Saucony Excursion TR11

The 11th update of the Saucony Excursion TR gets seriously mixed reviews from users. The moderately cushioned neutral trail shoe looks rugged enough for off-road wandering but falls short in many ways. Thankfully, it's comfortable enough that you could wear it to walk the dog but as a trail shoe, it's just not up to snuff. The TR11 features an updated upper design that's definitely better at keeping out rocks and pebbles but falls short in terms of durability. A new midsole design features a better distribution of cushioning, but not everyone liked the new midsole configuration. The biggest issue with the newest Saucony Excursion? Durability. Time and time again reviewers were disappointed and frustrated by the shoe's flimsy construction. This being the 11th iteration, it's surprising that durability seems to have been given very little thought at all. Does the TR11 have any redeeming qualities? Read on.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable, soft cushioning
  • Stable design
  • Lightweight 
  • Breathable 
  • Nice aesthetic 
  • Cons
    • Serious durability issues
    • Wide fit causes slippage
    • Poor traction on technical trails
    • Stiff feel
    • Lack of arch support
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the TR11 is basically the same as before. The outsole features XT-600 rubber for durable traction and multi-directional lugs so when things get dicey, the shoe can really dig into surfaces and keep you from flailing in all directions. Reviewers, though, were not impressed with the outsole. Many complained that the outsole didn't deliver enough traction for technical trails. Others said that the shoe provided enough traction but did not specify the surface they were regularly running on. If you're regularly running on a technical single track, the TR11 is probably not going to work for you.
      The midsole of the Saucony Excursion got a bit of an update in this version. More IMEVA cushioning was added and the cushioning was better distributed along the length of the shoe. Reviewers felt this update was done right and liked the comfortable, soft cushioning in the TR11. The old GRID cushioning system remains the same. So users get added padding at the back of the shoe and some extra support in the heel area. A few reviewers said that there wasn't enough cushioning for their needs and may prefer a more highly cushioned trail shoe. The TR11 is moderately cushioned and good for both running and walking.
      The shoe's upper received the biggest makeover. A new mesh material with smaller openings is better at keeping out dirt and small rocks. The mesh is also quite breathable. Unfortunately, the mesh material is terrible for withstanding wear and tear. Reviewers were annoyed that the mesh tore and frayed easily. Reports of mesh ripping only after a few runs were frequent. Users also complained of a too wide fit, which produced slippage for some. Thankfully, reviewers did have one good thing to say about the upper. They liked that it was lightweight and able to ventilate efficiently. The upper also features a removable insole, a heel tab, and a well-padded ankle collar.
      The TR11 weighs about 9.8 oz. Reviewers found the shoe fairly lightweight compared to other similar trail shoes. It may be, though, that a reduced load was chosen in favor of added durability. The lightweight mesh is airy and comfortable but it's incredibly flimsy. Many reviewers seemed to appreciate the lighter weight but quite a few users felt that quality was sacrificed in order to keep the heft of the shoe down.
      The new mesh upper does one thing right, it ventilates and circulates air really well. Reviewers were impressed with the shoe's ability to breathe. They noted that the TR11 is a great choice for summer weather thanks to the lightweight mesh that cools feet down efficiently when conditions get too hot.
      Reviewers had mixed opinions regarding the level of comfort provided by the Saucony Excursion. Many liked the soft IMEVA cushioning and found it comfortable. Others appreciated the super breathable mesh upper. Some reviewers felt there was a lack of cushioning in the midsole, even with the IMEVA being evenly distributed. Others complained of a wide fit that compromised stability. Some also felt that the shoe was really stiff underfoot and that running in the TR11 felt too jarring. Finally, quite a few runners were disappointed in the lack of arch support.
      The Saucony Excursion looks super rugged, though it seems, according to reviewers, the tough exterior is just a mirage. Still, reviewers liked the shoe's aesthetic. It's also available in plenty of color options. For women, the shoe is available in neon yellow/indigo, grey/pink, black/teal. The men's TR11 comes in grey/brown, black/orange, orange/black, and grey/green.
      The TR11 is not at all durable. Reviewers consistently complained about the shoe's lack of durability. The new mesh upper works as intended to keep debris out of the shoe, but it's flimsy and not at all resistant. Reviewers relayed various reports of the upper tearing or ripping just after a few uses. The material is prone to fraying because it's so lightweight. A few users also had issues with the outsole rubber coming off in places. Users who took the TR11 on long multi-day hikes found the shoe was wrecked by the end of the excursion.
      There's no rock plate in the TR11 so don't expect protection from sharp rocks and debris. The moderate midsole IMEVA cushioning does provide some impact protection for wearers, though a few users felt there was not enough cushioning. The breathable mesh upper does one job right, and that's to ventilate and cool things down when the weather gets hot.
      The Saucony Excursion isn't very responsive. Users mostly felt the shoe was rigid. The IMEVA cushioning doesn't have any special rebound qualities, at least not according to reviewers, who weren't very impressed with the ride feel of the TR11.
      The Saucony TR11 provides a nice amount of support. The IMEVA cushioning provides a supportive base. The mesh upper encapsulates the foot to provide additional support, though some users had issues with slippage due to a very wide fit. Narrow-footed runners will want to steer clear of the TR11. Overall, the shoe is fairly supportive. The rigid feel keeps users in check but reviewers did note that the shoe lacked arch support in the midfoot area.
      The shoe is intended for trail use but it seems to lack the durability for off-road running. The new mesh upper is certainly a great addition. It's better at keeping out dirt and such. The mesh upper is also great for keeping things dry and cool inside the shoe. It's just not durable enough to withstand frequent jaunts off-road. It's barely durable enough to handle regular road running. The outsole provides traction, but according to many reviewers, just not enough for technical trails.
      While the price of the TR11 seems reasonable, once you examine the shoe more closely it's clear it's not good value for the money. The rampant durability issues mentioned consistently by reviewers is reason enough to reconsider purchasing the shoe. Fit issues, a flimsy upper, and less than perfect overall design make the TR11 a poor choice for trail running or any kind of running at all. There are too many good options on the market to settle for a shoe with so many problems.
      Traction is so important on the trails. When you're heading down uneven terrain, you want your shoes to keep you grounded. Shoes with good grip provide you with confidence. Unfortunately, the Saucony Excursion seems to have traction issues. While a handful of reviewers had no problems with the shoe's grip ability, many users felt the shoe was just not up to par for technical trail running. Bounding down a single track was a chore for the TR11 according to reviewers who said the outsole felt slippery on wet rocks and rugged terrain.

      Most reviewers seemed to agree that the TR11 felt quite rigid and stiff. The design helps provide support and stability but keeps runners from experiencing a natural ride. For some, the stiffness was welcome as it provided structural integrity and support. Others found the rigidity uncomfortable enough to kick off the shoes for good.
      The Saucony shoe provides adequate stability for wearers. A few problems keep the shoe from providing optimum stability, though. The shoe is a bit too wide for many users, which reviewers said resulted in slippage. Too much movement not only increases the chance for blisters, it also reduces overall stability. While traction is likely fine on hard packed terrain, users who tried the TR11 on technical trails felt it provided subpar traction. Running on wet rocks with the Saucony Excursion was a slippery mess.
      The Saucony Excursion features a standard 12mm drop. Reviewers didn't seem to find anything wrong with the drop and found the shoe felt adequately stable.
      Key Features
      - Available in wide widths
      - Neutral
      - Moderately cushioned
      - Made for trail running
      - NEW upper design with smaller mesh to keep out debris
      - NEW midsole design, more cushioning throughout the shoe
      - GRID cushioning system for protection and support
      - IMEVA cushioning in midsole
      - Removable insole
      - Heel tab
      - Well-padded ankle collar
      - XT-600 outsole rubber
      - Multi-directional lugs underfoot
      Bottom Line
      The Saucony Excursion TR11 is a poor choice for the frequent trail runner or thru-hiker. If you're looking for a reliable shoe for off-road running, keep looking. The TR11 just won't cut it. While problems outweigh the good stuff on the TR11, some users might appreciate the soft midsole cushioning, the stable design, lightweight construction, and breathable upper. These things might be enough for and work for the occasional weekend hiker, but otherwise, it just doesn't provide enough traction for technical trail runs nor does it provide a lifespan that's worth its price tag. The new mesh upper seems only half thought out. It's great for keeping out dust and debris but it's weakly constructed and rips easily. The design of the TR11 looks tough and ready for any kind of trail adventure, but the actual components just aren't good enough for spending a significant amount of time outside the city. Serious trail runners should look elsewhere for a reliable, solid shoe. Reviewers seem to agree that the 11th edition of the Saucony Excursion just doesn't cut it.
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