Puma NRGY Comet

Puma has been known as one of the most fashion-forward brands on the market in the lifestyle sneaker category for quite some time now. Over time, they slowly started to branch out and really invest into developing their own running shoes and trademark technologies. In doing so, they made a smart business move and made a series of affordable all-round running shoes that will suit the average runner, which is to say – most of us. The Puma NRGY Comet is the latest in line of good-quality ‘beginner’ running shoes that do exactly what they promise: provide comfort and flexibility on short runs while looking their best. That’s not to say that there’s no room for improvement; the main objection to this shoe is that it isn’t as durable as some other shoes in its category.

So, are we looking here at an almighty show-stopper that can take us on any terrain and keep us comfortable while running a marathon? No. But are we looking at a comfy shoe that can satisfy our basic exercise needs of your casual runner? Absolutely. You’re looking at a casual, stylish running shoe for a casual, stylish runner.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable, flexible and lightweight
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Fit+ technology provides a snug fit and adapts to different foot shapes
  • Breathable
  • Soft memory foam removable insoles
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Stylish and modern-looking
  • Very affordable
  • A range of interesting colors
  • Cons
    • Not suitable for long-distance runs
    • Not particularly durable
    • Minimal stability
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Puma NRGY Comet is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material which is one of the best shock absorbent and corrosion resistant materials around. EVA is proven to provide better cushioning compared to denser materials such as rubber, while also being lightweight. All running shoes have an expiration date, but the outsole of the Puma NRGY Comet will prolong their usage time while giving a high energy return and comfort. The sleek design of the outsole implies that this shoe doesn’t allow for a lot of traction – think jogging on the pavement rather than running long distances on uneven terrain. There are rubber pads on the heel and toes which provide a firmer grip and increase stability.
      This neutral running shoe is made for runners who don’t require any additional arch support, which amounts to about 50% of all runners. It boasts an injection-moulded EVA midsole with IGNITE foam, Puma’s trademark midsole material which is single density and provides increased responsiveness. The injection moulding technology gives more bounce to the shoe as well as softer cushioning, which makes them great for runners suffering from shin splints, looking to get back on track. The downside to injection-moulded EVA midsoles is that they tend to wear down quicker than their compression-moulded counterparts. Expect to see the first compression lines appear after a month or so of regular use.
      The upper of the NRGY Comet is lightweight, breathable and extremely stylish. The inner textile and outer synthetic materials don’t provide much protection from the elements, but they help with keeping airflow and preventing overheating on longer runs. Runners with flat feet will be happy to know that the insoles are removable and can be replaced with orthopedic insoles. The shoe’s tongue is cushioned and features a loop on top, through which the laces can be threaded in order to increase stability and grip around the ankle. The reinforced faux-leather parts of the otherwise soft upper prevent the foot from moving sideways and the Fit+ technology helps the shoe adapt to every type of foot, further increasing the shoe’s stability.
      Given that the shoe is unisex, there are no differences in weight between men’s and women’s models. The NRGY Comet weight is around 8 ounces, which puts it in the lightweight category. Some users have even described the shoe as “feather light” and “extremely lightweight”.
      The upper is made with minimal overlays of the material, no overlays in the front of the shoe and mesh material on the sides. The material itself is thin and makes for a breathable shoe with great airflow. One customer even complained that the material is in fact too thin in the front, making the shoe semi see-through, so keep in mind that this shoe requires smart color sock pairing. Breathability is often an underrated feature of running shoes that can make a big difference, especially when they’re not used exclusively for running, but for walking and wearing indoors as well. The more breathable the shoe, the less sweaty the feet get; less sweat means smaller chances of swelling, blisters, yeast infections and skin irritations.
      The soft memory foam insole provides a walk-on-air kind of feeling and adapts quickly to the shape of the foot. The elastic foam also features an anti-odor coating and helps in keeping the foot cool by minimizing heat retention. The NRGY Comet is considered one of the most comfortable running shoes in its price range, due to the double EVA foam in the outsole and midsole, the soft foam insole, as well as the upper material that adapts to the foot perfectly. The pull straps make it easy to put the shoes on and remove them as well. All in all, when it comes to comfort, the Comet ticks all the right boxes, that’s for sure.

      Important note: some customers have complained that the shoes run even up to 2 sizes too big. That’s because the shoes are unisex in design, but run in men’s sizes only, which means that women should opt for shoes that are 1.5 sizes down from their usual size.
      With six different color combinations to choose from, as well as the unisex design, this high-performance running shoe has no trouble doubling as a street style fashion statement. The mesh material on the upper side makes it look contemporary, and the overall sleek, minimalist approach to its design makes it an ideal option for casual wear, blurring the lines between sports shoes and lifestyle sneakers. For those that favor an edgy chic style, the NRGY Comet can even be paired with denim skirts and skater dresses.
      A shorter lifespan of EVA foam material is the flipside of the comfort that it offers. While this is a far cry from a low-quality shoe, there is certainly some room for improvement. Running will eventually cause abrasion to any shoe, but due to the shock-absorbent, lightweight materials used for the outsole and the midsole, the NRGY Comet doesn’t have as long an optimum lifespan as some sturdier shoes do. An average running shoe is made to endure 300-500 miles of use after they lose their bounce significantly, so expect to have to replace the NRGY Comet after 250-300 miles maximum. However, keep in mind that this shoe wasn’t made to satisfy the needs of long-distance runners. It is meant to be a reliable, lightweight and extremely comfortable shoe suitable for beginner runners who prefer short runs or jogs 2-3 times a week. If used this way, this shoe can be your trusty running partner for a spring/summer season or (at most) two.
      The non-slip rubber on the heel and toes of the outsole will provide a firm grip on dry terrain. Additionally, the upper reinforcements will keep the foot stable and the cushioned tongue will prevent any blisters from forming even if you lace up the shoe tightly. However, this shoe will not protect you from the elements. It’s neither waterproof nor water resistant, so it’s best to use it on warm, dry days or indoors. Due to their breathability and thin upper material, the cold wind might become a problem on longer walks.
      This, along with comfort, is where the NRGY Comet shines. The cushiony EVA midsole does wonders for energy return and the flexibility of the shoe, making the foot movement from the heel-touch to toe-off springy and effortless. Most customers are very satisfied with the shoe’s shock-absorbency and the bounce-back the midsole offers.
      The Puma NRGY Comet is a neutral running shoe. It’s not intended for runners who have problems with overpronation or flat feet. With thin, adaptable upper and foam midsole, this shoe leans more to the side of cushioning and comfort than support and stability. It provides just enough support for people with normal or medium-high arches. However, it should be noted that this shoe doesn’t provide sufficient support for the ankles on long-distance runs or uneven terrains. While its softness can be great for people with shin splints, it’s not ideal for those who have problems with Achilles tendonitis, who require a shoe with a firmer, less cushiony support on the heel.
      The discreet lugs on the NRGY Comet outsole are great for flat surfaces – asphalt, pavement, track, grass, and gravel. Anything that’s more uneven than that will probably prove to be a problem, not only because of the outsole design and the amount of traction the shoe can withstand but because of the insufficient ankle stability as well. That being said, this is a great choice for training in a gym and on a treadmill.
      The Puma NRGY Comet is a winner in both the running and lifestyle categories. Its price varies depending on the retailer, but generally speaking, it's on the lower end of the spectrum. A lot of customers were pleasantly surprised by the price-to-quality ratio, especially because they can wear the shoe all day long.
      The combination of rubber and EVA materials and lug design on the outsole of the shoe will keep the foot well-grounded on flatter surfaces. It is possible that small pebbles could get stuck between the outsole lugs, but because the lugs are shallow, they would also be easy to take out. This shoe is in no way suitable for any kind of rocky surfaces, long runs or mountain hikes.
      Flexibility, responsiveness, and comfort are really the NRGY Comet’s fortes. With the soft upper and the EVA outsole and midsole, the flexibility is to be expected. The forefoot can flex upward to a 90-degree angle and bounce right back to the starting position, mimicking the natural movement of the foot while sprinting and transferring the bodyweight from heel to toe and back. The wide toe box gives a lot of room for moving, stretching and flexing the toes.
      As mentioned, this sneaker isn’t engineered to be a stability shoe. While it does offer a bit of stability with its faux-leather upper reinforcements, it’s not a good choice for runners with a low arch or overpronation issues.
      With all the cushioning in the midsole, it’s no wonder that the NRGY Comet features an average-to-large drop of 10 millimetres. This drop serves the purpose of providing comfort and bounciness. If you’re searching for a running shoe that will provide a barefoot feel and let you feel the ground beneath your feet, take a look at this buying guide for zero drop running shoes.
      Key Features
      - Stylish running and lifestyle shoe with a range of color options,
      - EVA foam outsole and midsole: great energy return and cushioning
      - Extremely comfortable
      - Breathable
      - Fit+ technology provides a snug fit and adapts to different foot shapes
      - Removable soft foam insoles
      - Unisex
      Bottom Line
      The Puma NRGY Comet is a great fusion of running, indoor training, and lifestyle shoe that will satisfy the needs of the beginner or average runner. If you’re looking for an affordable, extremely comfortable, neutral shoe to wear day-to-day during the warmer months, but also a shoe that you can go running in or wear to the gym 2-3 times a week, this will probably be a good option. They are an especially wise choice for people who want to dip their toes into the running world but aren’t willing to make a financial commitment at the very beginning. On the other hand, if you need a shoe that will provide extra stability and be durable, a shoe you can wear on rocky and uneven terrains in any kind of weather, maybe you’ll find these shoes to be the right fit for you.
      Where to Buy
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