Saucony Excursion TR10

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Our Conclusion
In the summer of 2016, Saucony released its 10th edition to a popular line of trail running shoe, the Saucony Excursion TR10. Like its predecessors, this is a very cushioned shoe designed for runners with a neutral running gait. The updates to this popular running shoe have improved the durability and fit, as well as offering some brighter color options.
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Pros & Cons
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Secure lacing system
  • Cushioned ride with IMEVA
  • Versatile lugs
  • Cons
    • Heavy
    • Snug toe box
    • Stiff so requires breaking in
    • There are some reports of inconsistent sizing.
    • Key Features
      The outsole features the same rugged design found in the TR9. It has large multidirectional lugs which provide great grip. These large lugs allow you to go from road runs to trail runs without a hitch. The shoe can be used on the road without considerable wear on the outsole. The XT-600 outsole technology that makes up the outer layer of the outsole allows the shoe to grip a number of surfaces. This is a great road to trail shoe or a shoe for the hard packed trail.
      With an 18mm drop, the midsole is definitely well-cushioned. The cushioning, composed of molded EVA foam, runs the length of the shoe to ensure an even layer of padding. There's also an IMEVA cushioning included which provides a bit of bounce back for the wearer. The Saucony GRID technology also shows up in the rearfoot to add even more protection from impact in that area. Runners will experience a soft ride in this shoe.
      The upper combines a knit material along with overlays to ensure exceptional breathability without sacrificing the durability of the upper and ensuring rocks and pebbles on the trail don't find their way into your shoe. The interior of the shoe features a nice soft liner for added comfort. The lacing system is nice and padded thanks to the well-cushioned tongue. The heel collar is just as plush.

      Comparing this shoe to previous revisions, Saucony has managed to shave off a little weight, although not enough to make a considerable difference. They weigh in 9.8oz for men and 8.2oz for women. This is typical for a heavily cushioned shoe of this type. Overall, the weight is in the midrange balancing durability and comfort.
      The mesh upper gives the Excursion TR10 excellent ventilation, and the inner lining ensures the wearer can stay comfortable in all types of weather conditions. The shoe can ventilate even when the days get much hotter during the summer but still keeps runners warm when the temps get cooler. A change in socks makes this an (almost) all weather shoe. Even the Gore-tex model, while waterproof, is exceptionally breathable.
      Comfort has always been a priority when it comes to the Saucony Excursion design. It offers a good cushion and all-around support with a number of features. The IMEVA provides excellent energy-return for a responsive ride. The GRID system provides extra protection from impact. This is a neutral shoe so there's a bit of support to negate any sloppy feel that might arise. The shoe comes in both regular and wide sizes to fit a variety of foot types. Inside the shoe, there is a comfortable lining material. The insole is removable, so this shoe can accommodate custom inserts.
      A major improvement in this revision of the Excursion is the added variety of colors. It comes in 3 color options for men and 4 for women. The majority of the men’s colors maintain the neutral tone to be used in a variety of places while the women’s comes in more bright colors, usually characteristic of the Saucony brand. My favorite is the grey/blue/coral variation. Being that this is still a neutral shoe with lots of cushioning, no matter what color you choose, it is still a touch bulkier than other types of shoes.
      The durability has really impressed runners with this edition of the Excursion! The sole of the TR10 is very resistant, showing almost no wear after several miles of road and trail running. Previous shoes in this line have been met with complaints regarding the durability of the upper, which has been much improved upon this time, no significant damage to the shoe after extended use.
      The outsole of the shoe is nice and thick and provides protection underfoot in any trail elements, and also protects from getting tender toes during long runs. The upper is durable and stands up trail debris. The shoe's tongue is nice and plush which adds comfort but also keeps trail dirt from getting inside the shoe.

      The IMEVA material is what provides the great amount of energy-return not seen in other shoes with a similar heel to toe drop. The IMEVA material gives the shoe a bouncy feel with each footfall. There is a lot of cushion in the midsole, which dampens the ground-feel a bit but it doesn't take away from the overall responsive ride.
      While the Saucony Excursion TR10 is categorized as a neutral shoe but it just misses the mark in terms of being a mild stability shoe. The TR10 provides great support for runners that need good arch support.

      The different types of midsole features throughout the shoe offer slightly different support right where you’ll need it most. The laces help to give the shoe a snug fit which is great for lateral support.
      The grippy outsole outfitted with big lugs make the TR10 suitable for just about any kind of surface. You'll want to avoid very muddy terrain, though. The large lugs can handle road or trails. The shoe is also offered in a waterproof Gore-tex version.
      This is an exceptionally well-priced shoe, originally priced at $70 USD on the Saucony website, it is available for only $60 USD when ordered online. Considering all of the features this shoe has, at this price the shoe is a very good deal. The durability, functionality, and style mean that you can get good value from the TR10.
      The grippy rubber outsole and big lugs provide great traction no matter where you're running. One flaw is that because it is a little rigid, there is some trouble maintaining control on smoother round stones that being said, this is a shoe that has great traction and can go most places. The exceptional traction also makes it an ideal hiking or fast-packing shoe.
      The ample amount of IMEVA material in the midfoot, in combination with the shoe's stability features, do make it kind of stiff. But, this stiffness does ensure that runners get a supportive ride out of the TR10, especially when going off-road.

      The TR10's laces allow the wearer to adjust the fit and tightness of the upper. The overlays featured on the upper help to ensure a snug fit. The heel to toe drop is a bit higher than some might like but it works well in terms of the shoe's design.

      The drop on the TR10 is 8mm. This allows for extra cushion in the back of the shoe, along with support in case of a heel strike, but the extra heel cushion doesn't weigh down the wearer. The TR10 would work well for someone working their way to a neutral shoe after wearing mostly stability shoes.
      Key Features of the Saucony Excursion TR10
      • This neutral shoe is supportive with adequate arch support

      • Heel GRID adds cushioning in the rearfoot area

      • Comfortable interior

      • XT-600 sole provides superior traction

      • IMEVA midsole material cushions nicely

      • Snug fitting upper

      • 8mm drop

      • Large lugs underfoot for great traction

      • Goretex option available

      • Mesh ventilates well
      Bottom Line
      This is a great addition to the Excursion line of running shoe. It is a high-quality shoe with tons of features that cater to different types of runners and heel strikes. The new colors are brighter and more exciting, adding new variety to the line while catering to many different tastes. This plush feeling shoe makes comfort a priority while not being too bulky. This is perfect for any situation where you might be in your shoes or on your feet for a long period of time, such as extended trail runs, fast packing or even working. It comes in Gore-tex and wide sizes, great for many different situations. This is an affordable shoe that you can log many comfortable miles in, on a variety of terrain.
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