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Ideas for the Perfect Running Date

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Ideas for the Perfect Running Date Ideas for the Perfect Running Date www.runnerclick.com

Gone are the days when dinner and a movie were the first things to jump to mind when planing a date with your significant other.  Active dates are becoming all the rage, and with good reason.  Busy, stressful lives mean that running couples have less time for training and also for each other.  But don’t fret.  Here are five easy ways to combine training, recovery and date night into a running date of note!

Go for a run

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Let’s start with the obvious: Lace up those running shoes and head out for a run together!  Yes, we know that your schedules seldom overlap and yes, we know that you don’t run at the same pace.  But spending time together doing something that you both love is important.  So make it a priority.  Block out an hour in your diaries over the weekend once a month and leave the kids with Grandma.  Or, identify one date day every week over the holidays and plan accordingly.

And as for the pace disparity: Let the competitiveness go.  The aim of a running date is to spend quality time together doing something that you love; not to clock a PB.  Running at a pace slightly slower than yours is a small price to pay, right?  So head out for a slow, easy jog and spend time catching up if your fitness levels differ vastly.  Or, if you’re both fit and strong and feel up to it, head to the track for some speed work or tackle some hill repeats.  But whatever you decide to do, remember to keep it fun and judgement-free!

Do a yoga/pilates class together


Runners are renown for neglecting cross training in favour of running.  Why not take the leap and invest in some cross training together?  Trying out a new activity like yoga or pilates for the first time is a lot less daunting with a familiar face by your side.  Plus, you’ll have someone to share a giggle with when those handstand attempts don’t go quite as planned…!

Working regular cross training dates into your schedules will not only give you an opportunity to spend some fun, quality time together, but it might also just take your running to the next level.  You’re welcome.

Refuel like champs

If you have a bit of extra time available after your running or cross training session, why not add a quick post-training breakfast in the name of refuelling?  Kick-start the recovery process with an anti-oxidant rich protein smoothie and spend a bit of extra time catching up.  Or, if you have even more time to spare, go for gold with a full breakfast and a side of great company.  Just remember to keep your breakfast choices healthy – you want your running dates to benefit your running efforts, not sabotage it!

Watch a running movie


Planning a running date on a rest day?  Or are one of you recovering from illness or injury?  No problem!  Grab some popcorn, find a good running movie, and prepare to be inspired!  The options are endless: The Jericho Mile (1979), Chariots of Fire (1981), Spirit of the Marathon (2007), McFarland USA (2015), and the list goes on.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Complete a race or event together


Some runners are of the opinion that tackling a big running challenge, like a marathon or an ultra, with your partner is not the wisest thing to do.  Let’s just say that a few sparks might fly along the way…!  But how about something a little less intense?  A 5K or 10K race, followed by smoothies or a breakfast of note?  Or why not make a whole weekend of it?  Do a fun destination race somewhere beautiful, followed by post-race fuelling, naps and perhaps even a massage or foot rub or two?  Frankly we can’t think of anything more appealing.

So go ahead.  With a bit of planning and creativity, you can invest some quality time in your training, recovery and your relationship with your partner all in one go.  Take one, or a combination of, the activities above and schedule a running date right now.  Make it fun, give it your focused attention and do it on a regular basis.  After all, isn’t running and finding someone to love two of the biggest things worth celebrating?

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