10 Best Puma Running Shoes Reviewed


Searching for Puma Running Shoes? Take a look at the top rated Puma shoes of 2017, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them in a store!

Pumas aren’t always as popular with runners as other running shoe brands such as Saucony and Mizuno. Some of their products certainly stand up to the competition, though. They have the same high-tech features and attractive design. They’re frequently highly rated for their comfort, as are all of the best Puma running shoes on this list.

Check out the shoes we really like. If you’ve never considered running in some Pumas, perhaps you will be surprised in what you find. These are solid shoes, yet affordable, for those who don’t want to shell out big bucks quite yet on racers or other expensive shoes.

Last Updated: October 18, 2017
By Brian Price:

With a few new models added to the list, including the new EvoKnit, and some new frequently asked questions, this guide is goo to go. In the meantime, we will have our eyes open for any new model or updated version form Puma that we think shoul have a place here. 

Puma Faas 300
  • Puma Faas 300
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • FAAS Foammidsole and forefoot flex grooves
  • Price: See Here
Ignite evoKNIT
  • Ignite evoKNIT
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Newly designed breathable knit upper & sock-like fit
  • Price: See Here
Puma Faas 500
  • Puma Faas 500
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • FAAS foam midsole and EverTrack outsole
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Puma Running Shoes Reviewed

1. Puma Faas 300 v4

The Puma Faas 300 v4 have to be the best Puma running shoes, because they’re definitely the most attractive.

Great, sleek design, side patterns that make it look like you’re zooming by, and attractive color combinations.

They’re lightweight, affordable, and of course super comfy.

They’ve got so much going for them that runners get giddy over them. Check ‘em out.
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Nice featured updates ensure the shoe stays a top player for performance, great transition due to the 8mm drop, now the shoe gives higher visability through built in reflective features. 

Out on the road the shoe feels good, a very balanced firm but plush cushion system, really flexible sole, uphill, down hill, these shoes perform., 

The shoes offer neutralcell tech, high optimal breath-ability, reflective at 360 degrees, for a more comfortable fit bonded suede is built in internally.

Flex grooves and a functional and durable perforated sock liner, super FAAS foam  for the comfortable mid-sole which gives a secure but nice bouncy feel to the shoe. Try out the smooth transition enhancement from the innovative flex groove system.

For toe of performance we can thank the reliable Ever-Ride tech which ensures comfortable smoothness, and for wear prevention the top class Ever-track tech never fails to perform its durable protective purpose.

This shoe is built onto an out standing high tech platform and performance is certain to be really good, the upper gives very nice breath-ability, a solid sole offers appropriate road surface grip, durability is consistent throughout the shoe so the material construction offer longevity.


The shoe is clearly a very good investment and  to invest in this technical performance shoe will give great value for money.
  • AirMesh upper for breathability and comfort
  • EverRide lightweight and protective outsole
  • Faas Foam+ midsole with forefoot flex grooves encourages natural foot movement
  • Lightweight
  • neutralCELL tech for cushioning and flexibility
  • Runs narrow


These running shoes made a notable entry into the running shoe market, if you want stylish appeal combined with performance these might be the very next shoes for you to try for a ride.

The shoe comes with the long awaited and new tech from Puma called evoKnit, a very flexible  woven light material giving really sound foot support.

These will give you a difference and they are here to stay, as the first in their line we can look forward to enjoying these for a good ride and being part of the evolving process for these shoes because they will evolve.

Puma has hit on what appears to be a winner and to keep runners on board they will continue to upgrade this shoe model with future high performance shoe tech.
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You get stretch-ability which does not compromise the shoe stability the stability is maintained by the dense weave built it which for secure hold is even more dense in specific high wear zones.

When you see the shoe you have to look twice, the color is vivid and attention grabbing, it screams out style and grabs your attention, it's the newish kid on the block and growing in popularity.

The Mid-sole is constructed from Ignite an innovative responsive foam which we see in running shoes made by Puma. The midsole has built in tech which steers the shoe to emulate the gait of the runner and you get really sound energy return with rebound from the thicker mid-sole.

The built in foam is nicely balanced giving a comforting ride, generally the performance of the shoe is really smooth. You get good FIT from the shoe but allow a reasonable break in period.

Despite the shoe having really good material strength, Puma take it further with more built in high tech shoe support through the inclusion of overlays of durable rubber in high wear zones on the shoe, this is supported by a durable outdoors outsole. 

The lace system finishes off at the top of the uppers by passing through stability side strap which reach backwards towards the heel.  The weave quality designed into the upper offer good breath-ability, prevents wet penetration and has impressive durability.

The shoes look good, they ride well but they would not be out of place for casual wear, these could well be a nice investment to add into your running gear.

The price is reasonable when you consider the style and shoe tech which you get.

The shoes look good

Strong durable upper

Secure upper


EvoKnit Tech

Nice cushion



Some runners are suggesting to keep an eye on wear factor for the sole.

3. Puma Faas 500 v4

The Puma Faas 500s just look sleek.

They come in a multitude of attractive and interesting color combinations, and their design is gorgeous. It’s all of the high tech features, though, that keep runners coming back.

They’ve got Puma favorites like foamy, supportive midsoles, durable outsoles, breathable mesh uppers, and almost unparalleled comfort.

Experts and beginners alike have a lot to gain from the Faas line, and the 500 v4 are some of the best Puma running shoes around.
The shoe runs in at number four from the evolving 500 line. Check out the scale logo on the shoe which tells you that the shoe has support at a medium level.

Check the weavemesh, tightly woven in a breath-able protective layer, a nice sock liner is featured, for extra protection the toe box sports a durable plastic layering.

The technically innovative Everfit built into the midfoot gives stabilizing foot holding lace up support for the midfoot.

This works in conjunction with the upper mesh for security, good breath-ability and sound comfort.

The minimal styling for the shoe comes with a hard heel which locks down the foot for performance. It feels and looks like a performance shoe but the classification is for a support running shoe.

A modest sole unit built from FaasFoam, with a type of memory characteristic which molds to your foot, you get good lift off and solid shock absorbing.

From heel to toe we see a drop of 4mm which helps promote a natural stride, increased designed in tread capability for the ball of your foot, for grip the shoe really performs on a firm or hard surface but exercise caution for wet surfaces.

These babies easily support you in day to day training.
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Check the weavemesh, tightly woven in a breath-able protective layer, a nice sock liner is featured, for extra protection the toe box sports a durable plastic layering. The technically innovative Everfit built into the midfoot gives stabilizing foot holding lace up support for the midfoot. This works in conjunction with the upper mesh for security, good breath-ability and sound comfort.
The minimal styling for the shoe comes with a hard heel which locks down the foot for performance. It feels and looks like a performance shoe but the classification is for a support running shoe.
A modest sole unit built from FaasFoam, with a type of memory characteristic which molds to your foot, you get good lift off and solid shock absorbing.
From heel to toe we see a drop of 4mm which helps promote a natural stride, increased designed in tread capability for the ball of your foot, for grip the shoe really performs on a firm or hard surface but exercise caution for wet surfaces.

The price is right, invest in these, they are a smart addition for running gear.
  • Affordable
  • Anti-bacterial sock liner for healthy feet
  • EverTrack durable outsole has great traction
  • Faas Foam+ for springy take-offs
  • Flex grooves encourage natural foot movement and flexibility
  • High on comfort
  • They are a bit stiff

4. Puma Faas 800 Running Shoe

4. Puma Faas 800 Running Shoe
The shoe philosophy here is very much less weight, for neutral daily training which is great for light-weight minimalist racing, this results in the updated Fass-800.

“Less weight, more faas” has been the backbone of the Puma Faas line since its inception.

Geometric focused stability works to prevent any over-pronation, inserts and dual densities are not present in the shoe so this gives a lighter shoe with high performance stability.

Have a read and find out why these shoes are wanted on the feet of many runners.
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The high visibility color styling has been retained, you wont find much in the way of plastic built into the shoe apart from the eyelets for durability purpose and likewise the  heel overlays. Pick up the shoe and you will be impressed at how light it is.

All of the upper is a durable mesh construction, this contributes to the lightness of the shoe construction and promotes flexibility, simplicity comes with the built in overlays, you get toe caps made from suede.

A solid midfoot overlay extends backwards into the heel system, a nice midfoot overlay with a TPU foam striping with reflective capability, this stylish construction lends to more structural integrity and shoe stability, rounded of with secure protection.

A roomy toebox for flexing tired toes, the heel stays minimalist in terms of functionality and its made from an exoskeleton instead of a heel cup which are usually a rigid form of plastic, you get a comforting build in of memory foam in the heel lining.

The shoe incorporates more in its tech build with a sound curved  rocker component which enables for a smooth touch down and easy toe-off, while you run you can feel the natural smooth promotion for your gait.

The ride in this shoe is created through Bio Ride tech from the Faas shoe system and centers around three key features, groove, flex and rocker tech.


The price of this shoe is surprisingly moderate when we compare it to the high performance characteristics, shoe durability, breath-ability, nice wick, protection and support

Natural ride.



No inserts

No dual density foam

Customer friendly Price


Some runners miss the traditional systems for foot support

5. Puma Carson Runner

5. Puma Carson Runner
Puma really steps it up with Carsons when it comes to style.

They’re not too maximalist, not too minimalist.

Have a read and see if you feel ready to try these.

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They come in awesome neutrals like black on white, but they’re also available in bright reds and blues as well as some wild and fun patterns.

If you prize lookin’ good while you run, these are some of the best Puma running shoes.

When it comes to actual runner-friendly features, they score highly too.

Whereas some Pumas are less breathable due to leather features, these ones are super breathable thanks to allover mesh uppers.

They’re lightweight which means great toe-offs and smooth transitions.

As is common for Puma running shoes, these babies are ultra-comfortable, too. You can’t lose with Carsons.

They price reflects what the shoe can give in terms of price, worth trying.

  • Allover mesh for super breathability
  • Formstrip overlays for snug fit
  • EcoOrthoLite sockliner for great bounce
  • EverRide cushioned outsole for support and protection
  • Fantastic reviews on comfort
  • High-abrasion rubber for tough surfaces
  • Lightweight IMEVA foam cushioning
  • Sizing fits small and slightly more narrow

6. Puma Ignite Disc

6. Puma Ignite Disc
Puma will tell you that this is one of their top responsive running shoes, they know what runners want.

A great road surface shoe which takes you for a good ride and lets you push for speed.

We really like this shoe, it has a niche place for avid runners.

Read why we put forward this model as a good recommendation.

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A nice range of sporty colors with a sound upper mesh constructed with durable synthetic nubuck leathering, TPU logo welds look nice and the no sew over lay system is appreciated by runners.

You get a stabilizing foam under heal insert which absorbs shock, the midsole tech is impressive and constructed with polyurethane at single density.

The outsole features the popular durable EverTrack Carbon from toe through to the heel and note the decorative under heel Urethanne insert.

Nice shoe weight at 321 gms and the shoe is offered in standard and single width sizes. Breath-ability through the upper construction is nicely functional and the shoe performs to expectations for wick factor.

For the sole you get hard heel and forefoot cushioning, the shoe is flexible and responsive with a great transition, arch support is above average the outsole grip is very good.

The heel and shoe front provide good stability.

For the upper construction we see plush durable materials, a good level of shoe ventilation, the Achilles dip is a little stiff and the collar gives a medium snug fit.

The mid foot area gives a snug fit and the lace system offers lends towards stabilizing support for the upper area.


The shoe cost is moderate when you take into account the performance characteristics and shoe tach, stability, durability and comfort which you get for your investment.

Upper construction plush durable materials

Good level of shoe ventilation

Breath-ability and good wick factor

Flexible for purpose

Good cushion

Great transition

Flexible and responsive





Some runners warn to secure the shoe tongue or it might slide.

7. Puma Ignite EvoKnit Lo

7. Puma Ignite EvoKnit Lo
Puma is undeniably one of the most recognizable footwear brands out there. With success on both the truck and trail, Puma running shoes continue to run ahead of the pack.

The best part about Puma running shoes is the various designs that appeal to both the wannabe runner and the pros. From the cool Puma Faas 300 v4 to the bad-ass Puma Poseidon, Puma running shoes offer the near-perfect experience for the elite runners as well as the casual Puma fanatic with cutting-edge technologies tailored for unique running experience be it in high-performance training, track racing, or trail running.

Ask any long-term Puma wearer, what is the one thing that makes Puma running shoes stand out of the already-crowded shelf, and a vast majority will hail their comfort and durability. With the knowledge of a wide range of preferences, Puma offers a range of shoes with befitting price tags designed to meet your taste and budget!

Before you embark on shopping for those running shoes that you have been waiting get your ‘feet on,’ take time to check out the pros and cons.

I guarantee that one of these amazing running shoes will appeal to both your taste and budget. Regardless of your budget, the one thing that you assured of is value for your money.
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To have or not to have? The Puma Ignite Evoknit Lo.

Checking for running shoes that combine both agility and awesome comfort?

You have found the right review. The Puma Ignite Evoknit Lo is up there as one of the top rated best running shoes.

For those who are familiar with this good performance shoe, it won't need an introduction, for those runners that have not tried it, check this out now.

If you are a fan for colors and would like to attract attention as stylish when running, there is a broad range of colors to select from.

This shoe gives the full deal, stylish, comfort and really functional for runners. You will get your ride time in with these shoes but do think twice if your off on a really long ride or heading for a trail.

The upper is tightly woven durable synthetics, you get protection, you get moisture wick and you get structural strength, and with all of that you also get breath-ability.

Nice sock liner from EVa, tried and tested so we know it works for runners, the shoe gives nice bounce back thanks to reliable shoe tech from ignite.

The shoe durability looks good with the built in outsole constructed from carbon rubber.
Grip is good and this shoe will appeal for runners.

It's still early days for cons or grips about the shoe, our review favors the shoe based upon it doing fine during testing and because of the tech and style which has been engineered into it for runners.

You get a lot for your money, the price wont drain your account. Try out the shoe and see what you think.

Really stylish


Lots of Puma shoe tech

Breath-ability and wick

Nicely weaved durable and supportive uppers

The right level of cushioning


It's early days yet, if you take the shoe for long rides you might want to keep an eye on sole wear.

8. Puma Ignite v2..

8. Puma Ignite v2..
Puma Ignites really keep you going on long runs and through daily training. This is thanks to their cushioning. Whereas some supportive shoes lose out on flexibility, the Ignites have that going for them, too. Think highly breathable running shoes with a natural and flexible but snug fit.
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We go straight for the very impressive upper with a high breath-ability capability, strong durable construction and water resistant capability.

Puma flexibility is evident throughout the shoe design, the sole is durably strong but gives the right level of flex.

On a long run you will be delighted with the cushion tech built into the shoe, it's comfortable, molds to the foot and gives a snug feeling.

Touchdown is comfortable and shock absorbance means no jarring, bounce is really delightful and once you get going you can run in a pair of shoes which feel like they are built to work with your gait

I really like the level of breath-ability and on a hot day you will find that your feet keep reasonably cool.

Expect a really smooth natural running sensation due to the excellently designed flex groove system built into the shoe. track tech at its very best.

The shoe hold well onto the foot and the structure has durability combined with a secure structural design, surface grip is at a level where you know that short of hitting a patch of ice, you're going to stay on your feet.

The sole has really solid durability and can take regular long pounding rides.

Minimal cost, nice buy and you get a good shoe.

  • Breathable, flexible mesh upper
  • EverTrack tech in outsole for durability
  • Forefront flex grooves for smooth, natural running experience
  • Ultra-thin tongue for comfortable but natural fit
  • Silicone print on inner heel for security and no slippage
  • Narrow fit in the forefoot

9. Puma Men's Ignite Ultimate Layered Running Shoes.

9. Puma Men's Ignite Ultimate Layered Running Shoes.
Having seen the Puma Ignite v2, check out the companion shoe the Puma Men's Ignite Ultimate Layered Running Shoes for a comparison.

This range of running shoes from Puma are tried and tested and enjoy wide popularity among runners.

Here we see a really good neutral running shoe for road surfaces.

It's been upgraded to give high energy return with a shoe that provides absolute comfort. The style is unmistakable and synonymous with Puma.  

Let's check some feedback on this great shoe.
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A good shoe for a 5k with no resulting soreness or tired feet, another reviewer took the shoe as new for a six mile walk and found they did not need breaking in they were just right, so for distance running they work and they are fine for distance walking. When we think about surface grip a reviewer took a pair and wore them for a game of soccer and the shoes performed great on the wet field.

It does seem that these running shoes can and do serve multi-functional sports purpose. A factor that remains constant is real comfort and durability, something which we runners value very much.

In terms of arch support the shoe is neutral and good for those daily road or park runs, the heel to toe drop for the men's version is a friendly 12mm.  For shoe weight we see the women's shoe at 305 and the men's at 350 grams, the shoes come in a normal width for both.  Feedback indicates solid durability for the soles with minimal wear even after a few hundred miles.

The mesh is up there as ultra breathability so the shoes is good for hot weather running as well as cool weather, great flexibility from the designed in flex grooves running from the fore-foot to the heal area.


The shoe comes with the usual high quality built in cushioning which runners seeking a moderate price shoes have come to respect as value for money.


Nice comfortable cushion

Good road grip and moderate grass surfaces

Top notch breath-ability

Neutral shoe

Good flexibility




Surprisingly, some runners said the shoe felt a bit heavy.

10. Puma Super Elevate..

10. Puma Super Elevate..
These shoes elevate your running game, so the name really fits. The Super Elevates have a sleek, neutral look available in white and black. The heel is thick and supportive with the TPU heel cushioning unit. Textured Formstrip overlays keep the fit snug. The upper’s particularly supportive. In general, these make for solid training shoes. The big plus? They’re very affordable.
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This well designed neutral shoe offers a comfort which comes from the durable uppers which are built to enhance support while also staying with just the right amount of cushion in exactly the right area's of the shoe.

Mega support comes from the Heel TPU tech and cushioning works nicely from the shoe, your feet are cushioned to the extent that it feels really natural.

Offered in a choice of 2 colors white or black, the shoe sits in its own band for effective neutral appearance blended with solid performance.

Take these shoes for a short, medium or long ride and you know your wearing performance, your stride works with the shoe, grip is really sound and when you want speed you can switch on and the shoes will go with you.

Shoe bounce and lift off is noticeably good and the quality of bounce is appropriate in sync with a runners touch down and toe off, built with the tried and liked array of Puma shoe tech you get functionality, durability, performance, good cushioned comfort and a nice feeling of stability.

In short, when you put on these shoes they feel nice, they ride well, they perform to a runners expectations.

I like the reassuring foot hugging snugness that the shoe gives and the feeling of secure protection, they don't look bulky or feel at all clunky and the shoe really performs to purpose, try them out, you won't run away feeling disappointed.

Puma are knocking out this shoe model at a really fair price.



Nice cushion

Flexible where needed


Good performing shoe-responsive


A few runner questioned weight

There you have it. Puma puts out a lot of products, but the models above have been rated the highest for their own particular uses and features. Their shoes tend to be versatile and easily move from the tracks to sports activities to daily training. Pumas tend to fall in the middle ground – they’re not too maximalist or minimalist. Because of this, they retain flexibility while being supportive and durable. Read on to see how we made our selections.


The Criteria Used When Choosing The Best Puma Running Shoes:


 A Little Background On The Puma Brand

Puma has an interesting origin story. Started by two brothers in a small German town with limited electricity, the brothers used the pedal power of stationary bicycles to run some of their early equipment. The sleepy, unknown brand exploded in 1936 when the brothers packed a suitcase full of running spikes and drove to the Olympics, which were taking place in Berlin. They convinced US sprinter Jesse Owens to wear their footwear, and he won four gold medals sporting Puma’s on his feet. Needless to say, this would set off a ripple in the running shoe world that is still around today. In fact, the two brothers broke business ties and one of them went off to start another running shoe company. Maybe you’ve heard of them, Adidas. That’s right, these two footwear powerhouses were started by two (almost unknown) brothers and they’ve been bitter rivals ever since.

 Performance, Not Lifestyle Footwear

We know there are a ton of Puma footwear options on the market. In fact, test runners report that they come across so many Puma models in retail and running shops that they stopped paying attention. This is because Puma has split into a lifestyle company, creating suede wrapped shoes that look pretty, but should never be taken out on a run. In fact, they can’t even be taken out in the rain. We have wadded through these shoes and made sure that only their performance driven options are on our buying guide. There are numerous advantages to the Puma running shoe brand, as long as you make an educated selection.



 Added Value With Performance

One the biggest advantages of selecting Puma footwear is the solid value that they provide runners. You are able to select a running shoe that is constructed with premium materials and quality design at a lower price than their big name counterparts. We made sure to cross reference all models with what real world user had to say about them in terms of performance and durability to make sure that our readers get the most value from their selections.


According to runner feedback, finding a running shoe with adequate support can sometimes be a troubling affair. We at Runnerclick are avid runners and know that achieving the right amount of support and cushioning can be tricky. However when you’re going long distances, getting the support levels right isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. So we took a close look at what user feedback had to say about the support levels of the Puma models tested. We know it’s crucial to get the support you need.


Another advantage of the Puma brand is the breathability of their footwear. We have a solid variety of selections, which earn high marks on their ability to keep runner’s feet nice and cool throughout their runs. Whether it’s woven, tightly knit fabric or synthetic mesh, the materials found on the uppers of the running shoes is the first thing we inspected when determining the breathability of the available options. It doesn’t matter if you live in a hotter climate or not, a light and breezy running shoe is always a welcomed companion on any run.

 The Latest Looks And Styles

Ok, we admit it. These are great looking running shoes. While we focus on performance, fit, and technology, we know that runners like to express themselves and have an aesthetically pleasing shoe on their feet. We’re the same way. That’s why Puma brings in what it learns from its “lifestyle” brands and translates that into their performance line. What you are left with is great looking designs and awesome color options. No matter which model you choose, you’re going to get a great shoe that has that on-trend look that everyone’s looking for.



Other Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Puma Running Shoes.

Puma has a rich history and they take the construction of their performance running shoes very seriously. We have narrowed down the selection to the very best. However, after you take a look at the wide range of feedback and data we went through when compiling our selections, it’s good to have a little more guidance for a custom choice. This will help you choose a running shoe that’s right for you. It’s important that you make a selection that makes sense for your purposes and what you plan to do with them. Below you will find some personal factors to take into consideration when making your choice.

Don’t Fall For Sponsorships Or Celebrity Endorsements

It may be tempting to slip into the latest footwear that is being used in professional soccer, football, or even Olympic events. Puma has plenty of athletes and celebraties that sport their brand both on and off the field. Resist the urge to walk into a department store, or even worse, a fashion boutique, and select a high fashion running shoe. We have vetted our choice based on fit, protection, comfort, durability, and performance to name just a few checkboxes. Selecting the best match for you should always be the top priority.

Make A Selection Based On Activity

We listed models that are a great fit for a wide variety of activates such as training, short runs, and long runs. It’s a good idea to make a selection based on what type of activity you plan on logging the most time of in your Puma’s. If you’re going to run long distances, there’s nothing like a lightweight, breathable running shoe to keep your focus on endurance and stride. For gym training that has you switching between multiple workouts in short spurts, our training selections are the best fit for the job. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference once you make a footwear selection that matches your activity.


Remember The Width Of Your Foot When Making A Selection

Puma running shoe models can really be divided into two categories: narrow and less narrow. Maybe it’s a German engineering thing (like those smaller German cars). We know that happy feet make for a great run, so it’s important to let our readers know about specific sizing properties that may or may not work for them. If you have had issues with the narrowness of running shoes in the past, make sure you look for the options that we have noted for their width. We have options for runners with wider feet, but keep in mind the Puma as a whole tends to manufacture a more narrow shoe.

Keep The Clean For More Than Just Looks

Here’s another factor to consider: maintenance. Puma running shoes have awesome, runner friendly materials that make for a lightweight and breathable running shoe. If you’re going to go with a knitted, formed fabric model, keep in mind that keeping those materials clean is essential to keeping their integrity levels high. So if you’re not the type of runner that doesn’t like to be hands on or proactive with the care of you running shoes, you might want to make a selection that is more “lace up and go” with a less breathable construction and design. Needless to say, never machine wash or machine dry your Puma’s.




We’re confident that by taking some of these factors into consideration when making your choice, you’ll find a solid Puma running shoe that is perfect for you. Before you get out there, we’ve also compiled some frequently asked questions that commonly arise when searching for a new running shoe.


Q: What are Puma’s best known for? What can I expect from the brand?

A: Depends on whom you ask. Track runners know the name for solid Olympic events Gold Medal wins. Soccer players know Puma for being the most trusted name in International play. Football players know then for being extra sticky on the field. We can go on, however, what they mean for runners and what you can expect from them is quality materials with attention to details for an incredible value. Count on the brand to give you a durable and dependable running shoe with a trendy style all of their own.

Q: I’ve heard that most people run without socks in Puma’s; what’s the consensus?

A: It’s really a personal preference. It’s a possibility that since Puma’s are used for a lot of track and field events, most of which are ran without socks, perhaps this stuck with the brand along the way. Regardless of why, running without socks is a choice that each individual runner has to make, there’s no real right or wrong answer.

Q: Do Puma’s run true to size?

A: Yes. The majority of Puma footwear runs true to size, and a lot more consistent than most running shoe brands. The particular models that run a little small, we have made sure to make note about it on our guide so that our readers have the most information available to them.

Q: I’m planning on working to increase my times, are Puma’s a good selection for that?

A: They are a great selection for speed. Puma’s are literarily built for short distances and high speed. Their traction is high to give runners more torque off of the starting line, and they are lightweight and very flexible. If speed is something you’re after, Puma’s are a good selection to make.


This was our approach when selecting the right pair of Puma running shoes. Remember that selecting the right pair of running shoes is an investment and making a selection that is based on personal use and needs is crucial. We hope this guide provided you with all the information you need when making you choice between form and function. Thanks for following along with us. Now make the perfect selection for you and keep running!

Here are some sources we used while conducting our research

It’s important to use a wide variety of sources to ensure quality information. We like to utilize trusted running enthusiasts and manufactures when providing our readers with the most up-to-date statistics found in all our buying guides. We are also very interested in taking what everyday users have to say about specific products, and we perform our due diligence to make sure that quality research goes into every guide. Here are some sources which helped us with this guide:


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