Reebok Zig Evolution Reviewed & Rated

The Reebok Zig Evolution is designed for the runner looking for a shoe with a unique look and feel. For the fashion enthusiast, there is no need to look any further than the Zig Evolution. The keywords used to describe this shoe were comfortable, stylish, and supportive. The upper features a lightweight breathable mesh that moves with the foot. The midsole is the shining star of the shoe and features the patented Zig platform. It provides superior cushioning and with a higher heel drop, it works to propel the foot forward to gain speed in each step. Runners even commented that the additional support in the heel of the shoe made these the perfect shoes for every day, all day wear. The outsole is constructed using Reebok’s patented CRtek High Abrasion Rubber. Extra thick layers are applied to high tread areas to protect the foot from the road and also to protect the entire shoe from wear and tear. In addition to all of these great features, runners loved that the price is well below the average price of a road running shoe on today’s market. The color options have been describing as sleek and classic and runners found this shoe to get a lot of attention on the starting line as well as while they were running errands around town.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Firm cushioning
  • Stability features
  • Affordable
  • stretch mesh on the upper provides flexibility
  • Cons
    • Not suggested for the runner who wants a plush ride
    • Some runners commented on its rigidness
    • Key Features
      Runners commented that the outsole of this Reebok Zig Evolution shoe provided maximum durability and traction. For the lowered price tag, runners were impressed to see this level of durability in the outsole of the Reebok Zig Evolution. Reebok uses their patented CRtek high abrasion rubber in the design of this shoe. This rubber is the most durable material on the market today and runners appreciated that the Reebok Zig Evolution shoe worked hard to protect their feet from the harmful elements of the road. They also added additional material to the highest tread areas of the shoe to keep the shoe looking and feeling newer for longer.
      The midsole of the Reebok Zig Evolution is where it gets its name from and its unique look. The midsole uses Reebok’s patented Zig midsole foam. This provides a solid platform for the runner and has a firmer cushioning. Due to the firmer cushioning of this shoe, runners like the Zig Evolution as a companion during their longer, slower runs. This midsole foam in this Reebok Zig Evolution shoe is able to absorb the shock of each footfall and works to propel the foot forward to take the pressure off of the joints.
      The upper of this Reebok Zig Evolution shoe is specifically designed to move with the foot and provide a comfortable, supportive ride. It wraps the foot in a glove-like technology that is breathable and also highly durable. The upper of the Reebok Zig Evolution shoe is made using a stretch mesh to moves and flexes along with the natural movements of the foot. Runners liked the PowerFrame Midfoot support. This system works with the laces to hold the foot down, without stopping air flow. The tongue of the shoe is very lightweight and provides another area of ventilation and breathability to allow air to flow freely to the foot, keeping the foot cool and dry even on hot or longer runs. Runners loved the combination of lightweight and supportive in the upper.
      The upper of the Reebok Zig Evolution shoe features phenomenal breathability. The stretch mesh that covers the upper uses an open mesh design that allows for maximum airflow to reach the foot and eliminate moisture and hot spots. In the long run, the high level of breathability keeps the foot dry and cool and this reduces the risk for blisters. Even the tongue of the shoe is specifically designed to provide maximum ventilation to the runner.
      This Reebok Zig Evolution shoe is a mid-weight shoe meaning it is not ideal for the fastest workout or the shortest races. It is more geared toward the everyday running and training or the cross training at the gym. Runners were happy to trade a few extra ounces for the superior cushioning and support that is offered in this shoe. Even though the Reebok Zig Evolution shoe utilizes some of the toughest technology like Reebok’s patented CRtek high abrasion rubber and the Zig midsole, the shoe is still able to maintain a versatile weight.
      Comfortable was a word that was used over and over to describe this shoe, especially if you like a firmer cushioning in your shoe. The Zig midsole is a cushioned unit, but it provides a finer cushioning as opposed to a plush cushioning. Runners found this firmer cushioning helped with arch support and increased the stability of the shoe. The upper of the Reebok Zig Evolution shoe maintains a lightweight, breathable feel to counter-balance the firm midsole. By working together, the midsole and the upper provide an overall very comfortable ride for the runner.
      This shoe is certainly a unique looking road running shoe. The Zig midsole literally resembles a zipper and runners loved the attention that the unique shoe brought to them. It is available in a variety of colors, but overall the Zig Evolution is darker in color, opting for blues, blacks and navy as opposed to vibrant, bright colors.
      The most protective element on this shoe can be found in the durable, and protective outsole. The CRteck high abrasion rubber does an excellent job of deflecting debris from the road and keeping the foot safe from harmful elements of the road. Additionally, this material protects the runner from wear and tear because it layers this powerful material into the highest tread areas. The upper of the Reebok Zig Evolution shoe provides great support which protects the runner from the unwanted movement which can lead to painful irritation, blisters, and hot spots.
      Considering that the price is below the average road running shoe on today’s market, runners were very impressed with the high level of durability offered in this shoe. The upper of the Reebok Zig Evolution shoe is lightweight and breathable but runners commented that it never began to fray regardless of how many miles runners put on this shoe. Likewise, the Zip technology of the midsole helps keep the shoe’s shape and over time, keeps the shoe looking and feeling new. The CRtek outsole is the key to the entire shoe’s durability because it protects the entire shoe from wear and tear by absorbing the shock of each footfall and creating a durable barrier between the road and the rest of the shoe.
      The responsiveness of this shoe is not too high. The midsole unit features Reebok’s patented Zig technology. This provides a thicker, firmer cushioning. Combined with the thicker, more durable CRtek outsole, runners reported that they felt more protected then connected to the road below them. Likewise, runners liked this shoe for more long distance as opposed to speed work, so the need for higher responsiveness wasn’t as important.
      This shoe offers a lot of support features. For starters, the upper is made using a unique stretch mesh that conforms to the shape of the foot and helps keep the foo in place. The upper also features the unique Power Frame midfoot system that helps to stabilize the foot and keep it from moving around during the run. The lacing system also does a superior job of locking the foot in place and eliminating friction.
      Reebok Zig Evolution is a road running shoe that is designed for the urban adventurer. This is the perfect shoe for your mid to longer distance workouts and races. Runners also loved this shoe as a cross trainer and some reviewers even commented that it was great in group exercise classes like Body Pump and Zumba. The underfoot provides excellent traction and grip, so runners felt protected on various urban surfaces. This is not, however, a shoe, that should be used during your extreme off road adventures because it lacks the lug system to carry you safely through tougher terrain.
      Runners loved the affordable price tag that comes with this shoe. For all of the added technology and for the high level of durability, runners commented that they were shocked at how low the price is. This shoe is a serious bargain and for all the miles you’ll get out of it, it is a real value too.
      This shoe is suggested for a road running shoe because it doesn't provide the aggressive lug system needed for a trail running shoe. While the outsole on this shoe provides some added traction as far as a road running shoe goes, it is not ample enough to support the runner as they traverse over more difficult terrains.
      Runners commented that the midsole and outsole provide more support and firm cushioning than flexibility. The Zip design of the midsole helps to stabilize the foot and keep it safe from unwanted side to side movement. Runners who liked a firm ride appreciated this shoe and its higher heel drop. However, runners did appreciate the flexibility that is offered in the upper of the shoe. The upper features Reebok's patented stretch mesh material that molds to the shape of the foot and provides a customized fit. The combination of a firmer outsole and midsole and a flexible upper provided comfort security for many runners.

      Runners loved the stability features of this shoe, specifically those found through the midfoot. The midfoot of the Zig Evolution features a PowerFrame midfoot design that stabilizes the foot. Not only does it keep the foot in place, but it also helps to eliminate unwanted inward rolling of the foot. Runners with slight pronation issues appreciated the fit and feel of this shoe. Additionally, the midsole of the shoe is firmer and the heel drop is higher which provides better arch support and a firm cushioning.
      The drop on this shoe provides the runner with a more traditional feel. Just by looking at the shoe, it is clear that the heel of the shoe is stacked higher than the rest of the midsole. This helps to propel the runner forward and keeps the foot protected from the harmful elements of the road. The Zip midsole also does a great job of absorbing the shock of each footfall to keep the runner safe.
      Key Features
      - Stretch mesh upper provides a customizable, adaptive fit
      - PowerFrame Midfoot technology works to stabilize the foot
      - Superior lacing system keeps the foot locked down
      - CRteck high abrasion rubber in the outsole provides extra traction
      - Zig Midsole technology provides a firm cushioning
      Bottom Line
      The Reebok Zig Evolution is a solid shoe for the runner who is looking for a long distance to mid distancing running companion. The Zig midsole not only provides a cool and unique look, but it also provides the runner with a firmer cushioning to protect their foot against the dangers of the road. This shoe is unique in that it features a flexible upper due to the stretch mesh material and a firmer midsole and outsole. This is not a shoe for the runner looking for a plush, soft ride. This is a good shoe for the runner who likes their shoe a little more firm than soft. Runners also loved the value of the Reebok Zig Evolution. It comes in way below the average road running shoe on the market today, but it is able to hold up to extensive miles and still stay looking and feeling new.
      Where to Buy
      By Stacey O'Connor
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