Reebok Realflex Train 4.0

Looking for a cross trainer that's appropriate for a multitude of activities? The Reebok Realflex Train 4.0 is a great shoe for those not interested in dedicating their time to one specific fitness activity. The Reebok shoe is a low-price option that comes in a ton of colorways and features a simple, lightweight, and stylish design. Whether you're hitting the gym, heading out for quick 30 minute runs during the week, or you're interested in keeping your workouts efficient with High-Intensity Interval Training, the Realflex is a solid option.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Great color options
  • Comfortable
  • Good impact protection
  • Durable
  • Flexible sole
  • Lightweight
  • Great price
  • Good traction
  • Cons
    • Not super supportive 
    • Narrow fit, according to some 
    • Key Features
      The Realflex Train features a very grippy and ultra-durable outsole made of carbon rubber. The bottom of the shoe also features a multi-directional tread that provides super stable traction. Also present in the outsole are RealFlex Flex Grooves to allow the shoe to bend and flex naturally. Reviewers liked the highly flexible sole of the RealFlex and found the shoe provided enough grip for indoor workouts.
      The Reebok shoe's midsole is composed of EVA foam perfect for low-mileage training. Reviewers felt the shoe provided good shock absorption and was well-cushioned for its intended purpose. The cushioning is great for high-impact workouts like HIIT. Some reviewers, though, found the padding a bit on the firm side.
      The 4.0 features a Mesh 3DFuseFrame upper, which delivers stability to the wearer. The SmoothFuse upper technology is intended to deliver a supportive fit in addition to the Adaptalink lacing system. At the front of the shoe, there's a toe bumper for a bit of additional protection. Reviewers felt the upper provided a nice form fitting fit, was lightweight, breathable, and stylish. A few issues were noted by some, however. Some users pointed out that they had slippage issues when performing certain movements. Others also felt the shoe wasn't as supportive as they might have liked, instead, they said the shoe was more flexible than anything else. A handful of reviewers felt the fit was a bit narrow, as well.
      The RealFlex from Reebok is a lightweight cross trainer. The cushioning is protective, but minimal compared to what you might find in a running shoe. This keeps the overall weight fairly low. The lightweight design, however, does lack support, according to reviewers. Still, wearers appreciated the lightweight construction of the easy to wear trainer. The women's version weighs about 7 ounces, while the men's version is closer to 8 ounces (give or take).
      Reviewers agreed that the mesh upper properly circulated air even in hot conditions. The mesh design ventilates effectively and the 3DFuseFrame construction and SmoothFuse technology ensure a foot-hugging fit without feeling restrictive.
      Reviewers found the RealFlex 4.0 quite comfortable thanks to its flexible all-around design from outsole to upper. A good quality EVA foam midsole also included in the shoe was well-liked by reviewers who felt it was perfect for HIIT workouts. The lightweight shoe felt slightly narrow for some and some found the cushioning a bit too rigid, but otherwise, the shoe is a good choice for those seeking a comfortable, flexible workout footwear option.
      The RealFlex Train comes in a lot of great color options. The shoe features a basic design with fairly subtle Reebok branding. The shoe is available in colorways that include black, grey/white, grey/teal, blue, red/grey, and more. Most reviewers found the design of the Train 4.0 appealing.
      The RealFlex shoe is quite durable and users didn't have any concerns about durability. The carbon rubber outsole isn't vulnerable to early signs of wear thanks to its tough construction. The 3DFuseFrame upper is lightweight but supportive and strong. The front of the shoe also features a protective, sturdily built toe bumper. Reviewers also noted that the midsole EVA foam felt substantial and high-quality.
      The RealFlex 4.0 isn't a super protective shoe by any means but it's not so basic that it acts as a sock. The design is sturdy, keeping wear and tear at a minimum. The forefoot features a protective toe cap and the cushioning is substantial enough for high-impact workouts. The midsole material is great for protecting the body from impact. The shoe is intended for cross-training activities, in particular, workouts such as high-intensity interval training workouts, which put a lot of strain on the body but are quick and not terribly long-lasting. The Reebok shoe isn't a good choice for high-mileage training but for quick short-duration workouts, the shoe works wonders.
      The RealFlex rates about average when it comes to responsiveness. The flexible sole and firm but well-cushioned midsole help with feedback and snappiness, but the high drop height limits ground feel to some degree.
      While reviewers had mostly positive things to say about the Reebok RealFlex, most agreed that support was lacking. The shoe certainly features some supportive midsole cushioning but otherwise, its upper doesn't provide nearly enough support, according to reviewers. The 3DFuseFrame design and SmoothFuse tech are intended to increase stability and support but reviewers found the fit wasn't perfect in terms of delivering support. Some users had slippage issues, too.
      The Reebok Train 4.0 is meant for indoor workouts. Feel free to head outdoors with this shoe, its carbon rubber outsole can handle encounters with paved surfaces, but it'll likely wear down quicker with lots of outdoor use. Keep these for indoor HIIT workouts. If you're running frequently, you'd be better off opting for a dedicated running shoe and not a cross trainer.
      Reviewers were very happy with the price tag of the RealFlex. The shoe is a great deal for those wanting to mix up their workouts. There's no need to spend a ton of money on a sport specific shoe. The RealFlex works for HIIT, short runs, and other gym-specific activities. For the price, users were happy with the versatile design of the shoe.
      The outsole of the RealFlex is fairly impressive considering its low price tag. The sole is composed of carbon rubber and features a multi-directional tread that allows for sure-footed movement in all directions. The result is durable, stable traction. Reviewers found the outsole provided excellent grip for varied indoor workouts and high-intensity interval training.
      The outsole of the Train 4.0 also features RealFlex technology. These flexible outsole Grooves allow the shoe to bend substantially allowing for natural movement in every direction. Reviewers liked the feel of the flexible sole and found it was easy to perform varied workouts in the RealFlex shoe.
      The Reebok RealFlex doesn't offer a ton of support so stability isn't its forte either and reviewers seem to agree. The shoe is ultra-flexible, comfortable, well-cushioned, but not particularly stable. The upper just isn't as supportive as some might like, but that doesn't mean you should forget about buying the 4.0. The grippy outsole makes up for the rest. Users felt the outsole provided plenty of traction no matter how hard they were working out or what direction they were moving in. The sole provides grip that allows wearers to feel quick and agile without losing their footing even during super tough workouts.
      While users didn't complain about the high drop height of 11.5 mm, the shoe's high drop does reduce ground-feel and eliminates the possibility of getting immediate feedback. Still, wearers didn't complain about the drop height being too severe.
      Key Features
      - RealFlex outsole construction with bendy Flex Grooves
      - Carbon rubber outsole with multi-directional tread
      - Breathable mesh upper design
      - EVA foam midsole cushioning
      - Adaptalink lacing
      - Toe bumper
      - 3DFuseFrame upper construction for stability
      - SmoothFuse upper technology for supportive fit
      Bottom Line
      Here's the deal, the RealFlex Train 4.0 is a great cross-training shoe. It's comfortable, super flexible, well-cushioned, and durable. With a lightweight design and an attractive price tag, it's a great choice for those wanting a reliable shoe for HIIT workouts or for visits to the gym. The shoe provides good traction and delivers the right amount of protection from impact for high-intensity workouts that require a lot of jumping and other plyometric movements. The shoe has very few issues and aside from some comments about a narrow fit and too-firm cushioning, reviewers were very pleased with their shoe wear choice.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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