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PUMA is one of those brands that's somehow remained intellectual, controversial, and attractive ever since its inception. That tradition continued with the arrival of the PUMA Tsugi Shinsei line. Famously backed by a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer  Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (known professionally as The Weeknd), this line re-introduced us to the "streets". This latest release is known as the Tsugi Jun (jun is Japanese for "all"). Both the Jun and its predecessor are ultra-modern, unisex slip-on tennis-style trainers designed to embrace and reflect the "unconventional" pairing of German and Japanese traditions. The "all" in this line of Puma shoes focus on the elements that unite the shoe - like the lacing system. The Jun features a unique side lacing system and modified elastic collar to offer easier barefoot to shoe transition. Finally, a soft, yet strong textile with incredible colors shines as the hallmark of the highly exclusive secondary release.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Supportive upper
  • Cons
    • Slightly expensive

      Key Features
      The outsole of the Puma Tsugi Jun is constructed of the same EverTrack rubber as featured on the Puma Ignite. Specially designed for both the track and street, these shoes boast great traction and durability. On the tread, you can see the same latticing effect achieved by the ribbing on the uppers. Its multi-dimensional flex grooves and midfoot textile peekaboo are reminiscent of both Cubist design and Shinto architecture. However, the outsole is also designed with functionality in mind as it combines and layers different densities of trusstics and gels for protection against early wear. These different densities and construction methods of rubber across the tread helps prevent excessive wear caused by pronation, supination, or extreme strikers.
      The Tsugi Jun features an Ignite foam midsole. Ignite midsoles are constructed from IMEVA ( or Injection Molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a type of highly durable foam frequently used in running shoes that offer equal amounts of stability and energy return (for reference, the New Balance 670v1 also uses this material in its midsole). These features are extremely important for runners who are looking to cut down on their daily run or marathon times. The greater the energy return in a shoe, the better performance you can expect. That's because midsoles and outsoles with high energy return prevent premature muscle fatigue and use the velocity of your strike of produce additional momentum as you run.
      The Puma Tsugi Jun's evoKnit upper offers a high degree of comfort. With specially designed ribs and premium leather panels for enhanced midfoot flexibility and stability, this knitted mesh upper from PUMA has kept all of the futuristic feels of the Shinsei. Dual elastic heel locks, an even softer sock-like collar, and a side panel speed lacing system are all welcome comfort features debuted in the Jun. The only downside of these uppers is that some people reported mild slippage of the tongue while lacing up. Still, once laced properly, runners report a surprisingly snug ride without the inconvenience of traditional lacing systems that require you monitor tension and knots.
      Puma Tsugi Jun shoes weigh approximately 11 ounces, making them more lightweight than your average fashion trainer. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that this is one of the ideal weights for a shoe meant to be highly versatile. Overall, most would agree that Juns are dense enough to register support during intensive footwork routines, CrossFit sessions, etc. but light enough to prevent calf pain during a long-distance run.
      The uppers of the Puma Tsugi Jun are made of several different, highly breathable fabrics. A knit backed with a supportive elastic gore mesh makes for a shoe with excellent air circulation and a casual, near-barefoot feel despite having the ride of an ultra plush trainer. This gore mesh also allows these shoes to dry rapidly once exposed to sweat or moisture - preventing a shoe environment that could easily cause blisters and other injuries.
      Puma Tsugi Jun shoes are comfortable enough to have all the appeal of a typical house shoe or slip-on sandal, with all of the design of a technological marvel. The Juns have a unique sock-like bootie and rapid lace closure designed to be supportive and soft enough to tempt even the most serious sock-and-sandal fan. Obviously, they're cushioned and cool enough for a performer to wear on stage. Plus, they're low-cut enough to be able to offer a wide range of movement. Overall, wearers (at the date of this article's publication) have a 100% recommendation rate for this shoe based on its outstanding comfort level.
      Whether you're trekking through the city or looking to improve your weekend run times on the road, the Puma Jun provides comfort so outstanding you might just consider taking one more lap around the track.

      Custom color styles (including the Cubism line) may be available from specific South African retailers, but for now, only the Puma Black, Puma White, Flame Scarlet and Grey-Violet color styles are available for shipping from U.S. based Puma distributors. Overall, this is an exceptionally stylish shoe. With its unique laces and plush, knitted look, and design-savvy textile patterns the Tsugi Jun has something to satisfy brand loyalists and fans of The Weeknd alike. Though, if you're looking for a traditional sneaker, you're certainly in the wrong place. Part of Puma's iconic appeal is their edgy, uninhibited style. This shoe is exactly what it claims to be - a fashion sneaker that offers exceptional comfort and a lighter-than-air ride. Thankfully, due to its high-end construction, both sneakerheads and runners will feel comfortable with the Puma Tsugi Jun's overall style design.
      With an EverTrack outsole and a Puma namesake, the Puma Tsugi Jun shoe is built to withstand movement over concrete and streets on a daily basis. Plus, because of the unique construction of these Evertrack outsoles, even pronators, supinators, and extreme strikers will find that these shoes stand up to the test of time. However, because of their unique uppers, it's not recommended to expose these shoes to water for extended periods. Although the gore uppers dry fairly quickly and easily, other components of the shoe (like its textile knit) will take longer to recover from water exposure.

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      Puma Tsung Jun shoes' quarter overlays are made of leather, but most of the shoe features elastic gore and a textile knit. As such, Tsung Jun shoes provide a reasonable amount of street protection but are not suitable for terrain that is wet or complex. More striking, however, is how much protection the Puma Tsugi Juns offer anyone who stands, walks, or runs long distances. With their unique outsole construction featuring strategically placed different grades of rubber, those of us with wide feet, supination, over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions that negatively affect our gait patterns won't end up with a shoe that easily wears or encourages a misaligned gait.
      Tsung Jun shoes are designed to be strong, but lightweight and flexible. This, in addition to their unique collar, makes them highly responsive to motion. In fact, the sock-like uppers and bootie-style interior ensure these shoes stay molded to the foot even while dancing or sprinting. Plus, Puma Juns also have a futuristically high toe box and vamp. This additional toe space not only helps prevent infection and injury in runners, it allows the toes to spread neutrally. This makes your foot more efficient at carrying energy from your legs to the ground and guarantees that your shoes aren't the ones controlling your movements!

      The Puma Tsung Jun line is specifically designed to be lightweight, breathable, and supportive as a stage (and street) shoe. Specially engineered to support the upper mid-foot the Tsung Jun shoe showcases stabilizing vamp ridges, supportive leather overlays, and a unique side-lacing system.

      The Puma Tsugi Jun shoe has a series of grippy, ridge-like treads well suited for traction over concrete, gravel, and artificial surfaces found in urban areas.
      Puma Tsugi Jun shoes are designed to be a sneakerhead's fantasy and have a price tag to match. Retailing for a mid-range price(depending on colorway selection), they're somewhat expensive for an everyday trainer. However, if you're interested in fashion sneakers or a pair of incredibly plush trainers for interval training, the Juns have it all.
      The Puma Tsugi Jun shoe has a series of grippy, ridge-like treads well suited for traction over concrete, gravel, and artificial surfaces found in urban areas: something to consider if you're a serious daily walker. Plus, thanks to the EverTrack rubber found in the outsole, you can expect traction control over the entire life of the shoe.
      Because the uppers of the Puma Tsugi Jun features a supportive elastic gore, the foot is not in any way restricted. They offer a greater range of motion than shoes with a foam collar, but still comes equipped with dual heel locks for both seasoned runners and for those of us who get blisters easily. Moreover, the Ignite IMEVA midsoles are some of the most flexible, durable midsoles on the market. As the Olympic Games draw closer, it's likely that we'll see the same energy rebound technology assist runners from around the globe. Articulated chevron grooves and deep forefoot flex grooves mimic the natural splay of the foot, allowing for more flexibility.
      Specially engineered ribs on the vamp, tooled leather quarter overlays and a specially engineered side-lacing system provide extra stability by supporting the upper mid-foot.
      Plus, deep articulated chevron grooves in the forefoot mimic the natural splay of the foot, allowing for more stability and control in your gait.
      Key Features
      - Highly breathable
      - Flexible
      - Lightweight
      - Unique lacing system
      Bottom Line
      The Puma Tsugi line features ultra-modern, unisex slip-on tennis-style trainers backed by The Weeknd; and is seen as emblematic of the post-modernist shift in conceptions of the future present within the hip-hop underground community. These Cubist and Shinto inspired sneakers are currently available in a wide array of custom, imported styles. The Jun addition to the line strips down the lacing system and relaxes the upper fit, all while maintaining the integrity of both German and Japanese tradition. The Jun, in particular, features a highly futurist, function-oriented design that's been so highly demanded by brand loyalists. If you're a runner looking for a plush, neutral shoe for interval training the Jun's would be a very stylish addition to your closet.
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      By Stephanie D'Adamo
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