Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 Fully Reviewed

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Our Conclusion
The Scott Brand is all about innovation and technological advances in athletic gear. Scott started with skis in 1958 when the engineer, Ed Scott, invented the first ever tapered aluminum ski pole. Since then, Scott has been leading the charge with innovative designs and thoughtful construction of their athletic gear.

The Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 was clearly designed by an engineer. It includes innovative features to ensure that the runner gets the best, more versatile trail running experience. This shoe features Scott's patented eRide midsole material that provides just the right amount of cushioning but still allows the runner to feel the trail below them and respond accordingly.
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Pros & Cons

Breathable upper 

eRide technology promotes natural movement

11-millimeter drop



Limited color options

Key Features
Trail runners know that a great trail running shoe is built from the outsole up. If you flip the Kinabalu 3.0 upside down, you will see the innovative design elements that went into making this shoe a versatile necessity to your running entourage.

The outsole is designed using a durable rubber material that helps the runner in two ways. First, it protects the foot from the dangerous elements of the trail by including a protective rock plate. The second is that due to its increased durability, it helps protect the rest of the shoe from wear and tear. Runners reported that they were impressed with the overall longer life of this shoe.

The other element to consider in this outsole is the lugged design that covers the underfoot. Scott calls these lugs "self-cleaning" because they are designed to shake off excessive mud or dirt that could hinder grip.
The shoe also features added traction in the toe and heel area which makes these a great up and downhill running companion.
The midsole features a traditional EVA midsole foam. This foam provides cushioning to the runner but not so much that the runner feels overwhelmed. The midsole also features Scott's patented AeroFoam material. This material is able to provide added cushioning without adding extra weight. Overall, this is one of the reasons why Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 is able to provide such excellent protection and durability without weighing a ton.
The upper of this shoe is able to provide some unique elements that other trail shoes don't. It is able to be both breathable and durable at the same time. Runners reported that they were impressed with the airiness that the mesh upper provided.

This upper allows for airflow to pass through the shoe and help regulate the foot's temperature. This helps reduce blisters and hot spots and keeps the foot more comfortable. The upper also features a no-sew design that reduces unwanted friction between the upper and the foot.

Finally the upper features synthetic overlays which provide the shoe with more durability and help keep it looking and feeling newer for longer. They also add structure and support to the shoe and help keep the foot in place.
While these shoes are not the most lightweight in the hiking genre, they certainly aren't the heaviest, either. The issue with hiking shoes is that they have to find the right balance between being lightweight and durable.

The Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 manages to strike a good balance. It weighs in at 10.7 ounces, which is heavy enough that runners felt secure and protected during their runs, but light enough that they felt they could still get a good amount of speed.
The upper of this shoe is made using a highly breathable mesh. Runners raved that the upper allowed for maximum airflow to keep the foot cool and dry. Even runners who were running in extreme heat said that their feet stayed cool and they were able to avoid hot spots. They especially loved that the shoe was able to so breathable and still provide the runner with the level of durability and protection that this upper provides.
The Scott brand of shoes is known for its brightly colored designed and stand-out insignia. The Kinabalu 3.0 comes in the runners choice of two different color options. Both are brightly colored and come with reflective elements along the side to not only look cool but also to protect the runner during runs in low visibility areas. Between the bright colors and the reflective elements, runners will certainly be seen in these shoes.
The Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 receives high marks in comfort. So much so, that whether runners were sprinting uphill or going on long, slow runs across a flat trail, they felt that the Kinabalu gave them a comfortable ride. This can be attributed to the eRide technology that supports the foot through its natural gait cycle.

Runners commented that this shoe felt more like a road running shoe than a trail running shoe because of the high level of comfort. Simple elements that seem like small additions like the laces made of bungees and the breathable upper provided the runner with unbeatable comfort from the start to the finish of their run.
Throughout the entire shoe, the Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 is designed to hold up to the elements and stand up against extensive mileage.

The upper is designed using synthetic overlays which help deflect trail debris and keep the upper from fraying.

The midsole is made using Scott's patented Aero midsole material which is known to keep its shape and feels even against grueling miles.

Finally, the outsole of the shoe is made out of durable rubber and comes with a protective rock plate. This rock plate protects the runner from the dangerous elements of the trail, but it also helps protect the rest of the shoe from premature wear and tear. Runners reported that this shoe outlasted many others in their running arsenal.
The Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 offers a variety of protective elements. In the outsole, runners can expect to find a highly protective rock plate. This does an amazing job of deflecting rocks and other debris that are found on the trail.

Another protective element is the synthetic overlays that can be found on the upper. While the upper of this shoe provides great breathability, the overlays protect the foot from trail debris and keep the elements of the trail out of the shoe.
Runners reported that the Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 is slightly lacking in the responsiveness department. This could be because the cushioning of the heel is such that the overall drop of the shoe is 11 mm. Runners said that they couldn't respond quickly to the changes in direction or terrain while on trail runs, but that they did feel protected from the elements.
Support comes in the form of synthetic overlays and heel counters in the Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0. The synthetic overlays of the upper work hard to keep the foot in place even on runs across uneven terrain.

Additionally, the heel of this shoe features a design that locks the foot in place to reduce the risk of irritation which can cause blisters.

Overall, the shoe does a good job of keeping the foot in place. Runners reported far fewer rolled or twisted ankles in these shoes compared to others in a similar category.
The Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 is designed to take you into nature and into whatever adventure you can dream up. Runners reported that regardless of the natural terrain, these shoes did a great job. These shoes are not suggested for extended road runs, but they can be used for the occasional road running companion. Since the outsole tends to lose some of its grips during wet conditions, this shoe is not suggested for snowy or rainy trails.
Runners were not too pleased with the price of the Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0. When compared to the rest of the market, this trail running shoe comes in at a more affordable price than many others. Runners were upset because Scott tends to be an affordable shoe and this model has a higher price tag than many expected to see.
The multi-lugged system found underfoot on the Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 is great for rolling trails, uphill climbs, and uneven terrain. The lug system is self-cleaning and supports the underfoot from deflecting excessive dirt or mud to keep the runner safe and secure. Scott does a good job of providing the runner with good traction, but it comes up short in the rain or slippery conditions. Runners reported that once the shoe is faced with moisture, it loses some of its grips.
This is not a shoe that is known for its flexibility. Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 has a higher drop, a more durable upper and outsole, and a midsole foam that is more firm than flexible. This is not the shoe for the runner looking for a very bendable ride. However, it should be noted that the eRide technology is made to promote a natural gait cycle.
The Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 does not boast of any unique stability features. The Aero Midsole foam does a good job of cushioning the foot and providing the right amount of stability, but the Kinabalu overall is not designed to help with arch support or issues with over or under pronation.
The Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 features a more traditional heel drop of 11 mm. While some runners like a trail shoe with a lower drop that keeps the foot closer to the ground and allows the runner to respond to the changes, direction, and terrain, some runners appreciate that this shoe provides more space between the trail and the foot.

For many runners, the added cushioning provided in the heel helps them go longer without fatiguing. They appreciated the shock absorption provided by these shoes and felt that they were less prone to injury because of it.
Key Features
- Protective Rock Plate
- Aero Foam midsole
- The eRide midsole technology
- 11millimeter drop provides added cushioning
Bottom Line
Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0 is a shoe for the runner who is looking for a versatile trail running shoe to add to their running entourage. Runners loved that this shoe could handle any type of trail terrain that was put in its path.

While the lug system that lines the underfoot area of the outsole is perfect for adding traction and grip, it is also mellow enough that it can still be used on the occasional road run as well. The cushioning found in these shoes is highly durable and lasts much longer than other midsole foam. It is also lighter which helps reduce the overall weight of the Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0.

Runners appreciated that the upper was both breathable and durable, adding to the overall high durability afforded by this shoe. Although it isn't great in wet or slippery conditions, runners found it to be a great all-around trail running shoe that protected them and provided superior comfort and support.
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