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Reebok is a recognizable brand that has a variety of shoes in their lineup for a wide variety of purposes. The classic Rebook sneakers are mostly available today as the Club Memt. However, there is also another variant of these classics that was sold for decades before the Memt arrived and they are called the Club C 85 sneakers. These are generally harder to find at retail, at least in the wider form factors, so the Memt may be the best bet if you do not want a narrow shoe and want a classic Reboot sneaker.

The two variants look almost the same aesthetically, however, the C 85 are generally more sturdy and durable -- less spongy and delicate. Either way, the Memt are nice sneakers with a lot to offer Rebook fans, but they are not exactly the same as the classic Club C 85s, so keep that in mind. They do offer the staple features of Rebook sneakers such as a rubber sole, soft leather, memory tech sock liner, Starcrest logo on the tongue and more. They look like a real sneaker and are easy to put on and off. These sneakers also offer perforations on the toe box along with padding on the tongue and collar for extra cushion. They are light and comfortable, but not the greatest choice if you are doing heavy walking, athletics or on your feet all day. They are less durable and very thinly made overall than other sneakers, but for casual wear and every-day use for some months, they will fit the bill. Just don't expect them to last you on a marathon or a long hike into the wilderness.

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Pros & Cons
  • Classic look & feel
  • Great aesthetics and overall style
  • Cushioning around tounge and collar
  • Available in different colors & styles
  • Cons
    • Inferior in design to the Rebook Club C variant of the classic sneaker
    • Not too durable over long-term use
    • Memory foam is very thin and soft thus flimsy
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made of rubber and will do the job for everyday use. However, it doesn't have any particular stand-out features that any other sneaker doesn't have in this regard. There are no special spikes or textures here to keep the shoes gripped to particular surfaces as they are every-day wear as most sneakers are expected to be. They will do the job and grip to most surfaces well for walking. There is one grip some wearers may have with the outsole and that it is pretty thin overall although the midsole is thicker and offers a bit of a larger cushion overall.
      The midsole is a continuation upwards of the outsole in look and design and offers the overall classic feel of its brethren sneakers. However, for this particular design, Rebook has introduced a Memory-Tech sock liner on the inside of the sole where the foot slips on top. This section is made out of memory foam for feet to rest comfortably on. Even though the Memory-Tech sock liner is a nice addition or feature to have, it has been pretty purely executed in this particular sneaker variant. It is too thin and too soft for most feet and will not provide much cushioning, especially for long usage. Again, do not expect to go on long walks -- like day-long tours of entire cities or longer hikes uphill -- with this particular variant of the classic Rebook sneaker. Another grip that many wearers of traditional Rebook Club C sneakers complained about this variant of the sneaker is the lack of arch support. This may be a deal breaker for many of you who will want the actual feel of those classics and not just their aesthetics and overall look.
      The upper is made out of soft leather, and the overall material is fine, albeit minimalist overall in design. The material design serves its function and is light and quite breathable overall. Besides these basics, the upper offers traditional laces with a tongue and a design with a pattern of incisions to make the upper stand out amongst sneakers. There is also extra padding around the collar and tongue for comfort. The shaft measurement on the sneakers is also low, which fits with the classic design of having the shoes fit low on the ankles from the back section.
      The overall shipping weight is listed as 3 pounds on Amazon, but shoe weight is hard to find. These are very lightweight shoes, however.
      The sneakers are made of soft leather design overall around the upper along with a rubber sole. They are pretty breathable, but not designed for ventilation or specific features in this regard. They're designed for every-day use in a variety of weather conditions and thus less discriminate on keeping feet warm vs. ventilated.
      The shoes suffer in this regard compared to their classic brethren or the Club C. There is no arch support, and although the Memory-Tech sock liner has been introduced on the inside of where the foot fits, it is quite flimsy, soft and thin. However, overall they are flexible, light and easy to put on and off.
      You can't go wrong with the classic Rebook style of a sneaker. This nail the classic style down to a T and offer a nice overall aesthetic for any sneaker to admire. You have the traditional tongue and laces with the tongue bearing the starcrest logo. You also have the sides of the shoes where the upper is bearing the Rebook logo. There are a wide range of sizes, even different width lengths, and colors to choose from. Some of the color options stand out, but the white/steel is the classic everyone remembers, and the Memt does offer this variant in its many options.

      There are the gloomy all dark model and the interesting personal favorite white/collegiate navy to also choose from. Other options to check out include white/glen green, black/solid grey that almost looks metallic in execution, white/collegiate royal and a black/white offering. The latter offers a cool wood-carve-like design on the heel or back section of the sneakers where there is also a Rebook inscription located.
      The sneakers are not very durable by definition when compared to specialized shoes for robust weather wear and harsh conditions. Sneakers by definition are really shoes meant for every-day wear and casual attire. However, the Memt are particularly not durable when compared to the classic Club Cs and other sneakers. They usually do not last users very long in wear and this shouldn't be a problem due to their low price for casual wear as they can be replaced relatively painlessly for a new pair.
      The sneakers offer minimalist protection at best from the elements or harsh weather. They are not designed for stress testing or are just made out of minimalist leather and rubber. However, the advantage of this is lightweight, comfort, flexibility and good feel in every-day wear.
      The sneakers are responsive in terms of they will get the job done in taking you from place A to place B or offering a stylish way to sport the classic Rebook look at a party.
      The Stock Memory Tech sock liner the sole comes packed with is really minimalist in design although it does offer extra support or cushion for the foot to fit onto.
      The sneakers are made for every-day wear and to be worn on casual or soft terrain, such as streets, carpets, pathways, tile floors and the types of places most people in casual wear encounter. They are not made for hikes in mountainsides or camping trips nor are they made to be used in the rain or snow.
      The sneakers come with a very budget or friendly price tag. The price is reflected in a minimalist and classic design with the same shoe that was budget friendly for decades as it made Rebook known and admired as a company.
      The sneakers do not offer extra traction other sneakers do not have or any particular noteworthy features in this regard. The rubber outsole is made for casual every-day wear in the city streets or floorboard environments, and it is not designed to keep anyone glued to a track & field course or anything of the sort. However, for many athletic endeavors, they will get the job done such as basketball or possibly cross fit in a light capacity.
      The sneakers are very flexible and stretchable. They are made out of minimalist construction with a light leather upper and rubber sole. Thus they can bend pretty easily and be twisted or turned.
      The sneakers are overall stable and will keep you standing and not falling on your butt when wearing them. However, in certain weather conditions such as snowfall or rain, they may not be so stable. Wear them in every-day and casual settings, and you should be fine.
      The drop is what you expect in standard sneakers. The heel is higher than the toes, but it isn't uncomfortable high nor is it minimalist as in sandals or shoes made to wear on the beach.
      Key Features
    • Type of shoe that can be worn everywhere in casual or fancy attire

    • Very fashionable

    • Not too expensive

    • Available in a wide array of colors and styles

    • Available in 4E for extra width so various options to choose from

    • Bottom Line
      If you are looking for a classic shoe that fits the bill in casual every-day wear, but also will not look out of place at a nice gathering of friends or a dinner party, you can look no further than the classic Rebook sneaker. They are budget friendly, relatively comfortable to wear, easy to take on and off, but there is a catch. They is also not the most durable of shoes out there and there are at least one other variant of this classic Rebook look that has existed for decades and you may take a look at them as well before making a decision.

      There is also the C 85 sneaker and there are some slight differences although the shoes almost appear spot-on the same in terms of looks and style. So take that in mind. These are easier to find and offer a wider foot option that is easier to obtain (4E), which may be the deciding factor. However, unlike the classic Cs, they do not offer arch support among a couple other grips. If you can find the classic Cs or the C 85s, these may be a better option. However, you really can't go wrong with this classic Rebook sneaker look at such a price.
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