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Reebok Workout Plus Review Facts

Reebok has been a staple in the running world for more than five decades. Named after the grey rhebok (a type of African antelope) their iconic name summarizes their mission in one word: Speed. Reebok has created generation after generation of shoes, always striving to enhance runners’ performance and track times. And the Reebok Workout Plus is no different.

Today, the Reebok Workout Plus line joins the other brand editions as one of the few shoes to be re-designed outside of the Reebok I3 Legacy Collection. In full step with the 2018 trend of throwbacks to the eighties,  Reebok Workout Plus line is a revamped version of Reebok’s iconic low sneaker that initially debuted in that decade. This uniquely situates the Reebok Workout Plus as a nearly universal shoe, appealing to young and old brand loyalists alike.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • High-quality leather upper
  • Features the Iconic H-strap

  • Durable
  • Size larger than other shoes from this brand
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  • These fit like they always have growing up. They are super comfortable and stylish.
  • The stitching looks sturdy and they are very stylish. They are comfy and fit great.
  • These are my work shoes. They are comfortable and have a ton of support. They are more than worth the money.
  • These shoes are gorgeous and have a classic feel for real. They are good for the gym as well.
  • These are an upgrade of the classic Reebok and it fits nice. They are very comfortable and they seem like they will last a long time.
  • I was kind of worried about buying online due to size issues but they came in perfect. I love that they have kept the original design and that I can get a white shoe without all the color accents and weird designs. I just want a white shoe and this is perfect.
  • These shoes run small and the shoe itself is very narrow. They look great though and are comfortable and durable.
  • I have a wide foot so I bought these a half size up from my norm. They have a good cushion and are snug. They are good for walking and normal gym use. They are just a great shoe for the price
  • I like these because of their comfort and because they are a great price. These are definitely a great shoe, definitely worth the purchase.
  • Compared to my other shoes, these are less comfortable. However, I wear these when I'm out and about because they are super easy to clean.
  • I’ve worn these shoes for decades and I still get compliments on them. They are comfortable and my go to for most anything.
  • These look just like they do online and they feel great. They are super comfy. I recommend them for sure.
  • I am very happy with my purchase. The fact that they are all white is what drew me in, it’s hard to find. They did run a little narrower than I thought they would, but they wore in great. I didn't like the accent on the laces so I took it off. And the bottom was a little bit of a different color than the top. But, I like them; they are great price and go with anything.
  • I have bought these multiple times now and they are a great shoe for a great price. They are not great for a wide food, I always have to buy a half size larger. They feel great and are super duper comfy.
  • I had a hard time finding this shoe. I work in a hospital and these are great for the all day walking and standing. I love theses shoes and I am glad that I found them again. They are great for the price as well.
  • When you actually look at the shoe, it is beautiful. All lined up and the stitching is great. They are a perfect white, which goes with everything. They are very comfortable and affordable shoes and I get compliments daily.
  • Like most Reeboks, these needed to be a half size bigger. They look great as a dress up shoe and they are very comfortable.
  • I wear an orthotic and need a flat shoe, these work great. I like the leather make because they stretch better and get more comfortable with time. This is a great shoe to buy.
  • I have worn these for years and I have never had issues. I suffer from high arches and I have swelling from my diabetes. Even my foot doctor said he wears them. They are great.
  • These shoes work great with my high arches and they fit like a glove. I highly recommend them.
  • These shoes are great support for me all day at work. They are snug and durable. I reorder these every time I need a new pair. They are also very affordable.
  • These shoes fit great and the leather is a great style. These break in well. I am really happy with these shoes.
  • These shoes will make any one happy. They are light and comfortable and fit well to my foot. I also wear orthotics and they are like a dream with these.
  • These seem to take a lot of beating. The soul bends great and it hasn't stressed to the point of breakage, which is great.
  • If the shoe fits, wear it. This one does not, so I will not be. I was shocked at the size difference. Bad sizing Reebok.
  • The older ones that I would buy fit great. These however have shrunk I think. They are narrow and squish my feet; it is very uncomfortable. I have had them for a while and they still haven’t broken in. I won’t be buying these again.
  • I wanted to get these because they reminded me of being a teenager and I remember how comfy they were. These are not! When I wear them with socks I get blisters on my toes. I can only walk in them for a short amount of time before my feet ache.
  • They are described as leather however, these did not have leather on the upper areas. It looked like it was made of plastic of some sort. The shoes are good looking but something is different about the new style and they even run smaller than I remember. Not a happy customer.
  • I have been buying these shoes for years and these pair in particular came in very narrow. I wasn't’ even able to get my foot into my regular size. Make sure you order a size larger.
  • These shoes were extremely heavy and uncomfortable. Unless you like wearing bricks on your feet, I would not suggest them.
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The Reebok Workout Plus features a high abrasion rubber outsole suitable for both rubber and concrete tracks as well as city streets. The outsole extends higher around forefoot for additional protection.

In addition, the outsole recedes along the arch for greater flexibility in the midfoot during takeoffs and landings. The tread itself features a button-like pattern of dots on the heel and midfoot for increased traction on surfaces that might have been exposed to sand, gravel, dirt, or loose concrete (perfect for your local roads!).

The tread also showcases a chevron design on the midfoot for excellent traction on turf. The grooved forefoot design also assists in protection against rocks and other debris from interfering with your strike.

Lastly, this shoe features deep, vertical grooves at the forefoot, welt, and heel that help prevent mud and other debris from decreasing your momentum and reducing your traction.


The midsoles of the Reebok Workout Plus are made of EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate. EVA is a closed cell foam made up of a combination of two different plastics - a copolymer. Incidentally, because of its high quality and ability to provide extreme cushioning, EVA is used in nearly every name-brand, durable modern trainer.

While this has rapidly become a commonplace material ever since the 1974 debut of Bill Bowerman’s Waffle Trainer, EVA foam is still touted for its state of the art design in shock absorption.


The uppers of the Reebok Workout Plus are constructed from soft full grain leather upper for comfort and support. In addition, this revamped model features the iconic H-strap for added midfoot stability and vents in the toe box for added breathability.

The low-cut design also helps promote mobility and freedom of motion during lateral moves making this shoe an excellent choice for sprinters, dancers, basketballers, and runners alike. Plus, their newly designed (and thinner) tongue feature the classic Reebok logo.

The only downside to these incredibly clean uppers is the fact that they appear to be constructed with enforced stitching. That means this shoe will likely wear faster than other designs since the lacing system places stress on both the stitches and glue that hold this shoe together.

If you're looking for a highly stable shoe that can stand up to your most grueling long-distance runs, you may want to pass over this iconic fashion and track shoe.


Reebok Workout Plus trainers ship at approximately 2 pounds. However, thanks to their use of EVA foam these shoes shouldn't feel excessively heavy compared to a traditional street trainer.

Still, some wearers reported they had a chunky feel and made feet appear larger due to their rather maximalist design.

All in all, I would call the Reebok Workout Plus fairly lightweight for what appears to be a shoe primarily focused on providing cushion and gentle support.


Because the Reebok Workout Plus shoe is constructed primarily of leather, these shoes aren't as breathable as some of Reeboks' other editions. In order to offset this and provide additional air circulation to the toes, ventilation holes have been strategically placed on the toe box.

These vents, in addition to a bootie-like fit, help prevent blisters from forming. Still, since the Reebok Workout Plus is lined with textile they aren't at all suitable for wearing without socks. Be sure to buy synthetic socks that wick moisture away from the skin while sporting these beautiful throwbacks.


One of the biggest draws to the newly relaunched Reebok Workout Plus line is their outstanding level of comfort. With their EVA foam midsoles and padded foam sockliner, many consider this their mainstay daily wear shoe for their active lives.

In fact, most buyers report that this shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes they've ever worn, prompting many to buy several different colorways to use in rotation for daily wear.

Overall, I'd say the comfort provided by this shoe is highly reliant on a number of factors including your choice of socks, the intensity of your workout, and your individual gait pattern.


The Reebok Workout Plus has a great number of style points that make it appealing as both a fashion sneaker for sneakerheads and as a track runner's staple.

First, there are several colorways of the shoe to choose from including White / Carbon / Classic Red / Reebok Royal / Gum, Black / Charcoal, White / Royal, and Black / Carbon / Classic Red / Reebok Royal / Gum.

Although this doesn't seem like many variations in color, the look of each of these shoes is simple and stylish at the same time. These shoes also feature Reebok's classic H-strap around the midfoot.


Many wearers report these shoes lasting for several years when worn for daily wear. However, if you choose to run in these shoes, I recommend being particularly mindful of that gorgeous looking H-strap and detail stitching.

Both of these will certainly experience a lot of stress during your runs since they're located along the instep area. Check the eyelets of the H-strap for early signs of cracking or breakage and give your shoes a weekly once-over to check the condition of the toe box.

As I'm sure you're aware, a detached toe cap can easily prove a tripping hazard on even the most entry-level run. In addition, the outsole of the Reebok Workout Plus appears to be designed for those with a neutral gait.

If you have plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, or extreme supination, you may want to look for a shoe that contains several different grades of rubber and has a more rigid support structure in place.

Otherwise, you might end up blowing out these beauties at the welt or creating uneven wear patterns that could negatively affect your gait.