Saucony Cohesion 11

The newest edition of Saucony's Cohesion has hit the shelves. The neutral trainer is perfect for the occasional runner or those running low weekly mileage. The shoe is moderately cushioned, affordable, and a great deal for new and experienced runners alike. Since it's still a new release, reviewer comments are sparse, but first impressions are mostly positive. Reviewers seem to like the Cohesion and are particularly fond of the low price point. The 11 features minor changes since the previous edition but does make some improvements regarding traction and durability.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Great price
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Good toe box size 
  • Cons
    • Not suitable for high-mileage training 
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Saucony Cohesion 11 is made of durable rubber. While the shoe features very few changes since the 10, reviewers noticed that traction seemed largely improved in wet conditions. Reviewers found the shoe great for short distance runs and for walking.

      The Cohesion's midsole features two components. A GRID cushioning system is housed at the rear of the shoe for a supportive, padded heel. Along the length of the footbed, the 11 contains a REACT2U foam layer for lightweight comfort. Reviewers found the Cohesion's cushioning great for short training distances and liked that the midsole felt supportive.
      The upper of the 11 is also mostly the same as the previous edition of the shoe, but reviewers found the upper seemed a little more durable than before. It's tough to confirm since the Cohesion is such a new release, however. Generally, reviewers found the mesh upper lightweight, breathable and supportive. The upper also has a padded tongue and heel area as well as overlays that provide additional support.
      The Cohesion 11 is a reasonably lightweight shoe. It features moderate lightweight cushioning (GRID in the heel and a REACT2U footbed). A little less cushioning means it's great for 5K and 10K distances and this keeps the weight down as well. The women's version weighs about 8.2 ounces, and the men's weighs in at 9.6 ounces. Reviewers agreed that the 11 seemed nice and lightweight making it perfect for running or walking.
      The Saucony trainer features a breathable mesh upper, which reviewers found performed as they expected.
      The consensus from reviewers seemed to be that the Cohesion is a comfortable daily trainer. Users liked that the 11 was lightweight but also supportive. They enjoyed wearing the shoe for running and walking and appreciated the wide toe box area. The GRID cushioning at the heel is comfortable but supportive, and the mesh upper allows for proper air ventilation. Users also liked the REACT2U footbed made of comfy foam.
      Despite limited differences since the 10, the Cohesion 11 does feature brand new colorways with refreshing color combinations. The women's version is available in black, baby blue, grey/orange, and white/navy/teal. For men, the color options include black, grey/blue, navy, and grey/orange. Reviewers liked the color options available.
      Although the Cohesion is new to the market, reviewers (who had previously worn the 10) remarked that the shoe seemed more durable. Users found the upper, in particular, seemed much more resistant than in the Cohesion 10. Regardless, reviewers were in agreement that the Cohesion 11 is a great quality trainer considering its budget price.
      Reviewers agreed that the upper seemed better able to handle daily use, making it better suited to protect feet in the long run. The shoe also features a sturdy rubber outsole for traction, which reviewers felt performed better than in the Cohesion 10. Reviewers liked the supportive overlays and GRID cushioning system, which help protect from a wobbly, un-protected ride. In addition, the shoe's REACT2U footbed (and GRID system) help ward off excess forces of impact on the body.
      Reviewers felt the Cohesion 11 delivered an average amount of responsiveness.
      The Cohesion 11 is just as supportive as its predecessor thanks to a properly fitting mesh upper with overlays. The shoe also features a supportive GRID cushioning system in the heel. Reviewers felt the shoe provided enough support for both running and walking.

      The Cohesion 11, like its predecessors, was created for use indoors or on the roads. Reviewers liked the shoe for both running and walking.
      One of the best features of the Cohesion 11 is its price point. The budget trainer, meant to be used for low-mileage training purposes, features an attractive price point. It offers moderate cushioning, a supportive design, and a lightweight package that make it a great buy for anyone seeking a standard, quality daily trainer.
      The rubber outsole of the Cohesion 11 provides decent traction. Reviewers seemed to agree that the 11's outsole provided even better traction than previous editions of the neutral trainer, especially in rainy or otherwise wet conditions.
      The shoe features average flexibility but reviewers didn't have any comments on this aspect of the shoe.
      The neutral Cohesion 11 delivers stability by way of a grippy outsole (delivering better traction than in the 10) and its upper with supportive overlays. It is a neutral shoe, however, so don't expect corrective features that you might find in a traditional stability shoe.
      A little higher than your standard drop height, the 12mm drop of the Cohesion takes runners a little higher off the ground, for a less responsive feel that's thankfully well-padded and supportive. The built-up heel features a super supportive design thanks to a GRID cushioning system.
      Key Features
      - 12mm drop
      - NEW better traction
      - NEW more resistant upper design
      - GRID cushioning system in the heel
      - Rubber outsole
      - Mesh upper
      - Supportive upper overlays
      - Padded tongue and ankle collar
      - REACT2U foam footbed for comfort and impact protection
      Bottom Line
      The Saucony Cohesion 11 is a reliable daily trainer for new runners with a neutral gait. It's also a great option for experienced runners who want to focus on shorter distances. The shoe is lightweight, comfortable, and incredibly affordable. The Cohesion has long been a favorite trainer of many runners and walkers thanks to its supportive design and quality construction. Available in a variety of colorways, there's a style to match any runner or walker's personality.
      Where to Buy
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