleek as other vest options, this vest is great for longer excursions. This vest comes in two muted color options and the price is perfect, especially considering how long lasting this vest has proven to be.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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