New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi

The New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi is a stylish, versatile athletic shoe that works well for long runs, cross-training workouts, and long days of running errands or hanging out with the family.  Reviewers agreed that this shoe was comfortable. New Balance's Fresh Foam models are plush shoes and the Arishi is no different. This shoe includes a few key attributes that add to the overall comfort. Aside from the Fresh Foam midsole that runs the length of the shoe and provides thick cushioning, the upper of the shoe is soft, flexible and breathable. The outsole is made from a durable rubber that is designed to absorb shock and cradles the foot. Runners love the style of this shoe and its subtle color choices and design elements. Whether it is used for training, running, or casual wear, this shoe received high ratings from reviewers and comes in at an unbeatably affordable price.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Added cushioning
  • Stylish
  • Cons
    • Not good for speed work
    • No added stability support
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi is made using a tradition rubber material. This outsole provides added durability to the shoe and ensures that it won’t break down easily. In addition to that, the outsole helps to protect the runner against debris from the road. The outsole on the Fresh Foam Arishi provide great traction on the track, treadmill, or road.
      The midsole is the star of this shoe. It runs the length of the shoe and is made with New Balance’s patented Fresh Foam material. This material is extra plush and provides the runner with a very cushioned ride. This is not a shoe for the runner looking for a minimalist feel, but it is ideal for the runner who is looking for more support and a plush base. The Fresh Foam conforms to the shape of the foot and provides the runner with a cradle like a feel for each footfall. Runners found this midsole material to be helpful with injury prevention because it also does a nice job of absorbing shock. The shoe also comes with New Balance's patented NB response performance insert that provides additional cushioning and movement control.
      The upper of the shoe is designed using a breathable, engineered mesh. Just by looking at the shoe, it is clear that the upper provides maximum airflow to the runner. This helps reduce moisture which can lead to irritation and painful blisters. By allowing air to flow freely to the foot, this shoe also helps regulate the temperature of the foot and keep the runner comfortable. Although the upper is breathable, it is also highly durable and runners reported no instances of fraying or tears which can sometimes happen with mesh uppers.
      One of the features that runners raved about in this shoe was the overall breathability of the engineered mesh upper. Across every part of the upper, the runner can clearly see larger air holes that provide maximum airflow to the runner. This also allows heat to escape which keeps the foot cool and dry. Runners reported that they didn’t need to worry about blisters or hot spots with this shoe because the design kept them cool and dry even on longer runs or during all-day wear.
      This shoe falls into the lightweight category of running shoe. It weighs in at 8.3 ounces which makes it one of the lighter shoes in the New Balance line up. Runners appreciated that the shoe was able to provide cushioning and still feel lightweight too. One reason the shoe weighs less than some other neutral running shoes in a similar class is due to the lightweight, breathable mesh upper. The Fresh Foam midsole is also very lightweight and while the cushioning is plush, it is more of an airy cushioning as opposed to a denser midsole foam.
      The style of this shoe is mellow and more neutral. It doesn’t come in brightly colored options and instead comes in neutral color options including grey, dark red, tempest, and khaki. Runners like this shoe as an addition to a casual, athletic look, and many runners commented that the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi looks great with jeans too. The Fresh Foam Arishi is a versatile shoe that can transition from running to casual wear.

      Runners could not stop saying how comfortable this shoe felt on their feet. Runners attribute the Fresh Foam midsole as one of the key elements in creating such a comfortable ride. The Fresh Foam provides plush cushioning that cradles and adapts to the foot for a personalized fit. Another comfort feature of this shoe is the breathable open mesh upper. This material keeps the foot cool and dry regardless of how many miles runners ran or how long they stayed on their feet for. Runners were pleased with the fact that they stayed blister free in these shoes even after extended wear. This shoe also received high marks from athletes who spend the majority of their days on their feet. Whether you are logging some longer miles or standing for work, the comfort of these shoes provides all-day relief.

      The outsole of the Fresh Foam Arishi utilizes a traditional rubber material that is designed to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. Generally, when runners consider durability in a running shoe they consider the outsole, but in these shoes, the most durable element of the shoe is the Fresh Foam midsole. The midsole of this shoe is plush, and it does an amazing job of keeping its shape and maintaining that springy feelings mile after mile. In general, runners reported that they were impressed with how long the midsole on this shoe lasted for. Runners commented that even though the upper of the shoe employs an open mesh material, it does a great job of withstanding wear and tear and wasn’t quick to fray or rip like other mesh uppers.

      The key protective element in this shoe is the Fresh Foam midsole. It is thick and does an amazing job of protecting the runner against injury due to its ability to absorb the shock. Another protective element is found in the upper. The entire upper of this shoe is made using a no-sew design which translates to less friction and irritation. This protects the runner from painful blisters that can impede workouts.
      Due to the slightly higher heel drop of these shoes and the superior cushioning, runners noted that the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi was not the most responsive shoe they had tried, but since it includes a unique insert designed to improve responsiveness, they still would consider it as a responsive shoe. The insert is called a New Balance Response Performance insert. It is designed to mold to the shape of the foot and provide the runner with a more responsive fit and feel.

      The New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi offers support for the runner through the use of their Fresh Foam midsole. This midsole provides an adaptable cradle for the foot that supports the runner through their natural gait cycle.

      This is a shoe that is designed for road running and everyday wear. The outsole does not feature lugs or grips that are suitable to take you on off road terrain. Runners loved this as their everyday wear shoe around town or their companion on light runs or gym workouts.

      The price is perfect according to many of the runners who reviewed this shoe. It comes in way under (almost half as much) as the average road running shoe on the market today which makes it an ideal shoe for the runner on a budget. Add to that the fact that this shoe can be worn for fashion and athletic pursuits make it an even better all-around value product.
      The underfoot of this shoe doesn’t feature any unique design elements that add heavy-duty traction or grip. The outsole is constructed using a traditional rubber material that provides the runner with a decent level of grip, but due to the lack of lugs, this shoe is not suggested for extreme off-road adventures. The oval shape design across the outsole helps the shoe attach to pavement. The shoe did not get good traction in wet conditions.
      The Fresh Foam Rishi is a pretty flexible shoe. Runners liked that the shoe didn’t feel rigid and moved naturally with the foot. The upper is a lightweight, engineered mesh that feels glove like and the Fresh Foam midsole adapts to the shape of each unique foot. This provides a comfortable cradle for the foot, but it also allows the foot to move freely.
      This shoe is not a stability shoe. It is a neutral running shoe because it doesn’t provide additional technology features that address the unique needs of the runner who over or under pronates. Runners did find that the Fresh Foam midsole provides a stable base for their foot since it adapts to each individual foot shape, and this did provide a level of support.

      The New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi features an 8millimeter drop. This puts the Fresh Foam Arishi just under a traditional running shoe drop of 10mm. Reviewers had no issue with this drop.
      Key Features
      - Fresh Foam midsole material provides a plush, luxuriously soft ride
      - Engineered mesh upper for maximum breathability and airflow
      - New Balance Response Performance insert added extra cushioning
      - 8millimeter drop works well with most runners who are used to a traditional drop

      Bottom Line
      New Balance is a high-quality brand, and the Fresh Foam Arishi is an excellent addition to the Fresh Foam line up. The clear star of this shoe is the Fresh Foam midsole which provides plush, adaptable cushioning to cradle the foot and support it through its natural gait cycle. Runners loved the look and style of the shoe which is a casual and classic look. It comes in four different color options and looks as good as part of a stylish outfit as it does crossing the finish line. Finally, the price of this shoe can’t be beat. It cost half as much as other similar shoes, making the Fresh Foam Arishi a good buy.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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