Reebok Cloudride DMX

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Reebok Cloudride DMX Review Facts

This Reebok shoe sure has a badass name and it’s uniquely designed for….walking! It’s not a speed demon racer or a rugged trail shoe, it’s an orthopedic walking shoe designed to look a whole lot more attractive than your run of the mill podiatrist approved walking sneaker. The Reebok Cloudride DMX comes in plenty of colorways to suit many tastes and features a very well cushioned midsole with a comfortable upper that encases the foot to ensure superior stability. The shoe is a great choice for those who require a lot of TLC for their feet. Those with recovering injuries, structural issues, and even diabetics may benefit from selecting the DMX as their footwear of choice.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Helps with circulation
  • Good arch support
  • Secure fit
  • Soft, comfortable cushioning
  • Breathable upper
  • Lots of color choices
  • Attractive design
  • Fairly lightweight for a walking shoe
  • Dries quickly
  • Long-lasting cushioning
  • Outsole design may take some getting used to
  • Not suitable for narrow feet
  • Stiff feel
  • Difficult to get on (narrow heel cup)
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  • These are hands down supreme comfort. The gel inners are dreamy. These were a compulse buy do to style and I am not disappointed; they offer so much more.
  • The heel was a bit narrow but broke in well. Has great cushioning and is good on my healing ankle injury with no issues.
  • Super light and comfortable. I was able to get these babies moving with no pain right out of the box. Not sure how well they are on laterals but I love them for what I do.
  • I have flat feet and suffer from plantars. I also have a double sized talus bone. Plus, I am obese. I am really uncomfortable most of the time because of all of this. I was able to go on a tracked 10 mile walk throughout europe with no pain. I could not believe my feet. Not even the next da, which is when I really feel it normally. They feel like they have air cushions on the ball of my feet and arches. These ran a half size bigger than m normal shoes. The tongue slides a bit and I had to readjust. And the price, it cannot be beat. I am on my feet in the hospital for long hours daily with plantars fasciitis. These have kept me stable and pain free the whole time. These are like clouds on my feet and I thoroughly enjoy them.
  • I have flat feet and suffer from plantars. I also have a double sized talus bone. Plus, I am obese. I am really uncomfortable most of the time because of all of this. I was able to go on a tracked 10 mile walk throughout europe with no pain. I could not believe my feet. Not even the next da, which is when I really feel it normally. They feel like they have air cushions on the ball of my feet and arches. These ran a half size bigger than m normal shoes. The tongue slides a bit and I had to readjust. And the price, it cannot be beat.
  • The sock liner on these makes them so difficult to put on and is a dealbreaker for a lot of folks I see. I ordered a shoe horn because I wanted to love these shoes. They are so spongy and bouncy. I love the insides. They are so comfortable and snug. The soles are really nice but could use some padding in the front of the shoe.
  • Comfort is the other name of this shoe! It is busting with comfort. I am so pleased. They breath well and are light at the same time. They needed a bit of breaking in due to a heel rub but it went away. I have had back surgery and neuropathy so I need a good shoe and these deliver. These make walking a lot less painful!
  • These are just like my old Reebok Easy Tones! I am so excited. They are bouncy and light and I don't feel the pavement below my feet. They re so comfortable. I had a little trouble with the sock like fit at first but they broke in nice.
  • These didn't need any break in time. They were a bit hard to get on at first but they really feel amazing. They stay tied and snug. They gave me a blister on my arch but I am blaming it on the socks I had on. I will be buying these again.
  • I am used to getting really fatigued legs from just walking but these shoes do not d that. I get a more energy transfer from these. They are so lightweight and comfortable I just want to live in them. I have no soreness or pains. I am so freaking happy I bought these.
  • I started picking up more walking in my life after rescuing a dog. I also picked up a severe heel pain. These shoes have been a life saver. I do not have issues with getting these on like some reviewers say. They look great and are the best shoes I have ever owned for comfort.
  • I love the Gel insoles! They are so dang comfortable and have saved my feet with my 12 hours of walking a day. The laces needed replaced, they are always coming undone. I have bought two pair and plan on getting another after these.
  • I wanted a comfortable shoe that didn't look like a monstrosity while keeping the cushioning. These fit to size and have all the comfort I need plus some. The soles and arches are so dope. I could use a little more toe space and height in the top. I am pleased overall with this shoe though.
  • I always wear sneakers, with everything. I am a huge fan of the comfort in most Reebok shoes and these are no different. I am not able to get my inserts in them so I cannot wear them all day at work. However, they are a great and comfortable shoe.
  • The liner is like a pillow cradling your feet with a swaddle on the top. These suck trying to get on at first but so worth it. I ordered a half size larger and I could not be happier.
  • They are thin, however, they are fantastic. I had to get used to the whole style: the thin material, the sole strip from the heel to the arch, the way you have to put them on. However, these are some of the most comfortable shoes I have owned. They are really breathable and sock like.
  • The suchy soe is like a little massae everytime i take a step. I have diabetes and this helps with my circulation. These are helpful because they are so flexible as well. Took about an hour to break in or maybe just me getting used to a really comfortable shoe. They have a great firm arch while still being cushioned. These are great and I recommend them to anyone with circulation issues like me.
  • Just got thee again and I love them. I work as a CNA and am on my feet all day long. They hug my feet and fit snug and comfortable. After a week of wear they aren't that hard to get on. Do not make this a deal breaker or you will be missing out on a comfortable shoe.
  • These are working better for my stress fractures than the medical boots. These have relieved me of all pain associated with these fractures. I am able to slip them on and off nicely without issues. I ordered my regular size, no issues.
  • Light and airy, the most comfortable shoe in the world. I didn't need to break these in at all. I took them right to work and was supported and floating on clouds.
  • I wish they made these in dress shoes style These took away every ounce of back pain that I have had over the past year. I am so grateful that I found these! I have to say I have never found a more snug and comfortable shoe. They are very therapeutic.
  • The shoes were not even in size and one pinched me. I wanted to used these for my daily walks and they were not comfortable or spoortive for my weight. They had no arches and felt pretty cheap. Not impressed Reebok.
  • I walked 5 miles and had blisters all over the bottom of my feet, heels and arches. They seemed to have good cushion and support but nope. I won’t be wearing them any more. Super disappointed.
  • The inserts on these do not support the fact I walk on the outsides of my feet. These created my hamstrings to flare up from a past injury. These seem like they would e a great shoe for someone that they fit properly, just not me.
  • 25 years of Reebok and this?! They were so small and so very uncomfortable. No space for a high arch foot even at a size larger. Might have to try another brand.
  • I hated the sock liner. They were so loose and sloppy. No support and hurt walking on carpet. They hurt my arches. I like that they are all white mesh. They look good, that is about it.
  • I could not get this shoe on. It was so horrible. It is nearly impossible to wear any sort of sock. The tongue rides too high too. Hated these. These are not like any other Reeboks I have bought.
  • Way too tight and cannot get them on. I feel like I am going to rip the shoe. They gave me tendonitis in my heel. Way to compact in the heel.
  • These had no arch support. After one month the liners are tearing in the heels. They are really poor quality and fit. Bad design Reebok.
  • I felt really unstable in these. The heel is rounded and makes it awkward to walk in.
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Of the 600 reviews we found in total, 19% were negative, and 81% were positive.


The Cloudride features a rubber outsole. It's a pretty standard sole but it does have Flex Grooves for added comfort. A few reviewers didn't like the feel of the outsole, though. Even with the Flex Grooves, some complained that the sole felt too rigid. Despite this, the majority of reviewers seemed pleased with the feel of the shoe. The DMX could use a bit more added flexibility in the bottom area of the shoe, though. A few reviewers did point out that the shape of the outsole is a bit odd. They're not wrong. If you take a look underfoot, you'll notice that the outsole narrows in at the midfoot and that the bottom of the shoe isn't actually completely covered with rubber. Thankfully, this doesn't affect the durability of the shoe but the design may take some getting used to for some wearers. It's not a rocker-type design like you might have seen in some popular walking shoes, but it's definitely not a traditional outsole.


This walking shoe has a whole lot of padding. It's a great shoe for diabetics, recently injured folks or those who just need a bit of extra cushioning underfoot. Underfoot, the shoe actually manages to cushion and massage the wearer's foot. The interior liner features Memory Tech Massage technology. This massaging action helps to encourage proper circulation (this is one of the big reasons why this shoe is perfect for diabetics. Those with diabetes often have issues with circulation). The midfoot area provides ample arch support, most reviewers said. A few did wish there was more support in the midfoot area, however.

The midsole cushioning consists of DMX material which provides adaptive protection for the wearer. Also included in the midsole is VHR cushioning, a soft material that makes walking in the Reebok shoe extremely comfortable. The midsole consists of an air pocket design, which not only protects from impact, it's also super long-lasting. Reviewers liked the soft cushioning of the DMX. There's a lot of cushioning in the midsole, so the shoe is a good choice for heavier walkers. It's also so well padded that it's a great all-day wear option.


The upper of the Reebok Cloudride is made of both leather and mesh. The upper also includes ripstop fabric, which reinforces this area of the shoe. The shoe features a bootie design that helps to lock the foot inside. The heel portion provides a very secure fit, though some found the heel cup a slight bit too narrow making the shoe difficult to put on and take off. A few reviewers noted that sizing up was necessary. Many users, though, found the upper didn't fit as snugly as they expected. Those with narrow fit experienced slippage issues because of the wide design. Despite a narrow heel cup, the rest of the shoe flares out significantly making the shoe a little ill-fitting for certain foot shapes. Reviewers did, however, appreciated the very breathable mesh upper, which they noted dried very quickly when wet.


We couldn't pin down the actual weight of the Cloudride DMX but did manage to discern, from looking at reviewer comments, that most users found the DMX fairly lightweight for a walking shoe. Despite the generous cushioning and solid build, users didn't feel weighed down by the Reebok shoe.


The upper is made of two materials. You'll find it outfitted with both mesh and leather. Don't be fooled, the leather construction doesn't decrease the shoe's ability to breathe. In fact, reviewers found the mesh portions very breathable and did not cite any issues with ventilation. Users also noted that the upper dried very quickly when it got wet, which is a nice bonus for those who tend to walk their dogs in rainy weather.


Reviewers seemed to agree that the DMX was a very comfortable walking shoe. The only area that users took issue with was the outsole. Most found it wasn't flexible enough despite the inclusion of Flex Grooves. The rest of the shoe, however, got full points from most reviewers when it came to comfort. Reviewers liked the very breathable mesh included in the upper. Also, well-liked by reviewers was the very generously cushioned midsole outfitted with DMX and VHR cushioning materials for a soft, protective landing. Reviewers also liked the Memory Tech Massaging interior, which helped with circulation and helped reduce foot soreness. A few reviewers did feel the need to size up, but they were mostly users with very narrow feet. Some users also found the outsole design a bit awkward. The narrowing outsole doesn't cover the entire bottom of the shoe, which for some wearers took some getting used to.


Unlike your typical orthopedic walking shoes, the Reebok Cloudride shoes don't look like they came straight from a podiatrist's office. The shoes are available in a wide assortment of colorways including black and dark blue for men and white and grey/pink for women. Reviewers liked the amount of color choices available and appreciated that the DMX didn't look like an ugly medical-grade shoe.


The outsole, though a little too rigid, is quite durable. The rest of the shoe measures up, too. The upper, outfitted with sturdy leather and resistant mesh, is long-lasting. The midsole air pockets provide long-lasting comfort and protection. Reviewers felt the shoe was well-designed and found it suitable for long walks and all-day use.


The outsole of the Cloudride, though a bit rigid, certainly protects users against general wear and tear. The midsole, filled with as much cushioning as you'd expect for this type of walking shoe, protects users from any kind of impact. The midfoot area provides arch support and the Memory Tech Massage interior ensures that those with circulation issues don't lose feeling in their feet or go numb after wearing the shoes for a long period of time.


The DMX shoe isn't terribly responsive mainly due to the very thick midsole, filled with VHR and DMX cushioning. The thick outsole, too, reduces ground feel, and the cushioning materials aren't particularly bouncy. This seemed to suit walkers just fine. The shoe works well for walking short and long distances and is comfortable enough to be worn all day.


Reviewers liked the amount of support provided by the Reebok Cloudride. The midfoot delivers just the right amount of arch support (a few felt the shoe could use a bit more), and the cushioning itself is supportive, as well. Users felt properly encased in the shoe, except for those with very narrow feet (because the midfoot area widens out a bit). The heel cup is extremely supportive but some users felt it was a bit tight and thus made it tough to take the shoe off or put it on.


Users enjoyed long walks on pavement and hiking on well-groomed trails in the Cloudride DMX. The outsole delivers standard traction and the rest of the shoe is well-protected for use outdoors. A sturdy, durable design makes the shoe good for various indoor and outdoor scenarios.


This pair of walking shoes won't set you back that much, in fact, they're fairly affordable. Reviewers had no qualms about the price they paid for the Reebok DMX shoes. They're comfortable, well-designed, and durable. They're definitely a great buy with a decent price tag.


The rubber outsole on the Cloudride shoe provides enough traction for walking in most conditions. Reviewers reported that they used the shoe for all types of activities including hiking, long walks, and indoor use.


The added Flex Grooves on the outsole of the Reebok shoe don't quite provide enough flexibility. Reviewers complained that the outsole portion of the shoe felt quite stiff, despite these grooves. This was one of the major points of dissatisfaction among reviewers. The shoe could definitely use a bit more flex.


Reviewers found the Cloudride DMX quite stable. A few reviewers did have issues with slippage, but they were users with very narrow feet. The heel cup locks in the foot (so much so that some reported that it was difficult to get the shoe on and off) and the bootie shape of the shoe help to keep the wearer's foot in place. The shoe is lightweight, but still stable enough for long walks and all-day standing.


There's no drop information on the Cloudride DMX but it's definitely not a zero-drop shoe. Expect a slight angle from heel to toe. Regardless, users will experience plenty of cushioning and protection running the length of the sneaker.
Key Features

Key Features

- Walking shoe
- Rubber outsole
- Flex Grooves in outsole to encourage flexibility
- DMX midsole cushioning for adaptive padding
- VHR cushioning in midsole for added softness
- Leather and mesh upper
- Ripstop fabric in upper for added durability
- Memory Tech Massage liner to help with circulation and comfort
- Bootie construction for secure fit
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

If you're in need of a walking shoe that can provide you with plenty of protection from both the elements and impact, you're in luck. The Cloudride DMX from Reebok provides ample cushioning in the form of multiple midsole materials that offer comfort in addition to impact protection. It's a great shoe for long walks with the family dog or easy weekend hikes with friends. The fit is secure, though narrow footed wearers should be careful since the midfoot area widens out quite a bit. It's a great shoe for those with tender feet or issues that require a bit of extra foot care. The leather and mesh upper is durable but breathes quite well. There's decent arch support for those that need it and the interior features a liner that massages the feet to help with circulation. Best of all, the orthopedic shoe doesn't feature an ugly clunky design. In fact, wearers found the shoe felt quite light, compared to similarly designed shoes for walking.