Adidas PureBoost

The Adidas PureBoost is a fast shoe with a focus on comfort. This lightweight runner is designed with a knit upper and Boost cushioning that provide an optimal workout experience. The shoe uses an adaptive style that is versatile enough to use for city running. The Adidas PureBoost keeps the foot lower to the ground, an ideal feature for city running. It also features a Sretchweb that increases the shoe’s flexibility, allowing the shoe to perform well on city surfaces. With a more lifestyle shoe look, the Adidas PureBoost comes in many different colors that appeal to all styles. The shoe provides a surprisingly good return on energy, helping make this a great choice for those who are looking for a stylish, yet performance-focused shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for city running
  • Highly durable
  • Good traction
  • Cons
    • Slightly higher price
    • Tongue takes getting used to
    • Key Features
      The Adidas PureBoost has a strong outsole that is comprised of EVA rubber. The outsole technology is created to mold to the foot while softening after each step. The rubber is designed to provide more durability and support across man different surfaces. The outsole also uses STRETCHWEB on the outsole that provides more flexibility to the shoe, in turn providing more energy throughout the run. There is also a FITCOUNTER heel counter that helps with the fit of the shoe, allowing for better Achilles movement. In addition, the traction on the outsole is optimal as the outsole wraps around the inside of the shoe. The outsole also wraps around the medial side, allowing for better support and transition on many surfaces, in particular, city surfaces. The outsole is a key component in what makes the Adidas PureBoost a high performing shoe.
      The Adidas PureBoost midsole uses Adidas’ Boost technology. The Boost technology uses cushioning to create an almost floating-like experience while running. The foam cushioning throughout the midsole provides an optimal amount of energy return that allows for good responsiveness. Reviewers were pleasantly surprised by the feel and energy return on the midsole cushioning. The midsole allows for a dynamic run and an overall better performance.
      The Adidas PureBoost upper uses a minimalistic approach to create a sock-like feel for the foot. This ensures that the foot is locked in snugly so that the foot feel secure. The shoe uses a one-piece upper with a single heel overlay. This contributes to the shoe’s overall lightweight. The upper also uses engineered zones that support a fit that is more adaptive and natural. This contributes to the shoe’s overall flexibility. The shoe’s platform uses a wider forefront. This helps provide cushioning during impact for a better run. The tongue uses an interesting design in that it uses material that is double-folded so that there is less pressure. However, some reviewers had an issue getting used to the feel of the unique tongue design. Overall, the knit upper is very comfortable and breathable, allowing for a better running experience.
      This shoe is described as a lightweight shoe. It weighs in at 10.5 ounces, making its weight relatively average to similar shoes on the market. However, the shoe feels much lighter on, as the various features help create an airy feel. Runners will be impressed that Adidas packed a knit upper, Boost cushioning and a durable outsole into such a lightweight package.
      This shoe uses a one-piece knit upper to keep the foot protected. Even with the use of a knit material, Adidas manages to create a very breathable upper. The material keeps the foot cool and dry. Often times a knit upper causes the foot to get overly hot and sweaty, but that is not the case with the Adidas PureBoost. The material allows for air to still get into the shoe, creating a breathable atmosphere.
      This is a very comfortable shoe. It is created in a very minimalistic way so that the shoe has a natural feel. The knit upper is designed like a sock to provide a snug, comfortable feel that reviewers enjoyed. The upper is described as snugly wrapping the foot, which created a comfortable fit. The foam midsole also contributes to the shoe’s comfort, as it creates a floating experience while running. The only issue related to comfort stems from the tongue that uses a unique design with a two-fold material. The tongue feels a bit weird at first and takes some getting used to. However, most reviewers agreed that the Adidas PureBoost is a very comfortable shoe that has a great fit.
      The PureBoost is a stylish shoe. The use of the knit upper creates the look of a more lifestyle shoe that is still jammed with performance features. The shoe uses a knit pattern that comes in many different color combinations. Adidas uses a simpler design that appeals to many runners.
      This shoe is designed to withstand wear and tear often encountered when running on roads, in particular in the city. The outsole uses EVA rubber that is tough and provides a strong amount of durability. The midsole’s foam cushioning, while lightweight, still manages to stand up to road debris. While the upper uses a knit material it still holds up to dirt and debris. The additional overlay also contributes to the shoe’s durability.
      The Adidas PureBoost offers a good amount of protection for the runner who navigates the streets of the city. The knit upper wraps the foot like a sock to create a snug and protected feel for the foot. The upper material also holds up well to dirt and debris, keeping the foot protected. The upper also uses a heel overlay that supports and protects the foot. The midsole uses a foam cushioning that protects the foot during impact. In addition, the outsole uses EVA rubber that is durable and protects the foot from abrasive elements often found when road running. Reviewers were impressed with the level of protection this simple shoe provides.
      This shoe offers a good amount of responsiveness for runners looking for a performance shoe. The midsole uses Boost technology. This foam cushioning is lightweight yet responsive. The midsole is designed to deliver properties that provide optimal energy return. This helps ensure that transitions are done efficiently. The shoe also has an 8 mm drop that helps create a responsive ride for runners.
      The Adidas PureBoost is designed with some elements that help support the foot during every day runs. Starting with the shoe’s upper, the knit material wraps the foot to create a snug fit that holds the foot in place. This helps create an optimal amount of support for the foot. The shoe also utilizes a FITCOUNTER, which is essentially a heel counter that s molded to provide for better Achilles movement and a more natural fit. The upper also has a heel overlay that helps to support the foot during running as well. The Adidas PureBoost outsole wraps up the medial side to support the foot when running on varying surfaces, often encountered while city running. Reviewers also felt that the shoe had an adequate amount of arch support, needed when running longer miles. Overall, reviewers were impressed with the amount of support this simple shoe offered.
      This shoe is designed for road running, and more specifically for running on city roads. The shoe is built to provide a fast, high performance experience in a simple design. Adidas created this shoe with the idea that city running poses its own challenges, as there are various surfaces and obstacles that runners encounter. Adidas managed to create a simple, yet versatile shoe that stands up to all the elements of city running. While creating a deconstructed shoe with a knit upper, the Adidas PureBoost adds more flexibility for a more natural fit. The stretchweb also contributes to more flexibility within the shoe. The shoe is also lower to the ground which provides an optimal road running experience. The shoe’s outsole also provides a strong amount of traction that is needed when running on varying surfaces, including wet roads. Reviewers were impressed with how well the shoe performed on the road.
      The Adidas PureBoost is a slightly more expensive model. However, given the amount of time Adidas has put into creating a strong shoe that is lightweight, yet performance-driven, the price seems to be in-line. Contributing to the slightly higher price would be the brand name and the stylish shoe. The look and feel of the shoe are something runners and non-runners appreciate. The added durability make the shoe worth the higher price, as it will last significantly longer than other models.
      This shoe is built to perform well on roads, in particular, city roads. The outsole is built to provide a strong amount of traction for the varying surfaces and often wet conditions often encountered while running on roads. The outsole uses EVA rubber that contributes to the traction and grip the shoe offers. The outsole wraps along the inside, providing more traction. The shoe’s heel to toe offset is lower, which ensures better traction. The shoe also has a forefront design that is a bit wide and this helps provide more traction as well. Reviewers thought that the traction was adequate on the Adidas PureBoost.
      The Adidas PureBoost is a highly flexible shoe with a minimalistic feel. The lightweight shoe has a stretchweb that allows the shoe to move with the foot more naturally. It also ensures that the foam moves and flexes more for better performance. The upper’s knit material moves with the foot, as it wraps the foot.
      This is a neutral shoe, however, it does have some stability features. The shoe uses a knit upper that snugly wraps the foot like a sock. This ensures more stability and ground connections. The shoe also uses a heel overlay and a new heel fit to provide added stability for the heel.
      The Adidas PureBoost has an 8mm drop. This is an average to slightly below average drop for running shoes. This drop allows for a good amount of responsiveness while still keeping the foot closer to the ground. The drop also helps promote better energy return.
      Key Features
      - EVA rubber outsole
      - Boost cushioning technology
      - Knit upper
      - Fitcounter
      - 8mm drop
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas PureBoost is a versatile shoe designed with a focus on running on city roads. Adidas goes back to a simpler design and look with this stylish, yet performance focused shoe. Each feature contributes to the shoe's overall comfort and goal of improving city running. The lightweight shoe uses a knit upper that snugly wraps the foot in a sock-like manner. The upper also ensure the foot is comfortable and dry. The midsole uses the Adidas Boost technology to provide a running experience that makes the runner feel like he or she is floating. The outsole provides a durable and protective foundation for the shoe that supports the runner during impact. The outsole is designed to improve traction and support during runs on varying surfaces. Adidas also uses a deconstructed design to bring the foot closer to the ground. The shoe also has added flexibility that is supported by the stretchweb and knit upper. This ensures that the runner can adapt to the varying city surfaces. The stylish design appeals to both runners and non-runners alike, as Adidas has gone back to a simple design that utilizes a variety of color options. The price is slightly above average for this shoe, however, given the performance features, durability, and stylish design, the price still seems to be in line. Purchasers should feel comfortable with this shoe if in the market for an everyday trainer or even a racing shoe. Adidas has taken its time to create a simple, yet effective shoe for all runners.
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