Reebok Club C 85

Can you guess what the C stands for in Reebok Club C 85? Originally released in the '80s, the C stands for 'Champion'. The classic looking sneaker designed for both men and women is now marketed as a lifestyle shoe. Recently reintroduced, the C 85 comes in a slew of special edition colorways.

Almost identical to the '80s version of the shoe, the Reebok shoe incorporates fresh hues for an appealing, updated look. The classic sneaker is also well-loved by multiple celebrities. It's not hard to see why. The simple design is appealing and easy to match with a variety of outfits. The shoe's comfortable feel combined with its retro look makes it a popular choice. Although it comes in many colorways, act quickly to make sure you find the style option that best matches your personality.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Classic retro style
  • Comfortable
  • Durable leather upper
  • Good value
  • Quality construction
  • Cons
    • Limited colorways for women
    • Random fit issues
    • Key Features
      The Reebok Club C 85 features a rubber outsole with high abrasion material positioned in high-wear areas for added protection. The outsole provides an average amount of grip. The standard outsole performs just fine and will hold up as you head out for any kind of daily errand.
      The Club C 85 has a lightweight EVA midsole, which offers a basic level of protection and comfort to wearers.

      Reviewers found the EVA foam comfortable. The midsole delivers cushioning that's good enough for everyday wear. You shouldn't expect to run a marathon in the Reebok Club C 85 but rest assured you'll be comfortable.
      The upper is composed of thick durable leather. Most reviewers found the fit of the C 85 true to size, although there were some reports of the fit being either too narrow or too wide.

      Reviewers liked the low-cut design of the sneaker and appreciated the plush and luxurious padding concentrated around the tongue and ankle collar. Inside the sneaker, there's a molded sock liner for a bit of extra cushioning.
      Reviewers seemed to feel that the

        Reebok Club shoe was quite lightweight, although we couldn't track down a specific weight listing for either the men's or women's model.

        Compared to a lightweight running shoe, we'd expect the shoe to be a bit heavier. For everyday wear, this should suit most users.
      The Reebok C 85 has a leather upper that's slightly less breathable than other upper materials, as you might expect, but reviewers didn't find the air circulation so poor that they felt the need to complain.
      Most reviewers categorized the Club C 85 as comfortable and liked the EVA foam midsole padding. Reviewers also like the flexible feel of the outsole and low-cut design. Most reviewers also found the Club C 85 true to size.
      One of the reasons the Reebok Club C 85 has returned and is so popular is that the shoe has been worn by celebrities. Reviewers were excited to wear the shoe popular with celebs and appreciated the classic retro design of the Reebok sneaker.

      The shoe even includes Reebok's throwback union jack logo. The Reebok 85 is available in all-black, various white versions and a black option with a white sole for men. For women, we could only track down a light pink version and some users were disappointed that the women's shoe came in such limited styles.

      The simple design is universally appealing. The colorways offered are classy and grown-up and pair well with casual work wear or everyday clothes you might wear to go out with friends.
      Reviewers felt the Reebok Club C 85 was made of quality materials. Its leather upper and high abrasion rubber outsole ensure that the shoe doesn't break down prematurely.
      The shoe offers limited protection as a fashion sneaker. The high abrasion rubber sole keeps wear and tear at a minimum and the EVA midsole offers some protection from impact forces, but that's about it.
      The EVA foam in the midsole of the Reebok Club C isn't particularly responsive, but it is fairly lightweight.
      The true to size fit of the C 85 helps provide some support but overall, it's minimal. That's completely normal, considering the shoe is more of a fashion statement than anything else.
      The flat outsole of the Reebok Club C 85 isn't designed for anything other than regular everyday wear. The leather upper is a poor candidate for rainy weather, too. While traction is fine, the shoe isn't meant to be used for any kind of intense physical activity.
      The sneaker comes with an affordable price tag. Reviewers felt comfortable spending their money on the celebrity-approved Reebok shoe.
      The outsole is protected from wear thanks to its high abrasion rubber covering but delivers standard traction for a fashion sneaker.
      Reviewers mentioned that they liked the flexible sole of the Club 85. The pliable sole makes for a comfortable platform for walking and everyday wear.
      The Reebok Club C 85 is somewhat supportive but don't expect very much stability from this fashion shoe. The retro sneaker's low-cut design exposes the ankle for a comfortable fit but provides limited stability. The leather upper fits well around the foot but overall, the stability provided is minimal.
      We couldn't find a listed drop height for the Reebok Club C 85's. A quick glance has us thinking that the drop height is close to zero, though.
      Key Features
      - Retro style fashion sneaker
      - Comes in multiple special edition colorways
      - Features Reebok's classic union jack logo
      - Leather upper
      - Lightweight EVA midsole padding
      - Cushioned molded sock liner
      - High abrasion rubber outsole
      Bottom Line
      If you want to dress like the hottest celebs, start with a classic pair like the Reebok Club C 85.

      The shoe, loved by numerous high-profile wearers, is a throwback to the '80s. Its comfortable fit and high-quality leather design make it a worthwhile buy. Lightweight and flexible, the sneaker is the perfect choice for date night or wearing on your travel adventures abroad.
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      By Steph Coelho
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