Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Hydration Pack Review

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Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Hydration Pack Review Review Facts

Just like its predecessor, the Raptor 10, Osprey’s Raptor 14 hydration pack is designed for mountain bikers who need plenty of storage and convenience while out on the trails. It’s equipped with a 2.5 liter Hydraulics reservoir, plenty of zippered compartments, and additional features that allow buyers to store away everything from their keys to their bike helmet. Buyers are able to take as much as they will need to keep them secure and at ease while they ride or hike for long distances.

Buyers have commented that this pack is very easy to fill and to store away, and they have reported no surprise leakage or other damage while using it. Most of them also state that its hydration sleeve and mouthpiece don’t get in the way while they’re not in use. This is thanks to the magnetic clip that’s attached to the harness strap that goes across the buyer’s chest.

As stated before, buyers are also provided with plenty of other features that add to their rides and make their activities easier. There’s the LidLock at the front for storing the bike helmet, a convenient tool roll that could hold the buyer’s bike tools, and additional harness straps for a more stabilizing wear. Buyers are also impressed with its breathability, which ensures a great deal of comfort while they explore the outdoors.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Highly durable build

-Offers plenty of storage

-Breathable design

-Versatile usage

-Very easy to fill

-Built-in tool compartment

-Helmet attachment


-Expensive price tag

-Not for those with a smaller build

-Gives a strong plastic smell and taste



All listings clearly state that the Raptor 14 was designed for experienced mountain bikers, and the inclusion of a tool pouch and helmet attachment make this very clear to all buyers. With that said, even those who enjoy long-distance cycling on road surfaces would find this pack to be an incredible tool for their activities. It's also obvious that hikers, rock climbers, or frequent outdoor campers would benefit greatly from taking it with them.

Its size allows it to easily fit outdoor gear, snacks, and even extra changes of clothes along with the fully-filled pouch. The convenience that it offers leaves the buyers completely free to use their hands for their chosen activities. And the fact that it can hold as much as 2.5 liters of water and is very easy to fill, while its breathability prevents the inside from overheating, means that buyers can stay properly hydrated for a long time as they're moving around on the trails.

As suggested, buyers are able to fill up the internal reservoir, or bladder, and then seal it tightly and store it away inside the pack. The hydration sleeve loops through the right shoulder strap and is then attached to a magnetic clip attached to the chest strap, allowing easy access whenever it's needed.


Multiple online reviewers have praised the Raptor 14 for its surprisingly breathable wear. This is thanks entirely to the different mesh fabrics and foam materials that Osprey used when constructing this particular pack. It's also what prevents overheating, both inside and out, on hot days or when worn for long periods of time.

According to its listing on the brand's website, all contact surfaces are made from a highly breathable spacer mesh which feels soft to the touch and also features die-cut foam ventilation. The back panel is made with a more rigid foam that's also mesh-covered, enabling plenty of airflows where it's needed most. Even its hip belt adds to this quality with help from its air-mesh wrap material which also makes up its zippered pockets.

As stated before, these materials make the hydration pack more than fit for hot days or for long, intense hikes or bike-rides. Not only is it able to keep the wearer perfectly comfortable throughout their activities, and not cause irritation, but it also prevents the inside from overheating so the wearer can stay properly hydrated and cooled down. This, of course, also means that anything else they've packed away such as lip balm or snacks won't experience any possible heat damage.


When it fits correctly and isn't too heavy for the buyer, the Raptor 14 is known to be quite comfortable even on long bike rides or hot days. All of its main materials work together to provide as much ventilation as possible, and all contact surfaces are smooth and soft to prevent chafing and irritation. The design of the straps curves along with the body's natural shape and its AirScape suspension ensures that weight is evenly distributed to enable more easeful and natural movement.

Of course, as stated before, all of this only works out when the pack fits correctly. Those with a smaller frame can still find similar models, sold by the same brand, that is a better fit for their body types and weights. Yet even those who can wear this model freely and securely have experienced their own problems, such as the near-underarm placement of the magnetic clip that holds the mouthpiece.


Although the Raptor 14 has gained mostly positive reviews, the one area that leaves several buyers feeling disappointed is its size. This model seems to be quite standard for a hiking pack, even if it can fit up to 2.5 liters of water. According to the Osprey website, its measurements are listed as 18.9 inches high, 8.7 inches wide, and 9.8 inches deep, with a weight of only 1.75 ounces when it's fully unpacked.

Even though this pack doesn't seem like it's all that large, a number of buyers have complained that it fits too big on them. They state that it either slips off repeatedly or just feels too cumbersome whenever they use it. Even adjusting the shoulder straps to as small they can fit does not completely fix this issue for them.

Considering this pack is only designed for a man's body type, this could be the source of these negative reviewers. Osprey does have similar hydration packs designed specifically for women, or those with a much smaller build, which they should definitely look into. The Raven 14 or Raven 10 are perfect options for these particular buyers, as they have a similar design and all of the same special features yet are noticeably smaller and lighter.


It's clear that most buyers don't have any major issues with the Raptor 14's overall level of durability. Although most of its materials are meant to be breathable, the fact that they are layered and reinforced so securely means that they can easily withstand many intense mountain bike rides. Furthermore, its slash pocket's scratch-resistant design means that nothing the wearer stores inside of it will cause any major internal damage.

The same can also be said for all of its hydration equipment, especially its reservoir and sleeve. As of right now, there are no reported instances of any sudden leaks or the sleeve disconnecting. With that said, these features should still be cleaned regularly with the included kit in order to avoid any possible build-up that could not only cause damage to the pack but also breed bacteria.


The Raptor 14 has been outfitted with plenty of accessories to make hiking and mountain biking easier. The most obvious ones are its multiple pouches and zippered pockets, from its multiple compartments and small hip pouches to the stretch stash front pocket, that enables plenty of storage. Stretchable mesh side pockets are also included for water bottles, should the buyer choose to use them instead.

One of this pack's most standout accessories is its removable roll-up tool pouch, which is stored away in the lower compartment. This pouch includes several zippered compartments that safely and efficiently organize important tools and equipment that buyers will need for their hiking or mountain biking journeys. There is also another section for organizing Nike tools within the pack's main compartment.

There are also plenty of other features included for easier storage and travel in rugged areas. The LidLock allows buyers to securely attach their helmet to the outside when not wearing it, and the pack's side-compression straps can work to further hold it down to prevent it from coming loose or causing accidents. An LED light attachment is located at the bottom of its front pocket, allowing safer night riding, and an internal clip is present for easy and convenient key storage.


The Raptor 14 is similar to some of Osprey's other hydration packs and almost identical to its predecessor, the Raptor 10. As with all of their designs, both the brand and model name are clearly showcased down the front of the pack. Buyers have three different color options to choose from when purchasing this pack, which are black, cedar green, and wildfire red.

Although it's mainly built for mountain biking, its sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight design allows it to be quite versatile when it comes to outdoor activities. The multiple zippered units and pockets enable plenty of storage, and the inclusion of a LidLock near the top adds to both its efficiency and rugged yet simple look.

Other functional design elements have been praised for their eye-catching appearance. For example, the curved design of its shoulder straps is said to resemble wings, while the Lid Lock and side compression straps allow the buyer to fit their full-face helmet while enhancing its tough and sporty style. Even its accent colors are known to help by making this pack easier to find and locate.


Compared to other packs that are sold by Osprey, the Raptor 14 is definitely one of the brand's most expensive models. It can be found on the Osprey website, as well as other retailers such as REI and Back Country, for $150. Those who don't want to pay the full price can find a number of reputable listings on Amazon or eBay, so long as they check the ratings first.

Given the wealth of positive reviews that this pack has garnered, it's clear that most buyers feel that it's worth every single dollar they've spent. Not only is it easy to pack but it also provides highly secure and surprisingly comfortable wear. The fact that it enables highly versatile usage, aided by the helmet attachment and tool compartment, makes it even better.

On the other hand, the fact that this model is not designed for certain body types will definitely turn a number of buyers off. Therefore, it may be a smarter idea to find this pack in-store and try it on first before deciding to make a purchase. If that does not work out, they can always buy the smaller-sized Raven 14 for the same price with all of the same features.
Key Features

Key Features

-BioStretch harness and hip belt
-Hydration sleeve
-Hydraulics LT reservoir
-Sternum strap magnet
-Fits up to 2.5 Liters
-Three interior slip pockets
-Five exterior pockets
-Atilon foam frame sheet
-Stabilizing compression straps
-Blinker light attachment strap
-LidLock helmet attachment
-Roll-out tool pouch
-Expensive $150 price tag
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Based on all online reviews, it's clear that Osprey's Raptor 14 hydration pack is very well-liked for its convenience and surprising levels of versatility. Not only does it hold a great deal of water, allowing bikers to stay hydrated for longer, but it's also built for a surprising amount of storage. Buyers are able to contain everything from their keys and an extra change of clothes to their bike tools and even their helmet when they're not wearing it.

Of course, as with all products on the market, this pack is still not without its downsides. Those who are new to this type of equipment might find its expensive price tag to be too intimidating. Others have pointed out that it's not for those with a smaller build, and that it can sometimes have an odd plastic smell when first bought.

Even so, the reasons for why this pack has been so well-received are beyond clear. It's convenient, surprisingly lightweight, and helps buyers through a wide range of rugged outdoor activities. Mountain bikers, hikers, and even campers of all levels could get a great deal of use from it for years, especially if they learn how to properly clean and maintain it to prevent possible damage.