Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi Reviewed & Rated

The Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi is a high-top sneaker with a classic look. It was originally billed as a basketball shoe, for good reason considering the ankle-supporting design. Now, it's marketed more as a fitness shoe, good for those who require some extra ankle support or as a stylish high-top casualwear sneaker. The shoe is men's only and was originally inspired by a women's shoe back in the day. We say back in the day because the Ex-O-Fit has been around since the '80s. When a shoe has been around that long, there's probably a good reason. One of the reasons for the popularity of the retro-styled Reebok sneaker is its supportive design, its minimalist look, and the fact that it's super easy to simply slip on. It won't be your go-to for running, but if you're into other fitness activities that require a lot of lateral movement or you want a supportive shoe for daily walking around, the Ex-O-Fit Hi is a great choice.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Excellent support overall
  • Incredibly durable
  • Classic design
  • High-quality construction
  • Great fit
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • Sizing up may be required
    • Light on the cushioning
    • Key Features
      The Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi isn't really designed as an outdoor shoe. The outsole is made of high abrasion rubber so that the sole wears slowly and is somewhat resistant, but it's doesn't have an impressive tread pattern that makes it suitable for outdoor training. It's more of a walking around shoe or a shoe for indoor workouts. The rubber is tacky enough to provide grip on slippery indoor surfaces like a basketball court, but the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi is not for outdoor conditions.
      The midsole of this Reebok shoe features EVA foam. It's a standard midsole material that offers a bit of protection from impact and adds a comfortable layer between the wearer's foot and the shoe's outsole. The cushioning isn't overly generous, but for what you'll be using it for you don't really need tons of padding. Unless you'll be using the shoe to walk around all day, the EVA foam should suffice. A few reviewers complained that there wasn't enough midsole cushioning, but they were in the minority. It's a good sneaker for the gym but you shouldn't hit the treadmill with it since it just doesn't have the right amount of midsole padding to protect you from the forces of impact that come with running.
      The upper of this Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi shoe is composed of high-quality leather. The ankle height of the shoe provides stability and there's even a strap - in addition to laces - to secure the foot and ankle in position. Inside the shoe, there's a lightly padded sock liner for added comfort. The upper is clearly made of sturdy materials, which reviewers really appreciated. The result is a solid, durable shoe. A few reviewers took issue with the ankle strap and didn't like the look or feel of it, while others found it a convenient way to tighten the fit without fiddling with the laces.
      We couldn't pinpoint a listed weight for this shoe but users should expect a little more heft consider the higher cut and durable construction materials. That's not to say that the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi is a behemoth of a shoe, quite the opposite. Reviewers found the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi incredibly lightweight considering its design. Just keep your expectations in check. This isn't a shoe that's built for racing, but it's lightweight enough that it feels comfortable and allows users to feel agile no matter what activity they're pursuing.
      You'd think that with a full leather upper the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi shoe would leave your feet sweaty and hot as heck. According to reviewers, that's not the case. Users didn't have any complaints about their feet feeling overheated in the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi. If anything, the narrow fit that some mentioned was the bigger culprit in ruining the feel of the shoe. Breathability, though? Not a problem. Again, the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi isn't meant for running, so users were likely perspiring less anyhow, but it's nice to know that the shoe doesn't suffocate the foot, in the end.
      Reviewers found the Ex-O-Fit super comfortable. The fit was good for most, except for the few who had to size up because they felt the shoe was too narrow. Reviewers also commented on the flexible nature of the Reebok shoe, which helped enhance overall comfort. The shoe ventilates well, too, is lightweight, and features just the right amount of midsole padding. It's a great option for everyday wear and many users found themselves wearing the shoe all-day, even for work purposes.
      One of the biggest reasons for the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi popularity is its design. The look is a bit retro - largely unchanged since it's debut in the '80s - and seriously minimalist. The branding is subtle and there are no large logos that make the shoe look busy. The colorways are also single-color designs. There are no accent colors or two-toned styles. The white version is all-white, and the black version is all-black. Even the other color options feature a very simple color scheme. Wearers like the designs because they are plain and work well with plenty of outfits. The understated classic look is easy to wear. A few reviewers weren't super excited about the look of the velcro strap, but others really liked this element.
      The retro Reebok sneaker really shines when it comes to durability. Over and over again, reviewers said the same thing. They have been wearing the Ex-O-Fit for years. They've had the same pair for years. They wore the same shoe for over a decade without swapping it out. Either all these reviewers are taking extremely good care of their sneakers, or they've all chosen to wear a high-quality shoe with a fantastically sturdy construction. It's definitely the latter. Newcomers to the Ex-O shoe were equally impressed with the shoe's ability to withstand high-frequency wear. The high abrasion rubber outsole plays a part in keeping things together starting right at the sole and the beautiful leather upper isn't just stylish, it's super high-quality and will last a while. Of course, the shoes won't look new forever. They'll get dirty, maybe start to wear out in a few places, but users were adamant that they felt comfortable wearing the Reebok shoe for years before purchasing a new pair.
      This isn't a running shoe, so don't expect a high level of cushioning in the midsole. That said, this doesn't mean the Ex-O-Fit isn't going to protect you from everyday impact. There's a nice layer of EVA foam in the midsole, which provides protection. The shoe also features a high-cut design, which offers a tremendous amount of support, particularly for the ankle. This makes the Ex-O-Fit a good candidate sneaker for anyone playing sports or doing activities where lateral movement is required. It's also a good choice for those with weak ankles who need protection from potential injuries.
      The Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi isn't a running shoe nor does it have the responsive midsole cushioning you might see in many shoes geared towards running activities. Reviewers had nothing to say about responsiveness but did find the shoe suitable for activities that require a little pep in the step.
      The sneaker provides ample all-around support. Unlike low-cut shoes, the Ex-O-Fit provides generous support around the ankle. This makes the shoe a great choice for activities where lateral movement is frequent and ankle injuries are common. Reviewers found the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi extremely supportive not just because of the ankle height and secure strap design, but also because of the sturdy upper construction. Not everyone enjoyed the ankle strap design, but it definitely works well to secure the foot in place.
      Don't expect to wear this shoe for outdoor hikes. It's more suitable for indoor gym workouts. You probably wouldn't want to get the shoes dirty anyhow. They would work for light walking around town, but otherwise, the Ex-O-Fit shoes are best kept indoors. Many users also used them for all-day workwear. Keep them for the gym or for work and you'll likely get plenty of use out of them. Plus, you'll keep them clean.
      The majority of reviewers were happy to pay for the retro Reebok sneaker because of its extremely impressive quality construction. The durable shoes lasted many users several years and users found the value very much outweighed any cost associated with the shoe.
      The outsole of the Ex-O-Fit Hi is composed of high abrasion rubber. That keeps the outsole from falling apart. The tread is a little more basic but provides enough traction for indoor workouts like those on a basketball court or at the gym. Users had no complaints about the shoe's ability to grip surfaces and were happy with the Ex-O-Fit's performance in this area.
      While the shoe doesn't look naturally flexible, users said otherwise. They liked the flexible design of the Reebok shoe. The very supportive Ex-O-Fit doesn't feel rigid and uncomfortable, quite the opposite. Users were able to get support, without feeling uncomfortably stuffed in a shoe that doesn't move with them.
      Thanks to the ankle height construction and strap design around the ankle, users can choose to tighten the fit of the shoe as they wish. Instead of just the standard laces, wearers can also adjust the fit around the ankle to increase or diminish the amount of lateral support provided. Other aspects of the Ex-O also help to provide stability. The upper fit is just right, which helps to keep wearers from experiencing unwanted movement in any plane. The tread underfoot provides enough grip for indoor training scenarios or simple casual wear.
      We couldn't find a listed drop for the Ex-O-Fit Hi, but at a glance, it looks like a shoe with a minimal heel to the toe height difference. Either way, reviewers didn't seem to find any issue with the geometry of the shoe.
      Key Features
      - Originally produced in the '80s
      - Leather high-top design for support
      - The ankle-height design provides stability
      - Ankle strap for secure fit and support
      - EVA midsole for protection
      - EVA foam sock liner
      - High Abrasion rubber outsole for durability
      Bottom Line
      If you're looking for a casualwear sneaker or a shoe to wear to the gym, the Ex-O-Fit is a valid contender. For anyone with ankle weakness issues or athletes participating in sports that require a lot of side to side movement, the retro Reebok shoe not only offers a classic look and design but plenty of support. The shoe is worth its price thanks to its incredibly durable construction. Many users seemed happy to wear the shoe for years upon end. The Ex-O-Fit is comfortable, fits well and offers a lightweight flexible design that moves with the user. A few users with wide feet may need to size up but otherwise, if you choose this Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi sneaker, expect them to provide long-lasting support, style, and comfort.
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      By Steph Coelho
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