Puma Roma Fully Reviewed & Compared

A retro look makes this classic sneaker the perfect accessory. The Puma Roma first came onto the scene in the late '60s and was originally intended for short distance track & field activities. This new imagining of the Roma is a casual wear shoe that incorporates improved arch support, features updated color schemes, and a faux-leather construction.

The men's shoe is available in a ton of different styles, each prominently featuring Puma's Formstrip logo at the side. While the shoe can be worn for general fitness purposes, it's not quite intended to be an everyday gym wear option. Most wearers, after all, picked the Roma as a daily casual wear shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Stylish retro design
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good price
  • Provides arch support
  • Cons
    • Narrow design
    • Durability concerns
    • Lack of ventilation
    • Key Features
      The Puma Roma's outsole is made up of a run of the mill rubber. The rubber outsole provides decent traction for regular everyday wear but users did notice that the outsole was not up to par when it came to quality. Quite a few users pointed out that they experienced durability issues. Some mentioned the outsole peeled off the shoe after only a short time.
      The Roma's midsole contains EVA foam. Reviewers found the midsole well-cushioned and good for all-day wear, whether walking around town or navigating the indoor environment of the local gym. Reviewers liked that the midfoot delivered decent arch support.
      The upper of the Puma Roma is made of faux-leather. Back in the day, the Roma was originally made with real leather. Some reviewers were disappointed in the choice of synthetic material.

      The upper features a classic retro design and the synthetic leather is easy to wipe down, but users complained that the upper, like the outsole, lacked durability. Some pointed out that the fake leather did tend to crease and wrinkle with use, which eventually led to unsightly cracking. Reviewers also noted that the faux-leather composition of the upper reduced breathability, as well.
      The Puma Roma was called lightweight by most reviewers. While we couldn't find a listed weight, reviewers repeatedly mentioned the lightweight of the shoe as being one of their favorite features.
      Unfortunately, the faux-leather construction of the Roma's upper might be stylish but it's not great when it comes to ventilation. Reviewers found the shoe a bit stifling in terms of breathability.
      Most reviewers were happy with how comfortable the Puma shoe felt underfoot and liked the EVA midsole of the sneaker. Reviewers appreciated the midfoot arch support, as well. Many users were happy to wear the Roma all-day. A few caveats, however.

      The all-leather (*synthetic) upper does reduce ventilation quite a bit, which reviewers didn't like. The Puma Roma also features an extremely narrow construction, which many wearers took issue with.
      Probably the most notable feature of the Puma Roma, its classic design. The retro-styling of the Roma is reminiscent of the original '60s version but with fresh updates to the design including modern colorways. The men's only shoe comes in a variety of updated styles to appeal to a variety of wearers. From monochrome versions in white, grey, or black, to more colorful dual-toned styles, the Puma Roma is a great looking shoe.
      Reviewers had serious issues with durability with the Puma Roma. Some mentioned the outsole peeled off quite early on and others had major problems with the faux-leather upper creasing and cracking. While the price of the Roma is affordable, users found the durability issues made it tough to justify the price of the shoe, however low.
      The Roma offers protection via its outsole, which provides decent traction. The EVA midsole delivers impact protection, too. The upper keeps feet protected from the elements (but, unfortunately, does not breathe very well).
      The Puma Roma isn't super responsive, but since most wearers were using the shoe for walking around or daily fashion wear, they didn't have any glaring complaints when it came to responsiveness.
      The Roma features a supportive midfoot design, which users appreciated. The midfoot arch support and snug upper fit keep wearers secure. Reviewers did feel the narrowness of the Roma a little too excessive, however.
      Puma Roma is best used for everyday wear. The sneaker's rubber outsole works for walking but is equally suited for indoor movement.
      The Puma sneaker is extremely well-priced, which many reviewers appreciated. However, durability concerns were a big issue for many users. The fact that the shoe starts to fall apart quickly, according to reviewers, makes the shoe priced a bit high considering.
      The rubber outsole of the Roma works just fine for its intended purpose. You're not going to be taking this shoe out for highly technical trail runs and reviewers didn't feel the outsole was lacking in terms of traction.
      The Puma Roma isn't the most flexible sneaker out there. The midfoot is a little stiff to ensure a supportive arch construction. The faux-leather upper is also pretty inflexible, which accounts for the frequent user mentions of creasing and cracking. Overall, the shoe just isn't super bendable, but users didn't feel so strongly about it, either way.
      The Puma doesn't belong to the stability category but does deliver a supportive ride for wearers. The upper fits snugly, though, perhaps a little too snugly. The outsole provides good traction to keep users upright. Overall, Roma provides an average amount of stability that's suitable for most non-overpronating users.
      There's no listed drop height for the Puma Roma, although we'd venture a guess and say it's about average. Reviewers found the geometry perfect for walking or standing all day and had no issues with the height different from heel to toe.
      Key Features
      - Faux-leather upper design
      - Traditional lacing system
      - Rubber outsole for grip
      - Arch support in the midfoot
      - EVA midsole cushioning
      Bottom Line
      While the Puma Roma suffers from durability issues and does have a super narrow construction, the classic retro design does make up in part for these problems. For occasional wear, the low-price and attractive design are worth it. The shoe was cited as comfortable by most users and fairly lightweight.

      Dirt is easy to quickly clean off the sleek fake leather upper and midfoot arch support makes the Roma appropriate for all-day wear. Although a lack of breathability and durability concerns are definite problems with the sneaker, it's still not a reason to completely discount Puma Roma as an addition to your fashion sneaker lineup.
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